A Summer To Never Forget

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8. Riley

I had to physically force myself to leave Archie there standing on the porch, looking all flustered and needy. His arousal was quite clear from the time I carried him on my back and he was sniffing my neck not so discreetly. To be absolutely honest I was very surprised that Wolf Clan Alpha Gerard was so accepting of us being mates.

I had thought that he would reject us and forced Archie to find a Wolf mate since I was a Cat and Archie was technically half Wolf. I wouldn’t be surprised if Alpha Jordan would force me into a position to choose between Archie and a Cat mate. Like Jasmine did when she showed up. I growl under my breath, some people really need to get a clue.

I was surprised however to hear a timid knock on my front door the next morning at the crack of dawn. After having a night of fitful sleep (my mind was plagued with Archie in various stages of undress) I wasn’t entirely sure what I was seeing was correct. Archie was standing there in my sweats and sweatshirt looking like he just rolled out of bed.

“What are you doing here Archie? It’s…” I check my clock in the hall “barely four in the morning.”

He pouts that irresistibly cute pout at me “You said I could see you in the morning and it’s technically morning so I came to see you.”

I blink several times, his words sinking in. Opening the door further so he could enter “Come on in Archie.” Smiling he jumped up the few steps of my porch and tucks himself under my chin, sighing in contentment. I close the door and grab him under his ass, earning a yelp before carrying him upstairs and crawled back in bed.

After sharing a big heartily breakfast together, I remembered that Sterling didn’t want him around me alone. “So how did you get your dad to agree to you coming here so early in the morning?” I looked at him over the rim of my mug, he wouldn’t meet my eyes; finding the table top very interesting.

I grinned “You sneaked out didn’t you?” I felt my heart swell at the mere thought of him defying his dad just to come to see me. “You do know he will come here looking for you first thing when he notices you’re gone right?”

He nodded his head shyly but looked up at me determined “I don’t care! I had to see you!” I shake my head at his reasoning setting my now empty mug in the sink. I feel two arms wrap around my waist “I think my dad would be happy I that I am finally acting like a were, or his definition of being a were.” He mumbles quietly in my back.

Having finally convinced Archie that he really needed to get dressed, he pouted but did eventually did get dressed. For getting dressed he demanded that we would snuggle on the couch for the rest of the day, something I readily agreed to. I loved the feeling of Archie curled up against my chest; we were laying on the couch, Archie’s legs were between my own and his head was snug under my chin as he was looking at the TV.

“Archie!!!!” Sterling’s angry bellow startled us so bad that we ended up on the floor in a tangle of limbs. It sounded like he was standing right in front of my door when he yelled. Archie let out a scared whimper which had my anger boiling; nobody scares my mate and gets away with it!

Ripping open my front door I was ready to give Sterling a piece of my mind until I saw him standing there grinning like a fool. “What do you want Sterling?” I narrowed my eyes, I didn’t really trust him looking like he was now.

“I am looking for my wayward son. I was told he might be here.”

I snarled “Then why are you looking so damn pleased if you knew he was here?” I was bristling at his thrilled attitude.

“What do you want dad?” Archie appeared in the living room doorway.

“Son! We need to get home; you need to get ready for the matchmaker’s appointment later today.” He said looking quite sternly at Archie.

I huffed “Why can’t I take Archie there? That kinda was the plan anyway.”

Sterling rolled his eyes at me “That’s not how it’s done and you know it, Woods.” He waved his hand to Archie to come outside. “If everything goes well with the matchmaker I have no problem with you two being fully mated, with the blessing of the King of course.” Archie pecks me lightly on the lips before slipping past me out the door.

For the first time in a long time, I was nervous. I was dressed neatly in grey slacks, a tight navy blue long sleeved v neck shirt and dress shoes. My hair was a right mess; I kept running my hands through it as I paced waiting for Archie and his family to show up.

My mom, a beautiful full figured blond giggled at me. “Trust me, honey, they will be here.”

I rolled my eyes at her “Wish they would hurry up already.”

Dad’s hand on my shoulder pulled me to a stop “Keep it up and you’ll wear out the ground. Just calm down.”

I snorted crossing my arms “It is not like you have anything to worry about. My life together with Archie’s on the line here!”

Dad arched an eyebrow “What do you mean your life together with Archie is on the line?” He sounded every inch the Head Hunter that he is.

I bared my teeth “I mean dad that Sterling approved of us being fully mated if this goes well and we get the King’s blessing.”

The sound of the slap echoed around us as my father hissed “I WILL NOT HAVE YOU MATED TO THAT ABOMINATION!”

