A Wolf’s Tear

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Forty Nine: Proven Heart

It was Nathaniel who awoke her the next day early in the morning. The sun had barely crept behind the horizon, but he was already up, bathed, and packed two bags of clothes.

She, on the other hand, could barely keep her eyes open. She kept a smile on him despite being about to fall back to the bed.

“You can sleep in the car, moon.” He chuckles as he lifts her from the bed and sent her to the bathroom.

She could tell whatever he was planning, he was excited about. She smiles to herself, knowing she had something to give him, too.

The car ride was full of peace. Just like what Nathaniel suggested, she fell asleep minutes after the car moved. The lulling motion of the vehicle kept her relaxed while he sat behind the steering wheel.

She awoke an hour later with the car still on the road. Nathaniel was driving slowly like he was afraid to go any faster. Though she didn’t mind. She enjoyed being this close and quiet with just him.

Her head rested on his shoulder while barely uttering a word to each other. Nathaniel randomly pointed out places. And then there was her wolf howling, looking only for her mate.

It was a serene moment that she had no intentions of breaking.

Two hours and a couple of stops later, Nathaniel diverged from the main road and took a muddy path. The side of the road was covered with towering redwoods, casting long slender shadows and momentarily hiding the light from them.

Selena leaned over the windshield and watched in wonder as a cottage appeared in front of her. The homely, welcoming exterior was a sight to marvel at. The facade was full of glass windows, letting her see the furniture and upholstery inside.

“Surprised?” he asks.

She turns to him.

“Yes,” she answers, reeling herself silently from the shock as Nathaniel pulled into the driveway. “I mean, who wouldn’t be?”

A beautiful cottage house just sitting in the middle of nowhere would cause a lot of eyebrows to raise.

He laughs her question off.

“Dad brought me here when I was just a little kid. It’s home far away from home.”

“Just the two of you?”

He nods.

“Yes, for training. He willed it to me and Jacob, but my brother just seems not that interested in it. It’s mine now.”

“It’s a beautiful home, Nathaniel.” She offered him a smile, placing her hand over his.

“I know.” He says. “Take your time exploring while I get everything ready.”

Selena nods, taking her satchel from the backseat before she hopped out of the car. A small breeze swept her hair to the side as she walked to the door. It was unlocked. One twist of the doorknob, she enters, breathless as the house’s interior greeted her.

Her mouth was slightly ajar as her eyes took in the view. The furniture was well arranged and kept clean. There was a sense of calmness all over the living room. Like a fairy tale has come to life so suddenly. The walls were adorned with many medals, trophies, and photos of Nathaniel’s family.

She smiles after seeing a photo of Nathaniel holding Jacob as a baby. Even as a kid, he looked awfully cute in a suit. Her eyes landed on Jacob senior’s photos. Nathaniel rode his shoulder while he held Junior in his arms, proudly smiling.

Next to it were wedding photos of him and Eliza, looking softly into each other’s eyes. She could almost feel the love radiating from the many photos of them together.

“Huh,” Nathaniel appeared at her side. “I don’t remember any of this.”

“What do you mean?”

He pressed his lips together, hesitation clouding over him.

“I haven’t been here for nine years when I lost a good chunk of my memory after the Remmington’s attack. All these photos, I don’t remember wholly. Just bits and pieces.”

She reached for his hand without looking at him, their fingers entwined.

Selena wondered if it was better for him to forget all the things that had happened to him and what his father had done. Everything she knew about Jacob senior was whispers and words passed under the table and Nathaniel wasn’t too keen on sharing the truth with her.

Though she understood. All he needed was time. Pressing him on it would be the opposite of her wanting to ease him through his pain.

“Incredible,” he mutters. “Jacob threw away all his awards when he left for college. Looks like dad took them all and put them here.”

Nathaniel lowered his shoulders, peacefully going through each photo sitting on the shelves mounted on the wall. It was a display of a perfect family and yet, she couldn’t see one photo of the four of them together.
In her hopes of having a family of her own, she could only dream for it now to have it with Nathaniel.

