A Wolf’s Tear

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Forty Five: of Colors

A month after.

Selena walked through the halls with a plain expression of defeat. She had felt nothing else ever since waking up in Nathaniel’s arms. Minutes after that, Lively showed up to check up on her.

It was all still a blur. Nathaniel’s image burned into her eyes. He was slumped over her, his mouth covered in blood, her blood, after marking her and saving her life.

A prickle in her heart caused her to gasp as she stood in plain, tears appearing in her eyes when her hand touched the skin on her neck and felt the grooves of Nathaniel’s mark.

Selena felt Nathaniel’s wolf inside of her. Its power made her shiver. When she had fallen, crying silently, his wolf comforted her. Like a sweet voice continually cajoling her to see the light of day.

She breathed sharply and wiped the tears on her eyes, practicing the smile she promised to wear in today’s ceremony.

“Ah, fuck.” She whispered under her breath and shrugged her reluctance off her shoulders.

She continued to walk to the foyer where all the wolves had gathered. It was odd. Today was a big event. Though the quietness of the atmosphere perturbed Selena.

Pack Morris lost an Alpha and a Luna in the same day. And the lively atmosphere Selena had witnessed the first time she arrived was nowhere to be seen nor heard.

Turning to the corner, her eyes catch Francis and his mate. She had met her a couple of times before when Francis and checked up on her. The wolf was in all accounts precious. Selena could see that both of them were crazy about each other. Especially Grace who acted like she was going to perish without Francis being six feet near her.

“Cousin,” she spoke lowly, her voice still sounding raspy from all her crying. “Grace… good morning.”

Francis flattened his lips.

“A morning isn’t particularly good when I’m not the reason why you’re frowning.” He chuckled lightly.

Selena nodded. She wanted to laugh but couldn’t muster enough energy.

“How are you feeling?” Grace asks.

“I’m good.” She nodded. Selena’s gaze traveled to the matching open-necked shirt Francis and Grace were wearing, displaying their marks proudly.

Beneath the darkness of her heart, watching Francis thrive with his mate made her feel a tiny bit better. From what she knew in their conversation, Grace was well-informed about everything in his past, including how proud he was of Sebastian.

“How about the two of you? Are you moving back to pack Highcliff or staying here?” Selena raises her brows.

A bright grin appeared on Grace’s face and took her gaze to Francis.

“I’m starting college this year and I’ll be moving states, luckily I got accepted at a college one hour away from pack Highcliff. Which means wherever he is, I'll be there too. Plus, I want to train as a spy, and who better to train me than Francis.”

Grace was a giggly girl who liked talking a lot and a perfect pair for Francis. She never thought this day would come so soon but she was happy for Francis. At least, he now wouldn’t need to fear the moment he would meet his mate.

“I have enough money to buy a house and we’re moving in together once her papers are collected and signed by the next Alpha Morris. As for Sebastian, I’m going to tell him soon. Every wolf already knows about him and me so, I don’t give a fuck anymore. The world will have him whether it wants it or not.”

“Well, finally. Sebby’s going to be shocked for sure. Maybe I’ll come and visit him someday soon?” She lowered her eyes.

She knew she was lying. She couldn’t set foot in pack Highcliff anymore and risk the chance of seeing Talon.

“Or I can take him here. You’d probably like that more.” Francis said. “And by the way, I know Talon to you is the biggest asshole right now but he asked if me to tell you that if you need your other documents, you can come to me.”

She nodded.

“Thank you,” she says.

“And oh, he also told me to give you this.”

Francis fumbles with his wallet for a moment and pulled out a black card with golden accents. Selena looked at him with a stern scowl. It was Talon’s exclusive debit card.

“You know I’m never going to use this right?” She says.

Francis sighs.

“I know, but think of it this way. If you stumble and have a hard time, having this around would greatly help.”

And it would also be used to track her location by checking the purchase history. This is probably another way of Talon hawking over her and the real reason why he would want her to have it.

“Cousin, this is Talon’s whole bank account. I don’t even know how many zeroes this thing has.”

He smirks.

“Trust me, cousin, you’d be surprised with what kind of things Talon lets me buy using this. Take it, I don’t know when or if you’re coming home but it would be awesome to know you’re at least alive.”

Selena rolled her eyes and swiped the card from his hand. She looks at the card and shrugs her shoulders.

“Fine, but I’m going to buy a hundred yachts with this and then dump them all in a desert, and don’t you dare tell me otherwise.”

