Broken and Found

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Chapter Twentyone

Emilys POV

I was really glad that my wolf took over when she did, but whenever she is using my body, my senses get overwhelmed by unknown information. But for the first time, it seemed like I hade a... connection with the wolves around us. I could feel that Shadow was very worried about me, the anger he feels for Gabe and Nathaniel and the love and adoration he has for me. But what surprises me the most is when Gabes wolf tries to make a connection to me. Reluctantly, but driven by my curiosity, I accept his request. I feel his presence seep into my mind, and almost immediatly, his voice is there too. "Please, oh child of the moon, please." His voice is too soft for the Gabe I know, and his emotions are confusing me. He feels guilt, anger, disgust. It is almost as if... "Please rid me of my human, blessed one! I can't bear hurting another being as I already have. The moment I saw you I knew what you were, and tried to stop my disgusting human from his evil deeds." I can imagine his wolf lowering his head. "I was too weak to protect you then. But now, please, send me to the moon goddess, so that I can be reborn into a better man."

I quickly relay the information I got to Light. She tilts my head a little, thinking about what I just said. "Oh Gabe, I really wanted to kill you in the most painful way possible, but that wouldn't be fair to the wolf inside you, would it? So I guess I'm going to grant his wish." My hands start glowing in a strange blue hue, and Gabe looks like he is petrified. My wolf walks closer to my torturer, and simply lays my hand on his head. "Be free, and may the moon goddess forgive you." A ghostly figure leaves Gabes body, and he slumps down to the ground, holding his head. "What the fuck have you done! I can't feel my wolf anymore! I didn't like that weak mutt, but he was MY wolf!" He walks towards me. "WHERE IS HE!" My wolf punches Gabe to the side of his head, and the earlier mighty Beta slumps to ground. Then she walks over to Daemon, who managed to change into his human form. "Hello mate!" She goes to the ground and snuggles herself close to Daemon. "How long I have waited to meet you..." Then Light hands me control again, and sleeps in my mind, feeling content.

I let my gaze wander over Daemons body, even though he has no clothes on his body. Daemon clears his throat, and my gaze meets his, my cheeks reddening. Daemon opens his mouth. "What... just... happened?" He seems to be out of breath, and I'm worried about him instantly. "That is not important right now. We have to get out of here before Alpha Nathaniel comes back from his strange meeting!" I put one of Daemons arms over my shoulder, and pull him up with surprising strength. "Where are our warriors?" Daemon simply chuckles. "I'm glad... you are already... calling the 'ours'." He lets out a cough. "They... are in the east." I put my lips on his mouth, and he goes silent instantly. I let him enjoy this kiss, before parting again. "I love you, Daemon." Daemon seems to relax at those words, and follows my lead, going over the Greysilver packlands. Surprisingly, we aren't discovered by any patrolling wolves, and soon I can smell familiar scents. Seconds later, Daemons Beta comes out of the trees in front of us and runs towards us. Then a weakness goes trough my body, and I feel Jackson catching us, and I sleep peacefully for the first time in the last few weeks.

Daemons POV

After my mate passed out due to exhaustion, I picked her up despite the objections of my Beta. I simply turn my head towards him. "Where is the doctor?" Jackson continues to talk to me, but I don't register anything he says. All of my thoughts are on my mate. A while later, my Beta simply sighs and points in a direction, and with all the strength I have left I make my way into the direction. I didn't notice how long I walked until the pack doctor stretches his arms out to take my mate. I lay her into his arms, not wanting to let her go. My mate is hurt. I follow James into the infirmary, and it reminds of the last time we were here. My mate is hurt. The ppack doctor calls for some nurses and quickly examines her, before giving me the diagnosis. I just hear him saying 'exhaustion' before kneeling down next to my mates bed. My mate is hurt. I touch her cheek with my hand. I failed to protect you. I lay myself down onto the floor next to her bed. I will make sure that never happens again. I will ask for forgiveness everyday until she does. I close my eyes. Emily, I will protect you. I promise. Then something touches me on my cheek. My mate is looking down on me, her voice barely audible. "Daemon, there is nothing to forgive. You tried to protect me, you even went in to try to rescue me. My feelings towards you haven't changed a bit." She stays silent for a while. "No, that's a lie." I let my head hang low. "My feelings for you have even grown. Daemon, I am your mate. I love you." She makes room for me in the bed. "Come up here." Stunned by her words, I follow her command, snuggling myself next to her, making sure that my mate isn't feeling cold. My mate. Maybe almost losing her made me appreciate her even more. "I love you, too." And with that, we both close our eyes, to exhausted to stay awake.

Unknown POV

I open my eyes, seeing the familiar forenst and clearing before me. The moon goddess is standiing in the middle of it. I feel ashamed, unworthy to approach her. "Come to me, my child. YOu don't have to worry." I slowly make my way out of the forest to approach my goddess. "My goddess, I feel unworthy of being in your presence." The moon goddess simply shakes her head. "My dear Blade, I know who you are, I created you. And even if I would be mad at you, my precious child has already forgiven you." I feel relieved by her words. The mere thought of me hurting her child is making me shake. Hurting the precious one is like hurting the goddess herself, a normally unforgivable act. "Blade, I will send you back into the worlds of humans soon. I'm sure that your next human is a better men than your previous one." I feel rejoiced at her words. "I thank you deeply, my goddess." She simply nods. "Go now, my Blade, your time is coming soon." I leave her, vowing myself that I will live a better life the next time.

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