A Summer To Never Forget

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13. Archon

Of course, it had to be the one subject I have been successfully avoiding until now.

I sigh as Riley mentioned school. He was right though, I have ignored him or brought up another subject to talk about every time he mentioned it.

[We have to talk about this sooner or later babe.]

I could feel his compassion for me. Just like me, Riles wasn’t too sure how to work me going to school in our blissful just mated routine. Especially knowing that I will be surrounded by a lot of people and a lot of different scents had me jumpy with nerves.

I still shudder at Riles’ reaction when I came home from hanging out with my friends the other day. When he smelled all those different and unknown scents, he lost it. His Inner Panther took over and he sprinted out of the house and wasn’t back until late in the afternoon the next day.

When he returned he said he was at the Pack gym working off the rage he and his Inner Panther felt. Said it was better that way, his Inner Panther wanted to track them down and rip them limb from limb just because they touched me. It got even worse when I told him that I was planning on meeting them again soon. Yellow rolled across his eyes just as the words left my mouth. This is not good.

“Riles? Riles, please! You can come too! In fact, I told them about you and they want to meet you.”

The yellow vanished, turning back to their usual green colour.

“Really? They want to meet me?” For the first time ever I heard the doubt in his voice.

[Why wouldn’t they? You are my mate, my perfect another half.]

He sighed and looked away sadly.

[I am not as perfect as you think I am]

Nervously fidgeting with my hands, I try to wait patiently for my friends to arrive at the awesome café where we would meet. Riles was in the bathroom, doing God knows what.

“Relax Archie, there’s no need to be so tense.”

Riles slid beside me in the booth and draped an arm around my shoulders. Sighing I lean into him, snuggling into his body heat.

“I know. Still can’t really shake the feeling something bad is going to happen.”

I close my eyes as his hands soothingly thread through my hair. “Whatever happens, I will take care of it okay? Don’t you worry about a thing.”

Drinking all that water wasn’t the best idea I had, I thought as I flushed the toilet and washing my hands at the sink.

[Babe? Do your friends consist of a loud-mouthed blond idiot, a sassy African American and a tiny brunet? Cause if they do they’re here. You better come out quick.]

I grin drying my hands and pushing open the door.

[On my way]

“Archie!” Mia the tiny brunet said, just as I reached them, startling Jonathan the loud-mouthed blond idiot. Who is far from one, if you look at his test scores anyway.

“Hey, guys,”

I grin as they either hug me or slap me on my back “glad you could make it.”

Alfonso, the sassy African American smiled excitedly at me.

“Wouldn’t wanna miss it for the world. So excited to meet someone from the Pack in person!”

Mia and Jonathan looked a little apprehensive, something I couldn’t blame them for. The Pack has always been a little standoffish towards none-Pack members.

I smiled at Al’s eagerness, he was the only one who wanted to actually meet Riles.

“Well then please meet Riley,”

I said sliding in the booth onto Riles lap. Open mouths and wide eyes stared at me, I guess they didn’t think Riley was a guy. Riley is a unisex name, it can be used for male as well as female.

“So you’re gay?”

Jonathan asked with some anger in his voice. I knew how he thought about homosexuals, my anxiety must have been on my face as Riley gave Jonathan a nasty glare before growling at him in warning.

After that awkward moment, Al was the first who slide in the booth opposite Riles, Mia and Jonathan followed shortly after. Mia sat beside Al and Jonathan was forced to sit beside us, something he wasn’t very happy about. He kept glancing and shifting about.

“So Riley right?”

Riles nodded hesitantly,

“What do you do for the Pack?”

He gave a quiet growl in warning as I snickered, as Al lent forward full of curiosity.

Squeezing my hip lightly, making me yelp he answered: “I work in security detail regarding the Royal house.”

Al was under broken in his further questioning by a waitress asking us what we wanted to eat and drink. When we had ordered we resumed our talk, even Mia as timid as she was around strangers joined in and asked all kinds of questions.

I was surprised when quite a lot of Pack members here, so much it amazed me.

“Half-breed, unnatural.”

Were the words quietly hissed in my direction as they passed our table. They were too soft to hear for the humans at our table but Riles and I heard them just fine. Probably their intention, making me feel unwelcome for being Riles mate.

“Are you okay Archie? You look a little uncomfortable.” Mia softly said, looking at me with eyes full of concern.

“Yeah, I am fine Mia, just a little restless for school I guess.” I fake smile at her, silently glad she bought it.

[But I sure don’t.]

Riles linked to me

[I will make sure they will be punished for what they did or said about you.]

He tightened his hold on me, making me melt in his embrace.

[I am just so sick and tired of being told I am not worthy of being your mate because of my animal]

Whimpering a little I tucked my head beneath his chin, taking comfort in his soothing hands rubbing circles on my back.

