A Summer To Never Forget

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14. Riley

In this chapter there will be a shift of pov. It will start with Riley’s pov before turning to Keelan’s pov


[I know, I am getting him outta here.]

I am so proud of Archie. That he’s willing to put his differences aside to get Keelan to safety. I know a lot of Pack members love to torture humans for sport. And sadly Dillan is one of those assholes. Rolling my eyes I grit my teeth at the slow pace of the Cat Clan about the whole situation.

[I got him outta there and we’re heading home at the moment. I know you don’t want him around but I think it’s the safest place at the moment for him.]

My tense posture relaxed a little, I am glad they got out of there.

[Are you guys okay though? No scratches or wounds I need to know of? So I don’t need to kill Dillan.]

Just then Dillan’s animal form flickered in the corner of my eye. He didn’t look to happy but satisfied none the less.

[Keelan has only a few bloody scratches and is a little unstable on his feet but for the rest he’s okay.]

When Terry finally got back to me that they were in fact on my territory, I turned to face Dillan.

“If you ever get into my territory uninvited again I will kill you. I don’t care how strong you are but you don’t go into my territory uninvited.” I turned on my heel and darted off back home.


Keelan's pov

I don’t know why mom wanted me to go and visit those people in the Pack lands. Of course I know all about the Pack lands, who doesn’t in this modern society? I just never thought I would get to visit it and then in particular the Cat Clan.

Because as far as I know nobody in my family are shifters, so why am I visiting those who harmed my family long, long ago. My parents told me when I was younger that once my family was an important part of the Cat Clan. Then something happened and the founder of my family branch moved away and never shifted or contacted the Pack ever again.

My ancestor was the first shifter to split up with the Pack for good. There were several shifters over the years who moved out of Pack lands but they always returned to the Pack at some point in time.

Gritting my teeth as another bump in the road bounced me around in the car, I glare out the window at the people walking about. Once the car turned off I stared at the Cat Clan lair. It is a huge Victorian building with pillars and beautiful sash windows and high ceilings.

“This way please.”

The soft female voice snapped me out of my gaping. Turning I was met with a Goddess in a beautiful pale green high waist dress. She looked a little smug as I stared at her, my mouth opening and closing. I snapped into action as she walked down a separate hallway. All of a sudden I was feeling quite nervous.

Wiping my sweaty hands on my jeans as I waited in front of a door to meet the Cat Clan Alphas. Shivering I tried to glance around undetected to who or what is staring so intently at me, after a few quick looks I see nothing out of the ordinary. Shrugging it off to my imagination, I let out a breath of relief when I heard a voice calling me in.

Groaning I roll my tense neck muscles after several hours of listening to the Cat Clan Alphas and what they wanted with me. The Cat Clan has been looking for our family for years, under the mum of bringing the Clan back together as a whole.

Financially it was good for us since my dad left us for a younger woman who dumped him not long after. He got so depressed that he came back and started drinking heavily, forcing my mother to work harder than she already did before she had enough.

She grabbed me and my sister and move away. Not long after my dad died, they said it was a liver failure, and he had left no money what so ever for my mom. The only thing he left us was a huge debt, a debt so huge mom had no means or ways to ever pay it off without drastic measures.

I was glad that the Alphas were positive over taking care of our debt if we joined the Clan. They told me my ride back home was waiting for me near the edge of the Cat Clan territory.

Groaning slightly because I was forced to walk through several territories to get there. Never walk and text at the same time in an unknown territory, it will only end badly. Badly like having an angry snarling two hundred pounds feline pinning you to the forest floor.

“Let him go!”

Archie shouted, making me wonder when he got here. The shouting made the feline snarl at him, giving me the opportunity the wrestle out of his grip and stumble over to Archie. His eyes were huge as he took in my dishevelled state.

“Are you okay?”

He glanced at the bloody wounds on my chest and thighs. The feline charged us and Archie surprised me by shifting right in front my eyes!

I was in awe as he fought on par with the other feline. When they finally parted both were worse for wear,

“Get out! I will tell Riles that you trespassed! Now get out!”

I didn’t know who Riles was but the other feline did and with a last threatening growl it slinked off.

Breathing a sigh of relief Archie grabbed my arms and hauled me out of the clearing through the undergrowth where he came from.

Not really caring that he was walking around naked. Concentrating on not tripping and twigs getting snagged in my ruined clothes, I was surprised to see we were standing on a porch in front of a house.

“Come on in and we’ll get you cleaned up so you can go home.” Stepping over the threshold, I try not to gawk at the simple but elegant interior.

