A Wolf’s Tear

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Twenty-two: An ultimatum

Dorran brought her deeper into the woods and a field of snow. She remembered this place. Every summer, she would bring the children from the nursery, along with other older wolves here, and spend the day under the bright sun, running around the grass. And when it wasn’t used in daily activities, young couples use it as a rendezvous point for their extramarital dealings.

She shook the snow from her boots, hoping to not slip from the ice that formed on the exposed tree roots. The wolf was still walking, his tall figure had no problem trudging through the snowy path but for her, she was suffering every second of it.

“Do we have to go further?” She asked.

Dorran turns to her, perching his hands on his hips.

“Hmm, I guess this is far enough.” He nods. “Let’s see, how do we start?”

His face fell into an expression filled with contemplation. She gawked at him, suddenly perturbed.

“Are you kidding me? You’re the Beta. Isn’t it supposed to be your job to train wolves?” She grimaced.

He chuckled, turning his gaze to her.

“I was never one to listen and I only became the Beta two weeks ago, so please spare me your impatience.” He replies.

Selena groaned as she started to regret her decisions. She didn’t need to doubt his strength. His muscular physique was proof enough of his capabilities. He scratches his chin and nodded.

“Okay, I think we should start by getting to know each other. What are your limits, Selena and how well do you wield your weapon?”

Frankly, she was certain that her limits were low and she was yet to break them. Her incompetence with fighting, just as Francis said, was painfully hard to watch. She learned all her knowledge for fighting from watching all the wolves in her pack. She adopted numerous fighting styles but how was she to know that they were all wrong?

“I don’t know. But you’ve seen me fight, surely you’ve gauged it already, right?”

“But I haven’t seen you fight with your blade. Show me and maybe I’ll give you some pointers.” He grinned.

“Maybe?” She raised her brows in contempt.

His manner of speaking, keeping her on the precipice of suspense was starting to become quickly taxing.

The wolf only shrugged and Selena ruefully pulled out her dagger. She assumed her fighting stance, her active hand away from her body while her other hand placed neatly against her chest. She took a sharp intake of breath and pulled her strength, pretending that the cold brought by the wind didn’t mind her at all.

She thrusts the blade in her hand and sliced the air in front of her. She could hear the sharp blade swooshing as she made her best to put on an impressive show, determined to not embarrass herself. After a series of slashes and thrusts, Dorran took her blade away.

“It’s okay. I’ve seen enough.” He sighed. “Well, that was…”

The grim and disappointed look on his face was not all comforting.

“I know I’m bad, you can spill.”

“Oh,” he chuckled. “At least you know how to take a pose. You’re not starting completely hopeless.”

“Great,” she says. “Now that I’ve humiliated myself in front of you, can you tell me how we’re supposed to train?”

Dorran looks at her, the bright gleam of intent in his gaze shook her. Selena silently gulped as she stood in place. Slowly, he made his move. Step by step, her fears started to manifest. His tall figure stood in front of her.

“Here, take your blade.” He spoke.

Selena released a heavy breath and closed her eyes after retrieving her dagger from him.

Maybe she was just being paranoid? For this to properly work, she needed to give him an ounce of her trust, and yet, she couldn’t pull herself to do so even though his smile was friendly and welcoming.

She sheathed her blade and tucked it in her pocket.

“Do you know what your problem is, Selena? You have will and determination but you are lost. You fling your blade haplessly everywhere, not looking at your blind spots. That’s why you lost to the wolf.”

“I know.” She answered. “No one has ever taught me how to. I wasn’t built for fighting but that’s why I want to learn.”

“And why does the Luna want to learn how to fight, exactly? I mean, you have convictions and reasons but truthfully, I don’t want to simply discern it as you wanting to be strong.” He stepped back.

She was frightened with how easily spoke without any doubt or contemplating his words. He sounded like he knew her and his smug little shrug only made her even more uncomfortable.

“Nevertheless, you’re entitled to your secrets. Now, let’s start training. First, you must understand that what I am about to teach you or our whole meeting should be kept a secret. Especially from Alphas Albrich and Highcliff. As I said, we’re off routine.”

Selena understood. This ‘off routine’ training was the whole reason why she came to him. What made him different from the other wolves?

“Alright. I can keep a secret.”

Dorran nods his approval.

“Marvelous.” He says. “Now, let me tell you another reason why you failed to defeat that woman. It’s because of the current routine they’re teaching you. They taught you how to properly block, deflect, and absorb an enemy’s strike but have you notice that they haven’t taught you how to jab your blade inside their bodies?”

