A Summer To Never Forget

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9. Archon

I knew something bad had to happen, there was no way life would just let me be for a while. Meeting Keelan and his gang at the mall just proved it. Despite everything that has happened, I am still a bit fearful of him.

Everybody knows he will get away with almost anything back at school, that’s the way everybody but me wants to be his friend. I narrow my eyes as I feel my Wolf coming to the surface and snap “What the hell do you want now Hamilton?” I bask in his startled face and Riley’s approval. Through our Link, I feel his pride for me for standing up to him.

Too bad it doesn’t last long, he composes himself rather quickly. “What’s with the dude? You gay now? She dumped your sorry ass for not performing right?” He sneers at me.

I ball my fists at his accusation “I am not like you, Keelan. I don’t date my younger sister! Since I don’t have a younger sister complex! And yes I am gay! Got a problem with that?”

I get all up in his face, daring him to say something about it. And unlike his friends, Riley actually backs me up. They all stand there looking anywhere but our direction. I guess this is the first time in his life that he is speechless. Because he stares at me shocked when I said he had a sister complex.

Nobody insults us and gets away with it!

I smile inwardly at his possessiveness of me.

Don’t worry he won’t, I will make sure of it.

“If that’s all Hamilton, I need to get going.” He opens his mouth to reply but I cut him off “Don’t care Hamilton!” My voice is deeper and a little gruffer. My Wolf making an appearance.

Making him gape at me, I smirked.

That’ll teach him!

I relax a little as Riley squeezes my shoulder “Good job babe!” He smiles as he kisses me in front of everybody, making my knees wobble.

[You were such a turn on back there.]

He nuzzles my neck a little before letting go as he opens the door for me. I blush a beet red. I look at the trolley, too embarrassed to look him in the eye.

As Riley opens the boot of the car he asked: “What was that sister complex thing all about?”

Sighing I watch him pack our stuff in the boot, I know I will just get in the way if I do anything. “Well…. There were just some rumours going around school about how he does everything for his little sister and stuff.” I scratch my cheek, looking down at my shoes as Riley sighs at me.

“Just because he does a lot for his younger sister doesn’t automatically mean he has a sister complex.” He holds up a hand when I went to interrupt him “For all, we know she could be sick of having an incurable disease. Don’t go assuming things because other people say so. Don’t assume anything until he himself told you what’s going on. But I loved your little performance none the less.”

He cupped my cheeks gently and lightly pressed his lips against mine. Chuckling at my whimpering he pats my cheeks “Go put the trolley back and I will get the car. Pouting I push the trolley back to the other ones and slip the locking thing into place locking the trolley to the one in front of it.

As I wait for Riley I turn my face towards the sun, enjoying the hubbub of all the people milling about in the mall. If I hadn’t done that I might have successfully avoided the punch that was thrown in my direction by a livid Keelan. I ducked quickly and was lucky his swing clipped my shoulder instead of my face.

“Is that all you can do Cole? Avoid?” He snarls as he swings at me again and again. Well, at least Riley’s training comes in handy. I think to myself as I successfully avoid another blow. Unlike me, Keelan is heaving for breath as he glares at me.

He points an angry finger at me from a safe distance “YOU KNOW NOTHING COLE! NOTHING!” Before storming away, making think about what Riley said to be most likely true. My shoulders slump a little at that thought, just like everybody else I just assumed everything.

A honk pulls me out of my thoughts as I see Riley pull up beside me, looking sadly in the direction Keelan stormed off in, I slip in the car. “What’s wrong?” Riley asks as he intertwines our fingers, squeezing my hand lightly.

“You have been quiet for some time now. What’s wrong?” Riley asks as he lifted the last box from the car into the house. I bite my lip, silently watching Riles my nickname for him assemble the new coffee table.

He stops whatever he was doing and looks back up to me “Come on Archie, you know you can tell me. You can trust me.” I roll my eyes knowing I wouldn’t be able to keep silent anymore anyway. I sit beside Riles and fiddle with my fingers in my lap.

“I think you might have been right about what you said back at the mall about Keelan. While I was waiting for you, he decided to beat the shit out of me but thanks to your training I managed to dodge most blows.” I gush out, knowing he won’t like the fact that Keelan tried to hit me repeatedly.

“Before he left he said I knew nothing. He looked slightly scared and upset when he said it though.” I look up at him and see anger swirl in his beautiful eyes. I snuggle in his chest, listening to his steady heartbeat. “That doesn’t make me hate him any less you know?” I can still hear it in his voice that he is angry, it sounded strained.

