A Wolf’s Tear

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Ten - Remmington

The aftermath was a mix of different sensations for Selena. One, she had learned that Kayla Marie was bent on not getting herself hurt and not ending alone. Selena thought she was going insane but when she kept thinking about it, Katie was only trying to protect herself no matter the means.

She understood that a heart can be vicious. That it can control the flow of thoughts inside the mind. Selena imagined how much pain it brought Katie when she lost her brother to such a sad fate. If it made Katie fear for love, maybe it was more grievous than she thought.

Selena gazed towards the moon and sighed, struggling to get Katie’s current state out of her mind.

After she found Jacob in the hospital corridor, they left while Nathaniel and Kayla Marie opted to stay the night.

Though she tried her hardest not to think of Nathaniel, she was drawn back to him. The gloomy night sky reminded her of him and his dark beastly gaze.

“What’s wrong? Thinking of that man again?” Jacob stalked towards her.

He still wasn’t too pleased about what happened with Katie and when they arrived back at the packhouse, he still wore a scowl.

Selena shrugged. “Maybe, maybe not. I’ve been thinking about a lot of things.”

“Yeah, you’ve been wearing that constipated look ever since we came back.”

She chuckled. “When you’re bombarded with this many thoughts you’re bound to think of something crappy.”

“I hope you’re not thinking of ending things.” He grimaced.

“For the last time, Jacob. That’s not what’s in my head.”

Jacob turned silent. He was starting to make her worry, causing her to crease her forehead.

“Is this about your friend…The one who ended himself?”

He nods, gently looking into her eyes.

“That friend was Katie’s older sibling, Lukas. For a week, he locked himself in his room and never to spoke to anyone. They said he died because of hunger but I think he died because his heart was crushed. He died of a broken heart.”

“Oh,” Selena gulped. “Were you and Lukas close?”

“He and I were brothers, actually. Since dad always took Nathaniel away for training, I spent time with Lukas. He was a good person. The guy even died a virgin, you know? He was a hopeless romantic thinking he should save himself for his mate.”

The bright glow of happiness in Jacob’s smile caught her by surprise.

“Hopeless romantic? Just recently, someone said to me that love is fickle.”

That someone is, Katie. Selena thought that there was a truth to those words. Someone like Eliza proved that. She loved her husband but when her mate appeared, she immediately fell for the other man.

He cocks his head, bearing an incredulous stare. “Well, feelings are fickle. So are people’s minds, but love? I don’t think so. Love always finds a way to seep somewhere in your heart. That’s what Lukas said to me once.”

“That’s rich coming from a guy that’s notorious for dating a lot of women…even the daughters of Alphas.” She smiled at him.

He chuckled nervously.

“Maybe you’re right. Love is fickle, that’s why most people don’t win at love the first time. But if love is fickle then why does it hurt to leave someone or have someone leave you? Love will be the only constant thing in your life.”

“It hurts because people choose to hurt other people.” She grimaced.

Jacob straightened his back and whispered; “It hurts because the love you have is true, otherwise you wouldn’t bat an eyelid.”

“Is it that simple?”

“Nothing is simple and trust me, that feeling you have will only get worse before it gets better.”

He smiles at her and slowly turns on his heel. Selena wasn’t so sure what he meant by what he said but he left her perplexed and speechless. For a moment, Jacob sounded like he was talking from experience.

The night grew darker while Selena continued to gaze up the moon. At times like these when all she needed was comfort, she looked up in the sky. It made forgetting Nathaniel a bit easier. It hurt to open up and see a future without her mate but letting things go was a much safer route.


After spending time alone, Selena decided to retreat to her room around midnight. She tried her best to raise her chin and be strong for her mother and father. Appearing weak and defenseless was not what she wanted. She needed to learn how to fight. How to drive a blade right through a wolf’s throat to protect herself and how to properly run from a fight if needed. And there was only one wolf that could help her, Lively.

Selena moved from her bed after spending a good night’s rest and exited her room. Determination pushed her to walk further and Selena didn’t want to stop. Her feet threaded the floor steadily until she reached Lively’s room

For a moment she pauses, gulping nervously. She wasn’t so sure if Lively would listen to her but either way, Selena knocked on Lively’s door and waited. It didn’t take a long time until Winston came and opened the door. His bright eyes nervously looked at Selena. They stay at each other until she spoke.