He was right. Joseph even went as far as to collect their blades and stashed them somewhere safe. He said it was to avoid any ill will and accidents. The training proceeded with pairings and was the one who won moves up to a harsher training while those who lost needed to remain on a lower level.

“Yes, you’re right.”

“Well, I don’t blame you. It was Alpha Talon himself who chose how his wolves were going to be trained. Everything you learn was only the defensive part and not the offensive.”

But why would Talon do this? Does he not want the pack to get stronger as he said in the beginning?

‘No.’ She says to herself.

She was overthinking and reading too much into things. Something that Dorran was making her do. She grimaced at him, hoping to not lose composure. It would be a dumb idea to doubt her brother now.

With a sigh, she threw the idea and shrugged.

“Maybe he just wants us to learn how to defend ourselves? After all, isn’t defense the best offense?”

Dorran chuckles nonchalantly.

“Yes, maybe.” He answers with a clear condescending smirk.

Her brows knitted.

“Why don’t you just start with the training instead of being an asshole?” She says while maintaining her heavy frown pinned towards him.

Dorran flattens his lips, momentarily looking her in the eyes. She leans closer, enough for her to smell the scent of his skin.

“You should know that my services aren’t free.” He whispers. “Though, what I want is not money and well, not sex.”

There was that again. His option to always make her guess made her impatient.

“Spill already,” she says. “Or I’ll just go back to the other wolves and train with them now.”

He simply huffs and turns away, the seriousness of his stare fading.

“Well then, Luna. Try your best to copy me.”


Moments of the past started flickering in Katie’s thoughts as she sat on the warm bed. After crying for hours yesterday, she emerged from the bathroom with everything looking neat and with Talon, sitting solemnly on top of it.

At night, she barely had any sleep as she contemplated many things.

One, there was her plan of escaping. If she were to give everything and surrender, then her life would mean nothing and she feared she didn’t have the will to survive whatever her mate was planning to do to her.

And second, for her plan to work she needed to eliminate Talon. Throughout the night, Katie watched him sleep on a long couch from across the room, her eyes pointed at his silver dagger that fell on the floor.

But whenever she tried to move, she remembered how his eye, the darkest of browns, looked at her with softness even beyond what Nathaniel had offered her, she felt her knees shiver and her wolf whimpered.

She detested herself for even thinking of killing him.

Though her stubbornness made her want to believe that the butterflies in her stomach were only the mate’s pull and not her emotions bending towards the man that was supposed to be her protector to begin with.

Right now, while she remained in her silent state, she watched Talon work earnestly on some paperwork. He had instructed his wolves to bring an extra table, a couple of chairs, and other essential tools for him to resume his work outside his office.

She observed him, amazed at how efficient he was with the numerous phone calls he received and how quick he was to make a deal. His long arms were displayed for her to ogle and quietly admire. His sinuous body frightened her with how much she wanted to feel it scraping against her skin. And his lips. Those pair of thin red lips that bent, curved, and disappeared into his mouth drew her quicker than lightning.

Though, nothing could beat his gaze. It was the most striking feature that he possessed and she could only wonder what kind of secrets they held.

Katie’s musings were interrupted when the door opened. In went a woman, certainly a couple of years younger than her. Her tight grin and happy disposition stuck out like a sore thumb, causing her to grit her teeth in distaste.

“Good morning, Talon.” She says, directly going up to him. She was carrying a bed tray table for breakfast.

Katie felt a pin poke through her lung as the woman ignored her. It wasn’t the lack of attention that made her sour, it was how she made Talon look up and smile.

“Madeline, what are you doing here?” He stood and Katie watched him smile grow a little bigger. “And why did you bring us breakfast?”

The woman, Madeline, embraced Talon, kissing his cheeks. Although friendly in manner, Katie was certain that there was a hint of more than just that. Her emotions were suddenly becoming more and more askew as the woman stitched her hand onto his.

A wave of unfathomable anger and hurt pulsated in her veins, like a sudden tide of grief had washed away her restraints. She wanted to deny her emotions again and tell herself that everything was not for her to watch and she certainly had no right to feel this way after all the words she said to him. But even then, she crumbled and breathed deeply.

‘What’s happening to me?’ Katie asked herself.

She immediately abhorred the idea and relaxed. It wouldn’t do her good if she dipped herself into their seemingly innocent conversation.

“I felt hungry so I grabbed a quick breakfast with the kitchen aids. When I saw someone bringing your breakfast, I volunteered since I wanted to talk to you.” She says, excitedly giggling.

