Broken and Found

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Chapter Twenty

Emilys POV

After awaking from darkness, I am surprised that I didn't feel any injuries. Gabe is standkng above me, but I still habe my clothes on my body. What is going on here? Gabe seems to be staring at the wall opposite of him, and as I can't really move due to my chains, I keep silent, waiting for something to happen. "Just you wait Emily, I am almost ready to get out of here." As I wonder what my wolf means by that, Alpha Nathaniel comes into the room, embracing Lena with one arm. "I'm surprised that you caught this mutt when she tried to escape, I always thought you had a soft spot for people like her." Quickly realising that Alpha Nathaniel is oblivious to the fact that Lena brought me outside, I decide to keep the act. "If it weren't for you Lena, my escape would have worked! You-" Gabe hits me on the side of my head. I look at Lena, and she quickly leaves the room. Nathaniel turns to me "Ah, our special guest has something to say." Alpha Nathaniel goes over to me and crouches down in front of me. "The real question is: How did you escape? No human could have freed himself, and the wolfsbane should've kept your not existing wolf in check." He pauses for a while. "Well, it is a pity." He motions to Gabe with his hand as he leaves the room. "Beta, when I come back from our trip to the council I want to know her secret as fast as possible. We don't need her for anything, so you won't need to be gentle. May be we can ask the doctor-" And with that, the door closes shut, bit I know that Gabe will be back soon. Oh moon goddess, please save me!

Daemons POV

As we approach the Greysilver packlands, my warriors take out the patrolling wolves one by one. As me and my Gamma talk over our strategy, my Beta approaches me. "Daemon, none of the wolves we encountered has sound the alarm, and even though one of our pack members has gone missing, they should be oblivious that we are here in their territory. But we have found a female warrior approaching us, wanting to speak with you. She always says something about that you know her." I think back to the mind-link I recieved by my mate. "Do you think it could be this Lena?" My wolf, being back in full force after he noticed that we would attack Greysilver simply shrugs. "Only one way to know."

As we make our way over to the prisoners, we already hear a women talking loudly to one of my warriors. "Let me see your Alpha! You moron, I know where your Luna is! I only want to help!" I quickly make my way over to her. "What is going on here? Who are you?" The female warrior turns her head over to me. "You must be Alpha Daemon! The Alpha, he has Emily! You must get there quickly! I had to leave her alone with Gabe..." Emily... so that's her name. I grab the warrior by its shoulder. "Comncentrate! Where is my Luna!" The warrior called Lena shakes her head. "She is held at the far west end of the territory, in some kind of secret facility. But it should be unguarded now, Gabe doesn't like people near when he... 'punishes' someone." I let go of her. "When this is all over, and you haven't lied to me, you will be welcome in my pack." I quickly give Shadow control, and we sprint off to the west of the Greysilver territory. I have... to be... faster... I try to run even faster, when another wolf hits me me in my side and cradhes me into a tree. The wolf quickly changes into a man, and I recognize one of my warriors. The one who went missing! He injects me with something, and pain floods me. "I am sorry, my Alpha, but they have my mate here too. They promised me thry wouldn't hurt you." And with that, he drags me away.

Emilys POV

Gabe has been talking in front of me for hours, seemingly wanting to tell me every crime he has commited in the time I was in the Shadowwolf pack. "- and then I simply pulled out my claws and killed that weakling. I mean, he wa so weak, he didn't even scratch me once! But the female they brought here a while ago, she put up a fight! Good thing we only need her to blackmail that other guy. You will be surprised how what people are ready to sacrifice in order to safe their mates. But he hasn't reported back like we told him to, maybe we should cut off her ear-" His consistent rambling was interrupted by a knock on the door. "WHO THE HELL? Who dares to disturb me!" The door opens slowly, and a men walks in slowly, draghing something behind him. It's a black wolf! " I'm very sorry Beta, but I have brought you Alpha Daemon! If you let my mate go, then you can have him!" Gabe wanders over to tge warrior, stares at him for a while, and then quickly extends his claws and kills the man right on the spot. " Wjy do all those weaklings think they can make a deal with me?" He drags my mate over so that he is in front of me, looking at me with his wolf eyes. "Ah well, at least this evening has gotten a lot more fun. I wonder how different it will be when he is with us tjis night." He walks over to me, and licks my neck. "Maybe I should mark you, as this excuse of a Alpha did not." With that, Daemon in his wolf form struggles even harder against his restraints. When he comes close to Gabe, he bites him in his leg. "Gabe screams up in pain. " You fucker! You messed with the wrong person!" As he goes over to Daemon with his claws extended again, something inside of me just... clicked. I feel this power inside of me, so I give in to the urge to give Light control, and I feel powerful like I haven't felt since... forever. Light lets out a growl, as I sit back in my mind watching the scene. My mouth opens itself, as Gabes mouth hangs open. "You have hurt my human and my mate." Light licks her lips. "Now I will hurt you."
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