A Wolf’s Tear

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Twenty Seven: Delusional

There were things Selena wanted to never remember again. Her parents’ decapitated head, Nathaniel’s existence, and all her stupid irrational fears. The scene in front of her was an addition to the list.

It was of Talon’s naked body grinding on top of Katie’s. They were caught in the moment, so enthralled with their noises, sweat, and movements that not one of them noticed Selena’s arrival. Only when the both of them climaxed, Talon collapsing on top of her that they finally sensed her presence.

Katie’s eyes that swelled with serenity moments ago now was drowning in panic. It was the same for Talon. He gathered his sheets, carefully draping them over Katie’s exposed body.

He approached her, careful with his footing.

Confusion rocked her as Selena strove to create a rationalized reason for what she was seeing in front of her. She wanted to believe it was a dream.

That all of this was just stressed-induced hallucinations her mind drummed up from lack of sleep. But the wound on his neck said otherwise.

“Selena, I’m going to explain.” Talon touched her shoulder.

She slapped his hand away and stared at him. She snapped from her trance and started to cave in to her tears.

“Don’t touch me.” She spat.

Anger coursed in her veins as she glances at Katie. The wolf covered herself with her a blanket while she stared down on her lap.

Selena wanted to scream and charge at her but she couldn’t. Her feet were rooted to the floor while a lump in her throat stopped her from speaking.

She mustered the courage to smile, swallowing her pride. She couldn’t afford to let Katie see how weak she was even if that was exactly the case. Instead of following the torrent in her heart, she relaxed her shoulders, raised her chin, and ignored the tears on her cheeks.

“You’re together now.” She spoke.

Katie’s guilt-ridden eyes sparkled with tears as she stood.


“No, please don’t say anything.” Selena swallowed back the choice words in her mind.

Talon moved towards Katie’s side, holding her hand in a caring way as if he was making sure he was there for her. While he was doing so, her eyes caught the shiny golden band hanging on Katie’s neck.

Her world would only shatter a bit more when she realized it was her father’s wedding band. Which only means they’re already engaged and fucking each other.

Though she shouldn’t be surprised anymore. Passing down rings was a family tradition. But seeing her father’s ring on Katie almost broke the last straw. She released a heavy breath, disappointed at Talon. Disappointed with herself and everything.

“Congratulations on your engagement and to you Kayla. I relinquish my title as Luna Highcliff to you.”

It wasn’t that simple. Passing her position as Luna needed to be done in a ceremony where she stood in front of the pack and formally speak her words to congratulate Katie and then a few other nonsenses of complete her inauguration

There was simply no way in hellfire that was going to happen.

She wanted to melt rather than be seen in the same space with her.

She smiled for the last time before turning away. Talon grasped her shoulder, making her face him. They stare at each other, leaving a silent exchange of unspoken words. She couldn’t say anything. Too busy hiding her emotions to form a word but even if she did say something, Talon would know it was all just a lie.

“Please, Selena.” He whispered.

She only flattened her lips.

“I wish you nothing but happiness, brother.”

She pulls her hand roughly away from him and trudged through the hall, down the stairs, and out of the packhouse through the back door.

It was when she let all her tears go, steadily walking with her eyes cast down on the ground.

After everything she had been through, her heart hasn’t grown out of its shell. She couldn’t handle the pressure and caved into her despair and walked aimlessly.

She wasn’t able to speak her mind and instead, tucked her tail between her legs after displaying a smile so fake that even she was not convinced of her fabricated happiness for her brother’s union with his mate.

After all that she had gone through, she was afraid how even the expected shook her core.

Talon has always been kind, easy to understand, and gave everything he had whenever someone needed him. But why couldn’t he give her some time to move on?

In an instant, Katie was exonerated in his eyes while Selena still hated her and she doubts she could let go of her anger anytime soon.

She knew this day would come and she didn’t anticipate being this unprepared.