It blew Katie how oblivious Talon was towards the woman in front of him. Madeline pushed her blonde hair behind her ear and licked her lower lip as she gently rode her hand up and down his muscular arm.

He didn’t seem to mind the obvious display of affection the woman was giving him, only, he was very happy to see her.

But in all honesty, what kind of straight man wouldn’t be happy to see a woman as beautiful as Madeline come up to them?

Anyone with one good eye could easily discern her beauty. Her blonde luscious hair flowing on the sides of her head, her inquisitive eyes shining brightly, and snaky hands slowly roaming around his chest.

“Didn’t I tell you that I’m not available for visits?” Talon says, glancing towards Katie. “I hope this surprise visit has another reason other than you wanting to see me.”

Katie locked her jaw and looked at her hands. He knew what he was doing and he was enjoying this. Talon was playing dirty and she had nothing to strike him back with.

“Come on now, you know exactly what I’m here for. I’m here for you! You don’t reply to my texts and don’t answer my calls. Today’s my twenty-fourth birthday and I’ll be darned to not have you at my party.”

His tongue clicked as he wore a pretentious frown.

“Oh, you see, Maddie. I can’t, not with my ailing mate. She requires all my attention and I’d be heartbroken if something were to happen to her.” He lowered his head.

The tip of her fingers was electrified with the sudden urge to grip his arm while her chest was hammering down her emotions. She knew the words he spoke were blatant lies, though knowing that didn’t stop her heart from going crazy.

The woman looked at Katie with a rueful glance, only for her to then smile the most bogus smile she has ever seen anyone wore.

“I didn’t see you there,” Madeline says. She approaches Katie and held her hand. “My name’s Madeline Waterford, nice to meet you.”

Katie could smell and feel the distaste overflowing from her body. She was making it quite clear that she wanted Talon all for herself. She didn’t say a word and instead, replied with a meek smile.

“Unfortunately, she can’t even speak. That’s why I must be here to tend to her needs.”

Katie stared at their exchange. If only she had the strength and courage to speak the words in her mind, then she would stand and take Talon’s lips, just as he did to her.

But she didn’t have the right to and that fact only worsened her feelings. Instead, her hands formed into fists as jealousy started to consume her emotions.

“But, Talon. I told my mother and father that you’re going to be there. I even told Maryanne. Please! It would mean so much to me if you’ll be there.” Madeline brought her hands together and looked up at him.

Contemplation plagued his eye while Katie hoped to hear him say no. Though that never came as he brought his gaze towards her and raised his brows.

“Kayla,” he spoke her name. “Are you okay with me being gone for tonight? I’ll be back in the morning.”

Her heart jumped. The last thing she expected was for him to ask her opinion. Why should he? He was only starting to confuse her more.

Should she allow him to go with a woman who clearly had more hopes than being just his friend?

He was never hers to begin with and it boggled her why she needed time to answer him and holding onto something, or someone that was never hers was not a good idea and she already learned all of that from Nathaniel.

She cocked her head, disdainfully smiling.

“Of course. I wouldn’t want to go between your probably years worth of friendship as suppose to me only being in his life for two weeks.”

She mirrored the plastic smile Madeline wore only minutes ago.

“Thank you so very much for understanding.” Madeline gleefully clapped before turning her attention to him. “See? She understands. You better be there before the party starts or else I’ll be really sour and be sure to invite Selena too.”

Reluctantly, he nods.

“I’ll be there, don’t worry and as for Selena, I’ll see what I can do.”

“Fantastic!” She exclaimed.

She stood on her toes and leaned to him, with one quick motion, Madeline kisses his lips. His surprised expression did not escape Katie.

“Madeline.” He warned.

“Consider that as my birthday gift.” She winked. “Ciao.”

The woman exited the room almost as fast as she entered. She left both Katie and Talon confused about the situation.

Though Katie was not all confused with the feeling in her heart. She felt like a child, watching everything unfold before her, too small to do anything, too frightened to say something.

Talon’s grave expression said it all. He wasn’t pleased with Madeline’s brazen actions and she surmised he was feeling more than what he was showing. Katie felt his anger through his gaze and it terrified her.

“I’m sorry for that. The Waterfords are a family friend and Madeline is especially keen on annoying me.” He says.

Katie’s brows meet in sheer confusion, astonished with how quickly his expression changed. He gulped and glances at her. Talon licked his lower lip, trying to lessen the squall of anger within him.

