A Wolf’s Tear

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Forty Seven: Before Me

Nathaniel awoke to hushed snores entering his ears. It was the tenderness of the moment that made him tighten his arms around the wolf sleeping on top of his chest. He closes his eyes shut, hoping that she wouldn’t disappear when he would look at her.

He heaved a heavy breath and gazed at her. Relief immediately floods in him when her ink-black hair, scattered all over the bed and on him, greeted his eyes. For one more day, he felt like the luckiest person in the world. She wasn’t an illusion brought by his insanity. Everything about her was real now.

His eyes drifted to the ceiling, wondering what did he do to have a wolf like her in his arms.

Waking up with her sprawled all over him still felt blissful. Now his favorite thing to do was running his fingers through her hair and watch her sleepily murmur incoherent babble.

‘Moon!’ He thought. Is there anything more beautiful than the picturesque image of the owner of his heart drooling all over his chest?

“Nathaniel, go back to sleep.” She groans and rubs her cheeks against him.

He chuckles.

“It’s nine in the morning already. We missed breakfast.” He whispers.


“No, what?” He smiled.

“You’re so warm. I don’t want to move if it's cold outside.” She grumbled.

Nathaniel had been observing her for the past two weeks. Ever since she asked for them to cuddle without clothes on, he had picked up on several things about her. One thing that completely boggled him was her very obvious fondness for his hairy chest. When she woke up before him, he had noticed her playing with the hair on his chest.

At first, he thought he could be wrong but ultimately, he was right. He had caught her red-handed when he tried testing his theory out by pretending he was planning to wax his chest, only for her to vehemently try to convince him otherwise.

It was a cruel plan, he admitted, but now he had thought of ways to take care of not only his beard but also his chest hair.

He was convinced that the cold was not the one bothering her, rather she was too comfortable to move.

“I don’t want to get up too, but I need to eat before I drink my medicine for the morning. I’m sorry, princess.” He rubs her soft shoulders.

“I forgot… sorry. You make lazy.” She answered.

The thing is, she made him lazy too. It wasn’t his character to sleep this late. His routine of trying to exercise at dawn was always thwarted when she wouldn’t let go of him. He also didn’t have the heart to wake her up.

Nathaniel tensed as her hand roamed around his abdomen, her adventurous fingers tapping every curve of his sinuous muscles until she accidentally touched the head of his morning glory.

She jolted and drew her hand away, tucking her nose into his underarm.

“You knew that was going to happen!” She exclaimed.

He chuckles and raised himself up, trapping her under him. Nathaniel had tried to show her his affection slowly. He didn’t want to scare her. But recently it was becoming harder and harder to restrain himself when Selena was doing all the right things that made him go insane.

With her, he discovered how much it turned him on whenever she kissed his neck. Then there she was, playing with his hair while rubbing her face all over his chest. Or just by her speaking ignited fireworks in his mind.

In short, Selena had unknowingly become a tease. Or maybe she knew, and she enjoyed seeing him struggle to keep himself cuffed.

She yelps.

“What are you doing?”

“Don’t look down.”

He said.

Though it was too late. Her eyes had already strayed too far down. She blushes as she stares at him.

“Y-your legs are working fine.” She says.

“They’ve been working fine for the past two days, moon.” He retorts with a grin.

“Don’t look at me like that.”

“I’m not allowed to admire you?”

He feigns his innocence. His smile spread as she quivered under him.

“You are, but it kinda looks you’re about to eat me.”

“Maybe I should?” Nathaniel wickedly smirked. He lowered his face and captured her lips. “I tasted your lips, don’t expect me to not fully ravish you when it finally happens.”

She draws a sharp breath.

“I don’t know if I can live up to the things you planted in your head.”

Nathaniel never understood why Selena kept putting herself down after every compliment. She didn’t know how to take praises well.

The sunlight pouring inside the room caught the tendrils of her hair and the strands of her awe-inducing brown eyes. Before him laid a vivid image of immaculate beauty given and handcrafted by the Moon herself. It pained him to think that she thought so little of herself when, in his eyes, she was the wolf that drew everyone’s attention. She was his moon, his goddess, and the meaning of beauty for him.

“You’ve already surpassed my expectations. I can’t ask for more. That would make me very selfish.” He replied.

“Surpassed them how?”

“There’s a million little things that keep me wanting you, moon. I will not tell you what they are. Just keep being yourself and don’t overthink it.”

