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The New Me

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My Life Sucks

Ana's POV

This must be the most boring day of my life, today we're not doing anything, no chores, no cooking, nothing.

I didn't say I enjoy doing chores cause I don't, but today is completely boring, I think if i am going to die it's
Going to be today.

On a normal day we clean, cook and get beaten, well I get beaten, it's as if this pack has something against me or what?
They give me punishments for fun, like the other day I was just saying 'hi' to on of the pups in the pack and then a pack member came up to me and said ' You are not worthy to even speak' then he started hitting, kicking and punching me, to an extent that I had to go to the pack doctor, I now have three broken ribs and a bruised body all over.

I should actually be greatful that we are not working today cause I would have gotten beaten again and this time I don't think I would make it... But I'm still bored, on part of me is hoping madame Grace will open the door and tell me to do something, the other part of me wanted to stay in bed all day.

Ohh and you are probably wondering why I keep saying 'we' well it's because I not the only slave here, there are actually a lot like Twenty-five or so, but I'm the youngest at the age of eighteen, the eldest is about 35, and they don't get beaten as me, I'm not saying that they should but... I don't get why is always me, even if it's them that did something wrong they (the other slaves) blame it on me and I take the beaten, I mean there all older than me they should be taken the beaten... Arghh, my life Sucks.

"Arghh" this is so confusing, other days (when I work) I would wish I could just sleep but there something about today that is telling me to go outside, as if it's calling me to do it, just run outside and I'll be free, but no way in hell I'm going outside.

I guess I'll just wait.

This is going to be a long day.


Lucas POV

"Good morning Alpha"
My assistant laura said with a smile as I walk to my office.
"Good morning laura"

When I entered my office I was greeted by the new deco... It has a brown wooden desk in the middle of the room, two black leather sits opposite my single light gray leather one.
By the corner of the wall had a mini fridge full of refreshments and all what-not. Then lastly a large sofa at the end of the room.

I walked over to my desk and saw a pill of folders and different document's. I sat down and began flipping through them, some where about the pack visitation that was due today and some were about the pack border being breach again... This is the second time this month.

I pick up the office landline that was at the side of my desk and called laura.

"Hey Laura, please could you send me james"
she paused for a moment and at the other end I could hear some beeping sound until she finally spoke up.
" Yes Alpha, he's coming right up."
I hung up...

I sat at my desk with my hand racking though my hair both elbows on my desk, I'm not really good at being patient, I like things to just happen straight away... The door finally open and James walked in with Cole following suit. I was slightly confused as to why he brought Cole here when I only asked for James but shrugged it off.

"If you need me" he said pointing a finger at himself. "for what I think you do you will need him also." Pointing at Cole who stood behind james.

"Okay, then why the hell did no one tell me there was another breach." They were both silent, James nervously rubbing the back of his neck.
I stood up with both my hands on the desk.
"Well" Cole step forward and said
" I think you need to sit down for this"


So Sorry for the short chapter, but hope you liked it.
I will not be able to update tomorrow cause I'll be busy.

XoXo C.A.T

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