She feigned a smile. She knew her decision ongoing low contact with Talon would mean her life was going to change drastically but she didn’t care. Accepting Talon’s help would hopefully mean their relationship would improve after some time apart as she was not ready to completely forget about him.

During their conversation, a flood of wolves comes rushing past them.

“Oh, the ceremony is about to start. Let’s go.” Grace mutters as she looked from side to side.

Selena’s heart prickled suddenly. She was hesitant to come and show up in the first place. But it would have been unfair for Jacob if she decided to not show up.

Francis sent her a comforting smile as he followed Grace to the foyer.

She took a heavy breath and continued her way to the foyer. In the past few weeks, a lot of wolves had worked hard to restore it after pack Remmington’s attack and now as she stood in the middle of the room surrounded by wolves, she saw its wondrous design fully blooming despite the many frowns she witnessed coming here.

Across the room, Lively and Winston stood along with Letty. Ever since she took Nathaniel’s wolf, a lot of things changed. Wolves somehow feared her like she was carrying a plague or something.

But she quickly figured out that carrying Nathaniel’s wolf meant she was carrying his scent too. And no one wanted to be reminded of what happened to him, especially her.

Lively smiled a small smile.

She couldn’t help but feel it was a forced smile to make her feel lighter. Even still, she was thankful for it. Lively was making her sane.

“Alpha Bently is here.” Grace murmurs.

She turns to her.

“Bently?” She asks. “Who’s he?”

“The wolf who is going down the staircase, watch.” Grace gestures forwards.

Selena brings her attention in front of her, seeing a wolf standing in the middle of the stairs. There was a certain aura around him and Selena could not figure out if the wolf was worthy of trust or not.

His distinct pose and raise chin, a confident smirk on his lips as he stares down at everyone.

“Talon and this man are now working together, Selena. If things go as planned, packs Bently, Highcliff, and Morris will be the richest packs in history.” Francis whispers.

“I don’t even remember him.” She says.

“That’s because you’re clueless about Talon’s job and it's also probably because he’s an Alpha wolf from England.”

She shook her head at him and turn to the Alpha wolf. In the corner of her eyes, Jacob appeared with two other wolves of the same age as Bently then two more that acted as Jacob’s entourage.

Jacob was wearing nothing but a silk robe and his head was shaved. He looked nothing like the Jacob she knew, he looked different and more mature. The past few weeks had sucked him dry.

“Hello, everyone.” The wolf, Bently bellowed. It immediately forced everyone to look his way, including Selena who was thoroughly surprised with how much of an effect the wolf’s voice had on her. “Blessed be thy Moon.”

“She shines with glory.” All the wolves in the foyer spoke in unison.

Bently grins, that glint of evil in his eyes took Selena by surprise.

“It’s refreshing to see your enthusiasm, my dear wolves. I know we are gathered here today because of devastating news and I am as disappointed as you are. But as wolves of pack Morris, we stand for a cause and a promise. That promise to protect and choose our own above all other wolves.”

“Yes, sir!” The wolves all chimed in.

“That is right. Although I am but a foreign wolf, I wish all of you to see my side. I was trained alongside the former Alpha Jacob. During that training, my eyes were opened and as wolves, violence is always our answer.”

Selena gulped. The overwhelming conviction the wolf had made her legs shake. She wondered if these were the same principles Nathaniel was following.

“But we call onto violence only when are hurt and betrayed. And our efforts should only be doubled when our loved ones are betrayed, am I right?”

The pack erupts into another round of applause.

“Good, now imagine my shock when I heard something so potentially damning that my knuckles have turned white from forming my hands into fists.”

She narrowed her eyes at the wolf. Something about the way he spoke his words made her unsettled.

“Nathaniel Morris was and is my brother’s son and I am appalled, severely appalled that during his duties as Alpha Morris, we had spies. Of course, I do not blame the Stormwind for that and neither should you. Desperate wolves become craftier with intricate lies and deception. Tell me, my wolves. Did we not love our Alpha Stormwind?”

“We did!” The room erupted in answer.

Bently’s persuasiveness had managed to capture everyone’s heart. And it was apparent that whatever show he was planning, it was all damage control. To dim the lights of what happened and to control a narrative he wanted to be let out.

“Did he not try his best to protect you, us, everyone?”

“He did!”

“Did he not provide us recluse?”

“He did!”

“Did he not give us a piece of his heart out of his own will and gave us everything even if we never asked?”

“He did!”