She grimaced.

“You’re like an enigma. I hate not knowing things and with how you choose to hide your emotions, I went insane. Now, I’m looking at you and I see how much you want me and I don’t even know how.”

He sighs, feeling the conflict in her voice hurt too much.

“Just know that I can’t see a world without you.” He says.

She smiled lopsidedly.

“Me too.” She brought her hands to his chest. “I think being with you was the best decision I’ve ever chosen. I don’t want this to end.”

The entire world outside the room stilled and Nathaniel could only think how everything in his life was suddenly so perfect.

“Thank you for choosing me.” He claims her lips.

She pulls him in, kissing him hungrily. Nathaniel replied by taking her hands and pinning them above her head as he kissed her vigorously. Her gentle moans fueled him. He bit her lip, causing her to gasp. He took the opportunity and plundered her mouth with his adventurous tongue.

He was hungry and selfish for more. He kissed her with a need he did not know he had within him. It was so primal that it was so easy to let himself loose with unkempt desire. He pulls away to breathe, only to go back and leave a trail of kisses down her jaw and to her neck.

“Are you guys fucking?”

The door suddenly burst open.

Nathaniel scrambles and covered Selena with his body while he reaches for the blanket. He turns to Lively with a scowl.

“Well, that’s an image I’m never going to forget.”

“There’s something normal people do before they enter a room that’s not theirs, you know. It’s called knocking.” He looked at her with a pointed scowl.

“I guess I’m not normal then.” She shrugs. “You’re being summoned by Andre Bently. There’s some paperwork that needs your signature.”

“Is that all?” He asks.

“Oh, and enjoy making pies.”

Lively closes the door behind her, but not before winking maliciously.

Nathaniel lay on the bed, incredulous of what had just happened. His eyes travel down to see Selena’s beet-red complexion. He felt her heartbeat against him. He kisses her temple and squeezed her lightly.

“Pies?” she asks with her brows knitted together.

Nathaniel smiles, trying not to laugh. Her innocence was truly something he didn’t want to corrupt.

“Don’t mind her.” He says and kisses her again before lifting her up and taking her to the bathroom for a shower.


Walking to his old office, Nathaniel felt elated at every step of the way. Pack Morris, his home, felt oddly different. Now that he was unburdened of the pack’s responsibility, he viewed things in a shade less bright than before. And matters that would automatically catch his attention no longer held meaning.

He enters the room and spots Andre beside Jacob and Winston behind stacks of paperwork laid in a row on top of the desk. All of them were equally engrossed in their work.

“Good morning.” He greets.

The three of them raise their heads and look at him like he was their savior.

“Finally,” Andre sighs. “Look at you, boy. Having your mate isn’t an excuse to become tardy.”

Nathaniel grins.

“I think it’s only fair for me to enjoy the time I have with my mate. Sorry, but I’m not sorry.”

“Seems like we have a romantic on our side.” Andre feigns his annoyance. “I hope you’re as attentive to your responsibilities as the former Alpha as you are with your mate.”

Nathaniel widens his eyes, confused about what his uncle had meant. Transferring titles meant responsibilities, too. Though there were probably things he was not well aware of, knowing his father didn’t bother explaining handiwork done under the table.

“I’m told I had paperwork to sign.”

“Yes,” Jacob stood. “A buttload of them.”

“It’s for the transfer of deeds, Nate.” Winston walks up to him and handed him five pages of paper with a list of documents he needed to sign.

“That is all the legal minutiae of running a pack. To ensure a smooth transfer of power, every asset, the packhouse, the lodging and accommodation for pack members, cars, appliances, the plot of land in which we stand and others must be signed over to Junior’s name. After all, we wouldn’t want the human authorities seizing your assets and accusing us of embezzlement or fraud.” Andre added. “We must have legal papers for everything, have back-ups, and back-ups for back-ups in case we steamroll in hiccups along the way.”

Nathaniel nods. He and his father took almost a month to complete this task. There was far too much paperwork to consider. There was no room for error and a lot of revisions were made.

“On it.” He said. “Will that be all?”

“Not quite.” Winston glanced at him.

The room soon fell into a more serious atmosphere. Andre takes his phone and gave it to Nathaniel. He looks at the screen, seeing a column of photos with Harrick and Roark’s names, along with timestamps and locations.

