A Summer To Never Forget

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32. Archon

My body was still twitching after all the loving it received from Riles over the past few days. Just thinking about it has my body clenching.

I clenched my teeth as I remember that I am in the middle of a very important meeting.

Can’t think about Riles right now.

I groan inwardly when all kinds of scenarios involving Riles flitted through my mind.

Hang in there! It’s almost over!

I finally manage to drag myself away from my dirty thoughts to hear Geoffrey conclude the meeting. Stretching my arms over my head, I get up out of the uncomfortable chair that I have been stuck for the past four hours.

“So you gonna tell me what distracted your mind?” Turning I come face to face with Geoffrey, he was packing up the last few things in his briefcase.

I smile a little embarrassed “My other half.” they don’t know I am mated to Riles, and I wasn’t planning on telling them.

Geoffrey paused in mid motion, “Really? Who’s the lucky girl? And how do those things work with you?” He looked genuinely interested. I laugh a little uncomfortable, I am not sure if he’s a homophobe or not.

“Uh...” I scratch the back of my head, deciding to be honest “My other half is a man.”

Geoffrey looked taken aback, “Really? You even do same sex couples?”

I shrug a little “Your mate is your mate, no matter if it’s a man or a woman.”

I took it as a positive sign that he didn’t scream or yell at me, like I expect a homophobe to do.

Instead Geoffrey looked a little puzzled “So how do you know who your mate is? I mean there must be a lot of shifters to choose from?” He had a good question, as I think back to how I knew Riles was my mate I remember that scent was a major factor.

“Mostly it’s a certain scent that draws you to the other person. At least that how it was for me. I don’t know how it was for my mate though; we never really talk about it. We just accept it.”

Geoffrey nodded once before we went our own ways, I went down the staircase and Geoffrey was waiting on the lift, he needed to talk to his superiors.

I was happy to be going home earlier, school finished earlier too, so I was racing home. I was hoping to surprise Riles with my earlier homecoming, only to have the surprise turn on me as I enter the house. And finding a wet and recently showered Riles exiting the bathroom, he was naked save for the towel on his head as he was drying his hair.

“Hello love how was work?” I heard the words but my brain didn’t process it since I was more interested in the several water drops rolling down his gorgeous chest. Making me want to link them off, unconsciously I licked my lips following the path of the water drops rather than listening to him talking.

He chuckled and I snapped out of my daze, having to look up since he walked up to me as I was hypnotized with his naked wet chest. “It’s very impolite to just ignore it when someone is talking to you love.” By the gleam in his eye I know he was up to something, something exciting, so I whimpered in anticipation.

Riles comes close so our chests touch, I arched up for a kiss only to be disappointed when he flicks my forehead and walked away. I open my mouth to respond but he just cut me off “Not on a week day in meeting week.”

I stomp my foot at the unfairness of it all, especially when I was so horny and excited. I pout throughout dinner in silence. Not ready to forgive Riles for his teasing, I ignore all his attempts to have a conversation. Making it clear I wasn’t pleased with him. Days pass, and we’re still not really talking, I am still ignoring Riles’ attempts. By the end of Wednesday of our second week I am tired and having cold turkey of having no Riles.

Even more so when I got back from one of the longest meeting I had experienced in meeting week to a dark cold house. I wanted to scream and cry, I had a stressful day at work and need my mate to help me let go of all the built up stress. Tired and feeling rejected, I went upstairs changed my clothes for some shorts and an old T-shirt of Riles before hiding under the blankets.

Feeling like it was only five minutes when I closed my eyes; I felt two warm hands shaking me gently. “Babe? Are you okay? What’s wrong, you never sleep before I get home.”

Riles worried eyes scanned my face. Then everything came crumbling down and tears streaming down my eyes in waterfalls. Riles hugged me tight as I let out all of my frustrations of the past days.

There were two more long days left in meeting week, and I wasn’t sure I would pull through without having Riles hug me or hold me. Mostly because coming Monday our team was scheduled to go to some stupid team-building exercise, meaning I had even less time with Riles.

And not only that, it also meant no shifting for days on end, and my wolf was getting agitated.

Riles was still gently rocking me as my crying died down to whimpering and hiccups. “I can’t stand it anymore Riles. I don’t want us to not talk to each other.”

I sniffled as I wiped remains of tears from my eyes. For some reason I was craving the emotional connection more than the physical one. Riles just kissed my forehead before he climbed into bed with me, I snuggled into his warm chest with a content sigh.

