A Summer To Never Forget

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15. Archon

I woke up alone in bed, something that hasn’t happened since I moved in with Riles. Frowning I pet around on his side of the bed feeling it cooling down rapidly.

I wasn’t worried, I could hear things clanging in the kitchen and was pretty sure Riles was in there making breakfast. Sighing contently I stretch my arms over my head feeling my spine pop before dropping back down on the mattress. Even though the weather outside was beautiful with the sun shining and birds singing, I felt like staying in today. I couldn’t muster up any kind of energy to go anywhere.

“Aww. Thanks love!” I beam as Riles walks in the room with a steaming breakfast tray, I salivate at all the yumminess on it.

Smiling happily, Riles places the tray on my waiting lap before joining me in bed. After having plates devoid of food, and still feeling like doing anything I drape myself across Riles. “I don’t feel like doing anything today.”

Riles just kept petting my head, his chest rumbling. “What’s so funny?” I demand as I glare up at him. Being with Riles for this long I am quite adept in distinguishing his different sorts of rumbling.

“Nothing love.” He says soothingly “It’s just that most weres or shifters feel the need to nestle around this time of year. It makes even cuter than you already are.” He smiles before nuzzling my hair.

Pouting I watch as Riles gets up out of the bed and starts getting dressed. “See something you like Archie?” I glare playfully as Riles makes a show of putting his sweater on. I drool as I watch those delicious muscle flex and bunch.

“As your mate, it’s my right to ogle you.” I huff crossing my arms. Walking back over and grabbing the tray, Riles smiles softly at me. I smile quickly when he pecked me lightly on the lips.

“I will bring these down and put them in the dishwasher before going to collect some more firewood.” Reminding me that since we’re surrounded by high mountains on either side of the Pack lands that the cold would begin earlier. I shuddered voluntarily at the thought of the cold that surrounded our valley.

“Don’t worry love,” Riles said from the landing “I will make sure to have the fire roaring before you come down!” I only move when I heard the door slam closed. With much reluctance, I leave the warm nest that was the bed and quickly make my way over to the bathroom.

I sigh happily when I step inside wiggling my toes; Riles has heated flooring in the bathroom.

I really need to ask him to have it put it throughout the house.

Shedding my clothes quickly I hop under the scalding hot cascading water. Lathering up the loofah with my favourite scented axe shower gel, I quickly wash myself and rinse.

Stepping out of the steamy cabin I dry myself with a towel before wrapping it around my waist as I walk back to the bedroom. Digging through the dresser for a pair of boxers and socks I turn to the wardrobe for a pair of comfortable pants and a snuggly warm sweater.

True to his word, Riles has a warm fire going in the fireplace as I come to a stop on the bottom stair. Only Riles was nowhere in sight. Again, I am not too worried though, I knew that he would be home soon.

He never went too far in the woods because he might trespass into someone else territory. I shake my head as memories plague my mind as I remember what happened when I was one day exploring Riles territory. I don’t know whose was adjoined to Riles but he got very pissed off when I unintentionally crossed the border between their territories.

“So what do you think? Is it warm enough?” Riles asked as he came through the back door rubbing his hands together.

“Yeah, I love it,” I say as I lean back into Riles' chest as he came behind me, wrapping his arms around my waist. “You know what I just realised?” I questioned as I turned around in his embrace.

“What did you just realise?” Riles hummed as he swayed us from side to side to some silent music only he could hear. Blushing slightly I hide my face in his chest and mumbled, knowing that he will be able to hear me. “

That we never had sex in front of the fireplace.” Riles stopped swaying and pulled back a little leering at me with a smirk. I blush even harder as his hands move from my hips to cup my ass and gently squeeze it.

Unable to control my body or mouth, I let out a wanton sound as I arched against him. Riles slowly lowered me onto the fur that was in front of the fireplace.

“Well then, I guess we need to take care of that.” Pressing me fully onto the fur I couldn’t help but let out an encouraging purr. Kissing down the side of my throat, nipping and licking Riles tugged off my sweater. Goosebumps covered my body as I shivered at the slight cold.

“Are you okay?” Riles asked me as I shivered. I nodded my head positively as my body relaxed again, getting used to the room temperature. “Good” Riles smirked, “I wasn’t planning on stopping until I have fucked you into oblivion.”

Before he trailed open-mouthed kisses along my torso. Eliciting more wanton sounds from me, as I arch into his touch as he moved down to my belly button.

I let out a confused sound as he stopped his delicious treatment on my skin as he pulled back. I watch wantonly as he pulls off his sweater, pants and boxers before returning his mouth to my skin. His confidant fingers popped open my button and pulled down my zipper before urging my hips up so he could get my pants and boxers off.

Once the pants and boxers were off, Riles just pushed himself up on his elbows and stared at me. Feeling very self-consciously at his intense staring I moved my hands to cover myself up but he pinned both above my head. “You look beautiful in this light Archie.” He said hoarsely as he swallowed thickly.