I smirked wiping the blood of my split lip off my face “Too bad for you, dad. Because I have every intention of mating only him. Not someone you could control, like Jasmine.” I spit out.

He looked at me like he wanted to hit me again but I was saved by the front door of the building we were standing in front of open. The doorway revealed a beautiful ageless African-American woman dressed in a long-sleeved Asian dress “Still aggressive as ever aren’t you David.” She glared at him as if he was something unpleasant stuck under her shoe. My dad growled but composed himself in front of the matchmaker.

She turned her searing eyes on me “Riley Manning Woods, how good to finally see you.” I couldn’t say anything; it was like her eyes could look inside my soul. It was like she was measuring my love for Archie.

“Riley!” I perked up just from him shouting my name. He hurled himself at me “I missed you!”

I chuckled as he rubbed his cheek against my chest “I just saw you several hours ago.”

He looked up at me with a pout “I know that! But I still missed you!”

Archie looked slightly confused for a moment before turning to my dad growling. “Hurt what is mine again and you will regret it!” He must have seen some blood on my face and drawn his conclusions.

I had told him a while ago that I have a very bad and rocky relationship with my parents ever since I didn’t want to follow in my dad’s footsteps to become the Head Hunter of the Pack.

Dad stiffens at the mention of the treat, before snorting; he thought that Archie wouldn’t stand a chance against him in a fight. I roll my eyes, what he doesn’t know is that I have been training Archie in the art of fighting and martial arts. He stands a quite chance of doing some good damage before it would turn deadly.

The clapping of hands snap them both out of their staring contest and everybody turns towards the sound. The matchmaker stands there hands clapped together. “Now that I have your attention I would like for Riley and Archon to come inside so we can get this done.” Squeezing Archie’s waist once more the both of us move up the few shallow steps into the house.

When the both of us step outside her door once more, I am tackled to the ground by an overly excited Archie. I turn around so I can look at my beautiful mate. I am so glad that the matchmaker looked into our future and saw a lot of love but some struggles as well. But best of all she wished us a happy mating, meaning that we get to go to the Alpha King for his blessing!

The both of us couldn’t hide the silly grins on our faces as we look at each other. “I take it that it went well?” Sterling’s gruff voice pierced through our happy bubble. Looking up and around I am not too surprised to see that my parents have left.

Archie beamed up to his father “Yup! She wished us a happy mating!” When I see the love and affecting in the usually stern eyes of Sterling as he ruffles Archie’s hair I feel the sting of jealousy pierce me. How I wanted to have my father look at me like that. I squash it quickly, no use of wishing for things that never ever will happen.

I squeeze his hips lightly to make him look at me. “So this means you will move in with me?” His eyes widen to the size of saucers before bouncing excitedly up and down on me, clapping his hands as he remembers his father’s promise.

“Babe, babe, please stop bouncing on me.” I plead as I feel myself grow hard. When he finally does stop, I let out a relieved breath. I don’t know what I might have done if he kept on bouncing, probably something not very civil.

As I sit up he hugs my neck tightly before squealing “We need to go shopping!” His big eyes alight with excitement. I groan as he starts babbling about all the stuff we need to buy and where it all will be placed.

We were at the furniture a few towns over looking for some stuff Archie felt our house needed. Yep, my little house became our house. Archie found my house lacking style, like seriously what is wrong with a Spartan theme? Or it might be the fact I never owned much stuff since I announced to my family that I didn’t want to become a hunter but a guard instead.

I didn’t mind though, I had a goofy smile on my face the whole time though. That was until I felt Archie stiffen beside me as his eyes land on a couple of kids our age. “What’s wrong love? Why are you so tense?” Blinking he looks up at me smiling but I can see the unease in his eyes.

“Nothing’s wrong.” He pecks me on my lips before he deliberately turns his back to the group, making me narrow my eyes at them. He starts to push the cart full of stuff to the closest exit as one guy breaks away from the group and makes his way over.

What the hell does he want?

I growl under my breath as he wears a nasty smile as he approaches Archie. The hairs on the back of my neck rise, I don’t like this guy, I don’t like him at all. Worst of all he as my strong and confident Archie trembling with nerves and a slight fear.

[Why are you so fearful of him Babe?]

Archie takes a deep breath as he stops and turns to face whoever he is.

[Because him and his cronies love to mess with everybody back at school. And before you say anything, fighting a whole football team of people like him will get me expelled from school. He’s the son of the college principal so he will get away with almost anything.]

Archie narrows his eyes at the other guy “What the hell do you want now Hamilton?”

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