But in the end, Talon was Talon. He had a mind of his own and she had no right to dictate what can and couldn’t make him happy.

After all, what was she?

She wasn’t part of his council.

Not his parents.

Or not a wolf above him.

Selena was just the whiny younger sister that always looked up to her brother. And now, she couldn’t even bear to see Talon in the same light ever again.

Minutes later into her walk, Selena found herself lost deep in the woods. She wanted to stay there as long as possible and do anything to forget everything that she saw.

In the woods when she was surrounded by tall trees with different smells, she healed as she leaned against the bark of a tree.

“Damn it, Talon.” She cried.

Knowing Talon, he would have already started looking for her and explain whatever bent or half-truths he had geared up to be used as bullets to assault her emotions. Fortunately for her, Selena wore Eliza’s necklace. Even if they tried to track her scent, no one would be able to find her.

Selena felt nauseous all of a sudden, feeling like she was about to vomit anytime soon.

While she resting, trying her best to bury everything under rubble and ease her mind, she closed her eyes and hummed a tune from the lullaby her father used to sing to her whenever she was sad.

She remembered her father holding her gently, raising her in the air while Talon was with their mother, having tea on the patio. She remembered the gentle breeze caressing her skin while her hair flew all over the place. Her father laughed only to resume his humming in an upbeat manner.

Refraining memories worked exactly like a drug. One dose of it made you temporarily forget everything and when the fog finally clears, reality kicks in.

Now, she needed to rationalize her next moves.

With Talon and Katie together, it would mostly be that they were going to try and start a family. But was Katie even able to be pregnant? She doubts that Katie was fully healed but that could be the case.

And if they were going to raise their young together, Selena had no intention of living on the same roof with them.

It seemed like she was sitting on the ground for an hour and yet, she wasn’t ready to go back. Maybe this is why Francis didn’t want her to speak with Talon? Her cousin already knew what happened. Though she was glad she didn’t listen.

It was better for her to find out herself than to discover it from another source.

Selena released a long cumbersome sigh.

“Looks like someone’s tired.”

A stranger’s voice chimed in front of her.

Selena jolted and widened her eyes, standing up quickly. There, a tanned-skin man stood with a confident grin on his face. The same could be said about his companions. All of them were unfamiliar and their scents were also foreign. But they were wolves, Selena knew that much.

“Why are you in our borders?” Selena quivered.

“Oh you mean pack Highcliff?” The only woman in their group spoke. “The pack boundary is just a little four, five hundred meters away. This is no man’s land.”

She composed herself. These were rogues or maybe wolves from another pack.

Pack Albrich maybe? Their wolves were pulling out from pack Highcliff and now they’re going home. Could it be that they were lost?

But if so, no wolves would use this route and it was hard to get lost with an established path. For that, she couldn’t let them see her nervousness. She tucked her hand behind her, feeling her dagger’s hilt.

Out of nowhere, another wolf appeared behind her and yanked her dagger from her back pocket.

Now there were five of them. One woman and four males.

“Na ah. You won’t be using this.” The man dangled her dagger.

She gulped. Her only weapon had just been taken away and it already confirmed her fears. They were hostiles though she didn’t know from which pack. Pack Remmington maybe but other smaller packs would gain money from simply holding her for ransom.

Selena grimaced, still not budging her resolve. She knew how to fight but she was also greatly outnumbered.

Five to one was simply unfair.

But that did not mean she was going down without a fight. She prepared herself, slowly moving to her side.

“Is that her?” Asked the woman.

“We’ve seen her photos before, Beth. Of course, that’s her.” The wolf with her dagger smiled.

She was their target? Selena hardened her legs, reading their formations and bodies. The woman was big and sturdy looking, certainly not an easy foe. While the others had medium builds except one of the men for being burly but short.

If they truly had photos of her, this meant whoever they’re working for has plans for her.

Selena gulped.

“You’re after me?” She breathlessly asks.