A small trophy with his name caught Selena’s attention. Before she could make a sound, Nathaniel turned it around.

“Excuse me?” She laughs. “Your only trophy is Mr. Nathaniel Gordon L. Morris. Mr. Charismatic. Class of 2008. Care to explain?”

“It’s a silly award from high school. That’s all I’m willing to tell you.”

He walks away with a bag of groceries in his hand but not before she saw the red tint covering his cheeks.

The next couple of hours were spent with Nathaniel walking around the woods, fooling around the living room, and gorging on fast food.

He showed her the excitement equal to that of a little kid. He was more than happy to show her where he trained, the trees he left marks with his dull blade, and where he lost a tooth after an accident with his father.

All of it felt too real, and she was okay with that. She was at the right place at the right time.

Though she was slightly perturbed at the normalcy of everything, Nathaniel only needed to hold her to wash away the thoughts that darkened her perception of what it was like to fall deeper into the spiral of love.

Having him that close made her look back at the things that needed to happen for them to stand where they were.

The day swiftly passed by, with Selena falling asleep in his arms. When her eyes opened, Nathaniel was nowhere to be seen.


She calls for his name.

She whips her head outdoors and saw the darkness of the night enveloping everything. The lights in the living room turned and Lionel Richie’s ‘Lady’ played in the background.

Her ears caught Nathaniel’s heavy footsteps.

“Love.” He says. “Good evening.”

She blinked away her stupor, wondering if she was seeing things when he appeared before her in a change of clothes. He wore a red plaid shirt tucked under his belted pair of jeans.

He smiles, running his hand through his thick, blonde hair.

“Did you sleep well?” He crosses his arms over his chest.

“Yes,” she says. “It would have been better if I woke up next to you.”

He walks to her, his long, powerful strides made her quiver in her seat. He raises her chin with his finger and kissed her.

“Were you always so… tempting?”

She gulps. She took in the smell of his aftershave, her fingers twitching as his breath fanned her cheeks.

“You make me wanna say stupid stuff.” She answers.

He chuckles.

“I have something for you on my bed,” he whispers. “Look for it and I’ll be waiting.”

Nathaniel waltzes back to the kitchen. She was too stricken to say a word and go after him. She stood, her heart hammering against her chest as she walked towards his room.

A quiet atmosphere loomed over Selena’s head. She entered Nathaniel’s room. His scent invaded her senses. Breathing deeply, she shook her sudden spike of anxiousness away.
In the bed were boxes of luxury brand clothing.

She ran her tongue over her lips and reached for one of them. In it were a peach floral dress and a note sitting on top of it.

‘Wear me.’ The note read.

A sheepish grin played on her lips. Expensive clothing for her wasn’t jarring. Talon made sure to ply her with clothing and accessories fit for the title of Luna. But what she held in her hands was now her most precious possession and Nathaniel’s first gift to her.

She laid the dress on the bed and entered the shower. It was an odd thing to worry about, but in the days leading to this, Selena had mustered the courage to be the one to make a move.

She loved him.

That wasn’t something in dispute. That was a fact she wanted him to see and feel.

She steeled herself after putting on the dress. It had fit perfectly. The skirt that flowed down her knees was immaculately beautiful and the dress was decorated with different colors of magnolias, her favorite flower.

Make-up was at a minimum. She was never one to put color on her face, but for this exact time, she practiced for it. Red lipstick was supposed to be a woman’s tool for seducing the object of their affection.

For her, the color red meant more than that. Red, the color of passion and the color of her need and bottled desires about to be unleashed.

The other box contained a pair of brown doll shoes and yet again, they slipped with ease.

‘How did he even get the time to plan of all this?’ She asks herself, fully astonished at how he could have even gotten her exact measurements.

Gathering her wits, she stepped out of the room and walked to where Nathaniel’s scent came. Down the hall that lead to the backyard, a shimmering light caught her attention. Dancing shadows played on the walls.

A dining table sat in the middle of the patio pavilion while a candle chandelier made of antlers hang over it. Nathaniel stood from his seat.