“Uh…am I interrupting something?” She asks.

Winston’s flushed expression reddened, even more, when he tried to speak.

“No, of course not.” He stuttered.

His shaky tone proved otherwise. As Selena’s eyes strayed down his body, she noticed that Winston wore nothing except the towel that looked haplessly wrapped around his body.

“Win, who is it?” Lively’s voice came whispering from inside the room. “Come inside already, please.”

Selena reddened once she realized what was going on and started to panic. Lively and Winston were husband and wife, after all. It was just a normal thing to them but for Selena and after interrupting them, she felt nervous and completely embarrassed.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” She chanted over and over again.

“Selena, what’s going on? Why are you apologizing?” Lively appeared on her husband’s side, her body wrapped with a blanket.

“I’m sorry for disturbing the two of you.” Selena refused to meet their eyes, opting to plant her sights on her feet.

Lively chuckled. “Honey, it’s fine. Wait for me here and we’ll get dressed.”

Selena had no other choice but to comply. Her uneasiness towards the situation is shown through her tomato-colored cheeks. She patiently waited under the shadow of her anxiety. Minutes later when Lively emerged fully dressed, she released a sigh that she was unknowingly holding.

The wolf only gleefully shrugged, leaning her head to the side. Selena wasn’t too thrilled to speak with her now right after what happened. Suddenly, all she wanted to do was melt and seep through the flooring.

“Now that I’m clothed, let’s get talking, shall we?” Lively patted her shoulder, making her look up.

“I’m so sorry for uh…getting between the two of your—” Selena couldn’t bear to finish the sentence without breaking down. It was overwhelmingly frightening her.

“Selena, if you hadn’t come I wouldn’t have been able to pry myself away from my husband.”

“But Winston was very shaken.”

Lively’s face darkened with an ominous smile.

“Let’s talk about somewhere else.”

They walk down the hall. Selena could only breathe heavily and watch Lively walk with a spring on her step. After what happened to her with her husband, Selena was happy that the wolf was smugly smiling now.

Maybe they’ve already talked over what happened? Selena thought. She hoped that that was the case. Lively appeared more joyous as she walked. Maybe it’s true that people do thrive in love, she was just one of the unlucky people that fell to another path.

“If you’re worried about Winston, don’t be. He and I were just trying out some new things.” She chuckled.

“So does that mean you guys are okay?”

“We’re better than ever.” She stops and turns to her. “I did what you told me to do. Be honest and waded out his anger. At first, he was understandably furious. He even called me stupid for thinking all the things I did but then he just started crying and then I cried too. Long story short, we apologized to each other, and well, you know the rest. What you saw earlier was him being shy. He was a saint when I met him and when it comes to sex, well. He’s an inexperienced vigorous beast.”

Selena never felt embarrassed but proud at the same time before. But there was a first time for everything and this time, she had a reason to be happy about. At least Lively’s life was in order and her family wasn’t going to break apart.

“Believe me, wolf. When you finally bring yourself to get Nathaniel out of your mind and meet someone new, you’ll realize that losing a bag of dicks like him is the best thing to ever happen. Find someone else to love. If you want, I can help you.”

Her heart fluttered. Finding someone else was hard to do when for her, Nathaniel was perfectly there encased in a hard shell of confusion that she was afraid to ever touch and she no longer has reason to do so. She had already let go of him and she didn’t need to worry about what happened to him.

“Thanks but I’m fine with not having a mate in the meantime, I’d like to ask you a favor.”

Lively widened her eyes. “What kind of favor?”

“I wanted to ask you if you could teach me how to fight.”

“Fight?” Lively smirked. “Selena, you’re not planning to go against Nate, are you?”

“No!” She exclaimed. “I don’t want to be a sitting potato in the field when wolves around me are dying.”

Selena couldn’t even start imagining how she was going to fight Nathaniel. But if she intended to defeat pack Remmington’s wolves, going through Nathaniel was necessary too. She only hoped to be strong enough when that day comes.

“Selena, I saw you out in the field. You were doing great.”

“Yes, but up until Alpha Stormwind saved me. He’ll only perceive me as a weak doe. He even called me a princess.” She grimaced. “I want to prove to him I’m not what he thinks I am. That I am not a princess.”

Lively knitted her brows, looking like she was thinking things hard.

