The Moon Goddess’s Daughters

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The Moon Goddess watches as her children live in fear and chaos, she must do something to help them get back on track. She planed to make a sacrifice, when she gives birth to her very own daughters she will send them to earth where they will grow and make things right. It may seem evil to send her newborns to the mortal world but she will always be watching them. Besides they will be with their father. Yes, even the moon goddess have a mate.. Her daughters Jade, Scarlet, Whiper, and Cora was blessed by their mother with elemental power. Little do they know, they will find their mates who will be the most powerfu and feared Alpha Kings. With the power gifted to them, the Moon Goddess daughetres must end all wars and bring peace, even if that means going against their own mates.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter One

I watched my children sadly. They’d split into four big packs, which constantly go to war with each other. The rogues run and hide by living with humans so they wouldn't have anything to do with the packs. The four Alphas were considered the strongest and scariest Werewolves there ever was. I watched them rubbing my bulge. I had planed to make a horrible sacrifice. When I give birth to my daughters I will send them to earth where they will grow and make things right. It may seem evil of me to send my newborns to the mortal world but I’ll be watching over them every second. I will make sure they're safe and happy. I am the goddess and mother of all Wolves and I have to make sacrifices . Besides my children born from my very body, will be with their father, who I miss so much. Yes, even the moon goddess have a mate.. When I found out who he was I spent time with him then I did something horrible. I broke the bond, gave him a mortal mate, and erase his and his wolfs memory of me. My attention sometimes focus on him mostly when I'm watching my children. Which is wrong of me. I rubbed my stomach one more time feeling my girls move around.

"Its almost time for you to change the world my daughters. You all will be my little hybrids. Try to stick together and be kind always. I know that you all will grow up to be so beautiful my daughters. I love you so much..."
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