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Broken and Found

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Chapter One

Just as a precaution: There is going to be depictons of abuse and other stuff in this chapter. Please read ahead on your own responsibility.


8 years later...

I woke up in my cell, shivering and pained. The beating the Beta has given me before I slept was visible on my body. I had a bruise on every inch of my body, but luckily none of my bones seemed to be broken. That was good because broken bones meant I could do less work and less work would mean more beating. Or at least most of the time, except for times when the higher wolves want to have some fun.

Glancing out of the small window of my cell, I could see that the sun hasn’t risen yet, which means I woke up early enough. I painfully made my way to the door to get started on my work. I opened the door and saw my guard standing on its post. He eyed me very carefully. “Slave!” he shouted “I already wondered if I should come in and wake you in another way!” I visibly flinched at his words. Please....Please don’t....

I quickly hurried away to the kitchen, trying to be unseen. The Alphas words ring in my mind. "You mustn’t be seen by anybody! You will be invisible like you aren’t there, just as everybody wants!" Especially tomorrow this rule is going to be important. The Alpha of the Shadowwolf pack, one of the most powerful packs in the region, is going to visit the Greysilver pack to negotiate a trade treaty or even an alliance. That means that I have to clean the packhouse very thoroughly, or I will get another beating ...or worse. Just as that thought crossed my mind, I suddenly became overwhelmed by my memories.


I was standing in my cell, still roughed up by my latest try to escape. I even made it out of the pack house! But then the guards caught up to me and dragged me back here. I was nearly there! But whatever I tried to tell myself, some part of me knew we would never escape. That’s the moment Alpha Nathaniel stepped in. “Well Well, what do we have here? Another one of your futile attempts to flee? What did I say the last time you tried?” He put his hand to his side and my eyes went wide when I recognized what he was holding. “I guess I get use the silver whip at last. But sadly I will not be the one giving the lashes. Another wolf wants that honor.” With that, another wolf stepped into my cell. I still couldn’t belive who I saw. Gabe.... “He was introduced as the Beta tonight, and you ruined his festivities...” That’s why there were less guards in the house! ”...so he is more than happy to have fun with you!”

Alpha Nathaniel handed Gabe the whip. As Gabe turned around to me, I quickly lowered my gaze. ”You are not to look into the eyes of werewolves. You are unworthy. You are pathetic!” The voice in my head said. Gabe looked down on me. “Turn around.” I turned around, cowered in fear of the punishment. I didn’t ask for forgiveness, because I knew it wouldn’t help. Then I felt the impact of the first lash. “Come on, slave! Count the lashes!” I weakly replied “O-One” Gabe kept going, ripping my back open with the silver whip. Even though I have no wolf, it still hurts the same as if I had one, only that the wounds heal slower. The mix of wolfsbane and silver the doctor gives me doesn’t help, either.

After Gabe was satisfied with the whipping, I whimpered on the floor, lying on my stomach. The rags i got to wear did nothing to warm me or shield me from the whip, so they didn’t even bother to take them off. But I felt that Gabe hasn’t left yet. He looked at me with a strange sparkle in his eye. “W-What d-do you w-want?” Gabe just smiled, but still held his gaze on my body. “I found the scent of my mate tonight and I will meet her tomorrow. I think I could use some practicing....” What did he mean? He slowly unbuttoned his jeans. “...and I think I could use you to do that, don’t you think?” No....No, he couldn’t... That can’t be happening! “P-Please! Please don’t!” He just continued to strip down until he was naked behind me and quickly chained my arms and legs. “I think this is going to be more fun than whipping you...” And with that he began, just thrusting into me, fast and rough, while I whimpered, cried and prayed for somebody to help me. P-Please Moon Goddess, why are you so cruel? When he was finished, he just left me lying on my floor, bleeding out of my wounds.

Why can’t they just let me die! I...I wanted to meet my mate, to be his first and him being my first.... But now I’m used. I’m nothing. And slowly I faded away into sweet darkness.

Flashback end.

I snap out of my memories and start cleaning again, with renewed fervor. Many guards came to my room, but just Gabe does these horrible things. I remember that night clearly, because that is the night I gave up on my dream of ever escaping this house, this cell, and also the night where I gave up on hopes that my mate will come and save me. What mate will want a broken used slave as a mate? He just has to reject me, and then I will be alone in this world! I’m worthless, I’m pathetic. Just a waste of space.

After a whole day of cleaning cooking and being the punching bag of every wolf in the house, I lay myself down in my cell. I quickly start eating my soup, the only meal I have each day. When I was younger it was bread, but the Alpha said I need a diet because I’m too fat, so I just get soup now. When I got to see myself in a reflection, I didn’t think I needed to loose weight, but I don't remember what I looked like before. That’s the worst thing - after the experiments of the pack doctor, I don’t remember much of my time before I was a slave, before I was “slave”. Not even deserving of a name. And with that thought, I curled myself up in bed and waited for sleep to come. Happy Birthday to me...

The next morning:

When I opened my eyes again, all I saw was the sun rising in the distance. Oh no! I overslept! I have to wash the dishes from last night before the wolves of the Shadowwolf pack come here! I quickly threw the door open. Why didn’t the guard wake me? Is he away to guard the other Alpha? That is bad. That is really bad. I quickly rush inside the kitchen as fast as I can while staying as silent as possible. I quickly wash up everything, getting more and more anxious of someone seeing me.

Just when I start working on the last batch of plates, the door to the kitchen bursts open and a man comes rushing in. He is emitting a strong force of dominance, and is as big as Alpha Nathaniel. As I look at him coming near me, the word handsome goes trough my head, before I fall to my knees and look to the ground. He is stepping even closer and I shield myself from him, being scared of another beating and feeling the need to faint. Oh no. No no no. Why am i so stupid! The last thing I see and hear is the man coming up to me, saying only one word. “MINE!” After that, everything goes black again.

Just as a reminder: If you have other issues with the book (pacing, spacing, etc.), just write a comment!

Hope you have a good time!

Word count: 1396

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