Blood Of The Yakuza: Book 3 Of Mafia Raised

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Chapter 5: Tokyo Dragon

Four in a half months later...

Scarlett was suffering the morning sickness while she was in the bathroom puking up her guts from the ten-hour flight to Japan. Sighing softly to herself she was alone for the time being Gernhard was with Itona the boss of the Oni Serpents discussing designs and fabric of suits. The man sure does enjoy tailoring, though it is his last name is Scheinder it also means tailor in German. And Jasper hates planes so he chooses to stay home with Princess and watch that one show Broke. Scarlett would watch some tv but it’s in Japanese and she isn’t all that familiar with the language. Though Italian and Russian were pretty easy for her, when she was a young girl about the age of thirteen Scarlett was sent to the country to learn ballet by the world’s best Ballet teacher to learn the dance.

All that Scarlett could ever remember of that terrible academy was how much her feet bleed in those shoes. And the long hours she would continue to wear them until midnight. If you got just one movement wrong or if the instructor didn’t like how you execute it, you must repeat it all over again and again and again. She had gone through forty-eight pairs of those torture devices. The once light pink shoes worn by graceful dancers would turn red with blood and pieces of her flesh would have peeled off of her feet in the shoes.

Scarlett was rubbing her bared scarred feet as she remembered the ghost pains. Taking a deep breath Scarlett stood up and checked her phone, she still had some time before the meeting with the owner of a club that works for Itona. Walking out the bathroom she could go to one of the hot springs but she’ll be followed by her bodyguards and they’ll be there watching her every move. Cringing at the thought maybe she’ll just go shopping, she could get some baby stuff while she’s here. It’s been four in a half months since she broke the news to everyone and herself, and she was just barely showing. Maybe just a tiny bump but other than that she just still looked the same as she did, Scarlett held her stop as she crawled onto the super-soft bed.

Scarlett just chooses to take a quick nap before she goes to the club to introduce a new drug. Well, it isn’t that new though, it’s ecstasy mixed with blood, but not just any blood Gamma blood. Her blood mixed into the drug to make all the fun come out of people and their sexual desires and their sex drive go crazy. Yawning Scarlett looked up at the ceiling almost like an at lost in thought-moment as she thought of what kind of mother she’ll be. Hopefully one better than her mother, she thought as she closed her eyes falling asleep.

Scarlett stepped out of the car to the front doors of the club wearing a black maxi dress and a black leather jacket with stiletto red bottoms. Once she was out she closed the door to the car and walked up to the entrance to see a broad-chested man with python arms. His hair was dyed black but it was more of a black-blue really and dark brown eyes and a line shaved in his eyebrow where the arch isn’t connected. A few faded scars on his knuckles showed he was a heavy hitter, a couple of the indents looked like they were caused by some teeth.

“Can I help you?” he asked having a pretty decent deep voice as he looked down at Scarlett with being the giant he is standing at probably six foot eight inches.

“Yes I’m here for a meeting with Chang,” Scarlett said as she held her purse with a sample of the product in.

“Come with me, ” he said as he walked into the club and Scarlett behind him.

Through the crowds of people, they moved to the way for this guy. Looking around and with her senses more kin she felt sex, and drugs in the air. This was a party central here if she wasn’t pregnant she would take part in it, but she’ll have to stay sober until then. Or at least until she gives birth that is. Scarlett looked around as she was escorted to the back of the club where she saw someone that looked familiar to her with red eyes. Beast opened the door to the office where a guy was sitting at a desk with blond hair and black eyes with a smile as Scarlett and Beast walked into the office. He was wearing jeans and black dress shoes with a silk black shirt with all the buttons undone showing a tightly toned chest.

He didn’t look half bad, Scarlett shrugged as she walked up to the man.

“I suppose you’re the owner of the club?” Scarlett asked as she tilted her head.

“I am, the name’s Chang and you are....?” He trailed off thinking. Beast left the room leaving the two inside, but he didn’t leave the area. With the pounding and blaring music, Scarlett could still hear his heartbeat from outside the door.

“Scarlett Sergiaino, boss of the Italian Mafia in America, I came because your Boss Itona is interested in a new product I customized for your clients and future clients to come, ” Scarlett told him as she walked up the desk and set her purse on it and a puddle of fluid. From the scent of it, it was from a woman grimacing she took out a baggy filled with a reddish color type powder.

Chang grabbed the baggy faster than Scarlett could even blink and have lines rowed up and snorting it and wiping his nose licking his thumb.

“What that is, is ecstasy,” Scarlett told him with a slight grin.

“This is new sweetheart, I’ve done it before,” Chang retorted leaning back in his leather office chair.

“That may be true, but it’s mixed with blood.” That got his full attention with the mention of blood, he must be one of those vampires, like Bones. Scarlett felt a little sick as she thought of the mention of her ex.

“Blood you say and fuck...” He groaned as undone his pants, “the fuck kind of shit is this?”

“Gamma blood,” Scarlett smiled, “and well my blood to correct, all I want is forty percent of the cut and this stuff will be sworn into the club.

“fuuuuuck! Beast get the fuck in here!” Chang yelled and not a moment later Beast ran into the office panting.

“Boss, what’s wrong?” He asked and a moment later Chang grabbed him and threw him on the desk ripping his clothes off and thrust a rock-hard cock into Beast’s ass fucking him rapidly.

Scarlett blinked and walked out of the office closing the door behind her and sighing before turning around and walking to someone and their face was in her breasts. Her eye twitched and she looked down to see someone she didn’t expect to see here. Hon Ming Lao. Warm was felt on her face as she looked Hon in the eyes who was still in her bust looking up at him when his eyes slowly turned to a warm hazel color. Hon yelped and stood up straight panting and blinked away those hazel eyes. She started laughing as she watched as Hon was stuttering and sputtering his words.

“Oh my God, I’m so sorry Miss Sergiaino, I didn’t mean to. I...I-I.” he tried to calm himself.

“It’s alright, Hon I understand.” That calmed him down and he smiled softly.

“Oh um may I ask why you are here?” he asked.

“Well, Chang just tried a drug I brought in so that’s why, and how long would it take for him to finish fucking Beast?” Scarlett asked Hon as they both could hear the two men moaning.

“A while I could show you around if you like?” He asked pointing over his shoulder.

“Sure I could kill some time,” Scarlett shrugged as she started walking with him to see the rest of the club.

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