Broken and Found

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Chapter Eighteen


I wake up again in my cell as somebody is banging on the door, thinking about the dream I had. My parents, the moon goddess and my wolf. My imagination must have run wild. I sigh. “Hey, I’m not imaginary! I’m your wolf!” I jump up, looking around. “Who said that?” “I’m in your head! Are you always this confused in the morning?” I feel like laughing, but I just can’t. Then something strange happens, it is like I’m being… pulled from this world, and then I’m standing in the dark again, a wolf standing in front of me. I look at it.

“Where are we?” The wolf comes to me slowly. “We are inside your head. I thought if you see me then you would feel better.” I nod slowly. In the silence that follows, I take in the features of the wolf. Is it really…? I come closer to the wolf, one step at the time. When I’m directly in front of the wolf, it looks up at me “You are my wolf?” Its eyes start to sparkle. “Yes, I am your wolf.” She lowers her head. I would understand if you would hate me, but I wanted to ask you if we-“ I fall down to my knees and hug my wolf deeply. My wolf seems shocked at first, but then starts licking my cheek. “Don’t apologize to me! I’m just so glad to finally meet you. Your name was… Light, right?” My wolf nods. “Yes, I am Light. And I am yours, Emily.” Emily. “My… my name is Emily.” A tear rolls down my cheek. Light quickly licks it away. “Yes, you are Emily, the favoured one of the moon goddess.” She pauses for a bit. “Why else would she have given you such a marvellous wolf as me.” I chuckle at my wolfs’ boasting. “Oh great Light, what is your wisdom? What can I mere human do?” My wolf pushes me over. “Hey, don’t laugh at me!” But then she sits down beside me. “You know that you are favoured by the moon goddess, right? She really likes you; I even think she sees you as her daughter.” I look at my wolf. “I… I don’t know what to say. So much has changed now. I mean, I have a wolf and I met the moon goddess. All my life I have felt worthless, except the time I was with Daemon.”

At the mention of my mates name, my wolf starts to purr. “Oh Emily! I want to see our mate! The moon goddess always said that I would only get to see him after I met you, and now I want to see him. I’m so jealous of you!” I simply rub her head. “We can meet him soon, though we would have to break out of this cell.” My happiness is gone faster than I could have imagined. “Oh no, what if Nathaniel finds out I have a wolf? Or what if Gabe…” My words come out more and more silent, until they trail of completely. If Gabe tortures me like he did back then, then my wolf would feel that too. “Oh Light, what should I do! Gabe will come back soon, and he will… he will…” My wolf stands up growling, anger in her eyes. “I will not let you alone with that psychopath, Emily! And if he dares to hurt you…” Her growling becomes even louder. “I will think of a way to escape, Emily. You won’t have to stay here much longer.” She rolls her body around mine. “Although our time here will end soon, remember that I will always be beside you.” I take her in my arms, just before I get pulled back to reality.

Immediately after coming back to the cell, the door opens and a warrior steps trough the door. It seems to be Lena from yesterday again. She has a tray in her hands, with some food and water. “Here is your meal for today.” She leans down to me, whispering in my ear. “There is wolfsbane in the food and the water.” I nod at her, remembering that Wolfsbane doesn’t affect me. Lena looks at me again, before turning around and starting to leave the cell. When she arrives at the door, she turns around to me. “Gabe is coming to see you, so you better eat fast.” And with that, she is gone. Gabe is coming…

The next time I regained consciousness, I am already covered in wounds, laying on the floor. “Light? What happened?” My wolfs weak voice sounds trough my head. “I blocked you out so you wouldn’t have to deal with this Gabe” I shudder at her words. “Never do that again, we are going through this together!” I sit myself up. I look at my arms, and my wounds start to heal in front of my eyes. Wow, that is a strange feeling. Lena comes into my cell. “Hey, are you awake?” I try to stand up, but my legs are feeling weak. “Come on, I’ll help you.” Lena takes me over her shoulder and escorts me out of my cell. After going for a while in what seems to be a maze, we come to a set of stairs. Already feeling stronger, I push myself step by step, Lena following behind me. “I will have to take you back, but I thought it would be nice for you to go outside for a while.” My wolfs voice comes up in my mind. “She doesn’t know I’m here, and if we are outside, maybe that stupid thing which blocks our mate bond is gone, so we can contact Daemon!” Feeling motivated by my wolfs words, I start to go up the stairs quicker. Even though my legs are burning, I push myself to go faster. When we arrive, Lena pulls out a key and opens the door, and we both step out into the night. It seems that something in the building was blocking the mate bond. Yes! I can contact Daemon! But then Gabe steps out of the Shadows. Lena’s eyes get big, but Gabe misinterprets the situation. “Thank you for bringing her to me! Now I don’t have to go down there, and me and this mutt can have some fun!” Lena quickly scurries away, and Gabe comes closer to me. I feel that my wolf is trying to get out, but she is still too weak. “We will have some fun now.” As Gabe begins to undress my petrified body and pulls me closer to the house next to the door we came out of, Light quickly opens the mate bond to Daemon, screaming for help. “Daemon, we are at Greysilver! Find a warrior called Lena, she will help you. We love you!” Then we enter the building, and the mate bond goes silent. Gabe throws me against a wall, and I more than willingly loose consciousness.

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