Blood Of The Yakuza: Book 3 Of Mafia Raised

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Chapter 40: Nona Betty

Scarlett had made a room ready for her grandmother as she waited for Jasper to pick her up from the airport, being anxious she decided to go with him Gernhard decided to tag along as well as Sage, Rico, and Jazz. Since she and her grandfather had divorced a long time ago she moved to live in Texas where she had adopted a dog from the local shelter near the border. The dog was a pit bull that was spoiled like a baby by her and loved wearing ducky pajamas. Someone then came to her and said that that dog was theirs. Heartbroken grandma let them take her sweet Diablo back and then grandfather went to her begging for her back and then they get married again before then moving back to Italy. Then after a year after his death, she moved back to Texas from the Italian winery farm to a nice condo.

Gernhard was holding yellow balloons that were her favorite color and Jasper was holding a sign with Grandma Betty written in magic marker on it. Scarlett was scanning throughout the crowd as she wore her black wool-cotton blend shaw that her grandmother bought her a while back. Sage, Rico, and Jazz we're looking as well though Rico seemed more frantic to find her, sighing Scarlett thinks that she might be lost somewhere. After all, the woman was almost eighty and was still in great shape.

"Don't worry she'll come," Sage assured Scarlett with a smile holding a lunch box and Jazz would occasionally swat Rico's hand away while she wasn't looking.

"Of course I would come I missed my granddaughter," a soft voice said as they heard the rolling of a suitcase and a tap of the cane as well with it.

"Nonna," Scarlett smiles turning around and walks to Betty hugging her carefully not to hug her too tightly, "it's great to see you, how was your flight?"

"It was good a nice gentleman got me a drink on the plane." Betty smiled as she hugged her granddaughter.

Rico stopped trying to get into the lunch box and looked over at Betty and started to whine sounding like a puppy.

"Huh, babe?" Jazz looked over at Rico a little confused as she watched her husband whined having puppy eyes as tears started falling as he looked at Betty who was still hugging Scarlett.

"Is he okay?" Sage asked as she scratched her head a little worried.

"Sounds like he sees someone his wolf knows," Jasper perks up with an answer.

While everybody was questioning why Rico is acting like a baby he rushes over shifting into his wolf that looks like a pit bull barking at Betty and as it looks like he's about to knock her over he stops right in front of her and starts whining as his butt wiggles and he does a little dance in front of both her and Scarlett. Betty gasps and drops her cane as tears started falling.

"Oh, my sweet bully baby!" Betty dropped to her knees and hugged Diablo, "I missed you so much!" Everyone's jaws dropped to the ground as they watched the two.

After everyone was at Scarlett's, Gernhard's, and Jasper's home they all sat in the parlor for a light lunch so they'll all will have room for dinner Gernhard was prepping for. Though Betty wanted to do the cook she had to be held down by a babyfaced Diablo. Betty didn't complain one bit and enjoyed petting her sweet bully once more.

"It's so strange to see him like this even if he's like that with Nico and Ferdinand," Jazz remarked still in awe.

"Really?" Sage asked as sipped some orange tea Clementine brought over.

"Yeah it's strange but it's so cute."

Diablo perked up and wobbled to Betty's prize and stuck his head in it.

"Diablo no bad puppy." Diablo pulled his head out with Betty's medicine in his mouth and brought it over to her dropping the bottle in her lap.

"Aww you remember what time I take my medicine, still such a sweet baby," Nonna Betty smiled as she petted Diablo and kisses his head as she took out a pill and took a drink of tea from her teacup.

"That explains why you always had me take my at this time when I was pregnant with Ferdinand," Jazz said as she had caught on to why two o'clock was such a specific time for him.

Diablo barks sitting at Betty's feet panting with a smile and licked up any drool that was dripping from his mouth. Jazz smiles and whines wanting cuddles as she covered her mouth.

"Aww come here, desire," Betty said to Jazz as she held out her arms to her. Jazz whines and shifts into her puppy wolf form that looked like an elkhound and hopped up on the couch with her and laid on Betty's lap. She picked Cleo up and held her petting her back, Cleo whines snuggling more into Betty.

Sage giggles smiling as she set down a tray as watched Cleo be babied.

"You have a very kind and wonderful sprite Betty," Sage remarked as she sat down across from her

"Please call me Nonna dear."

"Okay," Sage smiled happily, "nonna."

Scarlett smiles as everyone was enjoying her grandmother's warm tender nature. After a while dinner was severed and the ones who had shifted wanting cuddles from Betty shift back to eat enjoying a warm meal. Nonna insisted that she helped and Gernhard learned first hand you can't say no to Nonna Betty who would whack your knuckles with a wooden spoon. Diablo would stand by her throughout the entire time and when she brought out the lemons to made lemonade he made a face and hobbled out the kitchen. Turns out when Nonna got him he had tried to bite her but the elderly woman was too fast and shoved a lemon in his mouth and he bit into it and guess he had wartime flashbacks from it.
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