“My moon.” He gulps noisily.

The flickering candlelight illuminating his gaze made her stiffen. His tall frame cast a long, bellowing shadow reaching her feet. Her heart raced.

What was even going through his head? He looked at her with too many unfathomable emotions that she had struggled with her breath.

“Say something, please.”

She says.

“Words simply cannot describe what I feel right now, moon.”

He answered.

Selena tucked her hair behind her ear and walked toward him. He took her hand and led her to her seat, carefully pushing her chair in. Nathaniel pauses on her side, reaching for his pocket.

“What’s that?” She asks, her eyes widening at him.

Nathaniel remained silent as he pulled out a small box, opening it to reveal a flower pendant encrusted with red opals and a shimmering yellow diamond in the middle. It was beautiful, and no doubt cost him a pretty penny.

“A gift for you, moon,” Nathaniel says. “Here.”

He puts it on her, adjusting the pendant next to her scent masker.

“It’s a Magnolia.” She says. “They’re my favorite.”

“You brought me magnolias every week even before I woke up. I think they’re beautiful and I understand why you like them.”

It was the most thoughtful gift anyone has ever given her. She softens, fighting the tears in her eyes.

“Thank you,” she says. “My mom was a farmer, then after she met my dad, she became a botanist and magnolias became her favorite, too. She said it represented perseverance and power. She called me her little Magnolia.”

Nathaniel pecks her temple.

“Don’t be sad, moon.”

She smiles, touching his nose with hers.

“I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.” She whispers.

Selena reached for the cord of her masker and removed it. She looks at him and took his hand, placing the masker in his palm.

“Eliza gave it to me. I think you should keep it.”

Nathaniel’s lips formed into a lopsided smile.

“Thank you.”

He heaves a heavy breath and steps away. He took his seat and sat quietly while a calm expression played on his face.

The music in the air seemed to automatically match the atmosphere. Tense but calming music. Hearing Andrea Bocelli’s cover of ‘Besame Mucho’ made her stare at Nathaniel. She pressed her thighs together and turned her attention to the table.

Nathaniel lifted the metal lid from their plates. She stiffened. Her eyes were greeted with a generous portion of steak.

“That’s venison,” he spoke. “There’s a lot of them here, in the woods. He was an easy catch.”

“You hunted, skinned, and made steak out of a deer you caught hours ago?”

He nods.

“Yes, I shot him with a Winchester, though I’m not a good cook and I fear I might have soured the taste of the meat.”

“I’d like to be the judge of that,” she says.

Nathaniel took a piece of his steak, leaned over the table, and fed her.

There were no other words to describe it other than delicious. Like an explosion of flavors in her mouth.

She smiles warmly.

“It’s good.”

He suppressed the urge to smile victoriously and reached for the bottle of Pinot noir, pouring her a glass and then himself.

“Eat.” He simply states.

It reminded her suddenly all those months ago. She saw him as a monster, his coat covered in blood, his power permeating through the space between them. Looking back at now, it was his way of showing care despite it not being the kindest.

Even now, without his wolf, he still exudes the same amount of power.
Selena held her tongue back from speaking, and so did Nathaniel. She made her best attempt to rack her brain and formulate the words resting under her tongue. Even Nathaniel looked anxious as they continued to eat their food.

She watches his Adam’s apple bob up and down.

“I hope I didn’t make everything too cheesy.” He broke the silence.

She shook her head.

Now she didn’t know what to say. She was shaken. Her trembling fingers were hidden under the table as she collected herself.

“Is this a date?” She blurted out.

He looks stunned but quickly gathered his composure.

“Yes.” He answers.

“I’ve never been on a date before.”

“I’m happy to have the privilege of being your first.”

Her cheeks become fiery. How can something so innocent turn out to be more than that? She blamed herself. It was because her mind was consumed with things she was gravely wanting but unprepared for.

“Take all of me.” She says.

Nathaniel’s stoic expression faced her. That intense stare, not giving away. His hands entwined above the table beside his empty plate.

