A Wolf’s Tear

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When a woman is taken as the spoils of war, she realizes that the world she lived in was far darker than she imagined and the man who was supposed to be her savior might become the root of her undoing. Selena, a wolf with an untrained heart is taken as a tribute by one of the most feared wolves in the Northern territories. Though she resist to dip her hands into the warm ocean of his arms, she is swept away by the tides of heartache as Nathaniel, her mate, already has a girlfriend. She must find a way to escape her prison, promising herself that her tear would no longer drop for the void in her heart.

Romance / Thriller
Jino Burgos
5.0 1 review
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“Mom? Dad? Talon?” Selena whispered through the darkened forest while her tiny feet maneuvered over high exposed tree roots.

“Selena!” Her brother screamed, the pain in his voice too obvious.

Her heartbeat quickened as she rushed to where her brother was. Under thick foliage of leaves, there her brother laid helpless on the ground, beaten and barely alive.

“Where’s mom and dad?” She asked.

“They’re gone, Selena. They're dead.”

A ringing in her ear persists to mock her as she vehemently denied hearing the words that slipped from her brother's mouth.

‘No, it can't be. Mom and dad, dead?’


A Wolf’s Tear

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