Beth, the woman chuckled.

“Yes.” She says. “We’ve been eyeing you for some time now. But all we could do was watch from afar since us wolves are not welcomed in your borders.”

Selena feigned a smile but on the inside, her mind was hazed with tremendous fright.

“I must be quite important if you’ve been gathering intel about me.”

“Oh, but of course.” She stepped closer. “Luna Highcliff, imagine having that title. I mean, imagine being rich.”

She furrowed her brows.

“I’m not rich. My family is but not me.”

And by family, she meant Talon and Talon can shove all of his money down Katie’s throat.

Selena grimaced, chastising herself for thinking of something so stupid at a time like this. She cleared her thoughts and focused on the danger at hand.

Though she wasn’t lying at all. In their family, money wasn’t simply inherited. It was acquired through self struggles and smart investments and Selena wasn’t interested in business at all ever since the death of her parents.

And what possession her parents left her on their will was only available for her when she turns twenty-five or acquire it immediately in the event she decides to have children of her own.

“Oh don’t worry. We’re not here for your money.” Beth grinned. “Boys.”

Beth’s command triggered her colleagues to move. The four men inched closer to Selena and she readied herself for their incoming attacks.

“I hate to punch a girl, sadly we can’t come home without you.” A green eye-blonde spoke.

His height was enough to intimidate Selena but as he charged at her, she avoids his fist, ducking and then pushing his chest away, causing him to stumble back as another one of them attacked her.

Her heart palpitated as she read the area, all of it was sadly too overwhelming and it left her no time to react as she received a nasty kick on her stomach and another man punching her cheek. She was stricken, tasting her blood for the first time.

But Selena didn’t budge as she managed to take in the pain and assumed her stance just as Dorran taught her and sent a strong punch to the man, hitting his jugular. He chokes and collapses on the ground.

She was quick on her feet, following every movement she learned from her training. What surprised her was their agile footwork and they anticipated her movement like they predicted or at least knew her next moves. They also mirrored her actions from their form and fluidity. This forced Selena to act on her own, going off from her training and eagerly defended herself, sustaining a lot of their blows while she too fought to send one of her own.

Just as Dorran said, be smarter and use the surrounding. She lowered her body and swiped the dirt and leaves, letting the debris cloud their eyes. Her legs automatically turned on, coaxing her to run as fast as she could. Though she couldn’t get that far away when pain on her thigh exploded after the sound of a suppressed gunshot entered her ears, its pain made her fall face first.

“Fuck!” She exclaimed and looked down her leg, seeing blood seep out from the pain.

The sound of feet approaching her made her tremble. She looks up to see Beth holding her suppressed handgun.

“Good job,” Beth crouched down near Selena’s face.

The victorious smirk the wolf had made caused her to fume, scowling at the wolves to stood over her frail body.

“I never expect this to happen. The Luna is a fighter, it seems. I thought posh people like you only knew how to sip martinis and jerk off to people having a hard time.”

“Now, now, Beth. She’s had enough of you, let us boys have a go at her.”

Selena felt hopeless, thinking of all the paths she could take but the longer she laid on her belly, the more despair funneled into her brain. She held the bubbling tears in her, still not wanting to give up.

Suddenly, she was pulled and pinned against a tree. Her arms were held back by two wolves. She wiggled her body and thrashed her legs only for Beth to kick her wound in, causing her to hiss and pant.

In front of her stood the man who took her weapon. He was a tall redhead with muscly arms and broad shoulders. Selena stared at the blood on his jaw and remembered herself punching him.

“Now, Luna.” His hand took her throat, squeezing it.

Selena gasped for air as his hand tightened. Her knees weakened from the lack of oxygen, and she turned pale as her vision started to blur.

“Enough, Freed. You’re going to kill her.” Beth warned.

He lets go of her. Selena breathed all the air she could gulp noisily, staring at the wolves with a murderous glint in her eyes.