Wringing my hands together at the slight chill outside, I waited impatiently for Riley. “Are you sure you’re okay Archie?” Mia’s voice sounded beside me, she had a small hand on my arm making me look down at her.

“Yes Mia, I am fine. Please don’t worry about it. It will be fine.” Just then a rowdy group of people our age came outside, smirking and smirking in my direction. Probably happy about getting me upset with their words.

They sneered at me in hatred.

[You should just die half-breed. You’re unnatural. Leave Riley alone and we won’t hurt you.]

I bared my teeth at the thought of having to leave Riley’s side. Before I knew it, I was being hauled backwards by Al and Jonathan. Somehow I managed to push them away from me and I was on the rowdy guys once more.

Until I caught the scent of the one thing that made me snap out of whatever it was I was in.


His touch calmed me, it was like a soothing cool cloth against the forehead for bringing the fever down. I calmed down instantly and stepped away from the rowdy group into his embrace.

“Challenge me again, and you won’t live to tell the tale.”

Riley kept beaming in my direction on the way back.

[What is it? What makes you smile like that at me?]

Riley just kept grinning and grabbed my hand. I could practically feel his panther vibrate happily under my touch, preening at something I most likely did.

You fought for us.

Riley’s Inner Panther purred in my head, I could feel his immense pleasure at the mere mention.

For us that’s the best thing ever, showing you are willing to fight for us shows that you are ready to take on any challenge thrown your way whenever it concerns us. Just like we will fight for you, to stay by your side we will take on the Alpha King if need be. Not sure that we would win but we will try.

I smiled as Riley squeezed my hand once more before letting go. Before I had time to feel bereft of his presence he was at my side of the car, opening the door and scooping me up in his arms. Giggling I noticed he carried me over the threshold, much like a groom would do to his just wedded wife.

“Are you now going to carry me up to the bedroom to have hot steamy sex?” I asked innocently, discreetly looking up at him from under my lashes. Something he couldn’t resist. As if the growl and dilated pupils weren't answering enough, the obvious bulged in his pants was.

His long legs made quick work of the stairs and landing before he kicked the bedroom door closed. Hands tearing at offending and constricting clothes, lips, teeth and tongue licking and nipping at anything they could reach. I was a mewling, panting mess when Riley finally made his way to my twitching hole, something Riley took great pride in.

My knees we over his shoulders, giving him full access. “Please” I begged as two of his fingers slid in and out of me “Please…your dick….NOW!” I roared throwing my head back as his fingers pegged my prostate once again.

He didn’t need to be told twice, as his fingers slipped away only to be replaced by his condom-wrapped length. He was going to slow for my liking though; I want hard and deep. Taking matters into my own hands, I pushed my hips slightly upward and gasped as he hit my prostate head on.

“God Archie! You’re so tight, and you’re milking me. Feels like I’m gonna melt.” Riles moaned in my ear as he kept pistoning that same angle over and over again.

The both of us were dripping and sleek with sweat, making me adjust my grip on Riles every now and again. Feeling my orgasm rise, I reach down between us and roughly tug at myself.

A few strokes and I was hollering on the top of my lungs. Riles was a little behind me as I felt my walls clamp down on him. He groaned low in his throat before clamping on the part between my neck and shoulder, slowly filling up the condom as he did so.

[Marking me again?]

I snickered as Riles let out an irritated huff. “I will mark you over and over again until it’s permanent on your skin. You are mine.”

Preening, I snuggle closer into him. I was drifting off when I heard a shout, startled I noticed the bed was empty.

[Where are you?]

I asked Riley as I wiggled out of the snug bed-covers.

[I am at the Northern edge of my territory, there is an intruder. A human intruder]

I hastily pulled on some sweats and a shirt

[Really who is it?]

I was running down the stairs two at a time. I was halfway there before Riley felt the need to respond to me.

[It’s that ass Keelan.]

I could hear the anger in his voice.

[What the hell is he doing here? I thought he wasn’t a shifter?]

Skidding to a stop at the clearing, I could see a terrified Keelan on the ground with a huge feline on top of him. When it caught my scent it lifted his head and snarled.

[Who the hell are you?]

I glared as it slowly pawed at Keelan’s chest. Scratching it, making him whimper in pain or fear.

“Let him go!”

Keelan’s head whipped around to face me and lit up.


[Where are you, Riles? I thought you were here?]

I heard a groan from the bushes.

[I was but, I was but, the Cat Clan is purposely holding me up with the dispute whether they’re in my territory or not. ]

[But who the hell is he? And why is he doing that to Keelan?]

I could hear Riley sigh in frustration at the situation.

[That is because Dillan is the Cat Clan’s toughest warrior and they say Keelan violated some law. Although they won’t tell me which one it is. I think it’s bull and they just want to terrify the poor human for sport.]

Although I don’t like Keelan that much nobody deserves this kind of thing.

[I know, I am getting him outta here.]

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