Broken and Found

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Chapter Eight

Daemons POV

As I open my eyes to see the sun rising in the distance, I am still having images of yesterday before me. My mate, cowering in the corner of a changing room, shivering all over. The look in her eyes - or rather the lack of anything in them - felt like a punch to the gut. “But at least you calmed her down, and thanks to the moon goddess that you didn’t mess up.” Shadow grumbles a bit, then lays down in my head to nap for a while. Well, at least someone isn’t giving me a headache today. But my thoughts are still focused around one thing: my mate. I feel the mating bond every day, but I don’t mind. Not when my mate is such a beutiful person, inside and out. My wolf nearly took over thinking about her in a changing room, so close to us. I just have to make her see that I love her, and that no one hates her.

I quickly change myself and go into the bathroom for a shower. But then my wolf plops up in my head again, smiling teasingly. What is he up to? All of a sudden, I feel my hand wandering towards my manhood, stroking it gently. ”Shadow, what are you doing?” All he answers are images of my mate. Her being close to me, her in the changing room, slowly taking off her clothes. My strokes get fiercer, and my body is tensing up. But now I am the one going on. I just can’t stop myself. Her lips, her body. And it is all mine. At that thought, release floods my body, and my cum splatters all over the shower. I release a roar, as my release goes on and on. Holy shit! That was amazing! I never knew what I had pent up. “That’s what I thought, stupid human. I just don’t want you to lose control.” He stops for a bit. “And also, the pleasure you feel is my pleasure as well, so I gained from it as well.” He retreats in my mind again, me still feeling the aftershock of my orgasm. My stupid horny wolf. But I haven’t felt an orgasm like that ever. I drowned in work, I just didn’t have the need to pleasure myself. But from now on, it seems I will doing that a lot more often. I quickly dry myself off, change into my work clothes and go to my office, wanting to work as fast as possible so that I can spend more time with my mate. "May be some of my thoughts will get reality?" Shadow interrupts. I squirm in my chair, trying to hide my massive boner. "Thank you, pervert. Now I have to work with that." Shadow quickly silences his thoughts with a chuckle, the need to be at his mates side overpowering everything else. I mind-link my omegas to prepare something for later and telling my warriors to stop Charlotte from coming near, before grabbing a pile of paper in front of me. "So, let's get working..."


After one night of sleep without any nightmares, I wake up in my room, feeling rested for the first time in my life. But as I stood up from my bed, I remember the dream I had last night.

I was sitting in the middle of a meadow, looking over the river into the woods beyond. Somehow I feel watched, but I am not afraid of that. I look down at the river, wondering about its colour. The normal colour would be blue, but this broad river was shining silver. When I look up again, I see a wolf standing in the distance, too far away too make out any details. It seems to walk on the other edge of the river, but not coming trough it. Somehow, I am not happy of that, but feel sad. I stand up, trying to get closer to the wolf, but I cannot cross the river. The wolf lets out a howl.

That was the moment I woke me up. I couldn't do anything but wonder if that dream had any meaning. It felt so realistic. But it's also just a dream. I get distracted from my thoughts as I hear a knock on my door. After I quickly made myself ready, I opened my door, seeing Lily on the other side. She comes inside my room, hugging me. "Hey sleepyhead! It is almost noon!" She lets go of me, and I smile at her. "Sorry, it just felt good to sleep trough a night." Lily smile slims a bit, but she pulls me out of my room. "Daemon suggested I should give you a tour of our pack, what do you say?" "It doesn't look like I have a choice." I giggle. "But I would like to know where I am, it would feel uncomfortable if I stayed in my room all the time." Lily starts jumping out of happiness, and I already forgive her the events of yesterday. She is just so cute. But I think she would not like it if I said that to her. But I wonder why Daemon isn't showing me around- I shake my head. Where did that thought come from? I'm not worthy to expect such treatment.

Shaking my head again, trying to get rid of those negative thoughts, I follow Lily, who already darted ahead. She starts to show me around going around the pack. We come by the barracks, the orphanage, the pack school and the training grounds. "Here we train our warriors, but they are not training today. Unlucky, I would have like to see the men training." I blushed a bit, thinking about Daemon training there. Lily didn't notice it though, and led me back to the pack house. She showed me the kitchen and the lower levels, meeting some people on the way. AS we come into the kitchen, the cooks quickly sit me down on a table and hand me a plate with food. "Who are you? And why are you so slim? You have to eat!" I realize how hungry I am, but I hesitantly pick up my fork. The training Greysilver gave me is still in my head, screaming at me. "Stop wasting ressources on you! You a do not deserve to eat!"

Lily distracts the cooks, telling them that they had found me and took me in as a guest, before becoming a pack member. The cook seem to believe her story, not knowing that I was their Alphas mate. No kidding, I myself don't belive he wants me. We quickly excuse ourselves, going up the staircase to new floors of the pack house. One set of stairs before we reach thr floor of my room, a shewolf comes out of another room, another female following her around. She sees us and quickly comes towards us. "Hello Lily! I didn't know you would be back. What are you doing?" She looks at me. "Why do you bring her to the Alpha? Is she going to be punished? No wolf is supposed to be up there." I look at Lily, who doesn't seem to be happy about our encounter. "Hello Charlotte. Something came up, and I had to come back. As for your other question, she is someone we found, she is currently our guest. I take her to the Alpha because he requested to see her." It's strange, she doesn't mention I have a room up there. Just who is that Charlotte? I begin looking at her more closely, and all I have in mind is She is perfect. She is slender but still muscular, and almost a head bigger than me. Her blond curly hair and her face, her body and her aura, everything seems perfect. But the longer I look at her, that impression vanishes, and she seems more and more like- for the lack of a better word- a slut. Her clothes are tight on her body, and are very revealing. The make-up on her face is just a little too much, and the high heels she is wearing aren't comfortable, thats for sure. But my thoughts get interrupted when Liliy pokes my side with her elbow. "It was nice talking to you Charlotte, but I really have to take her to the Alpha." Charlotte just scoffs. "Can I have a word with her? I would like to get to know her more." Lily reluctantly agrees, because it would be impolite if she refuses.

Charlotte drags me into the room she came out of. "Listen here you little thing, I am the future Luna of this pack, so don't get your hopes up. The Alpha is MINE. If I were in charge, I wouldn't have let you on pack grounds. So don't get too comfortable here." Her long nails scratch my arm. "Do you understand!?" I quickly nod, shivering on my whole body. Charlotte motions me to leave, and I walk to Lily, trying to hide my shivers. Is Daemon really making her Luna? Why didn't he talk to me about that? Or tell me about her? I pause for a bit. He said he wants me, but does he really love me? I mean, who could love me? Lily seems that I am uncomfortable, but doesn't ask about it, the memory of yesterday still in mind. As we reach the Alphas office, Lily knocks on the door, and I hear his voice "Come in! I want to see my little one." And with that, I am somehow calm again, and I walk trough the door.

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