Broken and Found

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Chapter Fourteen

Daemons POV

A week has passed since my mate was attacked, and we still had almost no idea who hurt her. She was still in the infirmary, recovering from her injuries. Our biggest hope was the man with the scar my Luna saw, but he seems not to be a part of my pack, and neighbouring packs assured me they haven't seen anyone like him. I growl in frustration, hitting my desk with my fist. "Damn it!" I stand up from my chair, only to be interrupted by my Beta. "Daemon! There is a rogue attack near our borders! They are attacking an orphanage for rogue pups, and have no warriors. They ask for your assistance." With my wolf being as angry as it is, it is more than willing to rip some rogues to shreds. "I'm going to help them!" I quickly change into my wolf and run towards the area, Jackson following me. As we get near, we can already hear the fiighting. We come into a clearing, and what we see surprises me.

A lone wolf is shielding some pups and their caretakers from a bunch of other wolves, but is severely injured. As soon as the wolf sees me, fear is shining up in his eyes, but I can't be sure as I was rushing to attack the other wolves. After a short battle, the remaining rogues are retreating, their red eyes glowing out of anger before they dissappear. I quickly turn around and walk towards my Beta, mind-linking him. "Is everybody safe? Are they injured?" Jacksons wolf Teo shakes his head, but sniffs the air more than once. I stride towards the women and children, checking everybody for injuries. After I was done, one of the caretakers motions me to follow her inside. As I close the door, she starts to talk. "We are very grateful for your help, Alpha Daemon. I know it must have been a inconvenience to fight for us, but I would like to ask you for something." I raise my eyebrows, but letting her continue. "As you know, we are in packless lands in hope that the rogues would not attack us then, but that was a mistake. I would ask for you to integrate this area into your pack, so we would be secured from further attacks." She looks up at me with hopeful eyes.

I think about her proposal for a while, but all in all it was a good deal. My pack would gain some land, our patrols wouldn't have to walk very far from their usual route. A little part of me is ashamed, because I wouldn't have even considered to agree before I had found my Luna. My wolf comments on that with a grin on his face. "She is already helping you ass getting a better Alpha, even if she isn't our Luna yet." I quickly answer him. "As I am you, you just called yourself an ass." My wolf simply snorts, retreating into my mind. "I would be honoured to protect this orphanage, but it will take a day or two to organize everything." The caretaker simply nods, taking me out again. "Then I think we are part of your pack, aren't we, Alpha?" She bows down, just like the other caretakers do, even the pups recognize me as their Alpha." The caretaker I talked to earlier was called Julia, and she told me she was going to get another wolf, who she said was blind. As soon as she comes out of the building with a petite woman, helping her to walk forwards, Jackson comes sprinting in his wolf form, stopping in front of the women. He turns into his human form, and hugs the women. Could it be? My suspicion is getting confirmed when Jackson eyes get dark, and he barks at me. "MINE!" I hold my hands up in surrender, even if my wolf is not liking that my Beta is disrespectful towards us. The woman in his arms reacts the same way as him, holding him close to her, her head in his shirt, taking in his scent. I slowly creep towards them. "Can you tell us what your name is? My name is Alpha Daemon." She turns her head towards me, and answers in a small voice. My name is Liz, Alpha." Jackson breathes her name, holding her even closer. "And my name is Jackson, my mate." Liz gets red cheeks, and seems to be unsure. "I never felt something like this before. D-DO you want me as your mate?" Jackson growls, and picks her up. "We will get to the pack house, and I will show you how much I want you." He smiles at me. "Your Beta will be occupied for a while, Alpha." I smile, too, feeling happy for my Beta. "Go and make your mate happy, Jackson. Now I can make jokes about you, too!" His grins widens, and I see the shock still present on Liz face. "You are a Beta!?" Jackson simply chuckles, and starts to walk towards our pack borders.

A cough pulls me out of the bubble of happiness I felt. The wolf who was defending the orphanage lies on the ground. He doesn't seem to be critically injured, but he isn't healthy by all means. I rush towards him, wondering about his identity. "Can you shift back?" The wolf nods, slowly changing into his human form. And with that, my head goes silent, and I feel anger building up inside of Shadow. I front of me stands a man. A man with a scar across his face.

I push him into one of the trees. "YOU!" The man simply coughs, and I remember the promise I made for my angel. I let go of him, trying to calm myself down. "Can you stand up?" The man nods, fear in his eyes. "I made a promise to my Luna not to hurt you, and I intend to keep that promise. But I will have to take you with me." The man stands up slowly, keeping his head bowed low. "I know I don't deserve it. I will do everything you want." I am surprised by his submission, so I motion him to follow me into the pack house.

When we arrive at the pack house, Felix comes towards me, seeing the man with the scar. "What is he doing here?" I quickly talk about the attack at the orphanage. As I end my report, the man talks again. "I will work with you, but you have to secure my little sister for me." He looks down at his feet. "I am ashamed for what I nearly had done, but we needed the money, or my little sister dies. Please, save her." "Of course we will." I turn around to see my Luna standing near us, looking at the man. "We will do everything to try to save her." I walk towards her, taking her into my arms. She opens the mind-link between us. "Why is he all bloody?" She looks at me with an angry face. "Hey, it wasn't my fault! He battled the rogues by himself, I didn't hurt him...much." She simply scoffs, but places a kiss on my lips. "I trust you." I kiss her. "And I love you." Her cheeks get red, and I see her arousal. She goes towards the man with the scar and, to my surprise, hugs him. The man seems to be overwhelmed by her kindness, and I sense that he is confused. I motion them into the pack house. "It seems we have a lot to talk about." I lead them all inside my office, and when we sit down, I start to question the man.

"What is your name?" "My name is Michael." I take in a breath. "Why did you attack my mate?" Michael seems to notice my anger, and he stutters a bit. "I-I was paid to hurt the woman in the picture. I didn't k-know she was your mate." I feel my angels hand on my shoulders, calming me down. Michael quickly starts talking again. "I still have some principles. I never hurt innocents. The man who paid us said he had the info that she was a tyrant in this pack, and that she angered a lot of the warriors and ranking wolves." He gulps. "That was why I wasn't surprised that some warriors joined us for the attack. But when I saw her lying there on the ground, I couldn't comprehend how she could be something bad. Everything about her seemed to be good. I couldn't bring myself to hurt her."

I sigh, keeping my anger in check. "As you did nothing to hurt her, I will accept you in my pack, but you will have to tell me who was involved in this assault." The man simply nods, and starts to write down a group of names, consisting of some of the younger warriors. Shadow growls inside my head, and I am close to losing control. Someone in my pack hurt her. Now that I had proof, this realisation hurt even more. I give the list to Felix, and he rushes to meet the older wolves in order to apprehend the culprits. I just turn towards my mate. "I will let Shadow out for a while, and I just wanted to remind you that you promised me my revenge. And I will have to announce you as the Luna of the pack-" She simply kisses me on my nose. "Do what you must. But if you can, show mercy on those who deserve it. I will be with you all the way." I kiss her deeply, before walking out of the office to get my revenge. My claws elongate and my eyes get dark. Now they will see what an angry Alpha can do.

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