Broken and Found

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Chapter Fifteen

Daemons POV

As I walk towards our packs meeting ground, Shadow tries more and more to get control. Shadow is raging on in my head, already planning how to punish the ones that hurt our precious mate. She is following behind me, and I feel her trying to keep me calm trough our mate bond. As weak as it is, the thought alone that she will be my mate and Luna, and that the pack will know that soon too, is stopping Shadow for a short amount of time to purr.

We finally reach the stage that was built for announcements and punishments in the pack, and most of the pack have already gathered around it. My angel tries to hide in the crowd, but I quickly grab her hand and pull her with me on to the stage, partly because I will announce her as my Luna, and partly because I just want to feel her hand in mine. As we turn around to face the pack, the culprits of the assault on my mate come into view. In addition to the four warriors who actually attacked my mate, there are two more who let the warriors into my mates private area. The six wolves are bound by silver shackles, and are now kneeing in front of me. The elders who have been called for this meeting step forward, with Councilman Lucas leading them. I quickly welcome them, the presence of Lucas being a good surprise. Lucas starts to speak. "Greetings, Alpha Daemon. I was nearby and heard you summoned your pack. What is this meeting about?" I nod at him, and pul in a breath. "This meeting has been called for two reasons. The first announcement regards the men that you are seeing in front of you." I turn towards the six wolves kneeing in front of me. "These wolves have directly or indirectly attacked another pack member, and are here to be punished for that." The pack starts to murmur, and one elder walks forward. "Ok, but why don't you just punish them for yourself? Why have the whole pack be present for that?" I motion him that I understand his question. "The answer for that lies in the second announcement I wish to make." I pull my mate to my side, and push my nose into her neck, taking in her scent. I look her in the eyes, and I see her nodding. I turn around to the pack again, and I see the realisation flash in some of their eyes. "The second announcement would be that I finally found my mate and Luna!" The pack is silent for a while, but then erupts in cheers and happiness. I hear a lot of "We are so happy!" and "Luna!" trough the pack bond, and I am almost sad that this happiness will vanish soon. "BUT-" the pack goes silent to hear me out. "you should know that our Luna is no other than the victim of the assault I mentioned earlier."

The mood of the pack quickly turns from happy to angry, as the wolves inside of my pack members are furious about their Luna being hurt. "That is why I have called this meeting, so that the whole pack can witness my judgement." I turn towards the accused wolves. "I see that two wolves have shocked faces, and I realise that they didn't knew who they attacked earlier. My mate looks up to me, and I remember her plea for forgiveness. I quickly turn towards these two wolves. "As I see that you were uninformed of who you attacked, and because my mate is very forgiving, you two will be sentenced to a time in the dungeons, until I am sure that you learned your lesson." The two wolves look reliefed, even as my warriors drag them away to the dungeons. I adress the other four. "As for you four, I see no remorse for your behaviour, even if you attacked your Luna. For that I sentence you to death." I get interrupted by one of the assaulters. "Why? We didn't know that she is our Luna! How could we? That worthless human, unable to train properly, and-" My wolf takes control of myself, jumps down towards him, and stands in front of him. "You will not speak another word! You have to make your life more miserable than it already is, don't you? Felix, take him away to our most special place." Shadow leans down to whisper into his ear. "I will be more than pleased to make the last moments of your life as painful as possible." The warrior pales, and as Felix drags him away, he pleas for other wolves to help him. The other three wolves are quickly killed by my claws, the pack cheering me on. Even though I killed them, Shadow is still in control, trying to contain his anger. But then I feel a hand on my arm, and my mate looks at me without any fear, just love shining in her eyes. Shadow quickly calms himself, leans his head into her hand, and starts to purr loudly.


As Daemon puts his head in my hand and starts to purr, I try to send him all the love I have for him. The moment he announced me as his Luna in front of the pack, I felt a happiness well up inside me I didn't even know I was capable of feeling. And even while he was killing those wolves when Shadow took over, I knew that he only did that because of his love towards me. And even though the pack now knew that I am technically a human, they still haven't complained about that.

