A Wolf’s Tear

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Part 2: Summary +quick message

First of all, I just wanted to say thank you.

I've started writing this story March of this year(2021) and I never really thought I'd get this much attention from all of you. I'm incredibly honored to have been with all of you and after you took the time to patiently wait for my updates.

As you may know, yes I'm not a native English speaker and I've never had a creative writing class before.

And writing this story made me learn a lot things and it's all because of the commenters putting their own insights into the story.

Thank you for everyone who supported me by voting on the story. You gave me the will to keep on writing and made me enjoy what I was doing.

That's enough of my sap, lmao. Sorry for that.

It would be so awesome to know what you thought of the story. Please consider leaving a review as it would mean a lot to me and would be helpful to attract new readers.


I've asked this before but, would you be interested if I published parts of my plot chart that I ended up scrapping?

They're parts of the story that didn't end up in the cut as I was doing revisions. (They're spoiler free, don't worry.)

I think the discussion about it would interesting.


Proven Heart: Summary

“Three years after pack Remmington's attack, Selena finds herself placed in another bind that could potentially change everything she knew about her life and what had transpired all those years ago involving her mother and father.

One by one, the consequences of the past hunt her down though this time, she was no longer alone. She had her mate and both of them were ready to face any wolf head-on.

But the burgeoning storm that is jealousy and revenge and deadly wolves who wish for ultimate power looming over their heads threatens to test their will.

Can their proven hearts stay strong together, or will they cave into the harshness of a world filled with blood and anguish?”

And if you wanna see the book cover for book two, come check it on my timeline!
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