She gulps, a feeling of fear laced with excitement stoking her thoughts.

“Before this continues, I have a confession, a selfish request.” He looks at his lap. “As Jacob’s brother, I am duty-bound to serve him for as long as he sits as Alpha, so I made an agreement with him. My duties to him as a soldier will be voided once I complete my mission in Texas.”

She grimaced.

“You’re the Alpha’s brother. Losing your duties means losing your name, Morris. You’ll be an outcast.”

He sighs.

“I used to think that dying in battle for my pack was my destiny, but it’s no longer that.” He sighs. “So if losing my name means I get to live my full life with you, then I’m okay. Besides, Lorenzano sounds like a very good surname, doesn’t it?”

“How does Jacob feel about this? Are you sure this isn’t reckless abandon?”

“Jacob understands. He is happy for me. I’m only going to lose my name, not my family.” He pauses, contemplating what he was about to say. “I want to be unshackled by the pack. This is something I’ve been thinking of since I woke up.”

Nathaniel reached for her hand, squeezing it lightly. She saw his resolve, unbending and unwilling to waver.

“How is that selfish?” She asks. “You seek freedom. But to do it, we need time apart. And if your brothers are okay with it, I don’t see the problem.”

He kisses his teeth.

“I’ll be away from you, and I want to be honest. I want to meet my mother’s family and help them after my father’s parents royally screwed them over.”

Selena pulled her hand away and stood, watching him intently. She pushes his seat away from the table and sat on his lap. He held her in place. His breathing hitched, his lips ajar, and guilt-ridden eyes coated with a thin layer of tears.

It was clear to her how much this meant to him. In his eyes, she could easily read how it tore him apart. His storm, a wicked whirlwind of doubts and insecurities. But she, of all people, knew how that felt.

To be standing on where he was now.
All she could do was give him what he sought for, reassurance.

“My Stormwind, we met prematurely.” She rested her head on his shoulder.

“I disagree. If not for you, I still would have been Katie’s obedient sheep. We met at the perfect time. I’m afraid of dying, love. I’m tired of all of it. My life has been a schism of lies and deception, and you’re the first constant thing I can see to have and hold. But meeting my mother’s family would be my only chance to know the rest of the truth.”

Selena raises herself, leveling their gazes. What she wanted was to cleanse the darkness he held in his heart. To love him inside and out.
She took in a sharp breath.

“The Moon’s plans for us are not over.” Selena’s hands rode the expanse of his chest and broad shoulders. “I may not be next to you when you go away to your family, but you’re in my heart and hopefully I am too.”

“You are. Don’t doubt that.”

He shook his head.


She says.

Ever so gently, her fingers reached for the buttons of his shirt, unfastening them. The skin of his neck drew her in. She quivered as Nathaniel tightened his arms around her.

“I know what I am and what I can’t be, so who am I to impede you from learning the untainted truth? You sacrificed your life for me. Three years apart will nothing be but a hop, skip, and jump.”

“You redeem me, moon. I waver in your hands.” Nathaniel closes his eyes.

She exposed his body. The masculine curves of his chest and abdomen were feasts for her eyes. She kisses his sternum, leaving a mark with her lips on it. He hissed, his manly member hardening underneath her.

Her eyes wandered to his face. The sultry look of pure desire overwhelmed her. She claimed his lips. The fervent manner of her tongue dancing with his tipped her even further into the abyss of pure pleasure. She pushed her fingers through his hair and playfully nipped his lip, causing him to moan.

Their bodies grind against each other, and the clothes between them became their enemies.

Selena gasps for air. Her lips completely ravished. With her heavy breath, she sat for a still moment. She knew it was the right time.

Nathaniel’s heart drummed against his chest.

“Nervous?” She whispers.

He chuckles.

“Me? Never, moon.” He says, contradicting the shivers in his body.

Her lips left butterfly kisses down his jaw, caressing his skin with the tip of her nose. Her touch ventured lower to his and neck, producing a grumble reverberating on his skin.