“You are aware of your other brothers now,” Andre says. “Since they have come out of whatever dirty igloo they’re from, their images have been circling around but what is surprising is the involvement of pack Albrich.”

“What?” He says. “Pack Albrich?”

“I’m as astonished as you are. Are you aware of Keith Albrich?”

Andre asks.

“Yes. He is Joseph Albrich’s older brother and their former Alpha. I worked with him before.”

“Well, my men planted in pack Albrich detected an unusual order by Joseph. It is to locate and seize his older brother. I think he suspects Keith to be a part of the incident that recently occurred involving the Remmingtons.”

“What makes him think that?”

“The photos in that folder were taken the day before Harrick Remmington launched the attack.”

Nathaniel scrolled through the photos and spot Harrick along with the same woman who had hurt Selena. They were in a diner having coffee with none other than the smartly dressed ginger Keith Albrich.

“The Albrichs cannot be trusted too.” He lowers his shoulder at the overwhelming disappointment.

“Not necessarily. This isn’t the work of the entire pack but only Keith himself.”

“We can’t be too sure, sir.” He argues.

He was unwilling to let things go easily. Ten wolves infiltrated his pack after he had become too docile and trusting.

“Don’t worry. I have Joseph Albrich by his balls, aye. I have made a lucrative business deal with Talon Highcliff. Of course, I must also be aware of his associates and that includes pack Albrich. I’ve spoken with him and discovered the reason Keith stepped down from his role of Alpha is that he gambled and lost one-fourth of pack Albrich’s entire estate to the Remmingtons. Ever since Joseph took over, Keith has been on the run. Let’s just say that our conversation ended up being profitable in information and money in my end and his.”

So that at least explains why pack Remmington had the money to operate on the scale they did.

This is only one example of why Nathaniel feared and admired Andre. He was ruthless when it came to fortune. The man knew how to get his ducks in order, and his meticulousness was nothing short but outstanding.

“What can we do about this?”

“Simple. Joseph and Talon will be our two new business partners. Jacob will be the one running everything to ensure we get a clamp on their balls and see exactly what they’re doing. It is a foolproof plan that will give us control, money, and power.”

Nathaniel felt chills listening to Andre speak his plan.

Andre had a smile of a madman. That wicked sense of victory creeping up in his face was a sight to behold.

“Having control over these packs will give us the ability to keep tabs on other smaller packs that are under their protection, which results in us having a wider reach for our spies.”

Nathaniel’s eyes widened, seeing what Andre was trying to do.

“We can also spay pack Remmington’s vectors.”

“Exactly my point!” Andre exclaims. “And with the help of my wolves to be stationed in their lands, safety is guaranteed. We will quash the pack that took away my bond brother and his wife and leave none of them alive.”

If the world would go down in ruins, Andre was the person to burn and step on every dead corpse he would come across. He had seen the brotherhood his father and Andre had despite them not being related by blood.

Nathaniel surmised that Andre’s anger was justified. He would also feel lost if anything were to happen to Jacob. But this plan of his was just plain brilliant. At the surface level, it could be easily mistaken as a money-grabbing tactic to exploit the other packs. The real genius behind it was a deadly scheme wrapped under the guise of kindness.

“The Remmingtons made their deathbed when they attacked us nine years ago. We tried to play the peaceful diplomats, but this stunt they have pulled can’t be resolved by the hands of justice. We play evil if they play evil.”

He looks down, suddenly unwilling to face his uncle. Andre planned to cull innocent lives out of spite. Nathaniel now saw how vindictive Andre was.

“Not all of them are bad people. I’m sure we can at least spare the good from the bad.” He mutters.

Andre’s expression fell cold.

“Nathaniel, those who pledge their allegiance to pack Remmington have no good in their bodies. You share the same amount of values and will to see the brighter side in people like your father, but look where that got him. We can’t afford to carry on watching the world through rose-colored glasses. I love you but I’m sorry.”

Nathaniel heaved a heavy breath, nodding begrudgingly with flattened lips.


After a couple of hours of revising letters, talking with different lawyers, signing documents, Nathaniel had barely begun his duties. He moved at a snail’s pace as his mind was occupied with Andre’s words.

If kindness got you nowhere, then what did? Was it kindness when he failed to capture Harrick and Roark or just simply failure?

He chastised himself, conflicted with the virtues he had instilled within his body.

