Blood Of The Yakuza: Book 3 Of Mafia Raised

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Chapter 8: Smart Doll

Gernhard was standing next to the cracked door of Hon's office before he was about to knock on the metal door. That is when he heard a sob followed by some slurred speech.

"I wish I could kiss you again you beautiful Kitsune but what if your husband and mate find out about that kiss?" Hon whined sounding like he was talking to someone along with being drunk within that line as well. Though it is very rude to listen in on someone's private business it made Gernhard wonder what he was talking about. Peeking into the office he saw that Hon was talking to a doll that had red hair and was on a stand wearing a thin white sweater dress. Gernhard shook his head and rubbed his eyes pinching the brim of his nose sighing quietly.

Slamming the door open Hon screamed falling out of his leather office chair. Gernhard watched him for a moment seeing the man on the floor panting and his face red from embarrassment.

"Oh, you got to..." Gernhard sighed heavily as Hon slowly stood up grabbing the doll off from the desk.

" much have heard Mr...?" Hon started as he looked at Gernhard who was fixing his cuff links and a vein was ticking in his left temple clearing showing he was a little irritated.

"You kissing my wife, and I suppose you are right about one thing Mr. Lao that my wife does look like a fox when she in her wolf state."

Hon remained calm or at least tried to as he slowly sat back in his desk's chair and slowly put the doll in the desk's drawers with some drugs and blood. Though he's secretly worried that it might stain the doll or the hair, or even the pure white sweating she was wearing. He gulped thinking about it.

"Mr. Scheider I wasn't excepting to see you for another hour and a half sir."

"When in the mafia you must always show up early and dressed well mannered as if you have some sense. And looking at you, it looks like you're missing some of that sense seeing that you were talking to a doll that looked similar to my wife," Gernhard remarked as Hon sunk in his chair looking away feeling like he was less of a man.

"Things tend to happen, Mr. Scheider, would you like a drink?" Hon asked as he jumped up from his chair striding up to the wet bar he has in the corner of his office near the wall of severance tv screens showing almost every part of the club.

Gernhard grabbed Hon and picked him up slamming him on his desk making him gasp the air escaping from his lungs.

"Did you kiss my wife Mr. Lao?" Gernhard asked with a slight growl in his voice and his eyes had some type of spark in them. Almost like electricity.

"Y-yes!" Hon yelled, "yes I kissed Scarlett, I'm sorry! She made me feel safe and warm!" Hon started shaking and tears felled as he gripped Gernhard's thick wrist.

Gernhard smiled softly and let go of Hon picking him up and setting him on his desk and sat next to him.

"Im not angry with you Hon, or her for that matter. But rather myself actually, I've been married to her for roughly four years now. I love her and I know she had grown to love me after a while but it is fading. Our marriage was rather forced and also to combine our fathers for more power you see."

Hon sat there and listened to Gernhard's story as he talked about his relationship with Scarlett or in the mafia and underground the world as The Crimson Queen. She earned that nickname ever since she was young and that she is probably the first made woman ever that's a part of a powerful family. Gernhard had even told him about how he had cheated on her as well as her with that night with Jasper. Hon was surprised as he listened to the story and felt a little warm.

"Sorry if it is a lot to take in Mr. Lao, but I figured I would tell you about my wife in case you two meet again. But I'll let the kiss slide this time." Gernhard stood and patted Hon's back before he walked to the door. The sound of his dress shoes on the hardwood floor made Hon nervous and he was able to hear his heartbeat in his ears.

"Mr. Scheider!" Hon yelled making Gernhard stop and look back at him with a raised eyebrow.

"Yes, Mr. Lao?" Gernhard said as he slowly turned towards him.

"I'm sorry that I kissed The Crimson Queen, but I'm not sorry that I regret I felt more human than I ever have in a very long time. I feel almost as though I'm human again!" Hon yelled as he held his hands at his side and held them into tight fists. So tight that blood dripped onto the floor making a small puddle of it at his sides.

With a soft smile, Gernhard walked back to Hon and gave him a strong hug.

"I forgive you Hon, and now just simply call me Gernhard, you at least you earned that." Hon sighed and hugged him back before Gernhard released him and patted his back and walked back to the door. "Oh, we should meet sometime without all the business."

"I'd like that," Hon nodded smiling and Gernhard left him.

Gernhard walked to his car to go back to the hotel to see Scarlett and take care of her. Leaning back he thought and feel like the whole marriage thing was just stupid. He'll talk to Scarlett about it after this week is over and he can spend some time to relax and deep clean the whole house again knowing that Jasper can be a mess at times.

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