A Summer To Never Forget

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22. Riley

My guess is that Keelan just needed someone that would make a big deal out of things. Ever since he came by our house to talk, he has been slowly adapting to Pack Life, much to everybody’s relief.

Although everybody is also tense around him, unlike Archie Keelan never really knew about the Pack and what it does. Sure he heard rumours and things, but that is not what Pack Life is like. Most of the rumours paint the Pack as a big group of people who can and will turn into bloodthirsty creatures whenever they choose.

Which is quite wrong, the closest thing the Pack is when compared with human civilization is a very close and tight-knit and lipped community. Nobody talks about Pack Life outside the Pack, it’s just not done. Only a few chose high ranking humans to know how the Pack works and functions, this is because it’s necessary for them because we all live in the same area. You can compare it to having two large rivalling cities in the same county. One is no better than the other, despite what the humans claim.

I wasn’t too surprised when the question came from Alpha Jordan to teach Keelan a little more about Pack ways of life. I kind of expected the request to come sooner or later. Archie pouted when I told him about the request, claiming that it would cut back our little time together even further.

“Alpha Jordan asked me to teach you a little more about Pack life if you wanted to.” Keelan looked up suspiciously from his phone. The both of us were waiting for Archie to show up, he was being held back by a teacher about one of his projects.

“What do you mean?” The nasty glare he sent me told me he was waiting for a trap to spring.

“Just like I said, do you want to know more about the way of things within the Cat Clan? It can help you avoid unnecessary arguments and such.”

He was still glaring at me suspiciously, I just shrugged “If you don’t want to, that’s fine too.” I leaned back against the hood of my car, keeping an eye out for Archie at the double doors.

Keelan was quiet for a moment “if you tell me about it, will it help with all the arguing?” Just as I suspected, his attitude caused a lot of arguing and grumbling.

“It will not help you immediately, but it will give you a much-needed arsenal if you encounter one of the older and stricter members of the Clan.” By the look on his face, he had a few run in’s with the older and stricter members of the Clan and lost the verbal battle pretty badly.

The oddest thing though was that Keelan still had to meet with the Alpha King to be registered as part of the Pack. For some reason or another, the Cat Clan forgot to register him when they went to register his mother and younger sibling.

“Do you know why you still haven’t met the Alpha King so you can be part of the Pack?” Keelan just shrugged uninterested, still fiddling with his phone. It was seriously starting to piss me off. “They said at the office that he was out and would be back until next week.” He cursed at his phone; growled low in his throat before putting it away in his pocket.

That’s odd, why would they lie about the King not being able to meet with him? He’s been back since Tuesday. They must be up to something again.

They might want to introduce him once they have found him a mate, to show that they can take better care of things than the Wolf Clan.

My Panther had a point there, the Cat Clan was all about keeping appearances.

They might learn a thing or two about how the Wolf Clan handles things instead.

[Are you nearly done, babe? We really need to get going soon if you want to be back in time for dinner at your dad’s]

It has been thirty minutes already and still no sign of Archie.

[Yeah, I will be right there.]

I let out a sigh of relief when he replied. “I still find it weird that you guys can communicate with each other like that.” He must be talking about the fact that Archie and I had our own private link, besides the Pack link.

“Aren’t you included in the Pack link? Like the rest of your family?” Keelan shook his head just as Archie came running out of the building “When I asked, the Clan said they wanted to wait for me to develop the Clan link first before the Pack link.”

I freaking knew they were up to something!

“What’s wrong? What did I miss?” Keelan said nothing as he slipped into the car’s backseat.

[What’s wrong? Why are you so angry?]

I didn’t know how to phrase my unhappiness with the Cat Clan at the moment.

[The Cat Clan is up to something again. I think they want to make Keelan their anti-Pack warrior or something. He told me they want him to have the Clan link before the Pack link.]

Archie nearly face planted as he tripped over his own feet,

[How in the hell are they going to accomplish that?]

Chuckling I shook my head as I opened the passenger door for him, “You need to be more careful and tie your laces properly.” Archie huffed as he dropped his backpack to the floor before sitting down and tug at the seat belt.

[I think the more radical Cat Clan members know something about Keelan that we don’t.]

[Then we need to find out what that is, so we can help him.]

I nodded my head in consent, before putting the car in gear and started on the way home. We dropped Keelan off at the Clan house, so we had the whole afternoon to ourselves. We were cuddled up on the couch, just enjoying each other’s presence, until I felt something I hadn’t felt in a long time. I raised and questioning eyebrow at Archie, who blushed and hide his face under my chin.

