A Summer To Never Forget

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31. Riley

I didn’t give chase as Archie followed after Keelan as he took off. I shake my head at the backs of his so-called friends, not really too surprised about their negative reaction.

“Is this how most people react to shifters when they find out?” Dillan was still watching the exit where the whole team disappeared in.

“Yeah, but I guess it was more the shock of having someone they have known for a long time shift in front of them.”

Dillan shrugged “I guess my job here is done.” I nodded my head and he walked away, towards his car.

[Babe? Have you found him?] I asked after a while of not hearing from Archie.

[Yeah, I did. He is not in a good place right now though. I will try my best to cheer him up.]

I let out a deep sigh, [Do tell him that he can always come to our house whenever he feels he like it.]

Archie came home late that night; he managed to talk Keelan into coming home with him. I had already made the guest bedroom ready for his arrival. He did look worse for wear; his shirt was thorn in places and his sweatpants covered in mud.

I said nothing as I opened the door and ushered the both of them in, wanting to keep the heat in and the cold out.

Keelan sagged down on the couch, his face in his hands as his shoulders shook. I looked a little helplessly at Archie, [I am not very good in these kind of things]

“Do you want anything to drink Keelan?” Archie elbowed me, telling me I was failing in whatever task he silently gave me.

[What? I told you I wasn’t good with this kind of thing.]

Keelan looked up, red rimmed eyes. “Some water would be good.” Nodding I rushed off to the kitchen, happy to have something to do. Not much later I returned with a tall glass of water.

“Thanks.” Keelan greedily gulped down the cool liquid. “How do you feel now Keelan? Do you want more water? Something to eat?” Archie bend down, rubbing his back lightly.

Keelan licked his lips, “A bite to eat would be great.” Without a word I turn around and rummage in the fridge for something that was easy to make.

Keelan’s mother came by the next day, when Keelan was still asleep; we had called her when Keelan was finally asleep. Told her about what had happened at the football pitch. She was worried, she knew how violent or angry Keelan could get when he was upset over something his friends did or said.

On the other hand she was glad we took care of him after the whole ordeal. “Do you think he will come around again?” I looked up from a report I was reading, Archie looked a little worried.

I got up, walked around the desk and took Archie into my arms. “I am sure he will be fine, it just takes time to adjust to this. I mean even you had to adjust to life here for a few days. Imagine how long he might need to adjust to this life from not knowing anything about it. You knew something about Pack life, he’d known basically nothing.”

Archie snuggled deeper into my embrace “I know that but I still feel a little sad for him, I also feel a little responsible.”

I squeezed him a little more, “Let’s go to bed love, there is nothing more we can do for him today.”

I was surprised to see Keelan at the breakfast table the next morning. “Have you slept well last night?” He still looked terrible; he had light bags under his eyes, indicating that he hadn’t slept at all last night.

“It was alright, I guess.” His voice was gruff, telling me he cried last night.

“What would you like to eat? I have; bacon, eggs, backed beans, sausages. You name it, most of it is there.” The pan sizzles as I turn over the bacon, sausages and eggs; I take a wooden spoon and stir the beans.

“I would like some eggs, bacon, beans and two sausages.” I nod my head, grabbing a plate and pile up the stuff on the plate.

“Thanks.” He mumbles tiredly as he digs in with a healthy appetite.

Well, at least he has a good healthy appetite.

I think to myself as I watch him eat his fill. Once the plate is empty I slowly reach out for it, planning on giving him seconds. “You want seconds?” I hold his plate near the pan with bacon and eggs.

His stomach rumbled, giving me an indirect answer, as he blushed. “Seconds it is.” Keelan was just finishing his second helping as Archie sauntered into the kitchen.

“Morning love.” I grin as Archie kisses my cheek in greeting.

“Morning Riles, Keelan.” Archie seated himself on his seat as I place a plate full-time of food in front of him.

Keelan sneezed, “What’s that sweet smell?” Making me stumble as I placed Archie’s plate on the table and Archie blush a beet red.

“That-,” I clear my throat “would be mine and Archie’s mating scent.” Keelan shifted uncomfortably, muttering tmi under his breath.

“Well, you’re the one who asked.” Archie huffed as he dug in his breakfast. I placed a hand on his shoulder in an attempt to calm him down.

[Don’t be too harsh on him love, he knows nearly anything about being in the Pack, let alone mates and their scents.]

Archie wiggled a little [I know that, but still.]

“Uh… Guys? I am right here you know.” Keelan deadpanned waving his hand. “Look, if you don’t want me around you could have just said so you know? No need to have your own silent conversation about it.”

