Broken and Found

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Chapter Twelve


The next few days go on without any major events. For the moment, everything seemed perfect. Every morning I would train with Jackson, and I surprised him and Daemon with how fast I was improving. Daemon was adamant to watch me everytime I train, in order to ‘assess how good I am’. In reality, he was just there to make sure none of the other males looked in my direction, because the training outfit consists of training shorts and a sport-bra, and gave me a private area in the changing rooms. He even tried to carry me to the infirmary when Jackson hit me once at the beginning of my training in self-defence, but after a lot of begging he agreed to not interfere with my training.

To my surprise Charlotte seemed to take her distance to Daemon, and that was more than ok for me. In recent days I have also grown possessive of Daemon as my self-confidence grew. It has become very rare that I think of my past in Greysilver, and I became more and more familiar with the idea of being Daemons Luna. It will still take a while, but I wanted to give Daemon something back for accepting me for how I am and not pressuring me to accept him. He even told me that his wolf Shadow agreed to wait until I was ready. That was just something that let my heart swell.

I shook my head and continued to undress in my changing room. I admired how fit my body has become. My breasts have become bigger as I was given enough to eat, but my stomach has stayed flat and was showing first signs of muscles. I liked the look of that, and when I looked at Daemon while I was training, it seems likes he enjoys the change of my body too. I trailed my hand down my stomach, and accidently touch the lower regions of my body. Should I? I couldn’t deny that I was aroused at the moment, and Daemon staring at me while I was training was not helping the situation. I touched my core with my hands again, and a soft moan escapes my lips. I never touched myself before when I was abused in Greysilver, because I could only think of the experiences with Gabe. But now, I had another image in front of my eyes. Daemon... I touched myself more, and my breath came out in gasps. Thinking about my mate, how he would look at training, how he would touch me. I let one of my fingers slip inside me, and it felt so good. I started to move my hand while more and more moans escaped my lips. At that moment, I didn’t care who would listen, all I cared for were the feelings Daemon triggered inside of me. I felt a pressure building up inside of me, and my movements became more and more frantic. Whe the pressure reached its maximum, I let out a quiet scream. “Daemon!” Still panting heavily, I took in my surroundings again. Wow, that was...amazing. That had to be my first orgasm ever. With Gabe, it was only his pleasure, and I was far too afraid to feel anything else. I wonder what it will feel like with Daemon... Quickly shaking that thought out of my head, I dress myself up, blushing at my own thoughts.

Still feeling the aftermath of my experience, I step out into the changing rooms, only to be crowded by some male warriors. “Hey! What do you think you’re doing!” I try to defend myself, but the wolves are simply too experienced for me. But I notice that one of the is staying away, rubbing a scar on his face. "I'm out, no payment is good enough for that." He starts to run away. After a while, the others stop hitting me, and one of them bows down to me. “Don’t forget who you are, beauty.” He kicks me in my rips again. “Because of you our Alpha is always present at our trainings, but all he looks at is you! Charlotte is way better than you!” He kicks me again. “Stay” kick. “away” kick. from our Alpha” kick. “you whore!” With that, they let me lying on the ground coughing up blood, leaving for the back exit. I feel a hole in my heart breaking open again, and I start to cry. How can a day go from perfect to disaster so fast? But the thought of Daemon gives me hope again, and I push myself further and further towards the more public area of the changing rooms, ignoring the pain in my chest. Just when I can’t push myself further, Felix comes into my sight trough a door, looking around frantically. When his eyes land on me, he lets out a lot of curse words. “Shit. FUCK!” He runs towards me. “Hey Luna, stay with me!” He picks me up and carries me out of the changing room. The edges of my vision become black, but I see Daemon looking at me with a worried face. “Give her to me!” Felix quickly hands me over to Daemon, and he rushes off towards the infirmary. I see fear in his eyes, but I already feel better in his arms. I try to touch his cheek, but I can’t lift my arm. “Daemon...” He looks down to me. “I-I love you....” His eyes light up again, and determination is back in his eyes. He runs even quicker. “I love you too, little angel. You are my mate, you are my everything. So please, stay with me.” I feel myself smile at his words, before darkness swallows me.

Daemons POV

The moment I felt pain in my chest I knew something was wrong. I was still watching some of the pups playing on the training grounds and thinking about my angel training, when I felt happiness and pleasure through the bond. It was the first time I felt that, and it plastered a grin on my face. The pups were instantly asking me what made me smile as they have rarely seen that, when it felt like someone was sticking needles in my chest. I quickly knew something must have happended to my mate, so I mind-linked Felix to search for her, as he was also changing his clothes at the moment. When he came out of the changing area with my mate in his his arms, I felt possessiveness well up inside me, but as soon as I saw that my little one was hurt, everything else lost its importance.

I quickly pulled her into my arms and ran towards the infirmary, ignoring the pups asking what happened. The only thing that mattered was her. wriggled a little in my arms, so I grippe her more securely, when I heard her whispering. “Daemon...” I looked down at her, taking in her face. She opened her mouth again, talking in a silent whisper. “I-I love you.” That sentence alone was enough to make me happy for the rest of my life. “I love you too, little angel. You are my mate, you are my everything. So please, stay with me.” She closed her eyes and became lifeless in my arms, and my legs almost gave in at that sight. But I carried her all the way to the infirmary, where I was greeted by doctor James who quickly examined her before giving her in the hands of other doctors. "It seems she is unconscious now. She has a lot of broken bones, but nothing seems life-threatening so far. She had a lot of luck." Me and Shadow start to growl. But James takes me out of the infirmary. "Give them hell for what they have done to her, but let us do our work, Daemon!"I quickly stride away to my office, and I mind-link Jackson and Felix to come to me, as well as some highranking warriors. "Someone of our pack dared to hurt her!" My wolf is angrily pacing in my head, wanting to kill whoever is responsible for that. It takes me a lot of control not to give him control. "WE will kill them. That's for sure. But we have to find them first." My wolf paces on. Fine. But when we have found them, we will show them what a angry Alpha looks like." He blocks me a little, but I feel him raging on in my head, growling all the time. I arrive at my office, and seeing everyone gathered there, talking amongst each other. I open my mouth to speak, my voice comes out as my Alpha-command. "QUIET!" Everyone looks at me, and I can smell the fear coming off them. "Nobody will talk about what they get to know at this meeting!" They all lower their heads, feeling the pressure to submit. "Our Luna was attacked today in her changing area, an area I said NO ONE could enter!" The warriors start to murmur to themselves. My top-warrior starts to speak, but even his voice is laced with fear. "I-Is it the girl we saw at training?" He gulps. "I-I was v-very impressed by her. She was attacked?" I growl at him and his admission that he looked at her. My possessiveness was off the charts right now. "YES! I want the culprits found, and I promise that everyone involved is getting punished accordingly." I take a few breaths. "I really respect all of you, but I have to do this." I raise my Alpha-voice again. "Were you involved in this?" Everyone shakes their head, and I am reliefed. At least I can trust my top warriors. Their eyes light up in determination. "Is she really our Luna?" I nod. "She is my mate, my Luna, she is MINE!" Surprise glistened in their eyes at my admission, before it is replaced by anger, as their wolves want revenge for their Luna. "We promise you, Alpha, we will find out who attacked our Luna." They walk out of the office seething anger and determination, and my Beta lets out a growl. "Whoever did this is going to regret it." I let out a growl of my own, and change into my wolf. Shadow takes off to the infirmary and past doctor James, and lays down beside my angel. "I failed to protect you, my angel. That will never happen again."

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