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Broken and Found

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She was a slave. When she was young, she was happy and a normal member of the Greysilver pack, but when she never turned into a wolf, she was enslaved and abused by her pack. She doesn't even know her name and has lost every hope. Daemon was an Alpha. He is powerful, but hasn't found his mate yet. The council paired him with a temporary Luna at his side. What happens when he finds his mate, broken and lost? Can he help her find herself?

Romance / Fantasy
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I just want to say that this book is the first book I am writing. I will try to update it regularly, but I can't guarantee anything. Please also note that my first language is not english as I am german, so there will be grammar and spelling mistakes. If you see anything, just write a comment :-) .


I was very confused. Me and my best friend Gabe were playing outside when Alpha called me in. My friend relayed the message with a grin: "Alpha said you should come into his office. Quickly."
My friend already got his wolf when he turned ten, but I never connected to my wolf, even now, half a year after my tenth birthday. "Did he say why he wanted to see me?" I asked him. I couldn't remember breaking any rule. Did he have some news about my wolf? "I wouldn't waste any time asking such stupid questions." he replied. I frowned. What was wrong with him? He never was so mean to me. "Hey Gabe, don't be so mean. I just don't want to do something wrong! Can you pleeeease tell me what he wants?" Gabe just shrugged with his shoulders.
I was thankful of having Gabe. He was bullying me a lot when I was little, but he suddenly became very friendly towards me and now he is my best friend. In the last weeks we couldn't play so often because of "pack buisness", whatever that means, where Gabe has to go to the Alpha. He wouldn't tell me what they did in his office, he always just grins and says: "It's pack buisness." It is really frustrating, but I have no clue what the Alpha would want from Gabe. Sure, he was the son of the Beta, but he is just ten years old. Maybe he is getting trouble because of me. You see, Gabe's parents seemed to like me less and less these past months. Maybe they think I would "take away" their son and bring him into trouble. But Gabe is right, I shouldn't let the Alpha wait.
As I turned around, I admired the beauty around us: Little cabins were built in the forest around the mountain, a lake was nearby and everything was so peaceful. I stared into the lake, I saw my reflection: Long brown hair and eyes. My gaze went to my shoulder, where that strange marking was. Nobody was really able to tell me what it meant. I really liked it, it made me feel special, but Alpha Damien said it wasn't the reason for my missing wolf.
I started to walk towards the biggest house in the middle of the packlands: The Greysilver pack house. As I walked by some cabins, I noticed that many pack members seemed to look away from me. I remember that some pack members started to call me names because I didn't get a wolf, but many were still friendly towards me. Do I have some mud on my clothes? I looked down on me, but coouldn't find anything. I was very grateful for this pack as I am an orphan and they could've just let me die when they found me in the woods, but they took me in and cared for me. I just hope I find my mate, even if I have no wolf. They said I can find my mate with eighteen. Hopefully I have my wolf then.
I sometimes asked myself: What were my parents like? Why did they just cast me out, with nothing but a note that says that I'm a werewolf? Did they love me? Where are they now? But I never got an answer for these questions.
When I arrived at the packhouse, I now noticed that some of the higher pack members were looking angry. Did I do anything wrong? I even remebered telling Alpha Nathaniel that I was out playing! As I walked up to his office, I started hearing some people whispering:
"... is unworthy..."
"Such a disgrace...."
"...strange mark..."
Are they talking about me? No that couldn't be.
I knocked on the door to my Alphas office. He called me in.
Alpha Nathaniel was a giant of a man. In the first months in my pack and even now sometimes he was scaring me, especially because I caught him looking at me in a strange way once in a while. I looked up into his dark, piercing eyes.
"Hello Alpha, what can I do for you?" I asked him. He just chuckled. "You don't even know why you're here? Didn't your "friend" tell you what we planned for you?" I was confused again. What did he mean? He wouldn't tell... Suddenly I felt an impact on my cheek. It had so much force I flew against the wall of the office. Did he just...slap me? "W-Why?" I cried. "You worthless waste of space!" He laughed. "Not even your "friend" wanted to save you, wanted you to run away!" Why was he laughing? Why should I run away? I pressed myself further into the wall as he came towards me.
"I gave you enough time to find your wolf! Everyone just accepted you because of your special mark! But now we see what it means: It doesn't mean you're special, it marks you as worthless!" He started kicking me. "I, Alpha Nathaniel, enslave you! You will be thrown into the dungeons and be treated in a way such a worthless being deserves. GUARDS!" As the guards walk in and reach out to take me, the Alpha leans down to whisper to me:
"We will be having fun breaking you, slave."
With that the guards take me away. I tried to struggle, but my childish strength is nothing compared to a male werewolf. "Please....Please somebody! H-Help me!" But nobody comes to my rescue, everybody just stares at me with disgust. Then a rock hits me. I looked for the person who threw the stone, and saw Gabe standing in the crowd, another stone already in his hand. "W-Why are you doing this?" He never answered my question, he just threw another stone. But the Alpha looked at him and said: "Well done!" It felt like my heart broke at this moment. Gabe....
The guards took me to the dungeon, opened a little cell and dropped me there. They immediately started kicking me until I heard one of my bones crack. "I think we can stop. We have to make sure she can serve us tomorrow..." one of the guards said with an evil grin. He punched me in my face, just as the pack doctor came along. I tried to plea for help, but the doctor quickly injected me with something. "She doesn't have a wolf, but the wolfsbane and silver should keep her weak. Maybe I can run a few tests on her." He said with a grin. Soon my vision started to get blurry, and then everything became black.

Word count: 1197 words
(I try to have around 1000 and 1500 words in each chapter)
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