I cleaned away Archie plate “That’s not what we were talking about Keelan; we were talking about the fact you need to be re-taught about the Pack and mates. Since what you said kind of ticked Archie off.”

Keelan frowned “What did I say to tick him off?”

Archie sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose “It didn’t really tick me off but it annoyed me.” Keelan opened his mouth to respond but Archie cut him off “You asked what the sweet smell was right?”

Keelan nodded, not too sure where this was going. “And when we told you, you said too much information, and what annoyed me was that you could have come up with that answer yourself since you know we are mates. So it wasn’t really our fault that it was too much information for you.”

Archie crossed his arms as he stared Keelan down, turning me on so hard. The little devil knew it too, if the smirk he was sporting was anything to go by.

Keelan looked from Archie to me and back again “I don’t want to know do I?”

I swallowed hard “No you don’t want to know. I suggest for your peace of mind that you go home. Before you might be witness to something you wish you weren’t.”

He got the hint and was out the door mere seconds later. “That’s the fastest I have seen him run.” Archie murmured a few minutes after the front door slammed shut.

“Don’t worry about that babe.” I started trailing kisses down his neck. “I am pretty sure you will forget about it soon.” Archie moaned.

Archie forgot all about Keelan by the time I had his shirt off and was sucking and nipping at his sensitive nipples. He was withering as I laid him down on the breakfast table, this way it was a whole lot easier to do what I had planned than keeping him up right on my own.

“Babe?” Archie’s voice was filled with some confusion as he looked down at me as I took my seat at the breakfast table, close to his groin. I smirked at him as I continued as I kissed and nipped my way down to his straining erection.

“Don’t worry, everything will be fine.” Archie arched, groaning as I wrapped my lips around his throbbing length, wrapping his legs around my shoulders, trapping my face to his groin. It wasn’t long before his hands were fixated in my hair, tugging and twisting, turning me on even further.

Giving his throbbing erection one last lick, I move my mouth down further south, gently sucking on his balls, one by one. Before pushing my chair a little further away from the table so I could reach the place I where I wanted to be.

Licking down from his balls to his crack, Archie moaned low in his throat as he finally released his death grip on my hair and shoulders, lifting his legs a little, giving me better access. Groaning low, I palm his cheeks and pull them aside so I can eat him like I so desperately wanted.

[Fuck] I groaned into our link, as my mouth, teeth and tongue were busy at the moment with eating Archie out, who clenched around my prodding tongue.

[God! Babe, you feel so good inside me! I want more! Need more!]

My groin pulsed painfully at Archie’s words; I palmed my throbbing length before releasing it from its confined space inside my jeans.

Sucking harshly on his now throbbing pink hole, [I don’t think I can hold out much longer. I need to be inside you now!]

Archie moaned, pushing his ass closer to my face

[Do it now!]

He urged, tugging on my hair once more, impatiently. I groaned as I push up out of the chair and rub my pre cum on my length before lining up with Archie. Plunging in balls deep, Archie moans out loud, grasping my shoulders and tug me down and crashes his lips to mine in a feverish kiss.

Pushing his knees near his schoulders, I thrust my hips roughly forward, full of need into his tight, clenching chute with more and more force with each thrust.

Archie grasps the sides of the table; I am using so much force that he moved a few inches along the table every time I thrusted into him.

Archie clenched painfully tight, signalling that he is about to orgasm. “Hang in there babe.” I manage to say through gritted teeth “I am nearly there.”

Archie whimpers, trying his best to stave off his immense orgasm as he clenches his hand around his erection.

My eyes roll to the back of my head as I release into Archie’s more than willing hole as I feel him milking every drop of cum out of my dick. His own release came with such a force that it hit me in the chin and throat.

Very slowly I lower myself into the breakfast chair once again; grateful I didn’t tip it over when I got up, licking his cum from my chin.

I was puffing for breath, looking up at the ceiling when I heard Archie whimper my name. My eyes widened at the erotic sight; Archie was flustered, giving off an erotic vibe as his fingers were near is twitching hole, trying to keep my cum from flowing out.

I swallowed hard as I got up on unsteady feet after tugging off my jeans and boxers’; keeping my eyes on Archie’s twitching fingers.

[Stop this if you don’t want to go for another round.]

He didn’t stop, [It’s going to be your own fault if you can’t walk properly the rest of the week.]

I warn him once more before grabbing hold of his arms, force him up and kissed him hard and needy. The burning need, the painful ache to be inside Archie making its presence known once more.

My body hummed with sexual need once more as our and hands roam over feverish skin, groping and grinding. Our bodies aching to be one again.

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