Blood Of The Yakuza: Book 3 Of Mafia Raised

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Chapter 44: Homecoming

Gernhard was alone in their bedroom with Scarlett as he was painting her nails for her, she could use a new color besides the polish was chipping a little. It was only two months since the explosion had happened. He looked at her face as he was painting her nails a red color, he sighed sadly wishing she would wake up already, he missed her well, everything about her was amazing. He missed how she would do a little dance as she would sip the tea he would her in the morning and at noon. Closing his eyes he heard someone clear their throat at the doorway of the room as Gernhard put on the last coat of nail polish on his sleeping wife’s nails.

“Hello Ashley,” he said as he tightened the cap onto the nail polish.

“Hey Gernhard, how are you feeling?” She asked as she walked into the room with Julian holding onto her leg hiding shyly.

“I’m doing alright, I’m glad to have her home and she’s healing a lot better since we brought her here. In the afternoons we take her out to the greenhouse to spend time with her plants. I can't say I've been good, I just miss her so much,” He smiled sadly and set the polish back into the basket of other nail polish colors with nail files and nail polish remover with cotton pads.

Little Julian watched as he walked over to the basket of nail polish his eyes shining at the different colors as the two adults talked about Scarlett's condition.

“Would you like your nails painted Julibean?” Gernhard asked as he saw the little boy looking at the colors.

“C-can I mommy?” he asked looking over at Ashley with puppy dog eyes that no one can say no to those mixed match eyes.

“Of course sweetie,” Ashley smiled as she ruffled his hair and smoothed it back into place.

“Why don’t you pick a color and I’ll paint them for you.”

“Really?!” Julain asked excitedly with a huge smile on his face, Gernhard nodded smiling back as he held the basket down so that Julian can pick out a color.

Julian thought for a good minute in a half before picking out a yellow with glitter in it.

“That’s a very pretty color Juli.”

“Thank you, uncle Gerny.”

Gernhard smiled as he started to paint the little boy’s nails as he giggles smiling. Ashley smiled as she watched the two before Ashely-Amelia walked in with her plushie of Al Ashley had made for her.

“Hi auntie Ashley, hi Juli you wanna play?” She smiled as she held the plush in her arms hugging it.


“Just wait for a few minutes, okay angels? Your nails are still wet so you’ll have to wait until they’re dry okay?” Gernhard told them as he finished painting the nails.

“Okay!” Julian smiled as he showed A.A. his nails smiling.

“Ooooh, those are so pretty! Daddy, can you paint my nails the same color please?” she asked smiling. Gernhard smiled and nodded as he started to paint her nails the same yellow as Julian’s.

After a few minutes, the two children ran out laughing smiling as Jasper walked in with a mug Able made for him in art class.

“No running okay kids be careful and don’t bonk your heads,” Jasper told them.

“Okay, daddy!” Jasper smiles as he sipped from his mug smiling watching the two laugh as they ran.

“Have you heard anything from Hon?” Gernhard asked.

“No sadly, the mate said he’ll be back soon but it’s been a while.”

“Is something wrong with Hon?” Ashley asked.

“Uh, it’s um something you shouldn’t worry about,” Gernhard told her as he rubbed the back of his neck.

Just then Scarlett started to move, her hand twitched and then her head moved to the side.

“She moved!” Ashley squealed pointing at Scarlett. Gernhard and Jasper moved to Scarlett’s side and held her hands.

“Darling?” Gernhard said as he watched her intensely.

“Firefly?” Jasper whines as he kissed her hand. As the two men waited for their wife to wake up they heard a groan from the doorway.

“K-kitsune...?” Hon panted as he held his shoulder in some pain sweat dripped from his brow as he hobbled over to them.

Scarlett’s eyes fluttered open, at first her vision was blurry as she looked up and she soon looked around the room as her vision cleared. She then saw Hon and smiled as she sat up with the help of both Jasper and Gernhard.

“Hi bunny I missed you,” Scarlett smiled at Hon as he squeaked limping to her. She smiled as she held out her arms to him and he collapsed right into her arms his face buried in her breasts without a care in the world. He missed her and started to cry as she hummed smoothing out his hair that was a mess. Scarlett looked on the back of his shoulder and saw blood bleeding through his shirt. It was a shape that looked familiar, and then she remembered where she had seen it.

It was a brand, a brand of freedom where he was no longer a part of the Oni Serpents. He was free and he can stay with her. Scarlett hugged Hon tightly in her arms as she started to cry.

“My bunny,” Scarlett smothered Hon kissing his cheek and kissing him deeply. Hon returned the kiss as tears fell from his eyes both were from pain and missing his crimson queen.

"My beautiful Kitsune, I missed you so much."

"We missed you so much," Jasper said as laid in bed. Gernhard nodded as he was trying to keep himself together as he too climbs in to join the cuddle. Scarlett smiled as kissed Gernhard, Jasper, and Hon smiling as she held on to them all.

"You're home Honey Bunny, you're home," Scarlett whispered as she rubbed his back careful of his wound. Jasper yawns and shifted into his wolf and made his way to Scarlett's feet and laid down. Gernhard smiled as he felled asleep happy to have her back. Hon was fighting sleep.

"Get some sleep okay?" She whispered to him. Hon nodded as he soon felled asleep. Ashley smiled as tears felled from her eyes.

"Welcome back," She said with a big smile.

"Feels good to be back," Scarlett smiled as Ashley wiped her eyes and walked out of the room to visit the kids.
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