A Wolf’s Tear

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Thirty Nine: Eye for an eye

Harrick Remmington, a wolf whose name sounded all too familiar to him but never had he imagined for that name to be so close to him. Nathaniel spent a good number of years trying to hunt him down and to find out no he was suppose to be his brother had electrified him.

He couldn’t deny it. Despite bearing no resemblance to their father, he felt the bond brought by his father’s infidelity. His wolf stirred at the connection. It was far beyond what he had expected to feel.

Is his quest to find all his siblings even worth it now when who stood in front of him just derailed all his expectations? Just how many sons did his father sire? He hadn’t anticipated another sibling other than the one in his father’s letter.

“Incredible.” Jacob sighed defeated. “My father slept with a random Remmington woman.”

“Our father did not sleep with a random Remmington. He made love to his mate. Lived with her for a month and then ditched her before he found out she was pregnant.” Harrick corrected with a light tone.

Nathaniel gritted his teeth. So, he found his mate just like Eliza found hers. Though he had already condemned his mother for her actions, she spent decades fixing her faults and what came out of it, Winston was a brother who has been a firm shoulder he could lean on. His father is a different case, different scenario. He hid his betrayal under the shadows of shame while his wife was laid under the sun to writhe in the heat of everyone’s anger.

His father was not a good person.

“Made love, huh? Are you sure he wasn’t just pumping and dumping his load while he was making ‘alliances’? For all we know, your mother was nothing but a booty call.” Jacob sneered.

Harrick’s amused disposition grew as he erupted into a chain of laughter.

“Ah, Jacob. Your infamy involving women has not slipped from my ears. You and I are alike.” He spoke.

Jacob kissed his teeth, his patience continually wearing thin.

“Cut the shit, Harrick. Whatever you’re doing here, just get it over with.”

“I like that.” He smirked. “You like to cut to the chase. Well, I’m confident that I no longer need to iterate the reason why I’m here.”

Nathaniel furrowed his brows, wondering what else did the wolf want when Frank and Hope and took off successfully under his nose.

“That old man and his daughter are no longer here. Your wolves have extracted them.” Nathaniel confesses grudgingly.

“Oh, not Frank. I know where he is right now. I’m here for another wolf. My pup, Frederick.”

He might have been out of the loop and considering all the revelations all popping out at the same time like mushrooms, he was swamped with many other thoughts. But one thing is sure. Frederick was not his son. Though he was only a listener, he heard the words Francis had barked at his father.

“You mean, Sebastian? Francis Remmington’s child. I’m afraid the pup’s not here too.”

Harrick’s face morphed into a face Nathaniel could only describe as pure horror and distaste.

“Sebastian? What a Moonawful name that is. I named him Frederick. A name fit for a king.” He exclaims, pinching the bridge of his nose while he shook his head. “But yes, that is my son. My name is written on his birth certificate, therefore legally I fathered him.”

“That is none of our concern, wolf. Believe my brother, the pup is not here.” Jacob spat.

Harrick sighs. “I’m not someone to be trifled with, brothers. Do not make me lose my patience.”

Nathaniel was incredulous. The level of certainty in Harrick’s voice completely floored him. While he was not sure of the safety of his wolves outside, he could not enact sudden actions that would put his wolves at further risk.

He was again, trapped.

The Remmington’s had planned this too far along that it seemed like there was no possible loophole. Still, Nathaniel protested himself. There must be a way. There always is.

He stands besides Jacob, stewing plans. His wolves in the foyer had slowly dispersed and retreated back to their rooms. He took it as a good sign as his wolves were following protocols for safety.

“The gull you have to say that here. You either have no bearings or you’re insane.” His brother stepped closer to Harrick,

“Insane men often are the most refined.” He says. “Now, give me the child and I will take my leave.”

As Nathaniel glared at the wolf, distracted by thinking of ways to mitigate the outcome of his plans, Jacob had other ideas as he draws his blade and thrust it forward. Before the tip of his blade carved a way through Harrick’s guts, a wolf stood in place and took the silvered dagger’s sharpness into her heart. The wolf collapsed, her body thudding as her eyes fluttered close.

The color on Jacob’s face was washed away as he gazed at the person who he had just struck down. Nathaniel’s eyes grew wide as Harrick’s hand dipped into the pocket of his coat and pulled out his Magnum revolver. His finger catching the trigger, pulling it back.

A primal surge within him to protect enabled him to move swiftly, enveloping Jacob into his arms and turning away. He used himself as a shield and tightly wrapped himself around Jacob.

The sounds, the screams, the gasps of the remaining wolves rendered Nathaniel oblivious and stunned while he waited for the pain to start after Harrick pulled his trigger. Despite hearing the gun go off, nothing had happened. No new pain or sensation in his body whatsoever. But he steeled himself, not willing to let go of Jacob until he knew everything was okay.

In his mind, what would happen if he lost him? He quaked at the thought of ever seeing Jacob hurt. He couldn’t handle the idea of losing another person important to him.

“Mom?” Jacob whispers.

Nathaniel’s heart stopped beating momentarily as he opened his eyes.

“Mother!” Jacob wailed as he pushed to get free of Nathaniel’s grasp.

He heaved a heavy breath as Jacob caught Eliza before she fell. It’s that smell again. Nathaniel had first experienced it when he and his father stood outside the birthing room. His father nervously paced back and forth while he was standing next to the door. Jacob senior had that look on his face. The look of a man about to break down on his knees while his wife was opening herself up to bring a new child in life.

Nathaniel didn’t understand nor did he remember the details of that day but he could never forget the smell of his mother’s blood.

His mouth hangs open as the image of crimson red liquid leaked from Eliza’s chest while she lay her head on Jacob’s lap.