Out of the corner of the eye, I see the Councilman Lucas coming towards us. "I congratulate you for your union, moon goddess be blessed. But as a council member, I have to ask: Why have you waited with her announcement as Luna?" Daemon lifts his head, and looks Lucas into his eyes. "As my mate has a troubled past and I had to earn her trust, she wasn't ready to be announced as Luna yet. But as we weren't planning on rejecting each other, it was just a matter of time before we would announce it to the pack." Lucas seems to be pleased with the answer, but adds something only for them to hear. "The deal with the council is still not finished. Your mate has to be marked for the deal to be fulfilled." Daemon visibly stiffens. "I will talk with my mate about that, but thank you for the reminder." Daemon pulls me up into his arms. "I want to protest, but he just starts walking towards the pack house again, the pack cheering for us all the way there.

As we arrive in Daemons office, I am still confused what Lucas meant with his last sentence. Daemon seems to notice my questioning stare, and takes my head into his hands. "I know you have a lot of questions little one, but I have a question for you first." He pauses. "Did I scare you when I punished these criminals? I-I know it must have been a brutal sight, and you probably hate me now, but..." He doesn't get much farther than that, because I press my lips on his mouth to shut him up. "Daemon. It is ok. I knew you only did what you did because you love me and want to protect me. I know your wolf needed his revenge. I will never be scared of you, because I love you." Daemon just looks at me with nothing but love in his eyes, being speechless. After a short while where we just stare into each other eyes, he opens his mouth again. "You don't even know how much these words meant for me. " He hugs me, and presses his nose into my neck. "About what you heard earlier: When we meet our mate, there are different steps to complete the mating. Firstly, the two wolves have to accept each other. If that happens, the bond between the two mates is there and can be broken again in some cases, even if some say otherwise." He lets me take in that information. "If two mates want to make sure the bond is permanent, they have to mark each other. I will have to bite you in the neck. Most of the time only the male marks his mate in that way." I gesture him with my hand to stop.

"But- I can't bite you because I'm no wolf, but I would really like to." I feel my cheeks getting hot. Daemon simply chuckles. "I know little one, and if you get your wolf back, you can bite me anywhere you want." He winks at me. "But to come back to the topic, the marking usually happens really fast after the two mates meet, which wasn't possible in our case." My cheeks get even hotter. "I won't pressure you to anything, but we will have to do that in the next weeks, or I will have to marry Charlotte." I interrupt him again. "Yes! You can mark me Daemon. Can we do it now?" Daemon seems to be startled by my enthusiasm. "W-well yes, but it would be painful at first, even more so because you are missing your wolf. Could we wait until this evening? Then you could sleep trough your pain." I nod at him. "Daemon, I-I am sure I want to be your mate, and I want this bond between us to be permanent. I love you!" He nuzzles his head into my neck again. "I love you too, my angel."

I leave his office with nothing but joy in my heart, simply walking around the pack. When I come to the beatiful place Daemon showed me the first time I came to the pack, I sit down and enjoy the peacefulness of this place, thinking about the good things that will happen later that evening. I already feel the bond with Daemon deep within me, and its going to be even deeper once he marks me. I shiver in delight. After a few hours of simply lying in the grass, when fog starts to appear. I start standing up to go back to Daemon, when I see a figure appear in the corner of my eye. "Daemon? Is that you?" The figure runs towards me, but I get the feeling that something is very wrong. When the figure launches himself at me, I quickly duck and the person flies over my head. I feel a stone cut in my hand, but I grab it to defend myself. But then the figure starts to speak, everything inside me freezes. "Hey, slave, I really missed you!" Gabe. He comes at me again, and my mind screams at me to flee, but my body won't respond. I feel Gabe hitting my head with something, and I feel my vision darkening. "Take her away now, the Alpha doesn't know." Charlotte? I try to reach Daemon trough our bond, but I feel myself drifting into unconsiousness. All I can send is 'Daemon...', before everything gets dark.

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