A Summer To Never Forget

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29. {interlude} Keelan

It was a good thing mom never let that weird man in, I didn’t trust him. He gave off a bad, insane vibe. I saw his eyes; they were eyes of someone who was way past sanity.

They exclude intelligence but also a hazardous, calculating gleam. “Who was that mommy?” My younger sister Ciara asked as she peeked around the living room door frame, where we both were lounging. Mom sighed as she closed the door, before turning to her.

“He was looking for someone who used to live here.”

Ciara’s bottom lip trembled “I don’t like him, he’s a bad man.”

For once in my life I agreed with her, whoever he was, he was evil. I don’t trust him at all. I glare at him as I watch him as he walked down back to the main road. “Come on Ciara; let’s continue to watch the little mermaid.”

Ciara grinned my way before skipping back to my side on the couch. I roll my eyes at her whiplash attitude I press the play button, settling in the couch ready for the long haul.


I grit my teeth in annoyance as I notice the same feline that attacked me when I was here previously, following me around the Cat Clan Pack house.

What the hell does it want with me?

“Keelan! Hey, wait up!” Snarling under my breath I stop and turn back to face whoever thought it was smart calling out to me.


“What? What do you want?”

Useless female.

Ever since we arrived she has been stuck to my side like glue, much to my and my mom’s annoyance. We both didn’t really like her, and we made it clear too, several times in fact.

She is round with her mates’ child and still she follows me around like a lost puppy.

“I don’t think you should be running around like that in your condition Jasmine.”

She beams at my concern for her. “Don’t worry Keelan,” she rubs her stomach lightly “we’re going to be just fine.” I noticed out of the corner of my eye the feline glare at Jasmine.

So you don’t like her either huh?

“But what did you want to tell me? Why did you call out to me?”

Her beaming smile dimmed a little “There is someone important who wants to meet you.” My first thought was that the King finally wanted to meet me, but she looked at me like I was crazy when I asked if it was the King.

“He has more important things to do than meet you.” Her tone was flat.

I narrowed my eyes “Oh yea? Then why did he already meet mom and Ciara if he has more important things to do?”

Her silence was all the answer I needed, confirming my suspicions of the fact that something was going on. There is something fishy going on within the noble Cat Clan. Who isn’t as noble as they portray to be.

“If it’s not the King, then I don’t want to meet whoever it is.” I dismissed her, turning on my heel and carry on my way home. In hindsight, I should have known that she wouldn’t take no for an answer, if I just agreed, then what happened next wouldn’t have happened.

They came that night, just after dinner. We were all in the living room, watching some random show, waiting on the news to start, when the doorbell rang insistently.

Frowning mom went to the door; we weren’t expecting any visitors, especially at this time of the day, so close to the evening news. Usually visitors came by earlier or after the evening news. My mom always watched the evening news no matter what, the president could have been at the door and she wouldn’t open it, she was that dedicated to the evening news.

“Yes? Can I help you?” Mom was suspicious of whoever was at the door; I have heard her use that tone of voice long enough to recognise it; the slightly doubtful, but cheerful. I tensed as I heard several unknown to me male voices.

I shoot up from the couch as I heard mom hiss in pain as the men roughly shoulder their way into the house. “Go Ciara, quick! Go hide somewhere!” She looked at me frightened before she scurried off the couch to the kitchen.

Not a moment too soon, just as she rounded the corner the men came into the living room. “Keelan, you need to come with us.” They manhandled mom between them as she resisted them.

I snarled “Let my mom go you asshole!” Things happened quite fast after that, a flurry of limbs and shouts until the sound of a gun going off and I feel woozy. Looking down I see a bright coloured dart in my side, confused I look around for the shooter, coming to rest on one of the Cat Clan Pack doctors.

“You ass” I manage to slur as my sight grew dim and my knees wobbled.

I don’t know how much time passed between when they sedated me and when I woke up. Waking up after whatever the hell it was they sedated me with was hell, pure agony.

Every muscle in my body was on fire, twisting and turning, bending in impossible ways. Groggily I opened my eyes; I was lying bound on a bare concrete floor, next to some kind of throne. My nose twitched as I took a deep breath, the stale smell of the old unused building plus a few familiar scents; I identified Archon, Riley, Dillan and one unknown scent.