The scene was strangely captivating for Katie. The way he flexes his exposed arm as his hand runs through his thick dark locks and his tired, tempestuous sigh came out of him, causing flickers of warm feelings to grab hold of her heart.

Talon lifted the bed tray table and brought it to her, gently placing it over her lap.

“Eat.” He commanded and briskly paced back to his desk.

This feeling of lightness within her was scarily becoming more and more real. Just a few moments ago, he was enjoying torturing her emotions and she would be dammed if she let him do as he pleases with her.

“No.” She murmured. “I may not have the right footing between the two of us but I sure as hell have an ounce of dignity left within me.”

Talon paused in his tracks and turned to face Katie. His burly shoulders slumped to his side while he tracked.

“I’m not going to tell you again, Kayla.” He sighed. “Eat. Now.”

“Oh, please Alpha Highcliff. Did you suddenly find the compassion to worry about me after you successfully toyed with my heart?” She locked her jaw in a furious haze.

It was too late. Katie realized the words that came out of her mouth. The slip of her tongue, her admission to jealousy.

His befuddlement was obvious to her, it only worsened when he smirked.

“I see.” He says. He cocks his head and crossed his arms over his chest. “Is that perhaps-”

“No,” she interjected. “It’s not. I just think you should reconsider dangling your overt tactics. I presume you planned all of this to draw some kind of heinous emotion out of me?”

Talon pressed his lips together as he held back a smile. Slowly, he made his way back to her and sat beside her.

Her heart jolted from his nearness and the space between them was closed off. Even when she was fuming, he adored torturing her. His smug expression said all of that.

His thumb touched the skin of her neck, traveling up to her jaw, and following the trail that leads behind her ear.

“Maybe you’re right, Kayla. I might be a sadist and I can confirm that now. Seeing you angry makes me happy.” He murmured.

She pushes him away.

“Screw you.” She hissed. “Is this how you plan on convincing me to mark you?”

He shook his head.

“I’m happy because this might mean you want me.”

Her eyes widened. A wave of mixed emotions washed over her as her panic-stricken gaze was pinned only to him.

“K-keep dreaming.” She countered.

With all the different things running through her mind, all she could answer was a two-word, shaky dribble.

“Kayla,” he pointed his eye towards her lip, causing her to draw herself back further. His compelling smell weakened her. His lips dove on her neck.

“Alpha…” She gasped.

He kissed her skin ever so gently and softly. His warm tongue marauds her skin hungrily, licking, nipping, and sucking. The beat of her heart had betrayed her again, coaxing her to open up instead of her will to tell him to stop.

Though he was quite impatient, wanting more and more as he greedily left patches on her body. But her protests were drowned out by her moans as she let him do what he wanted, wreaking havoc all over her body.

Her pulse quickened when his hand reached for her left breast, massaging it with care. His deep moans made her eyes shudder as she began to convulse from the ethereal bliss of Talon’s warm touch.

With no restrains and her thoughts buried by Talon’s gentleness, she let a tear fall down her cheek.

Katie could no longer deny her feelings. She wanted more, and everything.

Though wanting him was almost like holding a loaded gun, with her finger on the trigger. Just one simple pull and what would follow was an explosion of her undoing.

The despair she felt for this untimely sweet poison was a first experience, something that only Talon could give her.

Her uneven breaths were unstoppable even after Talon had paused, his lust-glazed eye looking at her hungrily.

“This is how I plan on convincing you.” He whispered, resting his head on her shoulder.

The level of security she felt with Talon never existed when she was this close with Nathaniel.

Disgust devour her as she never thought to put their names together in such a short length of time.

She shivered.

“I thought you were a virgin.” She says, still reeling from his kisses.

“I am, though a virgin doesn’t make a priest nor a saint. I’ve had a couple of discreet dalliances. No one knows except me and my partners, and well, now you.”

His honesty caught her off guard, though her astonishment was quickly swept under the rug.

Somehow, she understood why someone would be upset. Talon offered more than what meets the eye. Under the veneer of his smile, anger sat wickedly in his ocean-like hands, drawing anyone in and out, leaving them to want to know more about him.

Even for her, he was forbidden to covet though she already stole a piece of him, his welcomed passionate kisses that pummeled her.

He was an enigma of some sorts, one that she hoped to not understand, and at the same time, he was all that she wanted to learn.

She relaxed, easing as she tried to not think of him too much.

“But don’t dalliances usually mean sex?” She bravely asked.

He smiles against her neck. “I guess it does. Suffice to say, the two women I was with were very, very much displeased that I never crossed that bridge.”

