Broken and Found

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Chapter Thirteen

Daemons POV

I was laying next to her bed in my wolf form for a few days now. The doctors said that my angel is getting better and should wake up every moment, but I can't get myself to leave her side. But even resting in a hospital bed, she still looks gorgeous. Her body improved over the last few days and she became stronger and stronger. But as soon as I see the bruises in her face, I feel myself getting agitated. My warriors were still searching for the assaulters, but haven't found much yet. The only big information we have that it were no rogues who did this, as the place smelt like pack. But that made it even worse. Someone inside my pack did this. We couldn't find out who it was as the scents of the public area of the changing rooms covered everything. In this moment, Lily burst into the room. "Daemon! You have to do something!" I look at her in wonder. She was with me in this room a few times, crying over my angel, asking who could do something so vile. I mind-link her. "What is it? And please stay quiet, I want her to rest." Lily looks at me, a look of anger on her face. That was new I never saw her like that.

"Daemon! Do you think she would like you to abandon your pack? Get your act together! I can't stand another day of Charlotte in the pack house, thinking she is some kind of queen!" Shadow ears stand up at that. He reluctantly gives me back control. "Care for our mate." "Always." "Could you bring me some clothes, Lily?" Lily smiles triumphantly. "Now I know what I have to say to get you to do something." She walks out of the room laughing while I growl behind her. I suddenly stop when I feel somehing touching my arm. When I turn around, I see my mate sitting in her bed, looking up at me. "Daemon..." I quickly take her face in my hands, but what she does next surprises me.


I wake up in my bed to the sound of Lily laughing, while Daemon is growling next to me. I call out to him, and he turns around, taking my face in his hands while looking at me with adoration in his eyes. Seeing him right now, I give in to the need to be closer to him, and press my lips to his. I am surprised by the sparks I feel at that touch and pull away, but Daemon quickly puts his hand on my naeck and pushes me more to his lips. After a few seconds of intense kissing, he pulls away from me with glowing eyes. I open my mouth after getting some breath. "I love you." He simply hugs me, pressing his nose to my neck, taking in my scent. "I love you too, my angel." My heart swells at his words. But suddenly, a wave of shyness comes over me. "W-Was the kiss o-okay?" He looks me in my eyes. "It was more than ok, little one. It was everything." He kisses me again, until we get interrupted by a shriek coming from the door.

I turn my head around to the noise as Daemon groans in annoyance. I see Lily standing in the doorway, covering her eyes, a bunch of clothes on the floor around her. " I should never have seen what I've seen." Daemon simply chuckles. "You are going to see that a lot from now on. But thank you for the clothes." It was in this moment that I noticed that Daemon was naked, and that I could see everything. The day of the attack I imagined what he looked like, but now I could see it. As my eyes trail his body, I see my mate smirking. "You like what you see?" I can simply nod, taking in how gifted he was. Daemon groans. "I should clothe myself, because I don't know if I can control myself with you looking like that." He quickly leaves he room, taking Lily with him. I sit in my bed, blushing at my previous actions. But more and more I can feel myself attracted to Daemon, and I think I am almost ready to go all the way. I just have to get out of this hospital bed first. But then I remember why I am here in the first place, and I get scared again.

At that moment, Daemon comes into the room again, and seeing my distress, he holds me in his arms. "I swear to you, I will capture whoever is responsible for the attack, and I will kill them slowly." I sniffle a bit. "They said Charlote would be better for you and that I should forget you." A tear leaves my eyes. Daemon kisses me again. "You are perfect for me, little one. Do you remeber anything else?" I nod shortly. "They were four warriors. I tried to fight them off, but they were too strong. I-I think they also talked about getting paid. One of them was unsure, and he left me alone. He-He had a strange s-scar in his face." Daemons eyes light up at that. "That is a lead! Very good, little one, That helps us a lot. You stay in your bed, I will investigate that." I put my hand on his cheek. "Promise me he doesn't get hurt. I don't think he had a choice." Daemon growls at that, but reluctantly agrees to not hurt the man with the scar. "But I can't promise that for the rest. They will feel all of my fury." I nod at him again, understanding his need for revenge. I would feel the same if someone attacked him.

After a few hours of talking and being happy, Daemon seems lost in thought for some time. "There is something else I wanted to discuss with you." I look up at him. "What would that be?" "I want to announce you as my Luna", Daemon quickly blurts out, a blush visible on his face. I look at him surprised, but he continues. "I want you to be my Luna, and if you accept me, I would announce it in front of the pack. That way, the deal with the council is off, and Charlotte would be gone as well." I growl as he mentions her name, not liking that it came from his lips. "We don't have to mate yet, but I-I assume it will just be a matter of time, as I love you and you love me. We will go at your pace, but Shadow and I want to scream out what you are, letting everybody know how fantastic you are." He takes a breath to go on, but I interrupt him. "Yes Daemon, I will be your Luna." Daemon just looks at me for a while, before jumping up at down in joy. I start laughing, because it is just ridiculous to see such a big and muscled man jumping like a little kid. He stands still, and looks at me. "Your laugh is so heavenly, my angel. Thank you. Just...thank you." He clears his throat. "I would announce it as soon as you are discharged from here, ok?" I nod at him. "I love you."

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