Broken and Found

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Chapter Nine

Hey guys, I hope you like this chapter. My exams are coming up at the end of the month, and while I am confident I will make it, I recently started having anxiety attacks. But writing this story is something that calms me down every time. So here is a extra long one!

Stay calm everyone!


As I walk into his office, Lily excuses herself and closes the door. Daemon stands up from his desk, staring at me intently. What did I do wrong? He walks over to me and gives me an almost bonecrushing hug. “D-Daemon!” I feel pain where Charlotte had her grip, and Daemon seems to notice. “Where are you hurt? What happened? Was I too strong?” I shook my head, and quickly returned the hug he gave me. “I-It’s ok, it is n-nothing.” Daemons gaze wanders over my body and stops on my injured arm. His eyes get darker again, and I hear a small growl form in his throat. “Please, little one, show me your injury. Me and my wolf can’t stand it if you are injured. It hurts us too much.” He pauses a little, taking me in his arms. “I promised you that you wouldn’t be hurt again.”

Something inside me pushes me to show him my arm, so I free myself from his embrace and hold up my arm. “I-I had a conversation with a she-wolf called Charlotte. S-She told me s-some things...” Daemons eyes get darker again when he sees the blood on my arm, and he seems to be mind-linking someone. When his eyes clear up again, he kisses my arm slightly. “We will discuss later whatever Charlotte has told you, but let me take you to the infirmary.” “But Daemon, you have work to do!” And it seems you are Charlottes, anyway. Why do you care about me so much. Maybe Charlotte isn’t right... He quickly shakes his head,binding his shirt around my injury and taking me up in his arms. “You are more important than work, my angel.” As he walks with me, I can’t help but admire the view. His body is just... beautiful. His abs, his chest, his chiseled chin, just everything about him is perfect. Compared to him I am a nobody. I am completely entranced by his body, but I also notice that some of the she-wolves in the pack eye Daemon the same way I do. As soon as I see another female looking at my Daemon, I cling my arms closer around his neck. Wait...where did the my Daemon come from? I shake my head. Well, I technically am his mate. And he hasn’t rejected me yet. I think I start to like him... a lot.

As I think about that fact, we arrive at the infirmary, and the pack-doctor called James starts to treat my wound. Daemon and James seem to have a quiet discussion in the mind-link, before James bandages my arm. “The injury is only superficial. You have to change the bandage for another day or two. After that, everything should be fine.” He nods at me and Daemon, before leaving us alone. Daemon sits on the edge of my bed, comforting me with his arms. We stand up and walk back to the pack house, his wolf seeming to be satisfied by my treatment. As I start to go to my room, Daemon signals me to come to his office again, a stoic expression on his face. As we enter his office again, he stares at me, and I feel like his gaze is touching my soul. He stands in front of me, his eyes getting darker again. That seems to be happening a lot around me. Do I make him angry? “Now...” he says with a slightly lower voice “you will tell me what Cahrlotte told you.”

Daemons POV

As my mate continues to tell me what Charlotte had done, Shadow is fighting to get control. “She threatened her! She injured her! And she called us HERS! I want to rip her to shreds, to throw her into the dungeons, to torture her all day long. I want to...” I try my best to stay in control, so I wouldn’t scare my angel. “I already have a plan for that. We have to get around the council first.” Shadow simply huffs in my mind. Do it quickly, you and me both feel the need to mate with her. I mean, look at her! She is so beautiful! Her legs, her face, her eyes! I want her, and I know you do too, stupid human.” I sigh at his last comment. My angel seems to come to an end, and I see that she has tears in her eyes. Feeling like someone stabbed me in my gut, I quickly go to comfort her. “My angel, do not believe anything that sorry excuse for a werewolf has told you. You are mine, and I am yours. I did never do anything with Charlotte and I never will. You are my beautiful mate and my Luna. Never forget that.” I pat her on her head. “The only reason you are not my Luna by now is that you lived trough terrible things and I don’t want to force you to do anything. I will take things slow with you, even if my wolf is saying otherwise.” “Of course I’m saying otherwise, or we would never do anything” My wolf huffs. My mate is looking up with teary eyes. “Because I know you are worth every wait, and I will show you that.” She quickly throws herself into my embrace, and puts both of her arms around me. The sparks and electricity I feel because of that feel so pleasurable, and the scent of my mate calms Shadow down a lot. My angel is still looking into my eyes. “Thank you for saying that. I-I still t-think that I don’t deserve you, but I- ” She embraces me even more, before she goes on whispering. ”I think I start to like you...” This sentence alone makes my world complete. I feel my dark side of my soul lighting up at her words, embracing her words. “Then I will work so you will fall for me even more.” Her arms are still around my chest, and because I have no shirt, I feel every touch and every spark. It feels heavenly. “My angel, I will have to do something about Charlotte and the council. But I will hurry to do so.” I think about my plan. The next yearly meeting is going to be the next day, where the council and all the Alphas of the region convene to discuss difficult problems. Councilman Lucas and most of the Alphas have a good relationship to me, but the rest of the nine councilmen are resentful of me. They simply don’t like that I have so much power, that’s why they want to bind me to somebody like Charlotte, who would be in debt to the council. The fact that I still haven’t found my mate at that time was just too much of a chance for them to pass. I am lucky that Felix is already preparing my plan. I think I can turn the situation around, as nobody of them knows I found my mate. Charlotte didn’t seem to know either...