The pace of her breathing became feverish while she tried to get free. There were many things running in her mind.

The fear of death without fulfilling the will to avenge her parents.

Facing her fears and standing up to Talon and speak to him without her swelling.

And maybe, just maybe. She would be able to face Nathaniel and confront her unreconciled feelings towards him and she would be able to move on.

Selena couldn’t hold it in anymore. Tears yet again thread her face.

“You know, she is very pretty, isn’t she?” Freed leaned onto her.

Selena spat on his face. With a growl, the palm of his hand hit her tear-stained cheeks. It rendered her disoriented momentarily. The world spinning around in her eyes and her head became too heavy to lift.

“Fuck of all you.” Selena groaned once she regained her wits though she was still very woozy.

“Ah,” he wipes the saliva off his face. “The face of an angel, the mouth of a whore, or a distressed lady. I choose the whore.”

Freed used Selena’s blade to cut her shirt, from its hem to its neck, exposing Selena’s undergarments.

Her fear doubled and thrashed her body again, suddenly finding the energy to move her injured leg. The hunger in Freed’s eyes consumed Selena’s resolve and instilled her with crippling dread.

“What are you doing?” Beth held him back.

“Advance payment, of course.” He chuckles.

“But doing this?” She raised a brow.

“Remember what madam said?”

A wicked smile appeared on her lips.

“She said to bring Luna Highcliff alive whatever means necessary. And if she puts on a fight, we of course fight her too.”

Freed nods.

“Which means we have the liberty to do everything we want with her. And besides, I bet this woman hasn’t had a cock shoved in her cunt before. It’s been a while since I’ve broken a virgin and I want to relive the feeling of a tight snatch choking my dick.”

Selena’s sobs become uncontrollable as she struggled and cried, screaming a string of profanities towards the man. He licks his lip, smirking as he gripped Selena’s jaw and forced her to open her mouth. He leans closer and returned the favor by spitting into her mouth. She felt the vile running down her throat, its sensation causing her to gag.

“You know, I would be afraid to do this. But the thing is, you have no one. Alpha Morris has forsaken you while your useless brother can’t even protect himself. You better ready yourself. We’re going to take turns on you.”

Despair kicks in her body and she weakened, her limbs becoming noodles while she shut herself. Her body felt numb as Freed slipped the straps of her bra down her shoulders. His poisonous fingers rubbing her neck, shoulder, and unto her breast.

She shuddered. The empty feeling she felt while Freed groped and plundered her body was sickening. He cups her groin and roughly tightened his hold.

She knew she should have fought back and continued to resist. But what’s the use when she was overpowered?

Her body felt cold while her mind was clouded with haze. She was suffocated and couldn’t think of anything else.

The tears on her face had dried up and her voice had become hoarse from screaming. Her hope dwindling by the second.

As Freed started to unbuckle his belt, she felt the wind brush past her cheek and the next thing she hears is Freed gasping for air as he collapsed on the ground.

The wolves that held her in place let her go, causing her to fall against the tree. She covered herself with her arms, confused with what was happening. Screams and groans could be heard, footwork moving fast, and blades slashing the air.

Though she couldn’t look up, not when Freed’s corpse laid next to her with a combat ax lodged on the back of his head.

She braved herself to look up, her heart palpitating while she marveled at the scene of Nathaniel, drenched in blood, living up to his name as the Stormwind.

While Selena watched him evade every strike the enemy made, she saw how heartless he was. The Nathaniel she knew who made no emotions as he used an ax to remove a man’s head from his shoulder with one clean swipe.

Only when their eyes meet that she saw him softened, his gray misty eyes welling with tears as he struck down another man by slashing his arms. He bellows, a roar that petrified Beth’s remaining lackey.

She felt warm, seeing him there was like gazing at a miracle.

Nathaniel gripped the handle of his ax and glowered at the man standing in front of him. With one swift action, he hurls the bloodstained ax towards the man. It carved a hole unto the man’s chest.