He grabs my chin, making me look up at him as he sighs. “I just hope he won’t torment you when you go back in September. If he does he’s mine!” I smile slightly at his possessiveness and chuckle when my stomach rumbles. “Lunch time!”


I was browsing through the Pack library for something to read. I already had my booklist for next year and was looking in the library for some of the titles. Only to come to the conclusion that the Pack library housed nothing more than a few novels that had nothing to do with the Pack or its history.

They were hidden away in a dark corner, while the other countless bookcases were filled to the brim with books about Pack codes and history through the ages. Might be interesting to read if I had the patience for it, which I lack at the moment.

Walking up to the front desk I smile as I see Mimi behind it. She is a shy, timid member of Clan Lynx. “Hello, Mimi.” She startles as she hears my voice, nearly dropping the books in her hands.

“H-hello A-Archie. H-how c-can I he-help y-you?” She stutters.

Leaning on the desk “I was wondering if I could get a few books here that I need to read for school. I tried to find them but I am hopeless at it.”

I am not, I am just being lazy. She beams at me as it’s a question that she can help with.

“Can I see your list? Then I can cross-reference it with the database of the library.” Gratefully I hand her the list containing all the titles of the books I need to read this year. She frowns slightly as she looks at the titles before her nimble fingers fly across the keyboard, typing at lightning speed.

She bites her lip in thought before turning to face me. “We have most books on your list but….” She trails off uncertain of something.

I lean forward to get a peek at whatever it says on the screen “But what Mimi?” She sighed and shook her head in disbelief “The titles we do have are old prints, probably too old for you to use and the more recent ones are on loan.”

My shoulders sag a little “But is it possible to get the right copies here? Like if I order them online can they be delivered here?” Even though the Pack has internet and does let things get delivered, there is no way I can get the stuff I need to be delivered to the house. Believe me, I tried, but the error screen pops up every time I try. “I really need those books.” I plead with her.

Before she could reply, I was shooed away by an older more strict Pack member taking over her shift. Seeing as I have nothing better to do I go back to browsing the bookcases. Riles wouldn’t be home until later and I don’t feel like hanging around the house all day.

I was wondering around when I felt a small hand tug on my sleeve, looking down I see Mimi looking nervous. “I managed to get you the books you needed.” She mumbled shyly.

I wrapped her into a bear hug, making her squeak “Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

[Babe? Where are you? I thought you’d be gone for only an hour or two at the most. It’s been five hours already.]

Leave it to Riles to ruin my happy moment.

[I’ll be there soon. I am leaving now.]

He didn’t reply instantly.

[So what do you want for lunch? I have some French bread sticks and some spicy chicken breast with mayo.]

As if it was rehearsed my stomach growled loudly, making me blush and Mimi giggles lightly. “You should go, I will let you know when your books get here.” She said quietly. I nod and beam at her before sprinting out of the building.


I was happily reading in my new school books and making notes when Riles burst into the room out of breath. The weirdest thing of all was that he was wide-eyed and staring at me while heaving. “What? What is it, babe? Why are you so out of breath?”

It was weird to see him heave like that, as far as I knew he never broke a sweat when we trained or went for a run. Gripping the doorway in a bruising grip “I got word from the Palace. The King wants to see us this afternoon about us completing our mating.”

The pen I was holding slipped from my slack fingers and rolled across the table top and drop to the ground. I opened my mouth to say something, anything but came up empty. Closing it with a click I finally managed to squeak out “I thought he had no time this week?”

We had announced to the King about the matchmaker's session right after we had ours and were told the King will get in touch with us. They never said a date or time. Riles knew how the King worked since he guarded him a few times while he was handling the paperwork for mating. He said it might take a few days or a few weeks. I was hoping a few weeks since I wasn’t ready to face him again just yet.

“Come on Archie! Get up! We need to get cleaned up and go!” I look down at my clothes and see a pair of old soft jeans and a huge t-shirt.

[Come on babe! We need to get ready!]

Riles tells me as I hear his soft footsteps going up the stairs to the bathroom. A little afraid I get up and follow him.

[Coming. Can we shower together?]

In all this time I still had to see him naked. Wonder what he looks like all wet and slick. I feel myself growing hard at the mere thought.

[No time! I am already getting dressed. Your clothes are laid out in the bathroom, the shower is still running so hurry up!]

Indeed, he was already wearing neatly pressed slacks and was buttoning up a crisp white shirt.

I was about to pout when he said “We can shower together all you want later after the King’s verdict. Grinning like a fool I jump in the shower, ready to face the King and show him we were ready to fully mate. So I can finally get to see my Riles naked, slick and up close.

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