Blood Of The Yakuza: Book 3 Of Mafia Raised

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Chapter 38: Cabin Fever

Hon puts his arm around Scarlett and walks into the cabin with her smiling, as they walked in it was right out of a Christmas story of some kind. It felt warm. Scarlett smiles as she stood by the door with Hon as he closed the door behind him.

“This will be so much fun and romantic.”

Hon smiles at Scarlett as he noticed her eyes were a warm honey color, different from her dark obsidian black eyes.

“Definitely, hello anybody in here?” Hon called out as a man walks from what could be the kitchen and setting a plate of cookies near the lite fireplace.

“Oh hello, I’m Buddy how can I help you two?” The man asked with a warm smile, he kind of reminds Scarlett of Santa Claus.

“Uh the coachman dropped off, his name was...” Hon started but Buddy cut him off.

“Kris dropped you guys off I can tell by the blanket,” Buddy said pointing at the blanket in Scarlett’s arms.

“Yeah, he did. This place is absolutely beautiful, it’s so Christmasy.”

“Thank you, I believe I got everything set up pretty nicely well here’s the extra key I have to go to the children’s hospital to hand out toys everything is fully stock so feel free to relax and enjoy your stay,” Buddy said as he handed Hon a key with a little wolf charm on it.

“Oh uh thank you,” Hon said as he sounded unsure for a moment as he held the keys in his hand.

Scarlett smiles and kisses Hon on the cheek, “wanna go up to the bedroom? I can have some of our clothes sent here.”


Scarlett smiles walking up to the room as she held Hon’s hand.

“I never been in a cabin before, that’ll be fun,” Scarlett said as Hon opened the door.

“Really? The ones in Japan I’d visit were mostly bathhouses and spas.”

“A spa sounds nice maybe we can go to one?” Scarlett smiled as she opened the bedroom door to find everything in red and led better-operated candle lights on.

“How about we make our own right here I do have somewhat of an obsession with feeling your skin,” Hon bluntly said as he blushed looking off to the side.

Scarlett giggles as she took her coat off smiling, Hon takes her coat and hangs it up along with his own on the coat rack in the room.

“It’s so nice and quite perfect,” Hon said as he made his way back to Scarlett.

“You think so?” Scarlett asked as she stood by the bed.

“Well, it’s only truly perfect because you’re here with me kitsune,” Hon told her as he laid his hands on her hips.


“My dear Kitsune I’m in love with you.”

“I’m in love with you too my Bunny.”

Hon smiled and kissed Scarlett deeply as they felled back on the bed making out.

“I wanna tell you why I love you,” Hon told Scarlett as he unbuttoned his shirt.

“Why?” Scarlett asked kicking her shoes off.

“Because you make me feel alive, see the good in the living. And the warmth of your sweet skin makes me feel almost human again.” He kissed her neck as he unzipped the back of her dress.

Scarlett bit her lip tilting her head and kissed Hon’s bare chest before he tilted her head to look up at him.

“You’re romantic,” Scarlett told him before he kissed her deeply.

“I have every reason to be with you my dear kitsune.”

“You think so?” Scarlett asked looking up at Hon.

“Yes, I do believe and think so. No should I kiss up your legs to eat you out like the five-star feast you are your neck down to your tattoos to your breasts and then dinner time? God, why does she have to be so good?” Hon asked himself as he was thinking out loud.

“Please don’t tell, I want you to surprise me," Scarlett told Hon.

Hon smiles taking off Scarlett’s clothes sitting staring at her as he tore the rest of the remaining black pantyhose and lace panties Scarlett had torn the crotch out of.

"I just want to take it all in for a moment, because you’re a work of art.” Scarlett blushed and sat up pushing off the cotton white button-up dress shirt off his shoulders as she kissed Hon deeply.

Hon kisses her back as she undid his pants and pulled them down off his waist and grabbed his ass as he felt a smirk on her lips. He pulled away smiling and kissed her neck as he was kissing down her skin licking and sucking on her neck making her moan and make small little noises. He smiled as he slides another finger inside moving at a slow almost teasing pace pulling at Scarlett's lip as she sat up kissing him.

He laid a hand on her cheek lightly whispering in her ear, "lay down Kitsune I want to admire everything you are."

"O-okay," Scarlett blushed as she was lost for words.