Selena pierced the veil of her anxiousness and bared her teeth. Her wolf howled inside of her as he nudged her cheek on his, preparing him. She bared her teeth and placed her mouth on the base of his neck.

With no hesitation, she sunk her teeth deep into him. She felt him turn into stone while his arms completely trap her. He yelps at the moment as she pulled away.

Marking a wolf was furthest from being attractive. Blood and slobber were involved but for him, an exception was made as to the mere sight of a crimson liquid seeping from her mark, drenching his pale skin, and that look in his eyes, that hunger, made him look like an injured god.

The taste of blood invade her and a pang of hunger to taste more took control of her. She took a sharp intake of breath and lowered her face to her mark and cleaned him.

“Yours, moon.” He spoke softly, a shiver in his voice very obvious.

“Mine.” She murmured. “Make love to me, Nathaniel.”

Nathaniel didn’t need any more motivation. He stood and held her against his body, her legs wrapped around his hips while he carried her back to his room.

She clung to him until he gently laid her on top of his bed. She gulps noisily as she sat on the bed with him looming over her. His towering height made her feel so small and vulnerable.

She was drunk with lust and a primal drive to taste what she had longed for.
Her hands reached for his belt, unbuckling it and tossing it away in the room's corner. His hardened member’s indent on his jeans made her throat dry suddenly, but she carried on, unbuttoning his jeans, pulling his fly down.

Nathaniel allowed her to move at her pace. She could feel his intense gaze borrowing through her as she pulled his pants down.

“You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.”

Selena shook her head and slipped his silk boxers down. Her body froze as she took in the sight of his swollen arousal between his legs, pointing at her.

It wasn’t the first time she has seen it. Selena had felt it brush against her thighs almost every morning for the past couple of weeks, but holding it in her hand, it felt hard, heavy, and warm all at the same time.

The feeling of it was unlike any other, and the size of it was petrifying. It was an inch shorter than a standard desk ruler and had an awe-inducing girth.

Nathaniel hoisted her and kissed her again. She could feel the gravity in the room begin to ground them despite her floating in bliss.

“Let me see your body.” He muttered lowly.

She nodded eagerly and watched as Nathaniel lowered his head while keeping his eyes pinned to hers. His hands massaged her feet while he dragged his nose from her thigh to her knees.

She quivered at his breath fanning her skin.

Nathaniel was quick to toss her shoes under the bed. He grabbed the hem of her dress and pulled it over her.

“Moon.” He stammers.

Selena stood with a wide-eyed Nathaniel standing in front of her. Her toes, on top of each other.

He was stunned. Underneath her dress was a two-piece lingerie that she had purchased weeks ago. It took all of her to finally put them on and feel comfortable in it.

And judging by his reaction, Selena felt her worries evaporating.

“You are immaculate, Selena.” He spoke.

Nathaniel kissed her saturated core, causing her to shiver. Gently, he pushes her back to the bed. He hovered over her like a predator watching its prey. She was prepared to be consumed.

His kisses dove to her neck. The hunger in him and the sounds he was making were intoxicating. She was drowning in a flurry of emotions she didn’t know she could feel.

He unclasped her bra, tossing the garment away, and plundered her hardened nipples. She jolts as his warm mouth sucked on her breast while he masterfully massaged the other.

Everywhere his lips touched, little fires grow bright and left her skin burnt.

He brought his kisses lower, between the mounds of her ample breasts, to her navel, and finally reaching her drenched slit.

His calloused hands dragged through her skin. He was gentle but hungry. The fiery glint in his face astounded her.

“Don’t be shy,” he murmured against her hip. “Let me love you.”

She hadn’t noticed that her legs were pressed together. She relaxed and Nathaniel gently spread her open. He slips her underwear down her legs.

“Does it really hurt?” She asks.

Nathaniel flattened his lips.

“I told you, I’m not an expert. But I know it’s not going to be peachy.”

She nodded at his response.

She quaked at every small kiss he planted on her body.