He frowns, lowering his head. His eyes, the color of wet-glazed amber started to tear up.

He was impressive. A true performer. A deceptive one, Selena thought.

“Then why is it that after all the things he has done for us, why do wolves still choose to betray him? I know the answer. It is money. Money and fame and recognition. But we know the Stormwind is not like that. A week ago, my spies intercepted a message containing a detailed money transfer from two wolves for pack Remmington-”

The room went silent as the wolf beside Bently turned to him with a deadly glare.

“Andre.” The wolf warns. “I have a wife and five children to think about. Do not do this here.”

Bently’s jaw was locked.

“How dare you appeal to pity now when you have helped to kill Luna Morris, our sweet Eliza? A woman of pure and noble intentions. Although she had her times and share of mistakes, she has proven to be a powerful leader. And you deprive us of her kindness.”

“I was coerced!” The other wolf spouted.

Bently nodded. “Yes, my comrades. I have worked with the two of you for so long and you betray me like this. You, the both of you. Have forsaken and betrayed the Stormwind.”

The wolves around Selena draw their weapons, pointing them to the two wolves, leaving them no paths for escape.

“My wolves, this betrayal will not be easily forgotten and so it is our duties as wolves of pack Morris to cleanse our pack of its rot.”

The crowd roared in anger. Bently’s passionate speech was the catalyst of it all.

While the commotion started to get louder and more powerful, the two wolves in question were frozen in place. It was then that Jacob made his move, drawing his dagger and stabbing one of the wolves on their nape and completely beheading the other.

Selena’s eyes widened at the hatred in Jacob’s form. Even if she was across the room, she felt how his wolf sought more blood.

Everyone cheered at Jacob’s display of strength and ferocity. The joyous laughs and clapping that enveloped Selena made her go deaf momentarily. But her eyes were trained on the sadness in Jacob’s facade. He looked just like Nathaniel’s portrait.

A strong face with a muddled mind.

Tears travel down her cheeks as she looked at him. Unlike the tears of joy in other wolves’ eyes, Selena’s core was being carved hallow by remorse. It was the only feeling she was able to make when her head was taken over by Nathaniel.

Her emotions were occupied with what happened to Nathaniel and it pained her to think that Jacob was shoved into the position of Alpha Morris against his wishes, his will.

“Great show, my boy,” Bently announced. “Take the stand, open your heart to your wolves.”

He nods. “Thank you, uncle.”

Jacob’s entourage moves to each of his sides, carefully removing the robe from his body to reveal his naked, masculine, and God-given flesh. Bently stands by his side, carrying a chest made of glass and studded with gems. One of Jacob’s men comes and opens it, taking an ornate blade out and handing it to Jacob’s hands.

She grimaced as she held back her tears.

Never before did a wolf look so misplaced like Jacob.

“My wolves,” Jacob uttered after a long pause. “To say that, it warms my heart. For so many years, I have always wondered where I truly belong in pack Morris and I am not proud of the image I have painted for myself, and I am well aware that I am not my brother or my father. They are men who carved their names in history. I am but a whisper in the wind, insignificant. But I stand here unclothed and shaven just like Nathaniel and my father was when they too stood before you.

I do not ask for your loyalty but I hope for it. No matter what happens, I am a wolf of pack Morris, born and raised proudly. I mirror the devotion Nathaniel possessed when he… was here. I do not match his strength and I know some of you look down at me because of my past actions but I ask you that give me a chance.

That I, Jacob Liam Lorenzano Morris be seen as your next Alpha. Be the next wolf that carries the mantle left by Stormwind. I will lead the pack with honor and dignity, carry on my brother’s virtue. Family above all else. Blood be spilled if warranted by blood. And howls ignite the flames of our desire to protect our own.”

The many cheers that enraptured the whole room filled Selena’s heart with a mix of despair and bittersweetness. Everyone was so happy for him despite him holding back tears.

Selena wondered if Nathaniel would have had the same reaction to the other wolves in the foyer after hearing Jacob’s speech.

“Did Talon ever do this in his inauguration?” Francis whispered into her ear.

She nodded reluctantly.

“Yes… I was standing on his side when it happened.”

But just like Jacob, Talon was forced to grin and bear at the circumstances of their inauguration.

This was the part where she dreaded the most.

Jacob held the dagger against the skin over his heart. He presses it against his body, letting the blade’s sharpness cut him. He runs the blade across his chest, drawing out blood. He places his hand on his bleeding chest.

