Blood Of The Yakuza: Book 3 Of Mafia Raised

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Chapter 41: Before His Branding

Four Years Later...

Scarlett smiled softly as she was putting in the cake pans for the triplet's birthday. She smiled as someone knocked on the kitchen door, Scarlett's wolf ears and tail popped up as she knew who it was. Squealing she ran to the door and threw it open to see Hon with a smile as he was wearing a cream sweater she bought for him and dark blue jeans with brown dress shoes. Throwing herself on him Scarlett kissed him deeply and sweetly as she held on to him.
"I was missed," Hon smiled as he squeaked and Black bunny ears popped up.
Scarlett smiled and gave him another kiss as she draped her arms around his shoulders and he wrapping his arms around her hips before picking her up and twirling around in the kitchen laughing. The two giggled and danced as if they were in a cheesy romance novel or movie.
"Bunny!" A gasped was heard from the doorway and there stood a red-headed little girl in a pink dress stood wearing a tiara with pink crystals in it.
"A.A.!" Hon set Scarlett down as he crouched down and held his arms out. Ashley Amelia came running and jumping into Hon's arms hugging him tightly in her little five-year-old arms.
"I missed you so much!" The little girl told him as he picked her and held her above his head.
"I missed you too," Hon smiled as held the little girl to him as his eyes shifted to a warm sparking hazelnut color.
Scarlett smiled as she had gotten the cake ready and more, people started pouring in for the triplets party. Gernhard made a deal with Itona and bought three racehorses from him and named them after the children. Jasper got them almost every toy they wanted all wrapped up in shiny wrapping paper. Rico and Red were laughing as he held both Ferdinand and him on his shoulders. Ashley was smiling as Julian was playing with A.A. and Able. Hon smiled as he watched the festivities play out before him.
With a smile, Scarlett looked over at Hon who looked as he was in deep thought. Walking over she laid a hand on his cheek causing him to snap back into reality.
"You okay?" she asked softly as he took her hand in his.
"I am Kitsune, just...just thinking is all." She was about to ask him but she was interrupted by her phone going off.
"Oh, what is it now?" She asked as she answered the phone, "What? What is?" she hissed as she walked off into the kitchen.
"Hey uh, your highness we have a situation over at the club and need you here."
"Do you any idea what today is?" She growled as she was getting to a nerve.
"N-no," they said as she heard them gulp on the other line.
"My children's birthday and they are now five years old and I don't know what a fuck of an idiot put you in charge or who's the big brain idea was it to call me?!" they didn't answer they already knew that they had fucked up.
"I'll be there soon," She sighed as she pinched the bridge of her nose she hanged up her phone and growled as she had to leave the house. It wasn't just that she didn't want to leave the triplets as they were having fun with the birthday activities.
"Something wrong love?" Jasper asked as he has gotten a napkin to wipe the icing off his face from where Ashley Amelia was trying to force-feed him cake though they couldn't wait to blow out the candles.
"I just have to make a quick run and I'll be back," Scarlett told him as she grabbed her jacket.
"Okay be safe." With a soft nod and smile, Scarlett walked out to her car and drove off to the club. For some odd reason, she felt something was going to happen. Without knowing it she touched her thigh holster with her gun strapped in with extra magazine clips.
Scarlett pushed open eh doors to her club only to find it empty which was odd since it was usually busy at this time. A glance at her watch it was six o'clock. Stange... The sound of her heels clicking on the tile floor was the only sound that was heard besides the sound of the freezers running in the kitchen. It was ominous as there was a dripping sound coming from the tap at the bar.
"Hmm," Scarlett said as she walked to the back of the building. The doors that lead to the back rooms swung open and closed doors with circular dome-like windows with a diameter of fourteen inches on both doors.
The hairs on the back of her neck stood on ends and her wolf ears popped up and stood up before she jumped behind the bar to her left as gunshots were fired at her. The glass bottles and cups shattered from the gunfire, she covered her face from the glass shards that felled and waited until they had to reload. Once they ceased fire Scarlett had snuck onto the other side of the bar and opened the hidden door to the back room. No one knew about and that was good, but they find out about it since she had cut her knee on the glass. Growling to herself her wolf ears perked up listening. She saw the gas pipes and sliced them open with her claws.

While the idiots were still looking for her she snuck out through the back door as the building filled up with flammable gas. When she was in the alley one of them found her blood. Sighing Scarlett Sergiaino Schneider Williams took out a silver zippo lighter a cheap one at most and ignited the small flame of the light as she looked back at the building. She smiled to herself as had some fine memories in that building. The men's voices get louder and she threw the lighter in before she started running to the sidewalk.
The building exploded and sent Scarlett into the side of her car. Her ears were ringing and she could hardly see or breathe. Her left arm was the only thing that wasn't hurting at the moment as she took out her phone. Though its screen was shattered she could still make out her contacts as she called Gernhard.
It ringed a few times before he answered.
"Hello Kätzchen we're still waiting for you," Gernhard said as he sounded happy as laughed.
"Gernie...h-help." That was all Scarlett could get out as she dropped her phone and she slides down the side of her car and passed out. By standard saw and dialed 9-1-1. Everything went black for Scarlett as she laid motionless on the concrete sidewalk.
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