Broken and Found

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Chapter Ten

Daemons POV

As me and Felix drive towards the council meeting, all I can think about are the things that happened yesterday. Her hands on my chest when we were in my office, her hands all over me when she petted Shadow, and the kiss, the kiss... Felix nudges me with his elbow, feeling that I am distracted. "Hey man, I get that you have your mate and all that, but we will have to focus on the council first before you can go back to your beauty." I growl at him, but concentrate on the task ahead. I will have to act a bit to make my request plausible. I sigh. "You are right , Felix, as always. Did you do everything I told you to?" He simply grins at me. "I spread some rumors around the Alphas that you started to like Charlotte a bit, but that you still hope for your mate. The council will have heard of it by now." I relax myself, feeling Shadow in my mind. Of course he isn't pleased with someone saying I like Charlotte, but I have to get the council to approve my offer. And if almost all the Alphas support my idea, they can't risk voting against it. Felix notices my displeasure. "Hey, I know you don't like how it is now, but it will help your mate in the long run. Just stick to the plan." He grins from ear to ear. "Your mate will understand, if she is as smart as she is beautiful. And if not, I can try to cheer her up." Shadow comes up in my mind, and I whip my head around to him, a deafening growl coming out of my throat. Felix quickly loses the grin on his face. "Hey, hey, I didn't mean it like that. Sunshine and Rainbows! Please don't kill me. Your mate is awesome and she is yours, we all know that." Shadow retreats into my mind, and I just sigh. "Felix, you know that Shadow is on edge, with my mate being in danger and unmarked. Please, for my sanity and your health, hold back your jokes." Felix relaxes again, and looks at me curiously. "She does actually mean something to you. Congrats, Daemon, I must admit I lost hope that you would find your other half." A bit more quiet he adds: "Maybe I can hope again as well." Instanly I feel sad for Felix, who is only a year younger than me and hasn't found his mate yet either. "Hey, you will find your other half too. Greysilver was the only pack we weren't searching before, and we left in a bit of a hurry. I could ask my mate if they had more females... away from public eye." Felix eyes begin to shine. "I don't know if I should hope for that to be true or to be false." Our conversation gets interrupted by our driver, telling us we would arrive at the location for the meeting. This time it would be at the temple of the moon goddess, and I hope that I have her help in my endeavor.

As we get out of our car, Councilman Lucas is waiting for us at the entrance of the temple, as we are a bit later than usual, most of the other Alphas have already moved inside. "Greetings, Alpha Daemon. Could I have a word with you?" I nod my head in agreement, while Felix bows down to greet the Councilmen. At least I am powerful enough so that I don't have to bow to these shits. Councilman Lucas guides me to a secluded room. "I will not bore you with pleasantries. Are the rumors true? Has Charlotte finally seduced you? I hope you didn't fall for her advances!" That is what I like about Lucas: Direct, with no ill intend, actually working to do some good. I put my hand on his shoulders. "You can relax, Lucas. I had to spread some rumors for my plan to work." Lucas sighs in relief. "Thank god. But if I am allowed to ask, what are you planning?"

I quickly give him a rundown of my plan. "I will go before the council to announce that I would take Charlotte as my Luna, so long as I do not find my mate in the next month. Then-" Councilman Lucas jumps up from the chair he was sitting in. "WHAT? The council will definetly agree to that, they want Charlotte as your Luna as fast as possible. But how do you intend to get out of that one. Your mate could be dead!" I start to growl at him, and Lucas goes quiet. "Don't say something like that!" I take some time to calm down. "I already found my mate, Lucas." Lucas stands there, completely silent. Then he erupts in laughter. "Ok, now I understand what you are trying to do. You definetly have my support. But where did you find her?" "That is something I wanted to talk with you about, too. It seems she was orphaned and dropped at Greysilver, so the Alpha took her in." "That's great, isn't it?" I shut him up with a growl. "NO! When she wouldn't shift at the normal age, he enslaved her! He did... undescribable things to her. She is very fraglie at the moment, and I am glad that she is starting to trust me." Lucas goes quiet again, thinking about something. "No werewolf shifts late, but there is something I remember. I will research on that a bit, but it will take a while. For the other things, I am very sorry to hear what she has gone through. But I understand why you keep her a secret. Charlotte, and Greysilver in extend, would be furious about her. And the council wants you under them, so they wouldn't do anything about it. You have to be careful, Daemon."

