A Summer To Never Forget

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11. Archon

“Hope you’re ready, cause I can’t wait any longer.” It was a statement. To be honest I am quite impressed he took the time to actually prep me this thoroughly. I kinda expected him to just fuck me senseless. I groan as he pushes his length inside.

Grunting at the intrusion, I am glad Riley stills to give me time to adjust to it. He’s thick, long and hard. I wiggle my hips around experimentally, only to moan when he slid in further. He was now completely inside me, so far that his balls touched my ass. Looking up, I see several muscles and veins taut as he fights to keep himself still.


He pulls out until only the tip is in and slams his powerful hips forward, hitting my prostate head on. I yell, clawing his shoulders as he continues to abuse my prostate with every single thrust he makes. He doesn’t seem to mind as he burrows his face in my neck and I feel his sharp teeth scrap against my skin.

I couldn’t help it as I let out a wanton sound as he nips my sweet spot with them. He became eviler as his rough palm found my weeping erection. He tugs on it in time with his thrusts. When his thrusts became sloppy, I know he’s close. Clenching around him I holler my first release to the sky. He grunts before I feel something hot fill up my channel.

“You taste wonderful babe.” Watching Riley lick his hand clean like the cat he is, has me growing hard again. I know for sure we will have several more rounds of wonderful sex. He’s watching me watching him with predator's eyes. Meaning he will be claiming me soon. Rumbling low he flips me over on my stomach, I know his panther is in control now and is going to claim me. I let out a startled squeak as he surprises me by licking at the cum that now is slowly dribbling out of my ass.

Let me take over, I know what to do!

Slowly my Wolf comes to the surface, making a whining sound. If we were in an animal form our ears would have been flat on our head, showing our submission. Like an out of body experience, I see my head pressed down into the mattress, sticking my ass further out.

Riley’s eyes flash with triumph as he rubs his hard length along my crack. I whine again and he plunges in and bends over my back to bite at the back of my neck. Holding my body in place as he roughly fucks me into the mattress.

I watch with morbid fascination how my body is pounded into. Riley growls as he thrusts his hips once more before pulling back. I blink and find myself face to face with the mattress.

What just happened?

Riley’s panther claimed me as his own.

My wolf said sounding satisfied.

But you need to claim him too. Preferably right now.

I groan as my knees give out, I had no more strength to keep them up.

There is no way I will fuck Riley. That doesn’t feel right.

I try to imagine myself pushing inside of Riley and shudder. That position doesn’t feel right.

You don’t have too you know. You can claim him by taking control of the way you have sex and bite him in his neck.

Yeah… I like that idea.

Turning my head to the side I see Riley watch me, focused on any movement I might make. A heat creeps through me and I want him, I want all of him.


Getting up on my hands and knees, I stalk over to Riley on the other side of the bed. He says nothing, just watches me with his predator's eyes. Gently as if he might startle me otherwise, he slowly rolls onto his back. Watching and waiting for me to make the first move.

Pressing our lips together lightly, I trail down his jaw to his neck scraping my now sharp teeth along his skin. Tasting him. He shifts ever so slightly and the burning need to feel him inside of me is overwhelming, making me glance down his already hard length. Straddling his waist, I slowly scoot down his body until I feel him pressing against my entrance.

While doing so my weeping length left a trail of pre-cum behind on his washboard hard abs, covering him in my scent. Making my Wolf purr with contentment. Taking a deep breath I relax and push myself down on him. Winching slightly, I feel my ass touch his muscled thighs. Taking a deep breath, I stare Riley down from my position. I can see him struggle as not to grab my hips and slam me down on him.

Tensing my thigh muscles I slowly push myself up on my knees, until I only feel his mushroom tip and slam down groaning. Still, something’s missing. It doesn’t feel the same as when Riley had sex with me.

That is because you’re not getting him fully inside yet. When you go down you need to go a bit further down. Or faster.

Taking his advice, I rise up and slam down hard; Riley grabs my hips as he groans. That way I get close to his throat and without a conscious thought, I bite him around his Adam's apple. During the whole time we had sex, I held on to his throat.

We claimed him as ours; for everybody else to see.

It doesn’t take long before Riley is thrusting his hips up into me with the desperation of a drowning man clawing at the water. A warm feeling spirals up from my balls al the way along my length to erupt with the force of a volcano. I must have passed out afterwards because when I open my eyes (I didn’t even know I closed them) pale morning light was coming through the half-closed curtains. And I was snuggled cosy into Riley’s muscled chest.