I get pulled out of my thoughts as my mate lays her head on my chest. “D-Daemon? I don’t know if it is my place to ask, but... can I see your wolf?” The last part of her request came out in a whisper. But my wolf has heard, and he is very pleased.


I am in his embrace, his eyes focused on something he is is thinking about. After everything he has said, my body feels like it isn’t on the ground anymore, and I feel sparks wherever I touch his muscled chest. I never thought somebody would say something this beautiful to me. I lay my head down at his chest. He has talked about Shadow a lot. Maybe he could show me his wolf? I mean, asking wouldn’t hurt? “D-Daemon? I don’t knowif it is my place to ask, but... can I see your wolf?” On the last part of my question, my self-confidence left me, so it only came out as a whisper. But Daemon seemed to hear me. “Are you sure? Shadow can be a little... overenthusiastic when it comes to you.” I simply nod. “You told me so many b-beautiful things, and I like you m-more and more, but I want to have a bond with S-Shadow too.”

He seems to be pleased with what I said. “Shadow wants that, too. We would have to go to a place I wanted to show you, because you are still a secret and all that, but Shadow is literally jumping in my head thinking about meeting you.” He seems to be mind-linking someone again. “My Beta Jackson will take things in the pack for a while, and by the way, he is really eager to meet you.” I blush a little. Why did I blush? I am going to die of embarresment. He simply looks at me. “Cute.” I shake my head around, trying to find the voice. Daemon seems to notice and quiestions me. “What is ist?” “I-I think I heard someone say ’Cute.’, but you didn’t talk.” Now Daemon seems to be blushing, but also seems excited. “You probably heard that through the mate-bond, that means your wolf is coming out slowly.” My thoughts spin around what he said. My wolf? Is...Is there really one inside me? How much I would like to meet her, to talk with her... Daemon picks me up, sensing my feelings. He carries me down to the garage, and we drive away while the sun is setting on the horizon. If I have a wolf, than I would be more worthy of Daemon. I could actually be something. Damon doesn’t talk to me while we drive, but he grabs my hand and holds it all the time. After a short ride we reach a clearing, and its beauty overwhelms me. A lot of flowers grow on the grass, and a small river parts the clearing. “That is so beautiful!” Daemon smirks at me “It is my sanctuary. Nobody knows about it, and I come here to calm down and relax.” His sanctuary. And he lets me in? Seemingly sensing my thoughts he quickly responds. “And now that you are a part of me, it is also yours.” I walk over to the small river, and I sit down on the riverbank. Daemon sits down beside me, and we stay in that position for a while.

“Now that we are here, let me show you what we came here for.” Daemon stands up again, and starts to undress. I panic a little, remembering my past again. But then I think about my trust in Daemon and I calm down again. But I quickly turn away, my face red as a tomato. “D-Damon! Y-You could have warned me!” Daemon simply chuckles behind me, and I hear him shifting. After a few seconds, something nudges my back. As I turn around, I see a massive black wolf standing in front of me. Normally I would be scared, but the way he looks at me makes me trust him. As the wolf motions me to sit down again, I sit on the grass with trembling hands. The wolf begins to stalk over to me, but he doesn’t attack me. he just walks over my legs and lays down on them. I still sit there, petrified, when I feel the urge to touch the wolf. I reach out with my hand, slowly rubbing it along his head. “Is it you, Shadow?” The wolf starts to purr and it pushes his head more into my hand. I start to rub him more confidently, while my other hands touches him on his back. The wolf leans himself completely into me, and even if he weighs a lot because of his size, it isn’t uncomfortable. We sit there a while, me petting him a lot, while he rolls around in my grasp. Sometime I thought I saw that his wolf was... aroused, but I didn’t say anything because Shadow didn’t seem to mind. And what I saw didn’t dissapoint me either. If it has anything to say about his human counterpart, he is more than gifted. When it starts to go dark again, Shadow stands up from my lap and goes behind a tree, and after a short moment, Daemon comes out behind it. And he is fully clothed. I don’t know if that is what I want. But mabe someday I will see... ANd with that, inappropriate thoughts enter my mind, and I shake my head to chase them away. I never thought about a man like that... Daemon walks towards me, his hands in the pockets of his jeans. “You were simply fantastic, my angel. Shadow can’t stop to purr in my mind.” He lifts me up bridal-style again, and we take his car back to the pack house. Daemon holds my hand again, and when we arrive at the pack house, he takes me up to my room.

“Today was really nice, my angel. Remember, you are my mate, and you are my everything. I would ask you one thing: Do you think you can be my mate someday?” I look into his eyes, and I see the insecurity in them. “I will be your mate, Daemon. It will take me some time, but I like you too much already. As long as you want me, I will work on my past to be the mate you deserve.” With that, he places a kiss on my forehead. “That is more than I expected. Thank you.” He pauses for a while. “Tomorrow I will be away on a council meeting, ask Lily if you need anything. And remember, it doesn't matter what you hear, I will fight for you, and only you.” He stares into my eyes, his getting darker and darker, as he leans forward and giving me my first kiss. Oh, it feels so heavenly. I lean into him, and our kiss goes on for a while, until I have to cath a breath. “That was... amazing.” Daemon starts to smirk again. “It was everything.” And with that he leaves me in my room, thinking and dreaming about him all night.

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