“It’s just very hard to believe that. Considering how you kiss like that.”

Talon draws himself back, chuckling like a child, his dark hair covering one side of his face.

“I’m an old-fashion man. I believe that the first time should always be after you’re married. But, I did let myself have some liberties and my mind is not as obstinate as I want it to be.”

Katie felt ashamed. To hear him speak earnestly about his will and resolve made her regret all of the things she has done. The irreversible damage she had caused to the people around her was something she could never escape from.

She was confused as to why Talon would allow himself to touch her the way he does.

Has he not realized that all she brought with her was trouble?

Why would he even consider lavishing her with kindness when she was the reason why his sister was not with Nathaniel?

He could choose anyone, someone like Madeline and yet here he was, filled with fondness.

It was only yesterday that she discovered his true colors but she allowed him to get this close because even if she denied it, her mate’s pull successfully caught her.

“Why are you making me feel like this?” She sniffled. “Please, stop doing this. I don’t want to cause you more trouble than what I have already done.”

Talon’s worried face greeted her. He looked so guilty as if he had done something gravely wrong even though he hadn’t. Everything that was happening was because of her and no one else was to blame.

True to his words, perhaps he did enjoy every last bit of her suffering. He said so himself. He was a sadist. He might as well admit to her now that he loved seeing her obey his whim.

“Do what, Kayla? Show my emotions?” He asks.

“It was only yesterday that you said all those words to me. And I am certain they were all true.”

He sighs. “Am I moving too fast?”

“No,” she looks away. “You shouldn’t be moving in the first place. You are vicious. Using my emotions against me. I know I’m stupid, I let you do what want, I follow the call of heart, even though I shouldn’t. So please, don’t show or tell me about your feelings. They mean nothing to me at the very end.”

Talon closed his eye, feeling the sting of her words. In his heart, he saw a wolf hurting. What brought him to favor the taste of her body was unknown to him, all that he knew was that even though he was going to lose a lot of things, he wanted to salvage what he could.

Even if he couldn’t fix the wrongs Katie had done, he still couldn’t let her lose faith.

What would Selena think of him now when all that he wanted was his Kayla.

Talon feared that he may not be able to uphold his promise to his sister, to choose the right thing. But the right things were different for both of them.

For him, the right path to choose was to make Kayla see her mistakes but Selena whose anger burnt like a culling fire wanted to expel his mate from pack Highcliff.

What was he to do when he was choosing between two invaluable people?

He knows that his words were fickle and the only thing that served a sliver of permanence to him was his ability to hate and hold grudges.

He released a heavy sigh before uttering his response.

“I started a little too strong, I know.”

Katie shook her head.

“No, you don’t understand, Alpha Highcliff. You can’t do this. Act so nice only to tear me down. I know you despise me, but please just do your justice and spare me all of this peacocking. All of this back and forth will only hurt you more.”

It’s for the best. She was adamant about this. After she had ruined Nathaniel, she didn’t want to do the same thing with Talon.

He scoffed.

“So I can do anything I want to you?” Talon gulped.

“Yes, as long as you promise to let me go.” She shuddered as she spoke.

Talon’s brown gaze gleamed with uncertainty as she was forced to wait for his response. His expression darkened as he lowered his head to hers.

“So you’re saying I can fuck you if I wanted to?” He asked, the deepness and assured tone of his voice shook her.

Katie didn’t give him an answer.

So is that all that he wanted? To reap her body. She didn’t him that way even if how much her heart pulsed at an unfathomable pace.

When she failed to give him an answer, a loud groan erupted from him.

“Unbelievable, Kayla.” He says in an exasperated voice. “You still want to come back to Nathaniel even after all that you’ve said to me, it’s clear that he never loved you, and yet when I’m here, a wolf who wants you, you push me away. How does that feel? Dooming yourself because you’re constantly afraid. I bet it’s pretty tiring.”

Talon pushed himself from the bed. He faced the wall, his shoulders riding up and down with his cumbersome breaths.

That’s right. Nathaniel never loved her and that’s why she had decided it would be better if she didn’t come back to him. She’s already done too much damage and to return to him was her most foolish will yet, not to mention selfish.

“You weren’t the only one who suffered.”

Talon removed his eyepatch, facing her. It was a pitiful sight to see. That beneath that leather covering, was his missing eye. She couldn’t simply look away.

“Alpha Remmington wielded his blade so maniacally and if I weren’t fast enough to reach for a nearby rock to defend myself, I would have lost both of my eyes. If only I stayed to fight and rip his mask, I would know what he truly looks like but I ran and in my escape, I saw my parents’ dead bodies lying on the dirt. I felt so angry that I failed to protect them.