I let out a groan as I hear someone whisper “Keelan? Keelan can you hear me?”

[Archie...Help...Me...] I don’t know why, but I was sure that he could hear me.

To my disappointment he didn’t seem to hear me, he just stared at me as the officers filled the room. I heard a sharp sound as I felt the tension around my ankles relax, she must have shoot the chain around my ankles.

With the last remaining conscious I reached my arms up so she could do the same to the chains around my wrists. She was an awesome shooter, she shoot the chains and didn’t hit me at all.

Before I could rejoice that fact my body contorted; twitching and bending in impossible ways, I must have blacked out for a little while. For the next time I came back online I was on all fours staring at Archie as he shouted at me.

“You killed him! YOU MONSTER!”

Killed?! Who is dead?!

I move my head slightly and see a prone body lie next to Archie.


Then I hear more words that ring a bell “.....Pack....”


Archie winches as if hit by a life wire

[Yes. We Pack]

Archie glanced to the prone body on the floor and the two on the other side. My inner Lioness excitedly purred



Then a scent entered my nose that has my whole body hum, confusing the hell out of me. The person the scent belongs to is enormous, thick muscles and a hypnotic magenta gaze, I feel myself lowering to the ground and roll over, showing my belly before looking at him expectantly and swishing my tail.

His gaze softened before a sound reached my ears and was interpreted as danger. I rose and let lose a sound of anger, how dare that whatever it was threaten what is mine?

I came face to face with the same guy who was talking to Archie earlier as he lunges at me with hate in his eyes. I snarl as my protective instincts take over, we both roll around on the floor, a mess of limbs, claws and teeth.

I manage to get a good grip on his neck and instinctively I give a hard pull and hear the bones in the neck snap and the limbs twitch before going still. The man with the magenta eyes comes to my side and puts his hand on my head and I calm immediately.

“You did well.” His voice is like a soothing cool cloth on a hot summer’s day.

I growl under my breath as he reaches down to take my kill, but his gaze stops me in mid growl and he takes the body out of my grasp.

“Follow me.” I rise without question and follow him downstairs and out of the building. There I see more police officers, several are glaring at me as they load the female who shoot my bonds into an ambulance which speeds off to I think the nearest hospital.

I need to get that hospitals name so I can apologise to her. I remember when I attacked her; it leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

“Keelan” My head snaps up to his face as he calls that name, a name that I remember. “You need to change back Keelan.”

He gently coaxes [You need to return to how you were before.] His massive hands close around my face, keeping up the uncomfortable eye contact.

I feel my body ripple, contort and shiver. I feel nauseous when it’s all over, and proceed to puke my guts out. The mystery man produces the same Pack sweats I have seen Archie and Riley wear.

My muscles ache as I force them to perform the necessary tasks of getting the clothes on. “That’s better.” As I finally manage to pull that damned sweater over my head, making a warm feeling grow in my gut.

“Do you know who I am Keelan?” I shake my head, having no clue who he is. He chuckles slightly “You’re the first person whoever met me without knowing who I am.”

I cock my head to the side, trying to place this man. “I am The King Keelan. I am the Alpha King.”

If I weren’t seated on the floor, I am positive I would have taken a nosedive at what he just said.

The Alpha King.

My GOD, what a horrible timing! Before I could freak out more about it, he cups my face once again. “It’s okay Keelan. It’s not your fault, what happened is not your fault.”

As soon as his skin touches mine, I close my eyes and press further into his touch, loving the calming effect he has on me.

“Not my fault?” He nods his head as he helps me up on two legs, making me wobble as I grab onto him for support. He pets my head gently as he extracts himself from me, making me whine softly at the loss of his body heat.

I wonder over to the few left over cops as Riley speaks to the King. “Excuse me, to what hospital was the wounded officer taken?” The officer glares at me as he takes in my haggard appearance.

“That’s none of your business.” He sneers at me before slipping into the driver seat of the car slamming the door and the tires squeal as he speeds off.

The ride back to the Pack Lands is a silent one as I stare out the window as I sit beside the King in his ride. Mom and Ciara were there briefly, they needed to go back to the hospital for their last check ups.

What am I going to do now about the team?

I groan as I rub my forehead, not clear on what to do about quitting the team and telling them. It needs to be believable, no matter what I tell them it needs to be believable.

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