I wiggled my hips, making our naked groins rub together and I groan low in the back of my throat. Riles' eyes snapped down to our groins, a perverted grin on his face as he looked back up to me. Removing his hand from mine, he nibbled on my right hipbone before switching to the left one, driving me insane with lust.

My head was tossing and turning by the time his mouth surrounded my swollen length. Somehow his fingers were slick with some kind of liquid as they probed my fluttering entrance. My hands found themselves fisted into his hair, tugging on it quite harshly. Riles didn’t seem to mind as he kept rubbing and prodding my entrance, and his mouth was still surrounded around my length as his fingers finally penetrated me.

Moaning I arch my hips up, making his fingers penetrating me even deeper as they peg my prostate. Rubbing and scissoring my entrance, Riles lubed up his own length with his other hand. I moan at the sight of his proud length.

Whining at the loss of his fingers Riles positioned himself at my entrance. “I love you Archon.” He kissed my lips as he slowly pushed his swollen length inside, making my toes curl. Once he was fully seated inside, my hands moved towards his shoulders for purchase as he started moving in a steady rhythm.

My legs wrapped themselves around his hips making Riles going even deeper stabbing my prostate with a lot more force. I moan loudly as he does so. “That’s right babe, feel that and let it out.”

Spurred on by his words I scream myself hoarse as he continues to drive himself inside me. I am glad that the fur is of the soft kind, I am not looking forward to having red lines on my back. I was so close to the edge that it just took a touch of Riles hand on my length to make me explode. As my body convulses with the force of my orgasm, I heard Riles growl lowly in his throat as he clamps his teeth on my shoulder as he rides out his orgasm.

Closing my eyes to catch my breath, I hear Riles root around probably looking for a blanket to cover our cooling bodies. I hissed in surprise as I felt something lukewarm on my body. Opening my eyes I see Riles wipe me down with a dripping cloth.

He’s very gentle and caring as he takes great care when he reaches my dripping hole. Deciding I was clean enough to his satisfaction, Riles gets rid of the cloth before tucking me in another fur while snuggling with me. Smiling I turn to face him as I wrap my hands around his waist.

“That was amazing Riles.” I smile up at him as I peck his lips lightly.

Placing his chin on my head he starts chuckling again “Glad I was up to your standard love.”

Pulling back to glare at him I swat his rock hard pecs. “That’s not funny! I was being serious!” I pout. Before Riles could answer me a timid knock sounded on the front door, making us both look at each other.

[Did you expect anyone?]

Riles shook his head, before wiggling out of our snug little nest and shrug on his pants as the knocking continued.

Whoever was at the door, Riles didn’t like his or her presence at our house. “What do you want?” He snapped as soon as he ripped open the door. An unknown scent to my drifted in through the open door.

[Who is it, Riles?]

I stayed snugly inside the furs but I did try to look around the couch that was blocking my view of Riles and the person at the door.

[It’s that ass, Keelan. I don’t know what he wants though. Or what he is doing here.]

Keelan’s annoying voice snapped me out of my shock “Your Riley Woods right?”

I assumed Riles nodded for Keelan just continued speaking “Dillan is looking for you. He says there is something he needed to discuss with you. He would appreciate it very much if you would come as quickly as possible to the Pack House.”

I felt Riles annoyance skyrocket as soon as Keelan finishes that sentence.

[What in the world could Dillan want from you?]

I never liked Dillan ever since I met him when I was introduced to the Cat Clan.

[I don’t know]

Riles growled as he slammed the door in Keelan’s face before stomping back to me to tug on his sweater. “I will find out though.” He says before his eyes glazed over slightly, letting me know he’s trying to talk to Dillan through the Pack link.

Riles blinked a few times after coming back from talking through the Pack link. He sighed deeply as he rested his head against the back of the couch. “Apparently there was nothing of importance Dillan had to speak to with me. It was a test for Keelan to show his loyalty to the Clan. A test for them to see if he could follow the orders they gave him.”

I looked up at him in question as he looked back down to me. “How come I didn’t know he and his family joined the Clan?” I never heard of him joining the Pack or the Clan.

Riles sighed “That’s because they were never part of the Clan since the day they were born. His ancestor was once part of the Pack but something caused him to leave the Pack for good, hence the fact nobody knew he was part of the Pack ever. Keelan and his family are the only descendants left of this ancestor and the Cat Clan feels the need to bring them back so they can be whole once more. But that’s all a load of bull. The reason they want Keelan’s family to join is to show that they are the biggest Clan in the Pack lands and thus become the ‘rightful’ second in command.”

Riles makes quote marks at the word rightful. I frown “Isn’t the Wolf Clan the second in command?”

Riles nodded “Because of a majority of votes and being the biggest Clan in the Pack lands. The Cat Clan feels slighted and wanted revenge ever since.”

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