[I missed this] I managed to link before the elusive sleep claimed me.

I was surprised when I woke up the next day to Riles beside me at ten in the morning.

Ten in the morning?!

I panic as I scramble to get out of the bed, I was never late, and never two hours late! Riles arms trapped me against his chest “I called work today and we’re taking the day off, you are not well and I will take care of you.”

I stop struggling “What about school? I have important classes today!”

Riles just tightened his hold on me, “I asked Keelan to bring by the assignments and hand outs from today’s classes.” I flop down back on Riles chest, yawning slightly. We stay that way for a while, just enjoying each other’s presence. Riles soothingly rubbed my back, making me sleepy again.

“Are you going to tell me why you are so stressed out?” Riles asked as we just finished a hearty breakfast in bed and are now lounging on the couch. I fiddle with the hem of my sweater; I just had a talk with my wolf about why he felt so agitated and why our hormones were so screwed up.

My wolf’s answer would have felled me like a tree if I wasn’t already lounging on the couch. The reason our hormones are so screwed up at the moment is because my wolf wants cubs or pups. Anyway, my wolf wants to have a family of our own, completely forgetting that we’re both male and neither of us are shifters that can get pregnant.

It has been known to happened to several male shifters in same sex relationships, especially when they are mates. If the same sex couple are mates, one usually takes on the role of the opposite sex, enabling them to produce their own offspring.

“You know my wolf has been out of whack lately right?” Riles frowns a little, thinking of my wolf’s recent behaviour before he nods his head in agreement to my question. I take a deep breath, trying to gather courage to say the next sentence.

“Well that’s becausehewantstohavecubs.” I mumble stringing the words together, losing my nerve.

“What?” I don’t look up, I don’t want to see the disbelieve and disgust on Riles’ face. The ones in a same sex relationship and get pregnant are frowned upon, discriminated against even in our more accepting community.

“Are you pregnant?” Riles’ voice sounded cold and slightly enraged.

My head snapped up, “No I am not pregnant! I don’t need to be pregnant to want to start a family of my own now do I?” I get up off the couch, intent on leaving.

Riles’ arm shoot out, stopping me in my tracks. “I am sorry Archie; I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

I rip my arm from his grasp “Would you love me any less if I was pregnant?” His silence is an answer in itself, hurt by his anger I turn on my heel leaving the room in haste.

Again I don’t get far; Riles arms wrap themselves around me like steel cables. “LET GO OF ME RILES!” I holler, kicking and clawing at him.

“No I will never let you go Archie; I did once and nearly lost you. I am not letting it happen again because of my reactions.” He murmurs in my ear once I calmed down. He carried me back to the living room, seated me on the couch.

“My answer to your question is no, I won’t love you any less if you were pregnant. I would be shocked, dumb fumbled and would not know what to do, but I will still love you. That I am sure of.”

As I watch Riles sit there in front of my on his knees biting his lip, waiting for me to respond, I know he’s telling the truth. I cup his face “I know that.”

I press my forehead against his “It’s just my wolf’s uttermost wish to have a family of our own.” Willing him silently to understand my point in this situation. His arms circle around me, telling me he understood.

We sit like that for a while until we’re interrupted by a summoning of the King. We are to report immediately to the Pack House. Wide eyed I look at Riles, who is just as baffled as I am by the sudden summoning and the urgency in the King’s voice.

Wasting no time we race both to the Pack House, where we were ushered in immediately upon arrival.

[What is going on?]

Riles shrugged, looking around for someone who had the time to explain to us what was going on.

Because everybody in the Pack House was rushing every which way, it was utter chaos; something very bad must have happened to send the calm and collected members working at the Pack House in such chaos.

[Come on]

Riles grabbed my hand as he started making his way through the mass of running around members.

[Where are we going? Aren’t we supposed to wait on someone to guide us?]

Riles just kept moving through the throng of people, [You forget I was a Royal Guard. I know where the King is.]

As we walk down the corridor I hear the murmurings of people talking and occasionally shouting. Hasting our steps we run towards the direction of the sounds of people shouting.

[Why are there humans in the Pack House?]

I asked, alarmed at the presence of humans in the Pack House. That can never be good.

[I guess we will find out soon.]

Riles come to a stop in front two double doors and walks in without knocking.

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