Broken and Found

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Chapter Sixteen


The first thing I felt when I regained consciousness was an immense headache. The more I tried to ignore the pain, the more it hurt. After a while of dealing with the pain I suddenly remembered my "fight" with Gabe. I opened my eyes and tried to jump up, but I was held down by chains around my wrists and ankles. I tried to fight my restraints for a while, before giving up due to exhaustion.

After laying on the cold floor for a wgile to regain my breath, I take in my surroundings. The cell I'm in is built out of stone, and there is no window to look outside. A steel door is on the opposite side of the room, but being cuffed I couldn't explore any further. When I hear multiple footsteps coming downstairs, I quickly pretend to be unconscious. After a long while, I hear a clicking sound coming from the door. Great, the door is locked. But what did I expect? When the door swings open, two figures emerge from the darkness. Alpha Nathaniel and Gabe. They don't seem to notice that I am not asleep anymore, and keep on talking to each other.

"-just in time, any later and she would be off limits. You did good Gabe, I am very proud of you." " Thanks, my Alpha, I couldn't stand the thought of that thing being Luna, hr marking signals everyone is supposed to get rid of her, even if we realised that too late. We can thank the moon goddess that our spy in Shadowwolf pack informed us about the situation, but I would have been disappointed in Charlotte if she didn't." "And the best thing is, Gabe, that we get to have fun with her again, and we get to hurt that arrogant Alpha too. It just great!"

Getting closer to tears every second they want on talking, I notice that the two are getting closer and closer to me. "It seems I hit her harder than I thought, maybe I should wake her up." The next thing I feel is Gabe stomping down on one of my wrists, and the sounds of bones cracking. I scream out in pain and anguish. Gabe lays his hand over my mouth. "Ts ts ts, be quiet. We haven't even begun yet" He smiled down on me. "Knowing that you have a mate will make hurting you even more fun." Hearing his words, I feel a strange stirring inside me, as if something is reacting to his words. But before I can make sense about what I felt, Gabe injects me with wolfsbane again, but the strange feeling doesn't disappear.

Just then a female warrior comes rushing in. "Alpha! Beta! I am sorry to interrupt you, but we have a visitor. Councilman Tobias is waiting to see you!" They both seem to be very displeased about this disturbance, and Gabe grabs the warrior by the throat, pinning him to the wall. " You have luck I have to be somewhere else." His grip gets a bit tighter, before releasing the guards' throat and following Alpha Nathaniel out of the door. The warrior slides down the wall, his hand rubbing his throat. When he reaches a sitting position, his head turns towards me. "You must be the girl everyone talks about." His gaze drops down to my wrist. "We always wondered what you did wrong to deserve punishment." He looks into my eyes. "The older pack members don't tell us and Alpha Nathaniel is very tight lipped. We assumed you must be a murderer or something." He sighs. "But when I look at you, I can't imagine what you could have done." Still puzzled by his openness, I simply whisper. "The crime I committed is that I exist." And that I have that strange mark on my body. I completely forgot about it when I was with Daemon. The warrior looks at me for a bit. "I'm sorry what happens to you." Is look is getting determined. "I couldn't forgive myself if I didn't help you now. I promise I will be back for you." I weakly nod at him. "Thank you. Even if it's just talking, your help is appreciated. I-I." I swallow. " If I should survive this, I want you to know that the Luma of the Shadowwolf pack will remember you."

The warriors eyes get bigger in surprise, but footsteps divert his attention. "Hey Lena, get your ass outside! You know the Alpha isn't very nice regarding this prisoner. You don't want him to catch you here." Lena hurries to get to the door, but not without looking back to me. I nod at her again, and she slips outside the door, closing it behind her. Maybe not everyone at Greysilver is a monster. At least that's what I hope.

I lay down again, feeling sleepy. When I open my eyed, everything around me is dark, and I am no longer cuffed. Then there is a light in the distance, and I start to walk towards it. The light gets brighter and brighter, and when I come over a hilltop, I see two figures standing near a lake, a woman and a man.

They have a crying baby in their arms, while the woman is crying. Are parents? When I move closer, I can understand what they are saying. "You have to let her here. Here she has a chance to survive, with us she is going to get killed alongside us." " But what of she doesn't survive?" The man brushes his hand over the womans cheek. "Then we will see her again when we meet the moon goddess." The woman reluctantly lets the small baby down, when wolves are howling in the distance. "Quickly, we have to get them away from her!" Both the woman and the man shift into their wolves and run away, before the light dissipates and I am in the dark again.

I stand there dumbfounded, still trying to make sense of what I saw, when another light comes up. Again I walk towards it through what seems like a forest, and again I see two figures, standing in the middle of a clearing. They are still far away from me, and the only thing I am sure of is that it is a person and a wolf. The closer I get to both, the more I feel myself getting calmer.

As I come close enough to see more, I stop in my tracks being in awe. The person I saw was a woman, and her beauty and the light that comes off her give her an otherworldly aura. Then my attention shifts to the wolf. It is a big, beautiful, completely white wolf, except for a single black paw. I reach out with my hand in order to touch his fur, and the wolf willingly stretches himself to give me better access. As I run my hand through his fur, the wolf starts to purr. Well, at least one wolf likes me. I look up again to see the strange women smiling at me.

"Hello my child. I hope you forgive me for calling you here." I try to figure out who she was, and then it hits me. The moon goddess! I rush to drop to my knees, but she quickly waves it off. "It is ok, my child. You will never have to bow to me." She touches my mark on my shoulder, her face expressing anger. I already fear for the worst, but the next thing the goddess says surprises me. "I even marked you as precious to me, but they hurt you nonetheless. They even dared to hurt the wolf I gave you." She lays a hand on my head. "I am very sorry for what happened and still happens, but everything will get better soon. This wolf next to me-" she points towards the wolf standing beside her. "is one of my most precious wolfs. I gave it to you when I saw what a beautiful soul you have, a rare occurrence in these days. He is stronger and faster than other wolves, and immune to wolfsbane. The only weakness it has is silver, which doesn't only hurt you and him, but also keeps him from shifting." She strokes the fur of the wolf. I step closer towards the wolf, not knowing what to say. "Y-you are my wolf?" The wolfs' tail starts to wag, and she walks in circles around me. The joy I felt in my heart swells up to unimaginable levels. The moon goddess speaks up again.

"I want you to know that your wolf always wanted to come back to you, but the silver the Greysilver Alpha gave you lasted until now. I hope you can forgive me that I failed to protect you." I look at the moon goddess. She is asking me to forgive her? She seems to read my thoughts. "Never think that you are lesser than anybody! You are my precious child, and you are more worth than anyone else!" A tear escapes my eyes, but then a loud ng echoes trough this world. The moon goddesd sighs. "It seems our time is up. But when you awake, your wolf Light will be beside you, helping you trough your troubles." She pats the wolf on his head. As the world starts to fade, I hear her whisper. "Goodbye, my Emily."

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