“Are you okay?” Glancing up I see Riley look a bit worried at me. “We were a bit rough with you last night and you fell asleep immediately after.” Checking my body inwardly for any signs I shake my head.

“No, nothing is wrong. I think the claiming part might have drained me though.”

Riley just chuckles “ Yeah I forgot that you weren’t raised as a were.” I just make a noncommittal noise as I watch the rising sun peek through the curtains. My entire body feels like a wet noodle, making it hard for me to move.

“So what are we doing today?” I ask with a yawn, snuggling further into Riley’s warm chest. Shifting closer to him, I feel his hard on and it makes me forget everything.


Okay, to be honest, I am a bit shocked my Wolf was so demanding. In the space of merely hours, Riley had shifted my view on the world. Before this, it was that Riley was nice and I knew I was going back to school soon and see friends. But now it was Riley first, second and third.

School dropped to somewhere to the bottom of my list. That scared me. I was never like this, and the whole shift of priorities had me left reeling. Struggling to keep up with all the changes my body and mind went through.

“Since you’re still reeling from our mating, how about a lazy day? Just you, and me snuggled up on the couch and the TV. We can order something in or make some simple dinner. Because I don’t think we will get anything delivered.”

I frowned “Why won’t we get anything delivered?”

Riley just smiled down at me. “Since we mated, our scents get mingled together and for a few days or weeks, my panther would attack any unmated male or female he finds too close to you. It’s instincts. I think your wolf would do the same if he saw any unmated person too close to me for comfort.”

He is right you know. I will kill anyone too close to our mate. No matter who it is.

As if he heard the words Riley purred at the possessiveness, as I clutch him close.

“Mine,” I say and press a kiss to the fading mark around his Adam's apple. That’s another thing I am getting used to since we mated Riley can hear my wolf and I can hear his panther.

Riley rumbled as he fingered the mark in my neck. “Mine.” He breathed. Before pushing me on my back “Mine” he kept chanting as we had sex once again. Of course, my Wolf woke up and took over from there.

“This must be a new world record,” I stated from snuggled up on the couch.

Riley looked back from what he was doing on the stove “What is a new world record?” Only to hiss and turn his attention back to the stove as something was about to boil over.

“What we did this morning,” I said. “We took at least three hours to get out of bed and into the bathroom. Only to spend three more hours in there before we even attempted to get dressed and go downstairs. I mean seriously, no way that’s normal.”

Riley just chuckled as he walked back into the room holding two plates with a heap of steaming lasagna. “Trust me,” He said hand me a steaming plate and kissing my cheek “It’s normal. It just depends on the animal and mental strength of the person.”

I knew he was right when I finally got out of the shower and was tugging on some of his clothes I knew he wanted to have his way with me. In the damn closet, but seeing as I was sore and already covered in hickeys and his scent, he settled for feather light kisses on my face before he got changed in the bathroom. Just to be on the safe side.


After a few weeks of our mating and a lot of convincing Riley finally agreed to go back to work. I had literally nowhere else to go and had to sort out some stuff for school anyway. Meaning about what I was going to do with the apartment mom and me shared, due to the whole mating thing I kind of totally forgot about that.

Riley or dad had always accompanied me whenever I went to visit her grave. Since mom left the apartment to me in her will, I was thinking of what to do with it. I mean I was now living together with Riley and had no more use for it. I could keep it, but that would be a waste of money and I was sure other people could use it.

The apartment was in a nice neighbourhood with good transport connections. A knock sounded on my door, frowning I went to open it. I wasn’t expecting anyone. And if Riley was, he would have told me.

My frown deepened when I saw who was on the other side of the door. “ Hello grandmother, grandfather. What brings you here?”

Grandmother huffed “Don’t just stand there boy, let us in!” I took a step forward instead “No, you’re not coming in. I want to know what you are here for.” I crossed my arms in front of my chest, glaring at them both. We never really got along and ever since mom died we have been worse.

Grandmother bristled “Well I never…”

But grandfather cut her off with a soothing hand on her shoulder. “Maybe you should just tell him.”

Grandmother calmed down, “We are here because you forced our hand!” She exploded; of course she would blame me. “You never picked up the phone whenever we called or responded to any kind of communication.”

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