“Nathaniel won’t like me training you. I’ll do it!” Lively chuckled. “But…not right now. Winston and I are taking Leticia out to town and meet with some friends then after that, you know the rest. I want to spend the rest of the day alone with my husband and child.”

“I understand.” She nods.

Selena felt content and happy. Just seeing the wolf walk happily infected her. She followed Lively through the hallway until the both of them arrive in the lobby. Every time Selena stepped into this room, she would always look at the massive portraits of past Lunas and Alphas hanging from the walls. The portrait was of her mate, Nathaniel.

The storm in his eyes was present and his wonderfully sculpted jaws stood most prominent as he raised his chin. Selena could see it. How much he was trying to stay strong beneath the veil of gloom that draped over his face. But that didn’t stop her heart from beating profusely. Even if it was just a photo of him, she recognized his power.

“That was taken a week after Jacob senior was buried.” Lively spoke.

“I guess that explains why he looks like that.”

Why he looks so broken and sad.

“Moon, I miss the old man. I mean, he was a tyrant but he sure knew how to lead the pack. The most annoying part is, Nathaniel took what old man Jacob taught him. The asshole reminds me too much of the late Alpha, it’s terrifying. They’re both good leaders but assholes.”

“Alpha Morris always sounded like a powerful man. His infamy succeeds his next of kin. I remember my father rejoicing when he and Alpha Morris finally sealed an alliance between our packs.”

Lively smiled.

“Jacob was a wolf of many duties, a wolf that I admire more than my father. However as you can see, even the greatest of wolves fall eventually. But don’t fret, Alpha Morris died doing what he loved best, fighting for the ones he loved.”

“I’d like to think that my parents felt the same way.” Selena smiled.

“Are you kidding me? Because of them pack Albrich, Waterford, San Ignacio, and Morris wouldn’t have their Alphas now. A lot of wolves owe their lives to pack Highcliff and because of that they're heroes.”

Selena often thought of her parents being the bravest wolves that she had ever met. They taught her everything she knew and each passing day, the more she was convinced that what her mother and father did was the best thing option.

When the news of her parents’ death struck her, Selena shut down for months. Not talking to anyone. Up until the details of the attack were revealed, she grew hopeful as a glimmer of light appeared in front of her. She would always admire them.

As Selena smiled at Lively, Winston’s voice chimed behind them. She turns to him, seeing the man holding his child. Probably the surprising thing is, he cleaned himself. His beard was nowhere to be seen, only his freshly shaven jaw and shy smile kept her looking at him.

“Oh, my Moon! What did you do to your face?” Lively angrily marched towards her husband. “I don’t even know who you are.”

“But Leticia says otherwise. She hasn’t stopped touching my face ever since I came out of the bathroom.” He kisses his daughter and gently positioned her away from his face.

“That’s because a stranger is carrying her.” Lively grimaced. Sheepishly, she tucked her hair behind her ear and whispered. “I love it when your beard brushes against my thighs.”

Both Winston and Selena reddened. It was outstanding how much Lively lacked a pedal. She had no breaks whatsoever. But even so, Selena failed to feel any ill will. There was a certain charm to her forwardness towards her very shy husband, a charm that Selena couldn’t help but admire.

“Honey,” Winston warned. “Reserve your tongue when we’re alone, please.”

“Reserved my tongue? What are you implying there, Winston?” Lively leaned onto her husband and kissed his cheek.

Winston’s stomach fluttered with uncontrollable butterflies. The feeling was enough to make him stutter and shake.

“I-it’s not what you think.” He countered. “Let’s just go, okay?”

“Whatever you say, Romeo.” She playfully runs her hand down his chest. “See you later, Selena. We’ll talk about your training.”

“Sure, see you later Letty, Winston.” Selena nodded.

She watched them walk away, hand in hand, the wolves in front of her felt complete. Just then, Selena felt had Lively said. Their completeness made her feel less. It hurt but still, she was happy. That was the love that she wanted and sadly, she couldn’t find that with Nathaniel.

Still, she stood straight. And though she brimming with happiness for Lively’s family, all that drained away when a wolf with a very familiar scent entered through the foyer. Her fingers curled into the palm of her hand as she began to convulse. Their eyes locked on each other for what it seemed to be minutes.

The wolf stood proud, brandishing his boastful grin.

“Hello there, cousin.” The wolf grins as he walked towards a fuming Selena.

It was none other than her conniving and very charming cousin.

Francis Highcliff—Remmington.


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