Bently smiles, the pride in his amber eyes glowing wickedly as he took Jacob’s hand and guided his thumb to a piece of paper, Jacob’s oath. It had simply meant that he had signed himself as Alpha using his blood.

“Wolves of pack Morris, I hereby introduce to you your next Alpha. Alpha Jacob Liam L. Morris! A round of applause, please.” Bently announced proudly.

Jacob’s lips crumpled as he let himself go. Though tears persisted to travel down his cheeks, he was stoic.

With fear, Selena was overwhelmed and turned her back. Walking as fast as she could.


Selena continually questioned herself. Was she even worth it? Nathaniel traded his health and safety for her. She felt unworthy of having his wolf. For it to comfort her.

He said he loved her. But the moment he had said it, it was hard to easily believe it when she denied her emotions. Denying the transient blooms of light and airy feelings that favored him.

Maybe it was all true?

Still, it was hard for her to accept it. The way of every wolf, falling in love once you look at the wolf the Moon destined you to be with. That was hard for her to believe in when she had sworn to herself that she could not in any case let herself fall for a wolf.

Not until she had exacted her revenge.

But after Dorran… or Roark. After she failed to recognize him, was she even capable of following her promises?

It made her feel like she was tossed inside a sack and was kicked repeatedly.

But what was more important than her self-pity was Nathaniel.

What exactly was going on in his mind when sank his teeth into her body?

What were his doubts, his fears, and the words he wanted to say?

Nathaniel no longer confused her.

They chose the paths they diverged from. His priority was to survive for his pack. And now, how could she repay his kindness? Or as he said, how was she supposed to love him back?

As she stood beside the window, Selena’s door opened. She looks over her shoulder and saw Jacob standing on the door frame.

“Hey,” He greets, grinning while he leaned on the wall.

She mustered a smile.

“Hey to you too, Alpha Morris.”

He rolls his eyes.

“Ugh, not you too. I feel like my ears are about to fall off from everyone congratulating me.”

She frowns.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to-”

He chuckled lightly.

“Relax, Lena. I was kidding.” He shook his head. “Wanna go for a walk?”

She looked at him dead serious but eventually relented.

“Sure. I guess I kind of want someone to talk to.”

After the ceremony and after she hid in her room, she kept thinking of Jacob and how he was doing. Now he was acting cool and that was despite the fact his eyes were puffy mostly from tearing up.

She walks over to him, with her arms crossed over her chest.

They leave the room and snuck out through the backdoor, avoiding all the wolves that were gathered in the mess hall. They were all loud and messy and some were already very drunk at ten in the morning.

Selena twisted her lips. She wouldn’t mind a tall glass of never-ending wine right now. At least being drunk, even if she hadn’t experienced it before, would probably be worth it.

In the yard where most of the wolves were keeping to themselves, Selena felt an urge to just bawl her eyes out.

It was the guilt that kept simmering in her that made her feel so sick whenever she spent time basking under the sun.

“You weren’t in the mess hall this morning. That was supposed to be my first feast as Alpha Morris. Or you know, a very important event. I would have liked it if I had a friend beside me.”

She sighs.

“I know, I know. I’m sorry.”

Jacob flattened his lips.

“No... I shouldn’t have said that. Now I feel like an entitled asshole.”

“But you’re right.” She looks at him. “I shouldn’t have left.”

He nodded, bringing his eyes forward as they pass through the packhouse’s gate.

“You didn’t miss anything, well except Letty saying fuck and shit and a few other words and then Winston having a mental breakdown over it.”

With Jacob’s chuckle, Selena was infected. She laughed quietly. He had the energy and will to laugh despite everything.

“So… how did you like the speech? Over-dramatic or…?” He raised his brows.

“To be honest, you sounded so sure. I’m happy for you and I think Nathaniel would have been too.”

He snorts.

“You think so? I was nervous. It’s just, I knew someday I would inherit the role. With how Nathaniel was exhausting his wolf, I would have been called as a replacement in a few years. I never thought my brother wouldn’t be on my side when it happens. I think if he saw me crying, he’d probably make fun of me. He does that when he and I are alone. Then he’d say things that old people would say like ‘You made me very proud today.’ or ‘Next time, I’ll film and take photos to remember the moment.’ and other shit like that.”

She widened her eyes, surprised but also not at the same time.

“Really?” She says, holding back her smile.