He didn’t fail to live up to his title. The Stormwind that obliterated everything that chose to cross its path stood under a phantasmagorical scene of raining blood.

She felt happier than she wanted to be and for her, it was possibly much more terrifying than seeing Talon make love to Katie.

“Bethany Waller, I know of you from pack San Ignacio,” Nathaniel removed his weapon from the man’s corpse. “Hmm, Bethany. What a stupid face you have.”

“How mature of you, Alpha Morris.” Beth chuckled, keeping up a shaky and deterred grin.

“Please don’t think of it as an insult. Your face is most fitting to kiss the sole of my boot therefore you should be honored.”

“Ouch, Alpha. You wouldn’t hurt a girl, would you?”

Nathaniel glances at Selena, frowning at her. She didn’t understand why but it was like he was asking for her permission. Her heart becomes heavy while she laments the thought of her emotions becoming askew with his arrival.

“I’m a fair man. How does you being a woman exclude you from my wrath?” He groans.

“I have a son and daughter.” She spoke.

But what brave face she wore melted away when Nathaniel took a step towards her. His tall body loomed over Beth’s.

“You have a daughter and yet you stood and watch a group of men attempt to defile someone else’s daughter. How would you react if your daughter met the same fate?”

Beth held her gun and pointed its muzzle at him. But he didn’t same fazed at all. His stoic mask and controlled breathing was a clear sign of his domination.

Nathaniel stepped closer and closer. The more distance he closed, the shakier her hold on the gun became.

“You think I wanted to be here?” She glared at him.

“And do you think I care?” He retorts.

Beth’s face contorted as she started to squeeze the gun’s trigger. But before she could fire a shot, Nathaniel threw his ax, severing her fingers. The gun lands on a bed of leaves along with Beth’s two fingers. Nathaniel charges at her, pushing her down on the ground, stomping on her knees.

Selena stiffened as the sound of Beth’s bone snapping into two entered her ears and the wolf’s bone-chilling cry while she pled for mercy.

As promised, Nathaniel’s boot descended upon her face, ending her screams when she lost consciousness.

Selena watches as a wave of shame washed over Nathaniel’s face.

Her body froze, fingers electrified with some sort of emotion she couldn’t discern, and lips, trembling in fear as Nathaniel’s hulking body slowly walks up to her.

She backs away, terrified for what was about to happen. Her vision blurs with tears as Nathaniel dives in to embrace her. Selena cries as she reveled in the suddenness of his warmth and feared knowing it was just a fleeting feeling.

She didn’t care for what had just happened or what she had just witnessed. All she cared about was basking in the small patch of haven Nathaniel’s arms provided.

“My moon,” he whispers.

The pain in his voice as he spoke and how much it shook was paralyzing. She wasn’t sure Nathaniel could be able to do such a thing and for a moment, Selena tried to fool herself by thinking this was all a dream or that she was already dead.

But it was all real.

His short breathing.

His racing heart palpitating against her body.

His tight grasp around her and his unwillingness to let go.

And the tears that fell from his face unto to her neck.

All of it was real.

He pulls away, cupping her cheeks. She was breathless in his nearness, too shaken to form a word while she watched him muster the courage to smile, only for that smile to crumble, swept away by the torrential sadness bellowing in his gray eyes.

He breaks down in front of her. Soft sobs turning into harder ones.

“Princess, where are you hurt?”

Selena didn’t dare to answer in fear she might trigger his anger. He’d only called her princess once and hearing him speak it to her now was like short-lived fireworks exploding on a rainy night.

He places his finger under her chin to force her to meet his gaze.

“Please, Selena. Tell me where you’re hurt.”

The truth was she couldn’t answer it simply. Her whole body ached from the kicks and punches she received while on the inside, she was writhing, screaming, and begging herself to grow a spine and push him away while also wanting to finally let her guard down.