Justice warranted by blood still required the eyes of the people to judge, not him. Abandoning the words he stood by while growing up was difficult. It took him realizing that besides pack Morris; he had no life of his own to finally let go of it and step down as Alpha.

The values he stood for were a separate entity. It was harder to let go when it was wired in his brain.

“Right off,” Andre suddenly bellowed. “It’s noon.”

Nathaniel raised his eyes from his phone, hoping for a break. The feeling of guilt plagued his chest. Though it was probably just him being dramatic. He was hopelessly anxious about being away from his mate.

“Can we… maybe skip today’s combat training?” Jacob asks. “I didn’t know it was possible but my legs and arms are still sore from yesterday.”

Andre shook his head.

“Come on now, junior. I was a wee bean when I trained with your dad under your grandfather, yeah? You’re a grown boy. You can overcome a simple training session.”

“Simple? Sir, I think you mistake hard with being simple. Lifting two-hundred-fifty pounds of bags filled with boulders on each hand, then walking a whole mile is hard. Now, chilling is simple.” Jacob argued.

“No, no. The agreement was pack duties in the morning, then training after lunch until dinner. You’re lucky I’m not forbidding you from nesting with the female wolves waiting for you to come out. Those young, beautiful women are fleeting distractions.”

Andre persisted.

It was like watching Jacob being told off by their father, which only made things darker, knowing Jacob was given no fatherly advice growing up. Their uncle was the closest thing to a parent they had left. His wife was, unfortunately, was temperamental and their only son was in lack of a better word, a spoiled troublemaker.

“Besides, the harder you work, the harder they chase you. Believe me. Diligence is one of the most attractive qualities a person can attain. And with diligence comes an influx of wolves wanting you to butter their biscuits.”

Jacob grins excitedly while Nathaniel resisted the urge to place the palm of his hand on his face. Good intentions but certainly terrible motivations. He was bereft at the fact that all that came out of Andre, a married man.

Seems like his uncle was not all innocent, too.

“Well, if you put it like that.” Jacob shrugged and picked up his jacket, leaving through the door merrily.

Nathaniel looked grimly at the wolf.

“Your grandfather told me the same thing when I was too lazy to train.” Andre chuckles and follows Jacob out of the room.

“See you later, Nate.” Winston pats his shoulders and leaves.

Nathaniel nodded and turns to the uneven stacks of paper. He grimaced as he put them away.

It took him minutes before he finished everything. He had always abhorred the sight of his desk looking like a mess. And seeing Jacob leave the room in a disarray had him feeling cross. Though even he was guilty of doing it himself, he had always made it his goal to go back and fix everything.

After putting them all away, Nathaniel roamed the whole packhouse looking for only one wolf. It was difficult to find her when he didn’t have a wolf’s nose to track down her beautiful scent or a wolf’s ears to hear her mellifluous voice.

After searching the entire house, he went outside to the pack grounds. There in the backyard, there was a group of young pups all huddled up together around three older wolves and one of them was Selena.

His heart immediately softened as he watches a pup climb Selena’s small stature. But she laughs it all off despite her clearly having a hard time balancing herself as more pups tried to copy the first one.

He rushes to her aid and one by one scooped the little kids from her.

“Is it raining pups today?” He asks.

The children flock around him and grip his legs.

“Could be.” She snickers.

“Why are they outside their rooms?”

She smiled lopsidedly. Her eyes holding a guilty glint as she averted her gaze to her feet.

“I bought them stuff…” she admitted. “Toys, shoes, other things. I asked the wolves in charge of them and their parents said okay at the idea.”

“You did?” He asks again in disbelief.

“Yeah. In courtesy of Talon, of course. I don’t claim any credit and it was Talon’s humble donation.”

He smiles. The nervousness in her seemed to evaporate as she smiled at him with a sense of glee.

“You didn’t have to.”

“I know,” she says. “I just wanted to. Oh, and I also bought you something.”

This piqued his interest. Nathaniel kept a plain expression as he put the boy in his hands down and waddled out of the crowd or rowdy pups playing with their new toys. He follows Selena. One look and it was as if he was having a seizure. His heart constricted. His legs stopped moving, his feet firmly rooted into the ground as he gazed at Selena’s well-shaped bum.

At first, he thought he was seeing things. But that dark, silky material was too familiar to be mistaken for other things. His boxers worked great shorts for her. Though he said nothing and silently looked and not touch.

