Love (a texting story)

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A simple text message story

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Chapter 1

(Monday, March 3rd)
Unknown: Hey
Emily: Um... who is this?
Unknown: It doesn't say it on my ID?
Emily: No it doesn't.
Unknown: Oh it's me Bryan... we go to the same school
Emily: There's a lot of Bryan's at my school? (saves the number)
Bryan: I'm in your history class...
Emily: Oh! That Bryan! How'd you get my number?
Bryan: Your friend Henry gave it to me because I needed to ask you a question.
Emily: What's up?
Bryan: Well I was wondering you understood the history homework from last night?
Emily: 😰 No I didn't
Bryan: Oh me neither. 😂 I was hoping that you did cause I really needed some help
Emily: Me too! I guess you'll have to ask someone else for help 😣 Sorry!
Bryan: No it's OK at least I won't be the only one with wrong answers 😂
Emily: 😂😂😂
Bryan: I'm getting a phone call I'll text you later.
Emily: sure
(Bryan goes to text his friend Henry)
Bryan: DUDE!!!!!!!
Henry: What's up?
Bryan: SHE TEXTED BACK!!!!!!!
Henry: Who? You mean Emily?
Bryan: Obviously 🙄
Henry: Really? What happened?
Bryan: I asked her if she understood the history homework
Henry: 🙄 Really? That's all you could say?
Henry: Anything but homework 😂
Bryan: What did you want me to say? 'Hey Emily I think your the most beautiful girl I've ever met and I want to go out"
Henry: 🤢
Bryan: Exactly
Henry: ...Well what did she say at least?
Bryan: She said she didn't understand the homework
Henry: 🤦🏻 Is she gonna text you back?
Bryan: I told her I was gonna text back and she said she would.
Henry: So you left her to text me?
Bryan: yea
Henry: Good luck buddy 🤦🏻
Bryan: I can sense your disapproval but thanks.
(Texts Emily)
Bryan: Oh OK sorry I'm back
Emily: I'll have to text you tomorrow because I have swim practice right now
Bryan: oh... ok
Emily: I promise. I'm just busy right now
Bryan: alright

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