A Summer To Never Forget

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21. Archon

As I suspected, Keelan wasn’t too happy to see me standing there before the first game of the season. He never really liked me to begin with and now he was part of the Pack was going to be around me even more. Since the first game was played today most classes were afternoon and some morning classes were cancelled.

“What the hell do you want?” He sneered at me.

I rolled my eyes at his unfriendly behaviour. “I don’t know if you knew but the guy who dropped you off this morning is not going to pick you up. You’re riding back with me.” I don’t know what he told his friends about the fact he had moved to the Pack lands nor was it my business, but one of his jock friends laughed as he slung his arm over Keelan’s shoulder. His eyes went up and down my body, appreciating the view I think.

I would definitely say so, by the way, he licked his lips and winked at me before being shoved away by an annoyed Keelan. “You came to watch the game?” The same guy asked back at me from behind Keelan.

I shook my head “No, I didn’t have some stuff to work on.” The guy pouted “Really? You’re gonna be studying already on the first day back?”

I sighed “Yes I am.”

Since Keelan was in most of my classes, regardless of the fact that he is a year above me, he finished mostly around the same time I did. I was still annoyed that we had to bring Keelan home with us, but I did notice that ever since he and his family joined the Pack, Dean was looking very exhausted all the time. Now that we most likely will be picking up and dropping off Keelan, he would hopefully get some well-deserved rest.

As I sat at the library desk with my books, paper and pencils, I could hear shouts from the stadium.

The game must be well underway now.

Checking my watch it showed that it was already past the halfway mark. Just then a huge roar of the crowd reached me; someone must have scored a touchdown. Soon after that the librarian on duty cheered, even fist pumped. I shrugged as it must have been someone on our team.

After that I was too engrossed in my schoolwork to notice anything else, hence my shock when Riles contacted me.

[Hey babe, I am on my way there.]

I gathered my stuff together after marking the books for reference where I was and speed walked out of the library. As fate would have it, I walked out of the building when most of our teams’ players walked to the parking lot. Only Keelan was nowhere to be found.

Instead, I found Chad, the guy from before “So you’re Archon right?”

I let out an irritated huff at his unoriginal openings line. “What of it?” I shifted my bag on my shoulder before speeding up as I saw Riles’ car in the distance.

The guy was out of breath as kept walking next to me “I was wondering if you were coming to the party later?”

God did the guy looked hopeful.

“Nope can’t make it. Besides I am already spoken for.” That seemed to do absolutely nothing to him as he just shrugged his shoulders before walking away. I literally jumped into Riles’ arms, not caring that Keelan (who popped up suddenly) looked uncomfortable, wanting to be anywhere but around us.

“Hey Keel, you coming to the party or what?” Another of the jocks shouted while Keelan was looking around the mass of people leaving the stadium.

To everybody’s surprise, he shook his head and pointed at us “They are my ride home man. I don’t think mom would let me leave the new house because of my sis and stuff.” That seemed enough of an answer as the guy shrugged and turned back to the person beside him.

Throughout the day, I have heard Keelan grumble about ‘that freak Dillan’ showing up at the most random times and places.

[What do you think is wrong with him?]

I found it sweet that Riles was a bit concerned for Keelan. Since he spoke of his dysfunctional family he was getting more and more confident with showing his emotions.

[I think it might have something to do with the fact he thinks that Dillan is following him around.]

Riles nearly crashed into an oncoming car. Eyes wide he stared at me before quickly turning back to the road. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Keelan shouted angrily from the backseat.

“None of your business,” Riles mumbled, shaking his head, still recovering from that piece of information.

“None of my business?! None of my business?! It is my god damned business if you’re trying to get me killed!” He growled as he glared at us, grumbling profanities under his breath.

[What do you mean he thinks Dillan is following him around?]

Riles was now calmer, more together.

[I have heard him mutter under his breath about Dillan showing up at the weirdest times and places. What do you think?]

“What the hell are you two doing over there? What are you two talking about? Cause I know you’re talking.” Riles stopped in front of the Cat Clan House.

“About the possible reasons Dillan might be following you around,” I said just before he got out. “And yes, I heard you mutter under your breath when and where he showed up these past weeks.” I motioned to my ears “I have wolfs hearing you know.” That seemed to piss him off even more as he stomped to the house, slamming the door on his way in.

“So what do you think makes Dillan follow Keelan of all people around?” I questioned later when we were cuddled up on the sofa. Riles grunted a little as he shifted me on his lap “As scary as it might be I think that Keelan might be his mate.”