Selena strolled towards an outdoor table. She takes the paper bag sitting on one seat, pulling out a white shirt. She grins as his face fell into a look of silent horror and amusement.

“I love burgers?” He reluctantly read the text written on the shirt.

She giggles. The sound may have been the most awe-inducing thing he had ever heard.

“I saw it while buying the stuff for the kids in town and thought it would look nice on you.”

Nathaniel laughs.

“I’ll treasure it, moon.” He says as he pulled his shirt over his head and wore Selena’s gift.

She jumps and pulls out another shirt from the bag, wearing it over her clothes, covering the wondrous curves of her bum. The shirt was a couple of sizes too long and too big for her. The hem of the shirt reached the middle of her thighs. He kept his disappointment to a minimum.

“Well?” she proudly presented herself.

Nathaniel contemplated for a moment. He narrowed his eyes at her, reading her face. But all he could see was overwhelming glee. He softens and kisses her forehead.

“Moon, is this a couple’s shirt?” He asks.

She shook her head.

“I don’t think so. Why?” She looks worried.

He flattens his lips. He was floored with how oblivious she was.

“The ‘I love burgers’ and the one on your shirt, ‘Corn dogs are my thing’ is-”

“Oh, my Moon.” Her eyes widened. “I thought they were funny and stupid.”

Nathaniel takes her hand and squeezed it. Trying his best to reassure her it was fine. Her look of dread over a slight mistake was both worrying and cute.

“Well, admittedly, they are kinda silly. But I will not take it off.” He leans in her ear and whispered. “Besides, I really do like burgers.”

She pulls away and slaps his chest. He erupts into a chuckling fit. Though he felt guilty for teasing her, he couldn’t help himself. This all felt too real, and he wanted to make the most of every moment with her.

“I didn’t know the Stormwind was such a butt-man.” She murmurs.

“Am I?” He innocently asks. “Are you comfortable in my boxers?”

“Yes, I ran out of pants.”

He placed the tip of his nose on her neck and caressed her skin. She shivers. Her hand crumpling his shirt while she fought for balance. Nathaniel nipped the tip of her ear and gulped at the mere sound of her sharp breath.

“Your beauty astounds me, moon.” He takes hold of her body, completely enamored by her alabaster complexion.

“You’re the only person who has made me feel that way.” She answers.

“I pity how your features escape them. They will never know what true beauty is and how it feels to have you this near me.”

No. Not even a wolf like Roark.

For so long, he never felt so selfish. So unrelentingly wicked and willing to hide Selena from all the scum in the world. All he wanted was for her to never leave his side.

His hands cupped her ample bottom.

“Should we really be doing this here?” She pulls away from him. “I like this. You touching me but the kids are gawking at us and we probably shouldn’t teach them things.”

He nodded, concealing his peeved disposition.

He kept reminding himself not yet. But patience is almost impossible. He had made plans to surprise her, something he wasn’t so keen on doing with Katie. All the dinners and events he had gone to were done and paid for by Katie while he let himself be strung along.

Making plans and being sneaky about it was gut-wrenching.

“I finished my work for the day. I was hoping maybe we can walk around, stretch my legs.”

“Are you sure, or do you just want us to be alone together?”

Nathaniel nods. His moon was revealing herself to be a little mischief maker.

He takes her hand and led her to the training ground. Nathaniel relished these moments of solace. Despite everything that had gone down, he could never freely forgive himself for what he had to Selena.

She smiles and all the darkness would become a distant memory. It was apparent to him she was still too new about all of this; she said so herself and he couldn’t help but feel the same way.

He had made strides to not compare Selena to the wolf that anchored him to the ground. Some things were just too hard to let go when she made him see the brightest sides of things.

He wasn’t forced to do things, instead, he moved by his own will. Smiled and not forced. He wanted to do things with her he would never imagine doing with Katie. There were so many things he was missing out on that having Selena was almost like a foreign entity that completely bemused him.

“Wait.” She pulled him back. “Look.”

She points to the yard. Nathaniel creases his brows. In the training ground were groups of wolves watching Andre take down wolves after wolves while Jacob stood far away watching in concentration.

“Your uncle, he fights so well.” She comments.

“Yeah? What do you think he’s doing?”

She looks at him and smirked as if she knew too well what she was about to say.

