Blood Of The Yakuza: Book 3 Of Mafia Raised

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Chapter 7: Shea Butter

Scarlett stepped out of the shower after she had gotten back from the meeting with Chang, water dripped from her body onto the bathmat. She felt drained and tired from being around so many people, but that man Hon made it feel like it was just background noise.

"Love, I'm from the shop with what you told me to get and I brought some of your favorite crisps even though I had some problem reading the characters of the labels, " Jasper called out to her knowing she was in the bath. He had made the flight out to Japan just to surprise her and to spoil her without Gernhard. Well, he didn't take a plane out to Japan, he had used her mother's spellbook to teleport to the hotel room.

Her tail wagged as she heard her mate's voice knowing he was gentle with her. Gernhard and Jasper both are her yin and yang. Gernhard is a strong and rough pleasurable lover and Jasper is a soft and gentle lover that made Scarlett feel all warm and cuddly afterward. Grabbing a robe Scarlett walked out smiling seeing Jasper wearing jeans and made his tight ass look good. Growling softly she was half tempted to bite it like a candy apple.

Jasper heard her growl and laughed smiling making Scarlett blushed, that smile always got to her and he had one dimple on his right cheek when he smiled too hard. With a soft smile, Scarlett hugged him and closed her eyes and her mind wandered to Hon. She felt sad for him and whined, Jasper, sensed that something was wrong as he pulled away from Scarlett his wolf ears popped out perked up as he looked her in the eyes.

"Somethings wrong with my beautiful girl isn't there?" Jasper softly asked as he laid a gentle hand on Scarlett's cheek. She whined and leaned into his touch as she held his hand there for just a little bit longer.

"Let's go out to the shopping district Jaspy, I wanna get some moments for everyone while we're here, even though I'm gonna be here for a couple of weeks."

"Alright that sounds good to me, before we head out how about I rub shea butter on you cute widdle baby bump?" Jasper asked as his tail wagging holding up the tube. With a soft smile, she nodded and sat on the bed while Jasper grabbed underwear and slide them on her legs before he rubbed her stomach with the cream.

Scarlett and Jasper walked through the shopping district as they held hands looking at the windows before walking Scarlett was looking at a stuffed animal on a cart on the street, she noticed a lot of lanterns and festival stuff. Jasper was next to her when his tail and ears popped out and he barked sniffing the air before shifting full wolf and ran to a nearby shop and tackles down a girl with jet black hair and pale skin licking her. She was laughing petting him as Scarlett held her stomach running up.

"Ares what has gotten into you...?" Scarlett saw Hon with the girl who was enjoying being smothered by Ares hugging him.

"Oh my God Hon he's so soft feel him," The girl told him.

"Oh Hon it's good to see you again, I didn't think I see you again after the club so soon."

Hon was holding a white bag looking almost shocked, and then she looked at the store itself. It was the smart doll shop by Danny Choo, he must have bought a doll for someone.

"Uh Ty Lee this is Scarlett Sergiaino, Chang's new disruptor and the wife of Gernhard Schneider Itona's new business partner and the maker of our new suits," Hon told her.

"Oh okay, that explains why you guys look so much better," Ty Lee said as she stood up brushing herself off and Ares shifted.

"Whoa, he never did that before." Jasper had his hand on his stomach.

"You pretty much act like that when it is stressed out or upset," Scarlett told him.

"Well, Ares is like a therapy dog."

Scarlett looked over at Hon and Ty Lee who were looking at each other with their eyes glazed over.

"Hey, Jasper wanna go to a food eating contest Hon won't go with me," Ty Lee asked as she blinked back into reality.

"Oooh, can I go love?" Jasper asked Scarlett excited his tail wagged and his ears flopped out.

"Uuuuh sure?" Scarlett said as Ty Lee grabbed Jasper's arm and dragged him away.

"Hon can stay with you until I win!" Ty Lee yelled back at them as they turned a corner.

Hon gulped nervously as he held the bag as he looked at the corner where the two left and then at Scarlett. She caught him looking and giggles smiling covering her mouth as he became flustered.

"Hey, Hon?" Scarlett softly asked as she held her stomach.

"Uh yes, Scarlett?" Hon asked as he looked at her rubbing the back of his neck still somewhat recovering from his flustered state.

"What's with all these lanterns?" she asked as she looked around and saw children playing and laughing wearing kimonos.

"Oh it's a lantern festive, would you wanna do something? It'll take some time for those two to come back," he told her as they started walking to a booth.

"Sure sounds like a good idea to me. Oh, this is so pretty," Scarlett said as she looked at a pink kimono with red lilies on it. Scarlett smiled as she showed Hon making him smiled seeing a softer side of her and gulped again nervous.

"You'll look beautiful in it, ah I like to buy this for her please," Hon told the vendor taking the kimono handing it to her.

"Ah yes very beautiful you can try it on miss, there are dressing rooms in the back of my shop," the vendor told Hon and Scarlett as she handed it to her. Scarlett smiled and went in the back to the dressing rooms as Hon paid for her kimono.

Coming out Scarlett saw that Hon had also changed into a kimono as well, his was a dark navy blue with koi fish on it.

"Well you look handsome," Scarlett smiled at him. Hon gasped looking at her.

"Beautiful," he said under his breath, clearing his throat her held out his arm to her. "Madam Scarlett it would be an honor to show you around." Giggling Scarlett took his arm and he showed her around the festival.

The two played games and ate some festival food like fried squid the night was growing and Scarlett had to sit down due to her aching feet.

"This was so much fun and I have gotten gifts for everyone when I go back," Scarlett giggles smiling as Hon sat next to her.

"I'm glad to hear that Scarlett," Hon said, "Um there's this thing that has been on my mind."


"Yeah...and I don't know how to say it."

"Well, sometimes actions are better than words. instead of saying it...just do it then," Scarlett told Hon with a smile.

Hon looked at Scarlett with a light blush and held her face before kissing her deeply. She gasped in the kiss blushing and held on to his hair kissing him back.

"Hey, guys!" Ty Lee yelled running up, Hon pulled away faster than Scarlett could blink and put his smart doll bag on his lap scooting away.

"Ty slow down I'm gonna puke!" Jasper whined as he held his bloated stomach.

"Oh Jaspy, we better head back to the hotel so you can rest," Scarlett said as she stood up rubbing Jasper's stomach, "Good God you look like you're pregnant like me."

Ty Lee laughed as she sat with Hon, "It was nice to meet you guys bye." Scarlett smiled and waved back walking back to the hotel with Jasper. But almost out of earshot she heard Ty Lee ask Hon if he kissed Scarlett.

"Yes, and I'm addicted to her now..." He told Ty Lee and for the rest of the sentence, she blocked out and didn't hear the rest of the conversation.
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