I nod at his advice. "That's what my plan is all about. If they agree to my proposal in attendance and agreement of all Alphas under the watch of the moon goddess, I can have her be my Luna and be sure there won't be repercussions. I hope you can support my proposal in the council, in the hopes they aren't suspicious about the deal." Lucas extends his hand to me, and I shake it. "Do not worry, Daemon, I will fight for you." He sighs. "Let's go, we should get to the meeting before they start without us." We quickly leave his room, and the day goes on with different requests from diffrent Alphas, and the Council deciding what to do. Finally, the announcer calls my name. "At last, we have a proposal from Alpha Daemon regarding the marriage to Charlotte and her Luna status." I stand up and step forward towards the council. "Alpha Daemon, you were adamant not to take Charlotte as your Luna, even though she is the perfect candidate." Perfect for who? "We heard some rumors that you are warming up to the idea of Charlotte as your Luna, but we heard you have conditions. Can you elaborate on that?" I gather my nerves and reign in my wolf. "I am slowly losing hope that I will find my true mate, and Charlottes skills have given me reasons to take her as my Luna. So I would like to propose a deal: I will marry Charlotte and take her as my Luna in a month." The council visibly gets excited by the idea. Bastards. "But I have a condition: If I find my true mate in that time, I will get to take her as my Luna, and neither Charlotte nor the council will oppose that." The council starts to murmur. "Why would that be your demand?" I quickly turn to councilman Blake. "I will take Charlotte, but for the slim chance my mate comes up, I do not wish to create trouble." The council retreats to discuss my offer among themselves. After excruciating thirty minutes, Lucas steps forward. "The council agrees to your demands, Alpha Daemon." With that, I knew that I won. Now I just had to worry about my little angel liking me, but not about the council and not about Charlotte. I won. Trying to contain my happiness, i bow before the council, how much I may hate it, and leave to get back to my seat next to Felix. All I had in mind is my little angel, and if she was missing me as much as I was missing her.

Unknown POV

After the council meeting comes to an end, I quickly excuse myself, and take the Alpha of Greysilver pack into my study. "Do you know what Daemon is planning? I can't believe he would just accept to marry Charlotte this suddenly." Alpha Nathaniel just shakes his head. "I can just assume that his wolf is feeling lonely. Why else would he agree on that? If he would have found his mate he would have just told us so. And if he hasn't found her yet, he is unlikely to do so now. And by the way: Even if he found her, he would need to show her to us, and we would do anything to keep that from happening." I think about it for a while. "It would be best to be cautious. Call up Charlotte." Alpha Nathaniel rings for a while, then a voice greets us. "Hello Alpha Nathaniel, this is Charlotte. What can I do for you?" I make myself known. "Charlotte, you know you are where you are because we made it happen. It seems like Daemon is giving in to our pressure." Happy noises can be heard on the other end. "Unless he finds his true mate, he will marry you in a month. We want you to look out for anyone who could be a threat, and take measures to stop them from achieving our goals. I'm forwarding you some contacts with rogues, use them if neccessary." "Bah, that useless Alpha would have told everyone if he found her. But he met with a girl he took in a couple of days ago." Alpha Nathaniel cuts in. "That would be the slave we gave him in order to appease him, she angered him at the treaty negotiations, so we gave her away reluctantly. It seemed to work, he didn't kill anyone and his Gamma promised they would resume negotiations soon. It was quite sad to let her go, she was fun to torture." Charlotte takes the word again. "I would still look into that matter. Better be safe." I raise my voice a bit. "Do that, and don't forget to give us reports." I end the call. A slave, huh? What would be the chances? I turn to Alpha Nathaniel. "In a month, our plan will have succeeded. You did well." Alpha Nathaniel bows low, and excuses himself. I sit down at my desk, grinning about our victory.

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