Broken and Found

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Chapter Nineteen

Daemons POV

I sit in my office, going through the warriors reports. No one has seen any signs of my mate, the council isn’t helping us and we still don’t know who helped the attackers. I sigh. How beautiful it would be to go out of this office to see the face of my mate, to hug her and relief myself of all the stress I have. No, I will have that again! I slam my fist on the desk, feeling restless. I stand up, and go outside the pack house to clear my mind. I try to reach out to Shadow, but he has retreated far in my mind so I wouldn’t be distracted by his grief. Just as I come my sanctuary, or as I call it lately, my hell. This was the place where my mate was abducted. I can’t help it: Everything I do, everywhere I go I am reminded of my mate. I sit down near the lake, looking up to the stars. “Moon goddess, if you hear me, please have mercy. Whatever your price may be, I will take it, but my mate has endured enough. Let me find her so I can give her the live she deserves.”

I hear a sound near the trees, and I turn around. My Betas mate is standing on the edge of the forest, looking at me with a sad smile. She slowly goes towards me and puts her hand on my shoulder. “Hello my Alpha.” She lifts my chin with her finger. For some strange reason I don’t mind it. “Do not despair, the moon goddess would never let such a beautiful be lost to the darkness.” “What are you talking about? How did you find me?” She simply smiles at me. “Just because I can't see with my eyes, I am not blind. I don’t need to see to feel your sadness and longing for your mate. The moon goddess surely made her precious one a good match with you.” And with that, she simply leaves the way she came from, and I stand there wordless. What the hell just happened? I spend some time sitting on the edge of the lake, before going back to the pack house to get some sleep.

The next day I am woken by the sound of my bedroom door. Expecting my Beta or my Gamma, I get out of bed. I hope they have a to good reasin not to knock. But it is neither of them standing in the door, instead it is Charlotte. "Hello my Alpha. I heard you were in your room by one of the omegas." Who the hell told her that? She takes a few steps towards me, swaying her hips, reaching out with her arm. "I am sure you are very stressed because of this girl, so why don't I help you relief some tension?" She gets even closer. "I assure you that I will satisfy you more than that bitch ever could. Maybe the moon goddess saw that I am a better Luna then this lowly mutt." That is the moment my thread of patience ran out. I tried to hold Shadow back at first, but now I don't even care what hapens to Charlotte. Shadow starts to growl loudly, and Charlotte immediatly gles quiet. My wolf starts talking with a frightening voice. "What did you just say?" He takes a step towards her and she takes one away. "Did you just insult my mate?" Shadow takes another few steps, and Charlotte backs away even further until she hits the wall. "Daemon, you have to stoo! The council won't be happy if-" "Don't think that your status or your backing will save you." Shadow gets even closer, slamming our hand on the wall next ti Charlottes face. "You think I wouldn't now you had something to do with my mates dissappearance?" Our other hand goes around her throat. "One more word out of your mouth, and it will be your last." Shadow lets go of her, and rushes out of our bedroom.

"Why did you leave?" Shadow starts to growl. "If we kill her, the Council will starrt a war, and I want my mate to be here for that." My wolf grins. "Afterwards I will gladly do it" Shadow is about to give me back control, when he suddenly stops. "What is wrong, Shadow?" My wolf doesn't respond for a short time. Then his glee almost overwhelmed me. "Mate! I feel my mate! She has her wolf now!" I stay silent, shocked by what I heard. My mate has a wolf now? I wish I could see her. My wolf meanwhile jumps around in my body, being overjoyed. "I can run with her, and she will be able to give me pups, and..." But suddenly, a mind link hits me with full force. “Daemon, we are at Greysilver! Find a warrior called Lena, she will help you. We love you! My mate voice is full of fear and desperation. Then the connection goes silent again, and Shadow can't feel our mate anymore. The happiness we felt earlier vanished as fast as it came. Shadow gives me back control. "You have to to Greysilver! Mate is there! Gabe is there!" My wolf growls and paces in my head. My thoughts are filled with fear. What will he do to her? But then I realise that I have to concentrate. "Shadow we need a plan! I will call our warriors, and we will try to find that Lena our mate talked about. But you have to stay calm!" Not knowing how to calm my wolf, I concentrate on the last words my mate said to me. Shadow stops pacing in my head. Our mate and her wolf love us. They trust us. Don't dissappoint or mate by being irrational." My wolf grumbles something intelligable and retreats to the back of my head. I sigh in relief. Now let's get to work on that rescue plan.

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