A Wolf’s Tear

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Thirty Two: The Archetype

It was dark. The sky as per usual was covered in a blanket of clouds that hid the Moon. Though Bella was used to it. The cold climate was a familiar scene, her home. She pulls on her skirts and wonders what breakfast would be like tomorrow, lunch, and dinner too.

Would it be the same as today? Smiling to her wolves, waving her hands, and walking around with her companions. Her life as a Luna was beautiful and made her feel powerful.

Everything she could ask, they give.

In her pack, she was the symbol of life.

Their queen.

With her husband’s absence, she was the main overseer of her pack and that remained for years until to this day.

The job was simple. Satiate your wolves’ doubts with your guidance. Make them see that she was prim and proper as all Lunas should be. Don’t take sides and be the mediator. Have courage and be patient.

In short, be what perfection looks like. The archetype of all noblewomen that moves with affluent elegance and grace.

Her feet moved against the carpeted floor, taking note of how warm and fuzzy it was compared to the carpet before.

“Bella,” A slithery voice, deep and vaporizing snaked on her skin, causing the hair on her neck to stand. “Come back to bed. It’s not good for the baby if you don’t get enough sleep.”

She smiled. The blue-eyed beast from across the room laid on the bed naked. It saddened her how the blankets obstructed his glorious body. Despite seeing it naked almost every day she couldn’t get enough of it.

“Did I wake you?” She giggled.

“Hmm, the bed feels empty without you and our daughter.”

The man removes himself from the bed. His tall figure hawked towards her. Her stare bounced between his face and the long member hanging between his legs. Like a predator stalking its prey, he eyed her so intensely. It left her gasping for air as he grabbed her body, gently pushing her back to the wall.

“Easy,” She smirked. “you’re going to hurt the baby.”

His hand drew circles on her tummy, slowly with care as his tongue ran from her neck to her breasts, taking her hardened nipples in his mouth.

“You want me so much, don’t you?” His husky tone reverberated on her body.

“I’m not the only one between us with a body part as hard as a rock.” Her touch wandered to his cock.

“Come back to bed with me. I crave you.” He says.

“You always crave me. Your wives will be jealous or maybe they already are.”

His head shook as he chuckles humorlessly.

“Let them be spiteful. The angrier they are the rougher they become.”

Bella bit her lip, reminiscing the moment before her pregnancy when her lover had no pauses, no reservation when it came to sex.

“You’re gentle with me now, Harrick. Will you make love to me again once I give birth to our daughter?”

“Of course, though we have yet to see my brother’s reaction to see you pregnant.”

His brother, her husband the absentee wolf in her life. Married by paper and not by love. Not once did Bella saw his naked body or laid in a bed next to him. He was cold and terrible.

Though she could not fully blame him.

Remmington’s have a hard time siring their heirs. The only reason he agreed to their union is the sole fact that she was his mate. That meant that she had a better chance of conceiving his child.

But no matter how hard she tried to make it up to him, she was rejected over and over again. After a couple of years of being turned away, she decided to stop her efforts and began her affair with other wolves.

It was no longer her fault that their relationship didn’t work. It was his.

In front of her pack, she acted as the rejected Luna, the victim that her husband left without a reason. It was probably better that he wasn’t here. She had seen him murder a wolf for mistakenly carrying out wrong orders that had no consequences at all.

What would he think now that she was carrying his brother’s daughter? He would probably huff and roll his eyes, jailing himself in his office to do his paperwork piling on his desk.

‘You are woman made of wax. Do you melt for every man that touches you?’ Were the words that he spoke after he stumbled upon her tangled in a bed with another man.

“Who cares what he thinks? He left me, abandoned me almost four years ago. I don’t even know where the bloodiest of hell he is.” She spat. “Honestly, his absence should be ground for replacement. You can be the Alpha, Harrick and I will give you as many children as you want.”

“Mirabella, I’d be happy to but pack Remmington doesn’t work like that. Frank should be Alpha but his age deters our wolves from agreeing. Even my brother is temporary Alpha and until Frederick is retrieved, we shall remain without a proper Alpha.”

Bella never understood this pack’s so-called tradition. But it is what it is. Complicated or not, she was to respect it. That was the agreement she signed when she decided to be the Luna.

“Ah yes, fickle wolves. Even you don’t follow your rules when in closed doors.” She scowled.

Harrick places his finger under her chin, pulling her gaze towards him.

“There’s a certain sense of thrill about disregarding rules. Like me marrying more than one wife or me bedding my Luna and you carrying our daughter.”

Harrick was never a clear-headed man and his intentions were always so terrifying but he gets his job as Beta finished.

“Is Frank really that reliable? He might have other plans.”

Ever since she arrived to pack Remmington, she knew to not trust the old wolf. There was a side of him that she often found dark but try as she may, it was hard to pinpoint what exactly it was.

“He better do what he’s been told to do or his wife will suffer the consequences of his actions. Besides, he’s where we want him to be in this moment and as far as I can see it, everything’s scheduled and timed. Trust the plan, Bella.”

Not only that he was a generous lover, but Harrick was also a tactician who thrived in winning, and in the fluke chances of him losing, external forces and uncalled contingencies were to blame. He was ruthless, played dirty, and had vast connections to packs that were worthy to be kept an eye on.

“We will be there to fight. I’d like to drench my blade with Nathaniel’s blood.” He grins.

She gulps. That hunger for blood was mesmerizing. It fueled her body and caused her to want more. In her eyes, death was beautiful. A picturesque image of what a strong wolf should be. Alpha Remmington paled in comparison with what his brother could do.

Her hand grazed his arm from up to down and took his finger, leading him to the bed.


Hello everyone! I'm sure you're wondering why this chapter is too short but it is completely intentional! The next chapter will be published tomorrow.

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