Her failure to speak caused Nathaniel to flatten his lips in desperation. He looks at her, gazing at her naked flesh. Without any other thought, he removes his jacket and pulled his shirt over his head, promptly removing Selena’s torn clothing from her body and replacing it with his.

He inspects her face, behind her ears, and neck, wiping away any remnants of dirt and blood from her.

The man she thought was only capable of hurting her had a different side after all.

His gentle hand roamed further down to her arms, his eyes meticulous and ravenous as he sifted through every part of her body, even taking a look at her underarms. He cusses as he discovers a bruise on her side.

“Is this it?” Nathaniel asks, only to be greeted by silence.

He grimaces at her reluctance to cooperate.

But how could she speak to him now when the past couple of days, all she could think about was how she could snuff out Nathaniel from her life.

With his soft and caring side now clear and displayed, she couldn’t help but feel to be pulled into him and just stay there to pretend even just for a moment, that everything was okay now.

Finally, when Nathaniel reaches her gun wound, he looks at her with a burning glance and mutters something incoherent under his breath,

“My Moon!” He says. “Princess, you’ve been shot and you won’t even talk to me. Please, I know you despise me but open up so I can help you.”

Desperation dripped from his heavy voice as he took Selena’s torn shirt and tied it above the gunshot to try and lessen the bleeding. Once he was satisfied with the tourniquet, he ruefully nods and touches her cheek.

“Looks like the bullet made a clean exit. Since you have your wolf, it’ll heal normally and quicker.” He grimaced. “Are there any other wounds you’re hiding from me?”

Selena blinked back her confusion and shock.

Does he not know? If he couldn’t sense her wolf then that meant he still doesn’t have his wolf.

But what did that exactly mean?

Nathaniel’s impatience grew at her silence. He became anxious and shaky, moving recklessly to hug Selena again.

“Please Love. Speak to me, I’m terrified.” Nathaniel sobs.

Love? Selena felt a tingle in her stomach.

Nathaniel Morris could do so many things but to love Selena was impossible for him to do. Or maybe, it was just an endearment. And if so, Selena thought it was odd for someone to use that word to a wolf you never intend to love.

She looks up and caught his tears with her hand. Wiping them away with her bloody fingers. Nathaniel’s eyes closed shut while his lips quivered slightly, leaning into her touch. She leans onto his chest, feeling his heartbeat against her cheek.

“Did you have to kill her? She said she had a son and daughter.” Selena spoke, causing him to sigh in relief.

“Thank the Moon, Princess. I thought I was going to wait for an eternity.” He places his hand behind her head and tightened his embrace.

Selena felt torn.

A side of her wanted to lavish what could have been with Nathaniel and the other told her to run as far away as possible.

She chose neither and stayed detached from the moment, ignoring his heart-wrenching peals.

“That woman, she’s dead, isn’t she?” Selena whispers.

The truth was, she didn’t care about Bethany. She needed something to distract Nathaniel from asking more questions about her.

Nathaniel pulls away, confused at the question she asked.

Selena felt remorse. Somehow, it hurt to turn down his care.

“What will happen to her children?” She asked again.

He sobbed, clearing his throat and standing. He took a step away from her and turned his back to her.

“She’s not dead. She just passed out.” He answers.

She looks away, staring at Beth’s chest that slowly rose up and down.

“B-but did you have to hurt her?”

Nathaniel’s shoulders slumped.

“If she came back to whoever sent her without any injuries, then they will surely kill her there.”

She pauses for a moment, unsure of what to say.

“So you kicked her teeth in to save her life?”

He nods.

“I wish I didn’t have to. If she didn’t say anything about her children, I would have reaped her undeserved life.”

“Thank you.” She gulps.

She didn’t want two kids to lose their mother.

Nathaniel turns to her. With a tight-lipped nod, he leans down to her and pushes loose hair behind her air.