“Oops, well. That should be fair at least. An eye for an eye, as they say.” Harrick says as he locks his revolver and concealed it back into his pocket. “Now, give me the brat.”

He should be angry and scream. Charge at the wolf and avenge his mother. But that hopeless despair, its grimy fingers corroded his muscles. He found himself in the same place when he had heard the news of his father’s passing. Incredible silence tormenting the depths of his soul.

The sight was overwhelming. Seeing so many dead wolves, some dying by his bare hands did not prepare him for this.

As Jacob spoke to their mother, Nathaniel felt a tap on his shoulder. He blinked himself out of his trance and stared at Francis.

“Go, I’ll buy you some time.” The wolf uttered.

Francis stepped forward, dawning his dagger on his side. Nathaniel gulps and kneels as he brought Eliza up and held her close to his chest. He attempted to smile.

“Mom.” He says.

Eliza smiles weakly.

Nathaniel glances at Harrick, the wolf’s complete nonchalance driving him off the edge of his insanity. But that he had no time. His main concern now was saving his mother’s life.

He paces and ran to the pack’s clinic. In his wake, a scuffle had started with Francis leading the charge as every wolf left had swarmed and fought back the Remmingtons and he was forced to turn away, tuck his tail between his legs.

The agony in him had dissolved his confidence, his resolve.

If she weren’t there, what would have happened? At point blank, he would have been in the same place where Eliza was now. The shot was clear, deadly.

He held back tears as the outcome was already too obvious to deny. The amount of blood that had left her and the absence of her wolf were all signs. He couldn’t say it out loud but he was starting to prepare himself.

“It’s all my fault. It’s all my fault. It’s all my fault.” Jacob chanted repeatedly as he followed Nathaniel.

To add more, all of this would have been avoided if he was a better Alpha. It was no one’s fault except his.

Nathaniel’s feet became as he reached the pack’s clinic, setting Eliza gently on the bed.

“Anna!” he calls for the pack’s doctor. “I need a doctor, help!”

“Nathaniel, she’s bleeding too much. I… don’t know what to do.” Jacob spoke through uneven breaths.

“Press your hands on the wound to try and lessen the bleeding.” He instructs. “Anna? Where the fuck are you?”

Eliza summoned her strength to raise herself only to be gently pushed back down by Jacob.

“Baby,” she whispers, looking into Jacob’s face.

“D-don’t speak, conserve your energy. Okay? W-we’ll still be having dinner together and… and we’ll make the soup, just like always.” Jacob mustered the courage to smile.

After circling the clinic, Nathaniel found that all the wolves had evacuated and no one was there to help them. He remains in the doorway, unable to do anything. The sense of helplessness and that void in him grew.

He had never been vengeful. All he knew and wanted to do was to protect the people that he valued the most. The anger in him, a primal rage that he was unable to comprehend clouded his judgment.

Leaving now to confront and exact justice on Harrick wouldn’t accomplish anything. It certainly wouldn’t take back time.

What was in front of him was a bleak glimpse of his future. Death, inescapable and cruel.

“Jacob, baby.” Eliza sputtered blood as she spoke.

“I’m here, mom. I’m never going to leave you again.” Jacob kisses the back of her hand. “Nathaniel, where’s the damn doctor?”

His brother’s eyes were filled with tears left to be shed.

He shakes his head, ashamed and defeated.

“Hey, hey, it’s okay. I’m okay. Right, Nathaniel?” Eliza cupped Jacob’s hands.

Nathaniel nodded, pasting a thin-lipped smile on his face.

“Yes, mother. Everything’s going to be okay.” He says, walking to the side of the bed.

“No, it’s not. It’s… it’s unfair. I know everything now. I’ve read the letters from dad. I know, I know everything you’ve done for us. The things you had to give up and the things you needed to lie about. The things dad’s parents did to you. You and dad did everything to keep us safe.”

Jacob rested his head on Eliza’s shoulder, hiding his sobs in her hair.

There was no other possible end to this. She raised her hand to him. He takes it, shuddering as he too hid his face into her hair.

“I’m sorry,” she spoke. “I-I didn’t try hard enough. I failed to protect my babies.”

“No, mother. You failed no one.” Jacob insisted. “You couldn’t tell us because it would have cost you your life. If you told us, then we wouldn’t have had you.”

For whatever it was in Jacob’s letter, a confession, an explanation, or another story, it revealed something that Nathaniel has yet to learn or was not privy to. Either way, Nathaniel felt just a little bit content knowing his brother is here and not someplace else.

“You did what you needed to do, mom.” Nathaniel murmurs. “I love you and I’m sorry.”

“I’m sorry, mom. I should have stayed and listened. I keep messing things up.”

Eliza chuckles. “You wouldn’t be messing things up if I didn’t. Nate, you tell Winnie that I loved too, okay? And sorry for abandoning him all those years ago.”

He nods, unwilling to say anything more in fear of losing himself completely. He needed to be strong in front of his family.

“No, mom. Come on. You tell him that yourself.” Jacob protested.

With every bit of her fading life left, she plants kisses on their foreheads.

“Our two boys, we’ve always loved you. Always…”

She draws her last breath as the pained howl in Nathaniel’s body reverberated in his bones while Jacob’s ear-splitting cry continues to beat him up.

He wanted to cry too. To say more. But all he could muster was hold back his tears, stone his composure, and walk to the other side of the bed. Nathaniel gripped his brother’s shoulders and waited. He could not afford to allow himself to be consumed by grief.

His emotions were always second, his people first. And right now, Jacob comes first.


There you go folks! Short update but more is coming. I have one week to write as much as I can and pump out the chapters in my plot chart.


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