Blood Of The Yakuza: Book 3 Of Mafia Raised

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Chapter 39: Coffee And Creamer

Gernhard looked at his phone for maybe the hundredth time this morning as he was pouring creamer in his coffee. It was morning they haven’t come back yet, it made him worry but he was glad she was with Hon. He seemed like a brother Gernhard that he always wanted. Sighing softly to himself he finally noticed the over the spill. Cursing under his breath he grabbed a washrag wiping the counter as Valentino walks into the kitchen dressed in his suit with a black turtle neck and he always wore these Rose color sunglasses with thin frames.

"Oh, Valentino how was New York?" Gernhard asked as he grabbed another mug.

"It was lovely though a guy I had a meeting with was pretty much an idiot," Valentino told him as he sat down at the kitchen's island.

"What was his name?" He asked as he poured another cup of coffee.

"Chang, he brought a girl with him she was pretty not my cup of tea though but something about her came up on my glasses."

"Oh those are the ones Scarlett made for you, aren't they?" Gernhard asked as he sat down across from Valentino. "Wait, Chang, from the oni serpents?"

"Yes they are and they come in very handy. Yes, that's him he wanted to speak about Gamma X Scarlett's drug."

"Ah right she met him and I think he forgot what she looks like."

"She did a video chat to speak to him about how disappointing it was that a shipment somehow went missing. He looked like he was about to piss himself before he fell to his knees asking for forgiveness from the queen."

"I believe it but he may have been shaky from drugs. He's an over-sexual drug addict."

"Ah, makes sense."

The two men talked over more business as he drunk their coffee and while Valentino was showing off his newborn twin girls that he and his husband had just brought home from the hospital. Valentino was almost Scarlett's husband until it was brought to light that he was gay and was hiding that he had a boyfriend. During a rehearsal dinner he finally came out and his boyfriend now husband proposed to him. Scarlett knew and helped his boyfriend Adam come up with the idea of proposing when Val came out.

Scarlett had pictures of the ceremony and it was beautiful with white pink and red it was even on getting this, Valentine's day. Smiling Gernhard hard the kitchen door open and in walked both Hon and Scarlett holding hands smiling.

"Look what the fox dragged in," Valentino said as he was smiling.

"Val, it's so good to see you!" Scarlett rushed in smiling as she ran past Gernhard she smelt like sugar cookies and mint. The two hugged laughing smiling happy to see each other.

"Oh, Val you have to meet Hon he's my boyfriend, bunny this is my good friend and left-hand man Valentino."

"Pleasure to meet you Bunny," Valentino said as he stood in front of Hon and held out his hand.

"Lao, Hon Ming Lao it's nice to meet you as well," Hon said as he took Valentino's hand. "Besides work how do you know kitsune?" He asked as Gernhard handed him a cup of coffee.

"We were engaged," Scarlett said as Gernhard was prepping to make Scarlett's Earl Grey tea that she likes to have in the morning.


"I'm gay Hon she helped me come out at our rehearsal dinner if she didn't marry Gernhard I was the next choice."

"Ah." Hon looked relieved as he laid a hand on his chest like he was feeling his heartbeat.

"You guys had sex?" Gernhard asked bluntly as he waited for the kettle to whistle.

Scarlett blushed at the question her husband asked while Hon stumbled over his words.

"They did," Valentino piped in making the two love birds or well a lovesick bunny along with a fox. Gernhard and Valentino laughed at how cute the two were as they scrambled out of the room.

"They're adorable are they not?" Val asked smiling.

"Yeah, they are."

"Well I better get going before Adam starts to miss me. It was good talking to you Gernhard and thanks for the coffee it was really good."

"Get home safe and anytime say hi to Adam and the twins for me."

"I will," Valentino slipped on his coat and placed his hat on his head as he walked out the door whistling a tune.

Breathing out Gernhard walked to his sewing room to see Hon and Scarlett hugging at the front door. Scarlett whined holding onto Hon as she knew he was leaving but she didn't know if he was going back to Japan or not.

"I'll miss you so much Bunny."

"I know Kitsune, I'll miss you so much."

Scarlett whines her wolf's ears laid flat on the top of her head as she held on to Hon tightly. Gernhard watched and started to sniffle feel sad for them. Scarlett looked over at Gernhard and blushed to hide her face in Hon's chest. He smiled and smoothed out her hair kissing her head making her look up at him.

"I'll come back you know I would Kitsune."

"He is right Love."

"I know but I'll miss him just like how I miss you and Jaspy when I'm home alone even with the kids now. Oh, how are they?"

"Ashley has them for a play date with Julian."

"Okay. Bye Bunny I love you."

"I love you too Kitsune," Hon smiled gently as he kissed her softly, and when he pulled away his eyes were a warm hazel color before reverting to the dark brown. Scarlett followed Hon out waving him off as he drove off. Scarlett sighed softly before she walked inside and walked into Gernhard's arms hugging as she closed her eyes breathing in the scent of his cologne.

"Thank you Gerny."

"No problem oh and your Grandmother is coming over soon."

"Grandma Betty?"


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