“Yeah. One time I accidentally hospitalized a person in a Karate tournament I was in. He wasn’t even upset. He just stood there smiling at me while the other kid’s parents were berating him. And another one when I was fourteen, I broke the other team’s goalkeeper’s nose at a soccer game in my school. I know I make stupid mistakes but Nate was always there to make me feel good about myself. Now I can’t imagine him being gone. I’m afraid he won’t be here to tell me what’s right from wrong.”

Selena lowered her gaze to the pavement. What sides was she yet to discover? Before running away, Selena couldn’t even read Nathaniel.

He was an undecipherable book, choosing to not let others see the real him. Well, except Jacob.

They were siblings after all. There were things that only they know about each other. Like Nathaniel being unhappy with Katie.

“I just wish I got to know him better. Maybe if I did, I would have gotten the chance to see the side of him you’re talking about.”

He hums.

“Nathaniel is a boring person. After five years of a criminology course, he never leaves pack Morris unless it’s about treaties and meetings with other packs. In fact, I know for sure that he never had the chance to eat a burger or try a milkshake before. Come to think of it now, I don’t think he can survive alone in the human world considering he doesn’t know how to cook a proper meal.”

“Well, that’s the perk of being Alpha Morris, I guess.”

She understood it clearly. Even Talon and her were subject to this treatment. But in her case, she had at least tried to survive on her own. Though she still very much failed in cooking.

“I know he was a good person. He was always the villain in my eyes and I wanted to hate him but I couldn’t. I don’t understand why he is so willing to give himself to everyone.” She mumbled.

“I don’t know either.” He looks at her. “I think it’s because of dad. Our mother lied about a lot of things just to make our father look and sound like a God. Do you know what I think is sad? Is that I do think they loved each other but I don’t think they knew how to show it properly. Maybe Nathaniel wanted to be the good side that dad had.”

She nodded.

“Is that why Nathaniel barely shows any kind of expression other than being stoic?”

“There’s probably a lot of other things about it too but, only he knew that.”

A quietness hung over their heads. It was like a cloud of grief that they both share as she stopped on the end of the road and stood under a large tree.

Her wolf silently wept under the tree’s shade as a murder of crows flew over their heads.

She allowed herself to circle back on all the things. How it ended here and how the changes in their lives were about to go down.

“What’s going to happen to pack Morris now? Any grand plans you have hidden under your sleeves?”

He smirks at her.

“As for plans, absolutely. Since Nathaniel was a boring leader, I’m going to have an expensive, money-draining, month-long party filled with booze and orgies. It’s going to be a banger.”

Her head snapped in his direction faster than lightning. A look of pure horror spread all over her face.

His response was a gentle chuckle.

“Learn to not panic, Lena. As you know, I’m not as good as a fighter as Nathaniel so while I’m Alpha Morris, uncle Andre will be staying for as long as he deems necessary to train me.”

She drops her shoulders.

“You’ll do great. I know you will.”

“Thank you. Letting everyone down isn’t something I want. So, I guess I’m going to work hard to make everyone safe.”

Jacob’s unwavering conviction sat on a thin layer of ice. She knew it and she felt it. Though he was unsure of himself, she couldn’t sense any sign that he was about to give up.

His phone chimes, causing him to groan vehemently.

“It’s uncle Andre. He’s making me meet potential investors for the pack. Thank you for the walk and being here.”

She grinned.

“First Alpha duty, by your will, Alpha Morris.”

He looks at her, momentarily flummoxed, and shook his head in amusement.

Selena’s smile disappeared as she watches Jacob retreating, leaving her to dwell in her contemplation.


Two weeks had since gone by after Jacob’s inauguration ceremony. Everything in pack Morris returned to a life filled with recluse and stability. No more wolves had dared to attack especially after Andre imported his wolves to defend the pack borders.

And while pack Morris was missing its Luna, Lively took the role temporarily at Jacob’s behest as she was closest with Eliza. And now Lively was in the process of exercising her power, making a lot of wolves cry during routine inspections and training.

Selena surmised that Lively might have gone mad with power.

Francis had moved back home with Grace and now they were in the process of hunting for a small house.

As for Jacob, he had barely enough time for relaxation when the paperwork regarding the attack came flooding in. Taxes, paying wages, repair bills, and a ton of other things that he and Winston were trying to fix together.

Slowly each day, the wounds of what happened were starting to heal and the events that had transpired more than a month ago were being forgotten, lost in the wind.

Wolves needed to move on quickly. It is what makes them strong. The ability to adapt seamlessly to every given situation was a good thing.

It made your resolve harder but a piece of you is lost every time you attempt to snuff out the light of your emotions.