Though I didn’t falter or look for someone else to ease my pain. I used every connection I could, every means of transaction, no matter the cost nor the consequences just to find out who Alpha Remmington is. I drove my pack close to bankruptcy, spent all my time plotting my revenge, and making my hatred grow. I was desperate too once but I had to let it all go when I realized I hadn’t even had time to grieve and my sister who needed me the most was all alone. There’s nothing wrong about being desperate the thing is, when do you stop and pick yourself up?”

She had already stopped hoping to grasp Nathaniel’s hand. She can’t face him now that she’d already realized the folly of her wishes and ambitions.

He and Talon were better off without her and it was regrettably sad that it took her this long to see it.

Still, when she kept to herself, mouth closed while her eyes strayed away, too shaken to stare at his pained expression. Talon bent over and brought his hand to her face. His calloused thumb caressed her cheek, wiping the tears that steadily streamed from her eyes.

What would she not do to take everything back and reverse time, she wondered.

“Submit to me, Kayla.” He commanded. “Bend your will, just as I did when I marked you.”

Immediately, she pulled his hand. She stood on her decision. She would only mark him if he was going to let her go.

No other reasons were to be needed nor said.

She was worthless to him.

Talon yet again heaved a cumbersome breath. Disdainfully, he purses his lip and reached for his phone in his pocket.

“Here, take it and call Nathaniel. If he ever takes you back, then leave. Leave and never let me see your face ever again or Francis for that matter. But let me just say, I’ve realized this long ago. I don’t think Nathaniel is stupid, his problem is that he’s too lenient, too forgiving and I can’t believe I’m doing the same thing with you.”


Hours later when every ounce of energy was drained out of her body, Selena leaned against the bark of a tree and gathered her breath. Dorran was incredibly strict and firm with his instructions, not giving her time for breaks.

Selena was surprised with now vicious the words Dorran spoke. He didn’t only teach her how to fight, he taught her how to properly kill someone. Always strike the veins, slash their shoulders with a dagger coated with wolfsbane to effectively stop them from using their arms.

And always remember to strike between their foreheads to finish them off.

He wasn’t just someone. Selena has never seen someone fight with a streamlined strike, not to mention powerful. His fighting capabilities easily rivaled Nathaniel’s and made the training course put down by Alpha Albrich look like a joke.

“It’s only noon, Selena. What’s gotten you so pooped?” He stood in front of her.

“Maybe because you didn’t give me time to catch my breath?” She retorted.

Dorran perched his hands on his hips.

“All you did was learn how to properly wave a blade and mind you, this is the most basic part of the training.”

‘Basic?’ If basic training was that hard, she shuddered to imagine what they do when the real training starts.

His cockiness unnerved her. He walked with a surefooted stance as he paraded his well-built body unabashedly. And the asshole knew it very well. Though it made little effect on her except piss her.

“Can you still go on or are we going to rest for the day? I imagine I made you thoroughly sore.”

“Yeah,” she grumbled, avoiding to do justify the innuendo cleverly tucked in between his words. “Your wolves will be looking for you, right?”

“Nah, don’t worry about them. They’re fine without me.” He answers.

Selena pulled all her strength and moved but Dorran held her arm.

“Wait, my Luna. There is still the matter of your payment we still have to discuss.”

She had almost forgotten and more so think about it. Not money, nor bodily pleasure, he said. What kind of payment was he after?

Dorran surprised her when he brushed the tendrils of hair resting on her forehead, placing them behind her air. His fingers left an unwelcome sensation within her, causing her to tense up.

“There, now I can see your eyes better.” He said. “They’re the most illustrious shade of brown I’ve ever seen.”

If it were any other person, she would be flattered. But coming from Dorran, it sounded like a warning. She took a step back.

“I’m not falling for that kind of trick, Beta Doyle. Your muscles or fond gaze is not needed.”

Her response only made him snort. Then, he had done the unthinkable. He planted a kiss on the side of her lips. She was quick to react and sent the palm of her hand flying across his face.

“How dare you?” She stood, struck with the sudden urge to do more damage.

Selena watched him smile. It looked like her slap was not enough despite his nose bleeding after the impact.

“That was supposed to be your payment.” He says. “Though I should say, now I have something to be proud about. You taste so sweet.”

He chuckles before giving Selena one final wink and headed back to the pack, leaving Selena fuming in anger.

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