“You need to understand, I would have done more and would do more for you.” He kisses her forehead. “My princess, they laid your hands on you. I…I wouldn’t know what to do if I was too late.”

Her cheeks were aflame, heart racing from the soft touch of his lips moving against her forehead when he spoke. He was angry and sad at the same time.

“Alpha Morris, thank you for saving me. You don’t have to do anything more. I am not your burden and if I can stand on my feet, I will return the favor.”

He shook his head.

“You don’t need to return the favor.” He says.

“But I do. You’ve rescued me and I will pay you back…someday.” Selena gulped.

Nathaniel looked disappointed. She felt the same way.

She knew what she was doing to him, pushing him further away was what she hoped for. And it was working. Though she couldn’t gather the reason why it hurt to do so. Her two conflicting sides battle each other and continue to overwhelm her.

When all that she wanted was to surrender, she tripled the locks of her heart to prevent Nathaniel from taking her.

“Look at me, princess.”

Selena sighs.

“I’m no princess.”

He smiles a defeated smile.

“You are to me.” He says in a serious face.

She wanted to scream bull at his words. She had to remind herself that everything he was saying was all a big voluptuous lie.

“Selena, we didn’t end things on terms that I hope to be more favorable and I know every word from my mouth seems phony to you. But trust me, I care for you and I will see you enter pack Highcliff borders.”

“No!” She exclaimed, cowering unto the tree when she realized she raised her voice. “Please don’t bring me there. It will cause you and pack Morris more trouble.”

If Talon was to see her state after she ran away from him and with Nathaniel with her, she imagined hell breaking loose.

“I don’t mind the trouble. I just don’t want to leave you alone and get into more danger.”

“B-but you’re alone.” She countered.

It might have been no man’s land but it was still quite convenient that he would come to her rescue especially near the Highcliff borders.

She witnessed the contemplation in his face.

“I’m mapping out a series of routes, safe ones.” He confessed.

Her eyes widened.

“You plan on attacking our pack?” She looked at him, holding his shoulders as a gush of panic bombard her.

“No, no. Of course not, Selena.” Nathaniel heaved a heavy breath. “This is not easy to say but the wolf you’re acquainted with, Guilderoy Bootlicker. He is a prime suspect for the murders that occurred inside our pack borders and we are planning to extract him.”

She froze, remembering the name Francis used to introduce himself to Luna Eliza. Selena felt unsure of what to do. Francis was no stranger to violence. But would he break a sacred rule among wolves?

“Are you sure?”

She wanted to be certain and stay on her cousin’s side.

“Yes.” He answers.

Out of nowhere, Nathaniel falls to the ground. Selena’s eyes pinned to the wound on his shoulder. She raises her head and saw Francis, his expressionless face looking down on Nathaniel’s body.

Selena grabs him, desperate to bring him back to consciousness. She regretted pushing him away and wished to take back time. Nathaniel’s eyes flickered open while Selena’s tears fell on his face.

“Alpha Morris, no, no. Please…” She pleaded, cradling his head.

All he could muster was a smile. “Sorry.”

Sorry for what? Selena feared that it might be his last words. Her heart quaked as Nathaniel closed his eyes and fully passed out.

“Let him die, Selena,” Francis commanded.

Her body was struck with an electrifying jolt of anger. She averted her gaze to her cousin.

“Why did you do this?” Selena trembled as she asked. “How could you shoot him?”

“Because he was about to take advantage of you.” He answers.

“He saved me.”

“And had plans to fuck you. That’s the kind of man he is, Selena. Wash your hands and forget about him.”

“He was going to take me back to our borders.”

“He could have staged all of this to gain your trust.”

“Nathaniel saved my life and my maidenhead from being forcefully taken away from me.” She bellowed loudly.

Francis remained silent, angry, and breathing heavily.

“He killed all of these people?” He groans.


“Did he hurt you?”

She shook her head no.

Francis’s eyes moved to her injury.