“So you live here?” I asked as Archie gently ushered me upstairs and down the landing to the bathroom.

“Yeah, I live here together with Riles since we mated as a couple of weeks ago. You’re the first visitor we had. The first aid kit is in the cabinet on your right”

The door clicked closed and his footsteps disappeared. Hissing, I gently peeled the ruined shirt and jeans off my chest and legs before opening the medicine cabinet looking for some disinfectant and bandages.

With the fluffy white towel wrapped securely around my waist, I step out of the steaming room to find a pair of boxers, sweats and a shirt in the same style like the ones Archie wore previously.

Having ditched the towel in the hamper, collecting my clothes, I quietly padded my way out of the room. Coming down the stairs I could hear the murmurings of people talking, Archie was talking excitedly to someone in the room. Luckily for me, Archie is fully dressed once more and smiles waving me to come in.

“Oh Hello. Who are you?” It was the girl who was with Archie the first time we met at the mall. Before I could introduce myself, Archie does it for me.

“Niamh, this is Keelan. A guy from school. Keelan this is my younger sister Niamh.”

Her eyes narrow in disgust when she looked at me.

“So you’re the guy that made my brother’s life hell at school every day.”

I know I tease Archie a lot more than is good but I wouldn’t say I made his life hell. Again before I can explain myself or defend myself another voice interrupts us.

“Let’s go, Keelan, I am taking you home.”

What is it with those people and interrupting me before I get a chance to explain or defend myself?

I stare out the window as the scenery zips past, sunken in my thoughts thinking about mom and Claire.

How the hell do I keep them from harm?

I am pretty sure some unmated males wouldn’t mind mating with mom. I cringe at the thought of mom with someone else. It’s not that I don’t want her to be happy because I do, it’s just that we have been fine on our own and now all of a sudden they want us back. There has to be a catch somewhere.

“Keelan, we’re here.”

The gruff voice of Riley cut through my wondering mind. Blinking I stare at the house with mom standing on the porch with a frightened expression. Unbuckling my seatbelt I glance at him once more before opening the door.

“Thanks for the ride man.”

He just nods his head before reversing the car out of the driveway and speeding out of sight.

“And? What did they say? What did they want from you?”

I sigh before turning to face my mother. Her face was drawn with worry, creating lines that weren’t there a few days ago. I smile lightly as I hug her close before letting go and stepping inside.

“Since we are the last descendant from whats-his-name, they decided that I as oldest male should mate with someone from the other side. Regardless if he or she is my real mate or not.”

Mom looked a little confused at the words.

“He? Mate? What do you mean by that?”

Slumping down in a kitchen chair I tell her what they told me. “They said my mate might be a he because most females are either already mated or too young to be mated to me. They will tell me somewhere later this week who it will be. We need to mate because apparently, we have enough shifter DNA so there is a possibility that I will shift once I am mated. Or at least they hope so. They would find it a tad unsatisfactory if I pass on my human genetics to whatever child may come out of our union.”

“They want you to have a child? You’re barely an adult for God’s sake! There is no way you can handle a child at your age!” Mom gasped horrified.

I just shrugged “There is nothing I can do about it mom, it’s a done deal. Although I don’t need to be a constant factor in the child’s life. They said I just need to be around enough for the child to remember me.”

The slap shouldn’t have come as a surprise. Turning back to face her I saw mom’s angry glittering blue eyes morph into concerned ones.

“If you decide to have a child you need to be a constant factor in his or her life. You need to find a way to juggle school and your parenting responsibilities.”

She silently begged me not to be like my father and vanish whenever I feel like it. I remember the pain of him leaving us and never returning.

I promised myself that should I ever have a child of my own I will not put it through the pain of wondering when daddy will be home again.

Chewing on my lip, uncertain how to tell her we need to move once again when I am mated. She noticed my hesitation, putting her hands on her hips “What else are you not telling me?”

I look at my hands as they trace patterns on the table top. “We need to move to Pack lands once I am mated.” My head snaps up as I hear a tiny hiccup, to my dismay I see Claire standing in the doorway. Not really the ideal circumstances I wanted to tell her we would be moving again.

She snivels once before bawling her eyes out, screaming she doesn’t want to move again. I hate the fact I am breaking a promise, especially to someone dear to me.

Sighing I get up, making a move to go after her. Mom holds up her hands “Stay here, I will talk to her okay? Why don’t you start on dinner already.” She smiles sadly before leaving me alone in the kitchen.

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