I nearly choked on my tea, spluttering I looked at Riles wide-eyed. “Wh-what?! Why would you think that?”

He shrugged as he rubbed soothing circles on my back “It’s the only way I can explain Dillan’s irrational behaviour. Because I don’t think Alpha Jordan would have someone as insignificant as him shadowed by someone like Dillan.” Climbing back on Riles lap I let that information slowly sink in, unbelievable as it might be, all evidence pointed in that direction.

The next day brought a surprise in the shape of an annoyed Keelan on our doorstep.

Why am I not surprised?

Showing him inside and closing the door behind him, I wonder why he has come.

He usually avoids us like the plague. So why is he here now?

The question must have been all over my face because he said: “I am here because I need to talk to you and Riley.” As he flopped down on the couch. Shrugging I went to the kitchen to fetch my cup of tea before linking.

[Keelan is here saying he needs to talk to us.]

I sat down in one of the armchairs opposite the couch “So what do you need to talk to us about? You made it quite clear you never wanted to see us if you could help it.” I studied him over the rim of my cup; he looked dishevelled, worn out and just plain tired.

This is a first; he usually takes very good care of himself.

Keelan looked very uncomfortable as he kept glancing around the room. “You think Dillan followed you here?” His eyes widened a little before he returned to his custom glare.

“I know he did. The bastard even followed me to school. He keeps popping up at the most random times. I don’t know what to do anymore. I want him to leave me the hell alone!”

I couldn’t help but feel a smidgen of sympathy for him, Dillan can be very overbearing and forceful at most times. “I think that’s going to be impossible.” Keelan let out a shout of surprise as he hadn’t heard Riles enter the room.

“I talked with Alpha Jordan and he says that Dillan has been acting odd ever since you first visited here. You know? When he chased you all the way to my clearing. I hate to break it to you, but I believe Dillan might be your mate.”

For the first time ever, I have had the pleasure to see Keelan sitting there, not knowing what to say. “You sure?” I looked up at Riles as he was perched on the armrest of my chair.

Riles nodded his head “Yeah, I just got confirmation from the Cat Clan Alpha’s that Dillan finally admitted that Keelan’s scent does affect him. They had to put him in quarantine.”

My eyes bulged out of their sockets “Dillan got violent?”

Riles just chuckled “Not exactly, he was on patrol around their place on order of some of the previous Council members. Dillan does not accept anything from the newly named members for whatever reason. And during his patrol, he had a run in with the Beta of the Wolf Clan.”

I winched in sympathy, Dillan was very single-minded and some Council members managed to get it in Dillan’s head that everyone from the Wolf Clan was an enemy.

No wonder he got violent.

“Why would he listen to an old coot instead of the Alpha?” We both looked at Keelan, wondering what to tell and not to tell him. Riles told me a while ago that the previous Cat Clan Alpha was very obsessive with power and so were his Council members, hence the reason why most of the previous Council members were against any changes Alpha Jordan wanted to make.

“Because before Alpha Jordan and his changes, the Council members held more power than he did when he became Alpha. Nobody knows how it really happened but the previous Alpha was found dead one day and instead of transferring all that power to the next Alpha in line, the Council members kept most of it for themselves.

"Made it look like Jordan approved of everything they wanted, forged his signature on laws he didn’t agree to. It caused a lot of trouble for Jordan and the Clan. They actually had him put on trial for being an unfit Alpha. Saying was doing nothing he promised them when he took the Alpha pledge. In doing so they could if Jordan was deemed an unfit Alpha pick one of their own to be Alpha and continue what they were doing. Gathering more and more power for themselves and leave us to a tyranny or dictatorship.”

*Keelan’s P.O.V*

It was weird but I felt more relaxed after talking to Archon and Riley. I know I haven’t been their biggest fan, but they are the only ones in this whole damned place that would take me seriously. I just hope and pray that I am not Dillan’s mate.

For what it’s worth, the guy is too much for my taste. Even Riley confessed that he felt uncomfortable around Dillan and coming from someone from the Royal Guard that says something.

“What’s wrong hun?” I rolled my eyes as I walked passed my worried mother and muttered nothing. I lay down on my bed staring at the ceiling. It wouldn’t be too long according to Riley before the Cat Clan will come up with a poor sap and demand that we mate.

I noticed the power shift between the Council and the Alphas when the new Council was chosen. I just don’t understand why we need to be under house arrest and being checked up on every now and again. It’s not like we can go anywhere else. This is all we have, no matter how much I hate it, this is now our home now.

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