Secret Pleasure

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A historica, fantasy romance. She was kidnapped, but they told her that she was sold to them. She was the princess, now she is a maid. Her kidnappers are no other than a group of bandits. The leader of this group is cold and demanding, but with charming looks, many can not reject him. She however, does. This draws him to her, hook him if anything. She work as a maid, doing what many of the bandits ask during the day, but at night she becomes his secret pleasure.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter One: First Sight

"You did good today, you know?" Climbing off the animal, she reached up to touch his antlers. The deer shook his head to shake away her hand, but caused his owner to giggle at his behavior.

"Samantha! Samantha Byron you come here right now?"

"Oh boy, Mrs. Plum. What do Dad want now, huh, Buck?"

At his name, the deer nudged Samantha making her step back a few steps.


"Samantha! There you are. Must you ride that wild creature?" Mrs. Plum stride over from the stables entrance toward Samantha.

She was a short woman. Greying hair and green eyes stood out among her white face. She was a little on the thick side, but that never stopped her from running behind Samantha when she was younger.

"Buck isn't wild. He's manageable."

She placed her hand on her hips. "Yeah and my foot is a horse tail. Look your father wants to see you at the front gate."

"Know what he wants?"

"No, but-- Samantha don't you dare ride that creature!"

Climbing onto the deer, Samantha planted her bottom onto it's back. "It's faster this way. Beside, Buck loves Dad."

Speeding off pass Mrs. Plum, she almost cause the lady to fall over. Samantha didn't care because the thrill of riding was just too irresistible. Besides, the older lady was used to her high energy.

It didn't take her long to get around to the front of the castle. As she approached the front gate, she saw the outline of her father standing there. "Faster Buck!" She urged the animal onward.

Coming to a halt in front of a startle king, she swing her body off the deer.

"Oh you're riding that creature again." The bored expression on her father's face made her frown.

"You mean Buck."

"Right Buck. Be better to serve him for dinner."

"Don't say that, Dad. Besides Buck is family now."

The King narrowed his eyes as he looked at his daughter. "He made you break your arm."

"That was when I was little. Buck is trained now." Samantha rolled her eyes.

She remembered that accident like it was yesterday. She was ten when she found Buck, hurt near the edge of the forest. At first, the animal didn't trust her and she had to offer him many treats to allow her to touch him. When he did allowed her to pet him, she had climbed onto his back causing him to buck underneath her. Eventually, she fell off, falling on her arm that day.

"I see." His voice didn't sound very convincing.

Petting Buck, she faced her father, flashing him a toothy smile. "What did you want to speak with me about Father?"

"Yes. I have invited the three most important kings of the surrounding kingdoms here to attend the ball tonight."

"We're having a ball?"

He nodded his head. "You will need to prepare accordingly."

A smile tugged at Samantha's lips.

"You are to behave yourself. None of those childish pranks you like to pull."

"I'll behave if he does."

"King Matthew is an important ally. Treat him accordingly. You are being promised to him."

"Wait what! No, Father. He's twice my age."

"Look I must personally go invite him to the ball. I expect you to be ready by the start of the ball."

Just then a coachman arrived with a black horse attached to a dome styled wagon. Turning, the king climbed up into the wagon. "Dress appropriately." With that he closed the door to the coach, and the coachman pulled off with a jerk.

"Oh I'll dress appropriately." Climbing onto her deer, she turned him around and speed off back toward the stables.

* * *

Standing behind a pillar in it's shadowy depths stopd Samantha. Her gaze wandered slowly around the room of gay people. The ballroom was quite large, and people cluttered the floor like balls of papers. To one side, couples danced to an upbeat, classical music number. While to the other side people gathered around a table piled high with various foods and drinks. In between both side, people engaged in small talk to full blown conversations huddled together in small groups of threes and fours.

Samantha watched with happiness in her eyes. She avoided him now in order to keep avoiding him for the rest of the night.

At that moment, a group of two men and one men moved in her line of vision.

“It's a secret. Did you know?” the man said.

“A ghastly one at that,” said a woman in a big baby blue dress.

The second woman joined in on the conversation. “It is wrong to keep it from her…”

“Did you see what she wore?”Blue dress lady asked.

The man let out a sigh, “A shame, since she really is a beauty.”

“What an ugly dress. Wearing such a dress to this ball. Princess Samantha is truly untamable.” The second woman fanned herself with a hand fan she held.

So they were talking about me. Samantha bunched up the skirt of her red dress in her hands and walked forward. Making a point to pass by her gossipers, she turned slightly in their direction. As she is passing them, she looked at them. The gasps that left the women mouth and the stared look on the gentleman's face was more than satisfactory.

Serves them right. Looking back forward, she slowed her walking until she came to a stop. At the same time, someone bumped into her. Stopping herself from falling, she quickly placed a foot out, causing her body to not fall forward anymore.

“I'm sorry,” she said in a polite voice. Turning her head toward the person, she is meant with the darkest eyes she had ever seen.

“No, I wasn't paying attention. I'm sorry, Princess.”

Looking up into the gentleman's face, she noticed he had average looks -- blue eyes, blonde hair, and a guarded yet friendly face. He looked to be a member of the royal guard with the standard silver blue uniform that was wore on special occasions.

“Can I have the honor of dancing with you, Princess?”


She placed her hand in his.

Same kind of guy. Same boring music. Same old customs. Life as a princess was tedious. As she was spun around the room, her gaze landed on a figure near one of the pillars across the room, staring directly at her.

She twisted her head to try to get a better view of the person only to be twirled around again. When she stopped twirling and bowed to her dance partner at the end of the song, she turned in search of the man watching her. This time he was nowhere in sight.

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