“Which one of them did that to you?”

She didn’t answer. She didn’t want him to do anything rash and instead, placed her hand over Nathaniel’s heart. Happiness takes her in once she felt his heartbeat. Though she realized if she didn’t act soon, Nathaniel could die from losing too much blood if he was left untreated.

Just as Talon did to Katie, there was only one way of bringing Nathaniel’s wolf out and that was to mark him.

She stared at his neck. It was exposed and it would be too easy to sink her teeth into his body but then, for what was all the effort and ache she had gone through?

But in the end, his life was more important than her contemplation. And unless a miracle happens, then it was her duty to save his life.

“Selena,” Francis warned. “Didn’t you hear? I asked you which one of these wolves tried to…tried to touch you.”

Selena remains in silence as Beth started to regain consciousness, shrieking loudly as the pain of her broken nose and leg started to grip her. She looked away, painfully tucking her face on Nathaniel’s chest.

Francis was not unaware. He saw his cousin’s scared reaction and the way she recoiled tugged his anger to another level. He cocked his gun and fired straight through the pained wolf’s forehead. Selena listened as Francis unloaded his bullets into Beth’s body until all she could hear was the empty clicking of his gun.

When everything was over, Selena dared to raise her head and look at Francis.

“Come, leave him and I’ll bring you home.” He instructed.

The hollowness in him was cold. Selena never thought someone could be that stone-faced, enough to heartlessly tell her to leave Nathaniel dying.

“He’s going to die, Francis.”

“So? You should be happy. You are unchained and unburdened from ever seeing him again. It’s not like you love him or anything.”

She gulps, taking a look back at her mate. Nathaniel’s heavy breathing started to alarm her. He became pale and his eyes were half-closed.

“I have to save him.”

Bells ringing in her air as a cold breeze snaked onto her skin. She felt Nathaniel tremble when she lowered her face to his.

“Selena…” he whispers. “Leave.”

She protested her own decision but followed what she knew was right. Though before her teeth could feel her skin, Nathaniel gently pushes her away.

“Guilderoy Bootlicker, you are hereby arrested based on the insurmountable pieces of evidence and a key witness account further cementing your role in the murders of Amanda Jackson, Christina Ambers, and Patrick Robertson. Drop your weapon and cooperate or else we will proceed to use lethal force.”

Selena remembered that voice. It was Beta Lilian who bellowed the command. A dozen of wolves come follows, all of them brandishing their weapon at Francis’s direction. He shook his head, dropping his weapon, and raised his two middle fingers above his head.

“Good job, cousin.” He mutters as Lillian approached him and placed him in handcuffs.

She doesn’t say a word to him and instead looked at another wolf, Lively who came to her while another wolf took Nathaniel away.

“Please, he’s been shot a couple of minutes ago but he’s breathing. Ah-I didn’t know what to do.”

Lively pulled her from the ground and patted her clothes, slinging her arms over Lively’s shoulders.

“It’s okay, honey. You’re okay now and don’t worry about Nathaniel. He’ll live.”

Selena couldn’t believe what was happening and before she realized it, she dove into Lively’s embrace and bawled her eyes out. She thought she was done crying and there were no more tears left to cry but now that the high from fear had disappeared, she let herself be consumed by the intensity of her emotions.

“Talon and Katie…they’re engaged. They’re together now and I don’t know if I can ever come home and face him.”

Lively nods.

“I have a place for you and you can stay there as long as you want but you have to wait in pack Morris until my next day off. Are you okay with that?”

She didn’t have a better choice. And because of her, Francis was now in chains. She needed to be there for him.

“I need to be there for my cousin.” She says.

Again, Selena tried her best to occupy her thoughts other than Nathaniel. She knew was being delusional, hoping that whatever feeling she had for him would immediately disappear. But when he looked over his shoulder and caught her gaze, her world grew wider and she hated herself to feeling this warm, airy light after knowing he was okay.


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