Hon smiles with a hazy look in his eyes sucking his fingers clean, "deliciously sweet but I wonder...." Hon trailed off as he opens Scarlett's legs licking up her tights to her pussy.
Scarlett moans breathing a little faster as she bit her lip.
"Oh, Mio Signore Hon."
Hon lets go of Scarlett's hand and slide a finger inside moving it in tandem with his tongue. Scarlett moans grabbing Hon's hair pulling him more into her wiggling as he keeps moving his fingers.
"Hon...I...I'm gonna come."
"Good because I cant wait to see you fall apart," Hon grinned as he looked up at her. Scarlett moans louder breathing heavily and gasped coming to her juices dripped onto Hon's hand.
"" Scarlett panted as Hon slowly pulls out his fingers smiling evilly at her.
"Now would you look at that," He looks at his hand before sucking it clean, "dont worry I'll have you cleaned up in no time?" Hon sucks Scarlett's tights and her pussy clean licking his lips afterward.
"Waaaaay better than anything I've ever had," Hon rubs Scarlett's cheek before lightly kissing her.
"That was incredible," Scarlett smiles at Hon.
"Good because I'm not done with you yet," Hon smiles going to a dresser and pulling out a condom and showing it to her. "I haven't released yet Kitsune, though unless you don't want to I'm perfectly fine with that I'm satisfied with watching you get off."
"No I wanna fuck you," Scarlett blushed as she said the words out loud.
Hon laughed as he got back into bed sliding off his pants and underwear pulling her to him and rolls on his back with Scarlett on top of him happily and gently feeling her skin smiling as she laid on top of him. Her fingertips grazed his chest in small circles on his skin. A smile kept her close tracing over her tattoos making her laughs a little.
"You're so beautiful, Scarlett." She smiles as she giggled a little.
"Sorry, I'm a little ticklish."
"Oh really?" Hon grinned as he happily tickles Scarlett as she squealed making a weird noise and covered her mouth turning bright red.
"You make me soft," She told Hon as she lowered her hand.
"I dont think so you don't have to be hard as a stone all the time it's okay to be gentle and vulnerable at times Kitsune."
"Yeah you're right but as of right now you are hard," Scarlett giggles.
"Well, how can I not be with the world's most beautiful woman on me.
Scarlett giggles as she sat up sitting on Hon's lap as she wrapped a hand around his cock gently squeezing it.
"Why don't we take care of that?" Hon grabs Scarlett's hips and moves her.
"What did you have in mind?" Hon smiles holding the condom in his hand.
"How about we make love?"
"Would you like to do the honor, Scarlett? I haven't come yet."
"You know that I already did with you." Scarlett smiled as she unwrapped the condom and rolled on the condom on Hon's erected cock. "Alright, it's on wanna be on top?"
"I'm liking this view a lot better."
"Okay Honey bunny," Scarlett slides him inside her as she bit her lip moaning as she rolls her hips. "Fuck Hon you feel so good."
Hon groans holding Scarlett's hips steady, "damn even with a condom on I can tell you soaked." Hon sits up moving into her suckling on her breasts
Scarlett moans gripping his hair moving her hips on moves from the left to right gently biting and pulling on her nipple. Hon smiles kissing up her skin and moving a little faster groaning.
"I'm gonna come again."
"Me too," Hon kisses her deeply rolling over on top moving her leg on his shoulder moving faster and deeper into her as he kisses her deeply rolling over on top moving her leg on his shoulder moving faster and deeper on moves faster and deeper.
"I....I.....I almost there," Hon groaned thrusting into Scarlett as she moaned nearly ripping the sheets on the bed.
"H-hon! I'm...I'm gonna come," Scarlett panted as she looked up at him. Hon stares at Scarlett moving as fast as he could before kissing her with everything he had finally releasing. She moaned kissing Hon deeply as her eyes rolled back as she climaxed.
"Oh, God Hon."
Hon pants catching his breath, "holy......shit."
Scarlett giggles with a goofy smile on her lips as Hon rolled overlaying next to her.
"That" Scarlett coughs covering her mouth catching her breath she smiles laying by Hon's side feeling exhausted.
"Hmmm, how do you feel?" Scarlett asked Hon as he pulled her closer to him.
Hon smiles at her, "you're going to say this is so cheesy, but I feel alive." Scarlett laughs smiling as she pecked his lips.
"No that was perfect." She smiled and kisses Hon before resting her head on his chest.
"Good..." Hon yawned as they both dozed off in each other's arms.
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