“You see how they’re so excited to attack him? All he does is back away, step one foot and taunt them. Then he dodges easily because he’s just watching them and not fighting back. He’s waiting for them to slip up and make a mistake, then takes advantage of it. Plus, he’s clearly cocky since he has one arm bound behind him.”

Nathaniel nodded in approval. She was all right with her observation. Her keen eye took him aback.

“Where did you learn to study a fight like that?”

She lowered her shoulders and faced him.

“Roark taught me.” She answered. “I never told you this, but I didn’t fight Katie over you because I wasn’t prepared for a mate. It was never about her; it was about me. Having a mate would have hindered me from going for the things I wanted to be. I wanted to fight and learn how to kill a Remmington without knowing I was being trained by one. Well, I tried being a fighter, but I suck at it. I even almost got you killed.”

“What’s stopping you now?”

Nathaniel felt a heavy, looming feeling over his head.

“I don’t want to risk things and lose us, lose you. You’re my priority now, Nathaniel.”

He looked at her. His tongue holding back the words he was afraid to speak.

“If you caught him, what would you have done? Would you have brought him in front of an audience for them to judge him or kill him where you had him?”

Nathaniel didn’t want to ask the hard question in fear of getting hurt and burnt, and so he softened the blow first by learning what she thought about his brother.

“I honestly wouldn’t know what to do. Pack Highcliff runs from problems and lets other packs fix them. When mom and dad died, no one in the pack tried to find and track down the Remmingtons. I guess they were just too afraid to fight back and relied on alliances to exact justice. So, I thought I could be the one to do it when I saw nothing happening. I would want to quell the ones who handled the attack. Giving them kindness when they showed us none is a mistake. And allowing them to be put into trial would only prolong the inevitable.” She grimaced. “I’m sorry, they’re your brothers. But I’m not the only one after their blood.”

He kisses her forehead. Even she couldn’t look past the heinous crimes pack Remmington has done.

“They’ve wronged all of us. I know where you stand.” He murmurs.

Once again, he discovered something new and something more admirable about her. She was far stronger than he could ever be. She knew what she wanted from the beginning. To cleanse the world of the Remmington while he, on the other hand, stood in the precipice of his contemplation.

Nathaniel weakened and held her tight.


She widened her eyes. “Yeah?”

“If I’m holding you back, tell me.”

This was one of his fears coming to light. The last thing he wanted to be was to become someone like Katie. Someone who grounded the people around them as she did to him.

Marking her bound her to him.

She seemed perturbed. Hurt clouding the deepness of her brown, exquisite eyes. She pulls him in, placing her arms around his neck.

“You push me forward.” She says. “Because of you, I realized that justice for the Remmington’s actions isn’t just on my shoulders. And I can’t burden myself with it. Because if I did, then I wouldn’t get to have this, us. Me wanting to hold you like this closely is something I’m not willing to give up on.”

“But what about you? You trained to be a fighter and you can’t just give that up.”

“I can’t have both without losing the other.”

He sighs.

“Moon, I can’t always be your priority. You have ambitions I don’t want you to lose because of me. I can’t have that. I can’t love you if my love dims your light.”

She shook her head.

“You’re asking me to leave?”

“No.” He spoke, his voice quivering.

“Then what? We’ve only just started together.”

Tears carpeted her cheeks. Nathaniel felt choked, as he was the reason for her tears again. He gulps noisily.

“It’s you before me, Selena, and I would hate myself if I was the reason you weren’t able to become what you wanted to be.”

She grimaced. Her little sobs became louder as she pressed her face against his chest.

“I want to train as a spy, just like Francis.” She murmurs. “Does this mean I’m going to lose you now?”

“I’d be dammed to let you slip through my fingers again.”

With gentle lips, he kisses her. For her, he was willing to do everything. At the moment’s high, all he could think of was his future with Selena.

“You are mine, Nathaniel.”

He was stricken. Hearing her say those words meant so much more than he could ever grasp. His thumb brushes the tears off her face.

“And you are mine, Selena. I love you so much more than I can ever explain.”

He had already decided. To protect Selena, he could not afford to show an ounce of leeway to those who have threatened to pluck her life away. He was done with promises to the people of pack Morris. His last promise now is to hold her forever.

“I’m yours, moon.” He nuzzles his cheek to hers.

“I’m yours. And I love you too, Nathaniel.”

Selena pulls him down, their lips crashing in a soft and passionate kiss. He revels in her love, knowing that her heart stood at the same place as his. Next to him.


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