Blood Of The Yakuza: Book 3 Of Mafia Raised

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Chapter 4: Twilight

Sage was in the kitchen making popcorn on the stove while Nico was making lemonade for the movie night review. While Jazz was looking in the box of DVDs they found at a yard sale the food was being prepped. It was started after a few months Sage started dating Jazz and Rico, but the movie review was something the girls did while Rico was out doing something for Alpha Black or having guy time with his friends.

“What movie should we watch?” Sage asked Jazz and Nico as she dumped some popcorn kernels along with some butter into a large pan and set the lid on top of the pot.

“Hmmm, have you seen Twilight babe?” Jazz asked as she walked into the kitchen holding the DVD of one of the worst book adaptations into a movie of all time. And the books weren’t even good Sage had read them when she was in late middle school, so very cringe-worthy, and she was still trying to figure out who she is at the time. She discovered what her sexuality was when she was in her late sophomore year of high school, she was bisexual and she loved both men and women and would be in poly relationships sometimes. Almost like the one, she is in one now, and she loves both Jazz and Rico she feels complete with them.

Nico gagged holding her throat and accidentally smacking herself in the face with the stirring spoon she was using to stir the country time pink lemonade they got from Target. It’s just something about pink lemonade that makes it a little sweeter than regular lemonade.

“Oh, honey please be careful, ” Sage said as she walked over to Nico forgetting the popcorn was still on the stove popping.

“It’s in my eye, ” Nico whined as she was rubbing her eye sniffling.

“Baby no don’t rub your eye that’ll just make it worse than it already is, ” Jazz told Nico as she stopped her from rubbing her eye anymore.

Jazz walked Nico over the sink as she was holding her hand and while Sage turned the tap on to the cold water, making sure Sage had it on cold with her hand. She pulled up a chair to the sink so that Nico can stand on it to get her eye under the streaming water. Nico got her face under the running water while she blinked a few times until the stinging in her eyes went away.

Nico blinked her eyes a few times as she stood up straight, “ah, so much much better thanks moms,” She said as she smiled up at Sage and Jazz. Jazz held her chest as she felt teary-eyed with a quivering smile she felt proud and so happy.

“She called me mom, ” Jazz smiles as she held her hands over her chest as her wolf ears and tail pops out wagging.

Sage giggles smiling as she kissed the top of Nico’s head.

“Hi, Cleo how’s the queen?” Sage smiles as she wrapped her arms around Nico’s shoulders. Jazz growled softly and barks before panting her tail wagging as she called shifted into a fluffy wolf that looked like an Elk Hound. Cleo is the name of Jazz’s wolf, it’s short for Cleopatra the queen of the Nile river. Jazz has a thing for Egyptian history and Gods. Nico gasped and ran to Cleo running her fingers through her fur giggling as she picked her up.

“Mom she’s so soft and fluffy I could die and go to Heaven!” Nico squealed laughing as Cleo licked Nico’s cheek making her laugh.

Sage smiles as she smelt something burning and then remembered that she forgot to turn the popcorn off. “Ah, oh no!” She yelled as she grabbed the pot and turned on the water drowning the small flames that caught inside. Soon the whole house smelt like burnt butter popcorn.

“That’s okay mom we can order pizza and we still have that new bag of smart popcorn from the store and im pretty sure Cleo won’t mine. Right puppy mom?” Nico held up Cleo before setting her down on the floor to shift. Cleo shifted smiling and hugged Nico kissing her head.

“Of course and it’s cheese popcorn too so we’ll just toss it in a bowl while I get the movie rolling to where we skip all the beginning credits,” Jazz smiles getting the bag down from the pantry of chips and snacks for nights like these with the girls

“Sounds great to me go on and get comfortable I’ll get our drinks out, ” Sage grabbed the fancy cups with little strawberries on them and the ice tray from the freeze. Sage always preferred to making ice than having a refrigerator making it for her and she always did like vintage stuff. They were built right and it didn’t break as much as the other stuff.

Sage set the drinks down and sat with Jazz and Nico on the couch as the movie started to play.

“Wow this is already so bad, to begin with, I hate to say it, ” Sage pointed out as she covered her mouth giggling.

“I told you, ” Nico said in a sing-song voice laughing.

“Yeah, I saw it a long time ago, right around when it first came out.” Jazz told Sage as she couldn’t contain her laughter anymore as it got to the point where Bella knew what Edward was.

Humming softly along with the music that was playing in the movie. Sage’s cell phone ringed the Italian pizzeria song you would hear in the movies or shows. Scarlett was calling. It wasn’t unusual for her to call this time around, something might have happened and she needed help again.

“Hey Scar what’s up?” Sage answers as Jazz was in a dying laughing fit.

“ can you come over? I know it’s your movie review night and I uh need my best friend here, it’s really important, ” Scarlett asked as she sounded a little shaken.

“Yeah, we’ll be there in a bit, ” Sage told her as she hanged up and pocketed the cellular phone.

“Is something wrong with Auntie?” Nico asked as if she sensed something was wrong.

“I’m not a too sure baby but we’ll find out when we get there, ” Sage told Nico as she grabbed the blue-ray remote and turned the movie off.

“Hey, we were getting to the best part, ” Jazz whined as she gestured to the tv.

“We gotta go to Scarlett’s house something might be wrong.”

“Okay.” That was all Jazz said as she grabbed the car keys.

“Oh my Gaia you’re pregnant?!” Sage screamed as she got the news.

Scarlett laughed nervously, “yep, surprising I know. I never thought I would get pregnant now.”

“Well, you’ll be awesome at it, ” Nico told Scarlett as she got a bottle of water from the fridge.

“Thanks, Nico that means a lot coming from you.”

Jasper was a giggling happy mess gushing everything to Leon who somehow looked uncomfortable while Ashley smiled sadly.

Walking over Scarlett hugged Ashley tightly in her arms.

“You’re gonna be a mother and I will help, I promise,” Scarlett whispered in her ear.

Ashley sniffled and hugged Scarlett tighter

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