Nathaniel lowered his face to her untouched sweetness and took her aching bud with his tongue. His tongue flickered over her while his fingers rubbed her clit in a painfully slow rhythm that made her squirm.

She was wet, so wet that she could hear how slippery she had become and her fingers threaded themselves through his hair as if she had no more control over her body.

She threw her head back and whined while her body tightened. She bursts, liquid running down from her core to the bedsheets. Her muscles ached and her brain seemed to melt away from the unfathomable combination of what he was doing to her. She cried aloud. Her hand gripped his hair as she arched her back. Her eyes had rolled to the back of her head and all she felt was an addictive sense of ecstasy wreaking havoc through her body like a wildfire. And she welcomed each frolicking ember, greedily soaking it in.

“Take me, please.” She pleads.

“Yes, my love.” He spoke through labored breaths. “You need to be on top of me.”

She raised herself, barely keeping her eyes open.

“But wouldn’t you be more comfortable if you were on top of me?”

Nathaniel shook his head.

“This isn’t about me being comfortable, love. I don’t want to force my weight on you.” Nathaniel spoke.

She gulped and agreed. Nathaniel shifted their positions. With Selena sitting at the foot of the bed, she was in full view of Nathaniel’s glory. She moved to him and sat on his leg.

Her heartbeat was uncontrollable. It wasn’t because of fear, but a sudden burst of anger that popped out of nowhere.

This wasn’t Nathaniel’s first time. Knowing that fueled her will.

She took the head of his cock and gulped as she positioned it under her entrance.

“Take your time, moon.” He leans to her, cupping her cheek and kissing her lips.

With his encouragement, Selena eased him through her. A sharp pain hits her body, causing her to yelp. Still, she proceeded. As a kid, she had fantasized about the moment of her falling in love. Everything had to be perfect.

That moment was now. Making love and accepting him wholly. With his struggles and the flaws he worked so hard to conceal. She wanted to take all of them and hide them from him.

She took all that she could, but his member was too lengthy to fit inside of her. Selena stilled in place, her hands on top of his chest.

Nathaniel gave her time to adjust from his massiveness tearing apart.

“I’m sorry, my love.” He murmurs.

The room drowned in her whimpers. But as soon as she collected the courage to move on her own, her whimpers turned into moans of pleasure. The initial pain had subsided and slowly, the bliss crawled into her senses.

Nathaniel’s eyes gleamed with delight. The gray strands of his gaze were mesmerizing, and it pained her to think she was not the first wolf to see such a magnificent view.

A string of gasps, groans, and moans bounced from the walls.

It was a cacophony of sounds that she didn’t wish to end.

Her movement became faster and more brazen. She pinned his wrists next to his head and ran her tongue over her mark.

His groans emboldened her.

“Listen to me,” she whispers. Selena wanted her massage to be clear and concise, but that could not be. As she raised her lower body up and down, she could not think straight and she moaned and cried.

“Moon, yes.” He says in a desperate tone.

“I am not your first,” she pauses, her uneven breaths impeding her speech as she cried aloud ‘ah!’. “But so help me, I will be your last with everything and I will kill for your attention. You are to look only to me, make love only to me, and I will be the only wolf to carry your name and pups. Do you understand me, Stormwind?”

Nathaniel’s eyes were wide open, staring at her so intently that they almost glowed with lust from him and his wolf.

“Yes, Selena.” He answers. “I promise.”

Selena hastened her actions as she neared the precipice of her state of euphoria. Her legs tightened against his body and she fell on top of him. She reached her second climax.

She was a mess. A hot, sweaty mess that could hardly breathe. A series of spasms bombard her and Nathaniel was there, whispering words of sweetness in her ear while holding her in place.

A moment passes and she calmed down. But it wasn’t done. Nathaniel was yet to finish, and before she knew it, she was on her back.

He hovers over her. His face, the look of a greedy devourer, a handsome beast that wasn’t satisfied yet.

“Me too, Selena.” He spoke. Nathaniel eased his fullness into her slowly, painfully. But it was a pain that she welcomed and wanted as his slow entrance became pleasing torture. Selena yelped ‘fuck’ as she wrapped her legs around his bum and close her eyes shut. “Open your eyes, Selena. Let me see them when you come again.”

