Broken and Found

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Chapter Eleven


I really enjoyed the day with Lily so far, she showed me around pack a little bit more. Right now, she is dragging me off to meet the Beta Jackson, because I "needed to get out", as she put it. We finally find him on the training grounds, lecturing some of the younger wolves and letting them run some laps. Lily starts to shout next to me. "Hey Jackson! Get over here, you snail!" Jackson starts jogging towards us, grinning about Lilys remark. As he arrives next to us, he ruffles Lilys hair, making her scream. "That is what you get, Lils! The last time we raced, I was quicker than you, don't forget that!" I watch them squabble, giggling like a tiny girl. Jackson turns to me. "Hey, don't be to comfortable! As soon as you get your wolf, I will race you. Let's see if our Luna is faster than me." I blush at his words. "I-I am not your Luna!" Jackson shakes it off with a flick of his hand. "Yet. Its just a matter of time. I never seen Daemon so happy and concerned about someone, and you don't seem to mind him either. At least you will be a better match than Charlotte." His face contorts in disgust. "Anyway, do you want anything from me? I'm quite busy getting these lazy wolves in shape." He lets out a laugh. Lily pokes me in my side, telling me to ask him what we discussed earlier in the morning.

"W-Would it b-be ok if you t-teach me too?" Jackson seems to be taken aback. "You would like to train?" His starts to think, muttering out loud. "Well, I can't let you train with these brutes, and because you have no wolf, I wouldn't want to overwhelm you with your wounded arm..." Lily interrupts him, seeing my dissapointed face. "Jackson, just let her do some basic fitness training. You can start letting her run some laps like those 'lazy wolves'." Jackson nods,whispering something that sounds like 'Daemon is going to kill me', taking me to the changing areas. "We should have some training clothes for females lying around, change and then come back out to me." I nod at him, asking one of the female warriors where to get clothes and changing into them. Subconsciously I know that my scars will be shown if I step out in those clothes, but as soon as I remember Daemon kissing me last night, I get my confidence back. I want to be worthy for him, and for that I have to get better.

I step out of the changing areas. Jackson eyes me and my scars, and I see sadness in his eyes. He comes towards me. "I-I didn't think about that. Is- Is it ok for you?" I nod at him, again. "I want to be stronger for Daemon, and these s-scars are what I am." After I said that, pride shines in his eyes, and he starts warming me up and letting me run some laps. After a short amount of time, I feel the muscles in my legs burning, and Jackson calls me off the lap. "I think we should finish running for today, but we will do some muscle exercises for the end." We train a little bit more, but Jackson soon lets me change back. "That was quite good for your condition, surprisingly so. Come to me or Daemon if you want to train again." He then turns around to see some of the younger wolves eying me, and he goes over to them. "It seems you are distracted, but I would avert my eyes if I were you" he growls at them.

I quickly slip into a shower, before changing back and meeting with Lily again. She is waiting outside, talking with Jackson. "You should talk with Daemon about it, he should train her personally. The younger wolves don't know who she is, and they can't control themselves as good as older ones. They feel she is someone important, and that confuses them." They both stop talking when they see me. Lily pulls me into her arms. "I am so proud of you. Maybe you will be a warrior Luna!" She grins at me. Jackson gets a mind-link. "Daemon should come back soon. And he has some great news!" We quickly leave the training grounds to welcome Daemon home.

After a short wait, I sense my mate coming closer. It is hard to describe what it felt like. It is as if you lost your breath, but you only know you lost it after he gives it back to you. Something inside of me just gets to live when he is close around me. As Daemon leaves the car, I quickly make my way to him trough the cowd, wanting to see him again. They said he has good news! As I see him, he seems to be searching for something. As he spots me in the crowd he grins, and I feel something in my head again. "Come to my office." As short as the connection was, it made the whole mate thing more real for me. I make my way back to the pack house, almost running up to his office. I see that bitch Charlotte again, but I try to avoid her the best I can. She seems to eye me curiously, and I get a bad feeling about it. But I pretend to walk to my room, before going around to his office.

Nearing his office, I hear a conversation. "Come on, Daemon. I heard you would marry me at the end of this month! Nobody said we could have some fun before that." I hear a familiar growl coming out to the hallway. "I promised to do that if I didn't find my mate! Now get out of my office, I'm expecting a visit." I inch closer to the door. Charlottes screeching voice meets my ears. "Is it that damn slave girl again? What is so special about her? Why does she have a room so close to you?" "Charlotte, she had a terrible live, and I'm trying to give her a new home. You are excused." Seconds later, Charlotte burst out of the office, eyeing me with great anger. "I will find out what you hide." With that, she turns around and storms off. I peek inside the office, seeing Daemon slumped on his desk. My heart aches at the site. I quickly go in, needing to touch him. As soon as I touch his head, he lifts it, a grin plastered on his face. Even though I know he wouldn't betray me, I quickly ask him. "What was she doing here?" Daemon takes me in his arms, tightening his grip. "I made a deal with the council. I will marry Charlotte in a month." My hearts starts to break at this moment, and a tear escapes my eyes. "NO, don't cry, let me talk. I only have to marry her if I didn't find my mate in this time. I have you!" He blushes a bit. A bit quieter he adds. "As long as you want me." I quickly slap myself internally for thinking the worst. "I-I want you Daemon. I know that you are my saviour, the best thing that happened to me, and the most patient mate there is. I know it will take me time to overcome my fears, but I'm working on it." He takes my face into his hands."You are perfect the way you are." He quickly tells me what happened at the council meeting. In the end, he pauses for a bit, before he continues.

"I talked with councilman Lucas, a friend mine. I told him about your strange shifting time, and he said he remembers something, but isn't sure of anything." I let my head hang low. "Maybe I don't have a wolf." Daemon grabs me by my chin and lifts my head. "I refuse to believe so, such a beautiful soul should have a wolf beside her. Maybe it is the silver that keeps you from shifting. It should be gone in a few days." I hug him more, and we talk a little bit after that. I tell him of my training with Jackson, and he seems to be pleased. But as soon as I mention the young wolves, he gets all possessive again. "I will come with you next time. You are MINE!" I quickly pat his head, and after a short while, we both leave for our beds.

Charlottes POV

I can't believe what I heard right now. Did Daemon just claim her as HIS?! That has to be a mistake. I think about it. Maybe she is just an excuse to get rid of me, and afterwards he will dump her and let her live in this pack. Maybe that's why he took the slave girl, she would be desperate. I quickly think about a plan. If this should be real, they will mate at some point. I will have to be ready for that, just in case. I start to grin, as I dial the number the councilman gave me. A gruff voice comes out of the phone. "Hello...?" "Hello, here is Charlotte. We have something to discuss..."

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