Broken and Found

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Chapter Seventeen

Dameons POV

I stand in my office, looking at the door where my mate just left the office. I was preparing myself for her rejection, but she even agreed to go even faster, not that I am complaining. But hearing my mate say that shebis mine always makes me and my wiof happy like nothing else. At the moment, I habe to contain Shadow so that he doesn't run after our mate. "She said she wants us! She is so beautiful. Go to her!" I chuckle. My wolf, normally prideful, majestic and stubborn, reduced to being a puppy because of a woman. "You aren't any better, human. Who insisted on watching our mate train?" "Would you have liked it if the warriors would be watching our nate train?" Shadow growls at that. "She is MINE!"

After dealing with my wolf for a time and calming both of us down, I head out of my office in order to deal with two things. The first thing would be organising the Luna ceremomy for my mate. Normally the Luna would ask her friends to do that, but seeing as that isn't an option, I am going to ask Lily if she will plan the ceremony. Searching for her on the pack land, I overhear many pack members praising my mate for being Luna, and congratulate me for finding her. What surprises me the most is that mostly Omegas whispering among themselves that they are happy that Charlotte isn't going to be the Luna. Walking towards the pack room, a place where all pack members can relax if they want to. After entering the room, I see Lily sleeping on one of the couches, a gaming controller in her hands. I laugh a little and start to poke her in order to wake her up. After a while, I just stand myself next to her and scream. "LILY!" She immediatly jumps up, looking around. "Daemon! What do you want? I was sleeping, if you didn't see it. What could be more important than my sleep?" I chuckle. "I'd say thsat my task is more important than your sleep." "And what would that be?" I look at her. She must not have heard the news yet. "Well, ther will be a small event taking place, and I would like you to organize it." She looks at me with a puzzled look. "What event are we hosting?" I decide to tell her. "Well, it is the Luna ceremony of my mate, so nothing bi-" Lily shrieks, and begins to hug me fiercly. " She said yes? Really?" She looks me in the eyes. "I will have a sister! Oh my god, I need to prepare so much, and invite some guests. It needs to be perfect." She hits me on the arm. "Why didn't you tell me earlier? I have so much to do!" And with that, she storms out of the house.

Now that the ceremony is cared for, there is another thing I have to do: Tell my parents about my mate. They did know that something was up as I was not visiting them since I found my mate. But since I didn't know if my mate would reject me, I waited to tell my parents. In hindsigjt I feel like a coward, but nothing to do about that now. I quickly mind-link my parents that I will come over for dinner, and my mother says that they miss me. The n I walk around the pack lands for a while until the sun starts to set. I make my way towards the edge of the pack lands, where my parents habe built a little cottage where they would live after my father handed me my Alpha title. Everytime I arrive there I feel impressed by the beauty of their home. But as I get closee to the house, my mother already opens the door. "Come in, my big Demon. Dinner will be ready soon!" I groan imwardly at her nickname for me, before I realize that it fits the nickname I gave my mate. Angel and Demon. I quickly step up to hug my mom, while I hear dad coming down the stairs. "It nice to see you my son. You haven't visited us in a while, I guess the pack has you working day and night." I stop at his hidden insult, but my mother quickly intervenes. "I'm sure that you will tell us what happened, right?" I quickly nod at her. "To be honest, that is the reason why I came here tonight." My mom guides to the table. "Sit down first, dinner is ready." My mom serves us all, and I enjoy the meal she cooked for me. But the silence at the table is really uncomfortable. As we finish eating, my dad looks at me intensly. I clear my throat. "Well, I guess now is the time to tell you." I clear my throat again. "I have found my mate." My mom immediatly jumps up frol her chair. "Daemon! That is great! Who is she? What's her name? Is she beautiful? Well she certainly is. Where is she?" You can clearly see where Lily has her traits from. Then my moms eyes narrow down. "When did you find her? You don't plan on rejecting her, do you?" I quickly nehate that, fearing my mom going into angry mode. "No but it's complicated, that is why I haven't told you yet." As I start to tell the story on how me and my mate met, you can see that my mom is getting closer and closer to tears, while my dads eyes get darker and darker. When I finish my story, my dad bursts out in anger. "So you're telling me that these dumbasses from Greysilver have abused my future daughter-in-law?! And that Charlotte wanted to be your Luna." My mom lays a hand on my dads back, and he quickly embraces her feeling her sadness.

"She doesn't even have a name... or a wolf..." My mom lets out a sob. "I can't imagine what she had to endure." I put a sad smile on my face. "Even I do not know the whole story, but my mate is opening up more and more, and we take one step at a time." I hug my mother. "She asked me to mark her later tonight, and after that, no one can take her away again. She asked for a bit of time alone before that, that's why she isn't with me. But you will surely meet her at the Luna ceremony." My moms eyes light up. "You are right! Who is in charge of it?" I tell her that it is Lily. "I have to go see her. The ceremony must be perfect!" My mom rushes out into the night, and me and my dad stay together in the cottage. He turns towards me. "Treat your mate right, my son. From what I heard, she is a strong woman, but everyone has their breaking point. Cherish her. She deserves it." He takes a sip out of his glass. "And if you ever catch someone from Greysilver, I want to be there to punch his face in."

I just turn to answer him, as I hear my mate trough mind-link. "Daemon..." Then the connection gets silent again, ans even our mate bond gets weaker. Shadow immediatly plops up in my head, pushing me to search for her. My dad seems to notice my distress. "What is wrong, my son?" I shift into my wolf and send him a message before leaving. "My mate contacted me, but was interrupted, and now she doesn't answer anymore." My dads face shows his worry, and he shifts and runs after us. "Where could our mate be, Shadow?" "I don't know, but maybe she went to the place we showed her." Thinking on how my mate enjoyed being there, I change my course to go there. When I arrive there, the place seems to be empty, but something inside of me tells me that there is something wrong. Then I smell a foreign wolf and something strange, and Shadow takes over. "I smell blood!" My wolf searches for the source of the scent, and finds a small pool of blood on the ground. "It is out mates blood. Someone hurt her! Who dared..." Shadow lets out and loud and angry howl. "Let us go to the pack, we must search for her." My wolf agrees with me, but adds something. "And find out how a enemy could surpass our patrols." Agreeing with him, I let out a geowl of my own, before running to the pack.

On the way my dad catches up to me, and I report to him what I found. "Whoever was responsible will wish he wasn't born." He balls his hands to a fist. "Traitors in our pack, what a disgrace." I stay silent, and figjt not to succumb to the growing feeling of dread and emptiness inside of me. Tge pack has already gathered, wondering why. I step up to the podium. "My dear pack members, I presented you your Luna today. But just now, a foreign wolf came into our pack lands and kidnapped her while she was under our protection." I pause until the screams of fear and anger calm down. "I want everyone to go and look for clues on where the wolf could have taken our Luna! And to the eldwrs and leading warriors: We will have a meeting in a short while. Now go!" The pack members quickly hurry off, determined to search for their Luna. I myself go to get comforted by my mother, who seems to be cose to tears again. She starts rubbing my back. "I know you will find her, Daemon. You found ger against all odds in Greysilver, and you are a mighty Alpha." She sobs a little. She goes in in a more silent voice. "You have to find her..." And with that, determination and anger fill me, and I look up to the moon and start talking. "By the moon goddess, I will find her and save her. I will save my mate!" I let Shadow take over, and joim the groups of warriors searching the pack ground. Just wait my angel, I will come and get you.

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