Selena breathed heavily, clutching a bouquet of pink magnolias against her chest as she knocked on the door.

“Coming in.”

She stood awkwardly at the door, fumbling with the hem of her gray sundress.

Of course, no one would answer.’ She muttered in her thoughts and twisted the doorknob open.

Entering the room, Selena gazed at the windows and immediately grimaced realizing the blinds were still on down. She crossed the room and opened the windows, letting warm sunlight in.

“Much better.” She says and walks to the bedside dresser.

She removed the wilting roses from the vase replaced them with her magnolias.

Selena was persistent on waiting and working, trying to distract herself from reality.

With busy hands, it gave her a sense of escapism. She could pretend that her heart hasn’t wasn’t breaking into pieces the longer she stood on the same ground, not moving on like the rest of the wolves was doing.

While she worked, she sang her father’s lullaby to drown out the beeping sound of the machine that had haunted her dreams for so long.

Selena bounced from corner to corner, sweeping every speck of dust her eyes could see. She had also rearranged the clothes in the drawers and wardrobe for the sixth time that week just out of pure boredom.

After the clothes, she went on pulling and moving the furniture around the room. Especially the couch that she preferred to be closer to the bed.

This was her daily routine. Although she had gotten used to it, there were still times that the only sound she could hear was the sound of the ventilator’s beeps.

“Jacob visited every room in the packhouse today. Which is weird because Winston told him that they needed to finish at least one drawer of unfinished paperwork. I guess he just wanted a break from work.”

Selena leaned over the bed, reached for her book, and picked up from where she left off. Hesitation corrupts Selena’s mind as her gaze was phasing between the book and to the bed in front of her.

Would it be weird?’ She asks herself. ‘Who am I kidding, of course, it is!’

The gushing stream of embarrassment made her slam the book on her face.

What if someone comes in? She would come out looking like a creep no doubt.

She gulped noisily and place her hand on the mattress. Her heart hammered against her chest as her hand trailed the tubes that came into his skin. She trembling as her eyes become blurry with tears.

“Princess?” Nathaniel’s groggy voice creeps into her ears.

Shivers run down her spine as she breathed heavily, big wet tears cascading down her cheeks while she silently gawked at him.

For a while, she believed she would never get the chance to see the same strands of his eyes. To never gaze at its cold, hard magnificence was a thought too daunting for her to formally think of.

Nathaniel’s weak hand reached for his respirator and pulls it away.

“My moon, you’re okay.”

After more than a month of being in a coma, he looked like he was a shadow of himself. Days after days turned into weeks, and then a month, her hope wavered but never disappeared.

She was clinging to the idea of him. And how the thunderstorms hanging over her head were not caused by anyone else but her. She stopped herself from dipping her feet into the ocean of his warm embrace because of revenge.

“Moon? What’s wrong? Ah… are you hurt? You look pale. Please speak. You’re terrifying me.”

He pushes himself off the bed, harshly removing the needles stuck in his arms and throwing them away. His sudden movement caused him to pull on his wound.

“Nathaniel, stop!”

He falls back, hitting his head on the headboard. But that only seemed like a minor inconvenience as he was stuck staring at her like a deer caught in the headlights, lips ajar and appearing paler than before.

It amazed her how his first thought was her.

He was the one in a coma for the past month, not her. And yet, he looked at her as if she was dying from shock. She couldn’t move so easily when she was petrified at the scene of him moving and talking.

“What did you just say to me?” His brows meet together.


She wore a quizzical look.

Nathaniel sits himself up and reached for her hand, gingerly caressing her fingers with his thumb. He was trying to figure out if she was an illusion as a look of befuddlement plagues him.

She could feel her knees quivering as she looked at him. There was a force drawing her to feel her skin on his. To say the words hiding under her tongue.

“Are you real?” He whispers.

His voice was almost inaudible.

She smiled, nodding her head slowly.


He looked even more puzzled.

“But… you said my name. In front of me.”

Selena blinked away her tears. There were a lot of things going on in her head. But only one stood the brightest of colors. And that was how her heart beat profusely for only one wolf… human.

She smiles and moved closer. She took his gaze, the fondness in it melting her sudden bursts of fear away.

“I am real and I’m here, all because of you, Nathaniel.”

Nathaniel draws in a short breath. The worry in him evaporated.

Though she wasn’t prepared for what was going to happen, Selena braced herself. Pulling all the courage in her body to place a kiss on his forehead.


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