Her eyes fluttered open.

Nathaniel buried all of himself into her and Selena felt every inch of it.

He held her jaw in place as he began to thrust in and out of her.

“It’s only me that has the right to touch you like this. To make you feel like this, to love you like this. No wolf can take you away from me. You are mine, woman. Mine only, mine alone.”

It wasn’t a selfish request or a command. She was willing to go through it all. He was hers and she was his. She belonged in his arms and he in her hands.

“Yes.” She gasps. “Only you, Nathaniel.”

Their lips crash with one another, both of them caught in too much heat. Her fingers left a trail of red on his back while he sucked on her neck. The sounds of their bodies grinding against each other, skin slapping skin, brought her back to the brink of her end.

Nathaniel’s movements turned feverish, more powerful. His breath hitched, and she felt him harden inside of her. She arrived at her bliss and Nathaniel followed. He pulls away just in time, unloading his seed on her stomach. He erupts in loud breaths and groans, keeping himself afloat over her with his arms.

He gulps, placing his wet forehead against hers.

They remain in a stalemate. No one spoke. But the silence was more than comfortable. It was what both of them needed at the moment.

She felt Nathaniel’s body buck uncontrollably until it stopped. He swallowed loudly and tasted her lips.

“I’m sorry,” he says. “I made a mess.”

Selena lowered her gaze, seeing warm, white opaque liquid spread all over her tummy and chest.

“Maybe we should use protection next time.” She laughs, hoping to wash away from worry in him.

He nods and took his shirt, cleaning her body carefully.

Everything slowly fell from the peak of her high, settling into a calmer state. Once Nathaniel was finished, he threw his dirty shirt into the hamper and he crashed next to her.

In their post-coital heaven, Selena could not deny how perfect he made everything to be. Never mind that Nathaniel had made her thoroughly sore and her knees had ached from riding him. To her, it was a small price to pay.

“Thank you… for everything. I thought it would scary, but it wasn’t.” She admitted, burying her face in the pillows.

Nathaniel pulls her to him.

“I was. I was afraid that I might break you. You’re so delicate, moon. I don’t want to hurt you when I’m making love to you.”

“Don’t worry. I-I liked it.” She blushed.

A toothy grin appeared on his face, causing her heart to skip a beat. He snuggles against her and said nothing.

She had started to finally settle on the idea that the rest of her life would be just like this. The knowledge of his eventual departure soured her dreams.

“Nathaniel, when are you leaving?”

Her hold on him tightened.

“Jacob said I could leave whenever I want. I just want to spend as much time as possible with you. So, I’ll be gone after you leave for college and pack Albrich.”

She pauses and counted the remaining days they had together.

“The first semester starts in late September. So that leaves us two and a half months.” Her face fell into a frown.

“I know, moon.” He sighs, gently running his hand down her arm. “But we can stay here until that day arrives.”

“I’m not happy about it and I know you’re not too. But look on the bright side. We have something to look forward to together. I know this is stupid to say now but, I’ve always grown up wanting pups of my own. Maybe after you come back, that might just happen. If you want to, of course.”

He dawned a thin-lipped smile and nodded.

“You don’t know how much that means to me.”

Selena realized that above everything else, seeing Nathaniel smile and think of a future with her made a lot of things obsolete. This was the moment that made her full. The moment that he had proven more of his heart.

“Yours, Stormwind.”

It was their own way of saying their love through words. To belong to each other, that is what are mates for.

“Yours, moon.”

Selena closes her eyes, drifting to sleep in Nathaniel’s embrace.


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The next chapter is the final chapter! The first part of the story is at its end and blurb for the next part will be published tomorrow too.

Please tell me your thoughts in the comment section below and I'll get with you as soon as possible!

Happy holidays!



P.S. — I feel like “Wicked Game” by Chris Isaak should be playing when they made love, lol. Sorry, that's the stupid romantic in me acting up.
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