I leered at Archie as I managed to get him out from under my chin. “You should know better than to try and hide something like that from me, Archie.” He wiggled closer in my lap, no longer hiding his obvious erection. I hissed as he nipped at my chin with a mischievous glint in his eyes, clearly having something planned.

“What are you planning?” He didn’t answer, just softly pressed his lips against mine. My body relaxed as he began peppering kisses all over my face, enjoying the feeling. My eyes snapped open when I felt Archie nipping at the meaty part of my neck, groaning I rolled my neck to the side, giving him all the access he wanted. His happy sound told me all I needed to know, his hands pressed firmly on my pecs. We had moments like these before, but somehow this one felt different. More sensual.

My hips rocked forward as he started massaging my pecs and kept nibbling on my neck. I am pretty sure I will have a hickey the size of Texas. Archie’s hands moved from my pecs to the hem of my shirt, I hissed slightly as I felt sparks dance along the skin where he touched me.

My hands grabbed his ass and pulled him flush against me, squeezing it lightly. Arching his back, Archie managed to tug my shirt up, only to realise my arms were still around his waist. Lifting my arms he ripped it over my head before latching his lips onto my skin.

Somehow and in some mysterious way I ended up lying on the couch half naked, with an equal half naked Archie on top of me. My pants disappeared and then there was a naked Archie rubbing his tight ass on my throbbing erection. Archie groaned as he kept rubbing himself on me, driving me positively insane.

“Archie” I came out as a moan, as Archie wiggled around on my groin. His lips attached to my nipple, nipping and biting it. “Babe, please don’t tease me like this. I don’t think I can go on for very long.” I managed to say between gasps.

How does he know all my sensitive spots? We never really got to that…

I arch as his teeth and nails scrap down my stomach to the edge of my boxers. Archie just smirked at me from the edge of my boxers as he slowly pulled it away with his teeth. I lifted my hips to aid him in the removal of my boxers. Free of its confinement, my erection proudly springs free, right in Archie’s face. By the looks of it, he doesn’t mind at all.

“I have been waiting for this for a long time.” He spoke softly before kissing my leaking tip, dragging his tongue all over to collect all the pre-cum dripping out of it.

Gasping for breath, I watch in amazement as Archie swallows all of me to the back of his throat. My hips buck, and my hand fists itself in his hair, pushing him further down on my straining erection. Which should be impossible since I am all ready at the back of his throat, and yet he surprises me by going down further until his lips hit my pubic hair.

“GOD! ARCHIE!” My spine tries to bend itself in ways unimaginable even for weres, trying to get further down his throat. Archie just smirks, before hallowing his cheeks as he bobs his head faster up and down.

My head thrashes around, my breath comes and goes in short heavy pants. For the first time in my life my body undulates, and I like it. I gasp throwing my head back as my release rocks through my body, by the slurping sounds I know Archie swallowed it all.

Crawling back up my body, Archie brings our lips together for a soft kiss, “I really love you, Riles. Really, I truly do. No matter what.” One hand massages his scalp as he rests his head on my chest, my other one is around his waist, holding us close together.

“I love you too, Archie. For now and forever.” I kiss his hair softly, “No matter what happens.”

We were lost in our moment until we heard someone clear their throat from the front door. Looking over the armrest I see an uncomfortable Keelan stand there.

[What the hell does he want?]

Archie looks up and groans under his breath, muttering about bad timing. “What do you want Keelan?” I sigh in disappointment as Archie rolls of me in search for his clothing. I growl as he reaches for his pants, wordlessly he reaches for mine before putting them on.

As soon as Archie is decent, I pull on my boxers and Archie’s pants. Standing up from the couch I noticed that Keelan is still standing on the threshold, “Do come in man, don’t just stand there.”

He seemed to hesitate before finally entering the house. His nose scrunched up in distaste, probably smelling sex and our mating bond. He avoids the couch and sits down in one of the armchairs. Looking everywhere but us. “So Keelan” Archie says as he sits down on my lap after returning from the kitchen; probably boiling water and wanting to prepare dinner. “How can we help you?”

[What do you think he has to say?]

I shrugged lightly at Archie’s question.

[Must be something big, since he takes quite some time to gather his thoughts.]

We watch silently as Keelan wrings his hands and licks his lips nervously.

[Whatever it is it can’t be good. I have never seen him this nervous before. Not ever.]

Archie shifts restlessly in my lap, getting more and more nervous as the minutes stretch on without Keelan speaking.

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